Professor Smeargle: Digital Art Tutorial / Tutoring Thread

Alright, this is going to be a bit of a random question, but I'm hoping it goes under the simple question heading... does anyone know a good website for poses/anatomy?

I used to visit a website like that early last year, it had a bunch of (iirc) computer generated models (sans skin) in different poses and had options for things like 30 second speed sketches, where they'd show you a model and you had 30 seconds to get the general pose down before automatically switching to another. It was really useful but, of course, being the idiot that I am, I forgot to write the website down and lost it after reformatting multiple times last year. Anyone know a site like that?
Here's another great resource:
paint shop pro has a shareware version which is available for download here at no charge

i dont think anyone here uses microsoft paint for serious artwork, try googling for paint tutorials but it's probably not worth it

alternatively, in the first post there is an art with microsoft word tutorial from kevin garrett
I use paint for serious artwork.... well at least the sprites. So you are saying there is a free paint shop pro i can download????
I've run gimp and CS4 in the past and I must say as long as what you're doing isn't too intensive, gimp is much more user-friendly. The interface is a lot easier to you and you still have all of the layer options among other things at your disposal.

So, if I were looking into buying a tablet, what model is best? Looking in the neighborhood of $100-130, I have a friend who likes Wacom and that seems to be the consensus here.
Wacom has good tablets. The one I bought was a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch for 100 dollars, but I dunno how much it would cost in other states/countries. It came with Bamboo Dock which has some fun games/tools/simple sketchpad stuff, as well as Photoshop Elements 8. I've only had the tablet since January so I can't say I know how long it lasts but it's still working for me at least, lol.
Hi. I'm a guy who has only sketched and sprited stuff his entire life. I know next to nothing on digital painting. What would be of help to me if I wanted to scan my sketches and then paint them on the computer?
And did someone make a digital colouring tutorial? If so, I would love to read it so i can get the basics down.
1. TECHNICAL SKILL: This is the most important thing. Most artists start off thinking that imagination is the most important. It's not. If you can't express that imagination of yours accurately, your art will look bad. How do you develop it? Draw from life. Seriously. Don't stylize your drawing in anime/manga style (I know most artists start this way, but the best move back to life drawing for improvement). Study perspective (ugh), lights and shadows, and anatomy. Learn how bones connect to muscles and how they appear under skin. It's a long, tedious process, and it will take you years of practice
I just want to emphasize this. it is the single most important thing I learned when it comes to drawing!

you are a god. a GOD. i had wondered if there existed something like this, but alas, here it stands in my computer. usually i just copied poses from googling images, but this is going to save me a ton of work
Use Pentool, it's super good for making Pokes!

I might make a tutorial some time for it
Moo I know I've told you this 100000 times on IRC (actually just once) but I would love you forever if you made a pentool tutorial. I would even pet your udders ;)


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Use Pentool, it's super good for making Pokes!
i can confirm this, if you dont have a tablet, then its perfectly fine to scan in your sketches and outline them smoothly with the pen tool, in effect turning your sketches into guidelines for a digital piece, thats what i used to do before i bought a tablet, and it turned out nicely
What is a good program for colouring scanned sketches that is FREE? I like how my sketches turn out, but I have to colour them with marker and pencil crayon (not that that is a bad thing) Also, I have tried using imgur to post my creations, but sometimes you have to click a link to get to the drawing or sprite on smogon. Is there a website that you can post your creations on that you don't have to sign up for?


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Finally made the tutorial!
This is how I do my art, and if you follow this tutorial right, you'll end up with this:

Here it is:
also worth noting, the amount of colors you use.
the more layers of colors you add, and the more shapes, the more defined your vector becomes, and its that much easier to identify and can really bring it to the next level.

like for aerodactyl, you could hit the shadows on the stomach and whatnot to really bring out the contour of that mass.

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