Pokemon Mystery Universe

I have finally evolved. I finally gave up on running through Cliffside Cave and just methodically took everything out. Plus i've now been there multiple times and got a stock pile of engraved tablets. Outta curiosity should I sell them to newbies for a high price? Make some easy money?:) Full team of lv 30's now means I'm cruising and expecting to hit 100 relatively soon.


The professor?
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My save file has seemingly gone completely messed up.
The game froze on me, so I just decided to close the window and start PMU back up again. Except now when I click my character, the screen gets to 'Receiving Data... 100%' and then freezes. I have also tried a different character slot, and that worked fine.
Any ideas? I'd just got my Gyarados as well. :(

What's your team Dark Arceus, out of interest?
This seems fun so I'll give it a try :)
Username: OnyxCurrants

EDIT: HAHA, this is really embarrassing but does anyone know how to minimise the application window? Mine kinda takes up the whole screen so I can only see half(3/4) of the map and not able to use my berries/pots/etc. I don't see any option tabs(unless it's at the bottom, then I'm screwed lol) Sorry, I'm not much of a computer wiz
I like this game. A lot.
My char's name is Dragonpolabear
I'm quite new(started yesterday), so I'm pretty low level(lvl 13 Meditite, lvl 10 Rattata, lvl 11 Buizel), but I still want to do dungeons with other people. :)
This game is great!
I love it as i love pmd series C:
My name is magik on it and im still quite a noob XD
oh and btw DONT EVER PICK TOGEPI .-. i did it doenst learn any attacks till level 30... You have to rely on tms... oh btw its a pain to evolve D:
im level 19 togepi right now so meh .-.