Pokemon VGC 2010 DATES / rules announced for the US!

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Oh nice. A section totally dedicated to the one thing I started coming here for. <3

So I'm gonna dress as Galactic Boss Cyrus or Lance at Dallas. How do you think I can pull it off?
Well, look at his sprite or his anime design. And see if you can get a designer to make you the outfit. Or, buy it for a little money on ebay or something.

Short hair slicked back with that outfit = epic.

EDIT: We should probably compile a stickied thread such as this one in the VGC section that has all the events and who is going, should we not? Or a thread for each event location, idk. That way everyone knows who is going.


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I will keep this thread open for a few more days or so until we get a full complement of location and other vgc related threads up.
@Jack - I know, it must suck for graduation to happen ON THE SAME DAY as your qualifier. I'm lucky, since I graduate THE DAY BEFORE NEWARK :O (My school has like ~500 kids and 50 in the grade, so they decided just to have the ceremony in the school itself). If anybody's wondering, I'll probably be going in in either a black shirt that says "Tomorrow is Yesterday", or a button up shirt, as well as a Fedora.
Just for you to know, I've emailed TPCi my complaints. We'll see if they are going to reply.
They did it. Here is their reply:

TPCi said:
The teaser announcement was translated into Italian to help spread the word about the events in Europe. With only four European Qualifier events this year, we selected locations that were major transportation hubs, with easy access to a majority of players. We attempted to place the events in these areas of Europe to achieve maximum coverage. There are definitely other cities that would have worked just as well, and they may be selected for events in future years as the VGC series grows.

As the VGC event series grows in future years, we will likely further refine the manner in which these events are held, as well as which cities host events. However, for the 2010 series, the event locations are set, and we will not be adding additional locations.

Michael Liesik
The Pokemon Company International
333 108th Ave NE Suite 1900
Bellevue, WA 98004
To me, it's a precompiled response.
It's not that if they didn't made the announcement in italian, less people would come. You still need to know english or the local language to attend at these events. We were two italians last year, things won't change now because there was an announcement translated (even worse, i won't spend any money this time BECAUSE of this)
I know I'm going, which location on the otherhand is currently up in the air.

Prepare for an invasion from Canada.

Also, I'll probably be going to Pheonix. I intend to come in first. zerowing is competing. Realistically, I'm shooting for second.
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