Uh and I thought I was the one on the UU tier. I already enjoy your work on Pokemon Amethyst and now that I can see all your other art in one place it's pretty obvious your artistic talents extend far beyond spriting. I vote that you be placed into BL or OU immediately.

This post has no substance, it's pure opinion. We go through extensive testing and analysis to decide these tiers. Learn your place and stop embarassing such a reputable Pokemon authority as Smogon University.

Edit: BTW Scepticallastic these are really good. I love the simple yet elegant style, really suits the Pokemon theme. LOVE the one where they're playing cards ^_^
I'd like to make a request if that's ok.
It's a fun idea I had a while ago: A band made up of Nidokings - One playing drums (caption: Nidoking used DOUBLE KICK), one with a guitar (Nidoking used THRASH) and a singer screaming into a mic (Nidoking used GROWL(Itdoesn't actually learn growl but shhh nidoqueen does close enough)).
I tried drawing it myself once only to find I can't draw Nidoking. At all. Especially not with musical instruments.
Oof, I don't really like making requests, but this one is killing me! Would you be so kind as to do a Hitmonlee happily doing a high jump kick? I am dying to see what you can do with it. =]
Right-o! I'm going to start a requests list in the OP. I'll probably get started on ALL OF THEM :D this afternoon. I have some prior appointment this morning (not that that's important...). ^-^ Thanks for the support! :V

bearbeiten: OP has been updated with the list of commands. If I missed one (or you have one to add v_v) let me know. :D

editar: ;^; I have 5 stars. Happy day.

Your idea of a happy Hitmonlee is different than mine.



HORNDRILL I think the other artists need like a scale guideline so your baseball team isn't all sorts of sizes. :] I was going to tackle yours next but it sort of crossed my mind.
Haha, I love that mew, your style is so clean (saves picture). Thanks a bunch Scep!
(Could you resize it to avvy size, I have a tendancy to continously change my avatar so I'll use it soon >.>)

Weeee. I love walking advertisements.

Unfortunately, requests are going to be closed metaphorically after tomorrow. Monday marks the beginning of my senior year in high school (yaaay college apps) which means that if you do request something, there's no guarantee it'll be done relatively quickly. D: Tomorrow will be spent finishing the remaining requests.

Maybe I'll find time during weekends to throw a few together (nicely, of course!). It's still nice to see what you people have in mind [notice: if you want to request something, make sure you specify if you're looking for something specific; otherwise, I'm going to twist it in any way I want. :>]

Cheers for the support.


This guy for LVP in the Canalave City Bluk Berries. On the other hand, he makes for a good substitute when baseballs aren't around...


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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Unfortunately, requests are going to be closed metaphorically after tomorrow.

How about some Pokémon of your choice playing volleyball with an Electrode looking worried (because it's going to explode!).

Would be great if you could make this as a desktop wallpaper for me 8) Extra Points for: Croconaw and/or Remoraid!

D: A lot of the detail disappears in Smogon's stringent avatar sizes. :s

BAM. All five spanking MAC judge avatars. In order: Bucky, Buddy Blue Bomber, wickdaggler, pkmn Trainer Zach, and Doran Dragon. Somehow wick's Growlithe became some hippie dog. THESE THINGS JUST HAPPEN. Also, if his inside shirt is tie-dye does that mean he is wearing a fur coat around it?

This is why I'm not a fashion designer.

Since I'm an artist I get to screw up pictures and call it artistic license. It also means I can totally make up anything I want about a picture and still be protected by law (RIGHT? AMIRITE?):

Bucky, the graceful Dragonair. She has an eye for the elegant and the luscious. Does your art piece appeal to her?
Buddy, the stern Scizor. He has a thing for sharp, clean works. You also shouldn't run with him.
Wick, the fun-loving Growlithe. He likes the quirky and the unusual. He also thinks he's continually in style.
Zach, the suave Espeon. He particularly enjoys pieces that have a good atmosphere and environment about them. He drinks martinis shaken, not stirred.
Doran the British Noctowl. He appreciates nothing, don't bother with him.

The above is entirely fiction and has absolutely no bearing on anything in actuality. That was just for fun.

Hopefully they can be used in the next round of MAC judging. :D

UNFORTUNATELY, this concludes the art period for today. School starts tomorrow. Goooody~

Maybe I'll finish my requests in the hopefully not-so-busy first week of school (...we take notes in all math classes on the first day every year. Go us).
wow, some of these turned out really really good.

I liked Dratini in particular, if you could remake a 100x100 Dratini avatar with a different pose that would be grand.
wow, some of these turned out really really good.

I liked Dratini in particular, if you could remake a 100x100 Dratini avatar with a different post that would be grand.
I'm not that guy, but I have Photoshop so I felt like just doing it;
Edit: just read "Dratini"
Edit 2; wow, nevermind. Sorry, I was trying to contribute something...