Pokemon TCG Tournament #6 - Game over


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Round 3 is here
Round 2 is here

Who wants to play? Medium can be Redshark, PlayTCG, real life, Skype, whatever you want as long as both parties agree on it. And yes, Redshark with Next Destinies is out.

Ruleset will probably be the same as previous tournaments: single elimination, best out of 3, no deck checks, no time limit. Usually I allowed people to switch decks whenever they pleased, iono if I want to keep that.


Alright, this is now official sign-ups. Tentative list from the people who posted here:

1. Mekkah
2. Huy
3. pokemonrocks777
4. Cassie
5. rax
6. LonelyNess
7. makiri
8. Alaka
9. Calm_Lava
10. Crux
11. Cybertron
12. Ace Emerald
13. Taylor
14. bharmalm
15. ludiimpact
16. Novaray

subs: tangramman, sds, puggy, zy, ck

Also, for the couple of you who are never on #TCG on SynIRC, please get there. Makes it so much easier to arrange matches and test etc. I hope we can make 16 without ending up with a bunch of free wins through inactivity/drops cause it'd make everything so much more smooth.

Also definitely not allowing deck switches within bo3, but you can change decks between rounds.

The main rule during this tournament is being a good sport about things, don't cheat, don't put people in the annoying position of accepting/neglecting takebacks, etc.


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Since this will take a while I think switching decks is fine as it'll give us a chance to try new things.


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I'd prefer no deck switches in the middle of a bo3, but have no problems with switching decks between rounds. I'm in.