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RU Metagame Analysis - Discussion Phase

Discussion in 'BW RU' started by DittoCrow, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. spuds4ever


    Oct 4, 2011
  2. -Tsunami-

    -Tsunami- Old Gen Legend
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    Feb 27, 2009
    1. A Pokemon that singlehandedly caused an insane amount of drama in the RU community...'nuff said.
    2. The best spinner in RU seems like a fine choice for #2. It is ridiculously good at its job, and can sweep teams easily as well. It can even lay down Stealth Rock if one needs it, as well as act as a good priority user with Aqua Jet. Good choice.
    3. Too strongth. With two ridiculously powerful attacks in Life Orb Fire Blast + Life Orb Hurricane, Moltres is a fearsome threat. Almost all of the tier can be 2HKOd or OHKOd by some combination of its moves. However, its weakness to Stealth Rock and relative frailty means it's still not good enough to reach the top, but it is definitely deserving of Top 3 in the tier.
    4. Sceptile is a solid Pokemon, and can truly devastate teams with its offensive sets. It can even run a physical set with Swords Dance and Acrobatics, which can really prove to be a deadly surprise. It's also ridiculously fast, and resists Kabutops' Aqua Jet, making it even harder to take down. Good choice.
    5. Entei is a beast. This thing hits so hard it's not even funny. Lanturn can barely take two hits from this thing, while the best switch-in to it, Slowking, can be easily trapped by Spiritomb. Entei's ExtremeSpeed can be a good cleaning move late-game. The opponent also can't just immediately send out Kabutops, as a predicted switch can allow Kabutops to be knocked out by HP Grass.
    6. Meh, probably a bit too high. It stops Nidoqueen and can use Thunder Wave and Stealth Rock, but it's just not THAT good. It should definitely be in the top 10 thogh, maybe #8 or so. It also doesn't help that it's easily trapped by Spiritomb. Although, it is the best Dual Screen Pokemon in the tier, which makes it a solid candidate for the top 10, just not for #6.
    7. Smeargle is ridiculously good. If you have nothing that can counter it, this thing can essentially end the game in a couple of turns. It can Spore something, then continue to spam entry hazards, or phaze you out with Whirlwind if you decide to set up. It can even use Magic Coat to completely mess up enemy Smeargle leads and win the game. It can even run Explosion to knock out enemy Cryogonal and stop Kabutops from Rapid Spinning. It should probably be #6 though, as it is better than Uxie.
    8. Meh, probably a bit too high. Thing thing is just too slow. It hits ridiculously hard though, and is relatively bulky, so it should probably be about #11 or so. In earlier metagames when everyone used Cryogonal to Rapid Spin because it was the best spinner, this thing would have been amazing, as it can trap and KO Cryogonal with Pursuit. However, with Kabutops being the best now, it's not AS good. Too high.
    9. Good Pokemon. This probably should be #7 (Smeargle moves up to #6). It can truly be a deadly Pokemon with the combination of Volt Switch, Leaf Storm, and Hidden Power Fire. It can even bluff a choice set extremely well and lure out Pokemon such as Ferroseed and demolish them with HP Fire. It can also ruin walls with Trick, and allow Pokemon such as Carracosta to set up.
    10. Solid Pokemon. This thing traps an insane amount of stuff, and is even more useful with Gothitelle in the tier now. It is the best trapper in the tier outside of Gothitelle, and is a great revenge killer as well with two priority moves. It can also ruin walls with Trick, or bluff a Choice Band set with BlackGlasses and burn Pokemon such as Escavalier. Great Pokemon.

    My list:

    1. Nidoqueen
    2. Kabutops
    3. Moltres
    4. Sceptile
    5. Entei
    6. Smeargle
    7. Rotom-C
    8. Uxie
    9. Lilligant
    10. Spiritomb
    11. Escavalier

    Lilligant definitely deserves a spot in the top 10. This thing is a ridiculously good sweeper. It can put something to sleep, set up Quiver Dances, and let the psarks fly. It also resists Kabutops' Aqua Jet, making it harder to revenge kill. Giga Drain also restores its health, meaning it can run a Life Orb set very well. Very good Pokemon.
  3. HuntSaboteur


    Aug 19, 2010
    I really don't see how Cofagrigus isn't in the top 10, seeing as it's in about a quarter of teams at the moment.
  4. -Tsunami-

    -Tsunami- Old Gen Legend
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    Feb 27, 2009
    This isn't about usage. It's about what are the best Pokemon in the current metagame. Cofagrigus just isn't top 10 material in the metagame right now. It is easily walled by Pokeon such as Escavalier, and Spiritomb demolishes it, which isn't good considering that Spiritomb is becoming more popular after the introduction of Gothitelle. Also, Pokemon such as Specs Slowking are slower than it, meaning that it can finish off a weakened Cofagrigus under Trick Room. Also, the PS ladder is ridiculously bad, as can be seen by the fact that Galvantula is #10 in the current usage stats and Sandslash is #11.

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