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Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted any of my art here in Smeargle's Studio. After an university forced hiatus, I am indeed back! Most of you probably don't know me, it has been a while after all, so hopefully you guys like all my pieces. For those of you that do remember, I am going to repost the best pieces from my ancient thread (you guys will hopefully be able to see my improvement over the years), add some new ones that I've been working on, and, of course, be taking requests! I'll do most things, though some things inspire me more than others. I am going to try to keep up with the requests until the 17th of January, afterwards though, there are no guarantees that school won't interfere. The newest stuff is at the bottom of the post!

Most Recent Stuff



Rittercat-Cute Purugly
Danmire-Smeargle running out of ink
Its A Random-Gligar using X-Scissor
Bombiron-Something eating a Magikarp
TsukasaSIGN-Typhlosion using Eruption


I think I had pretty humble roots when it comes to art. I was first attracted to Smogon's art forum through the CAP project. Watching all those amazing artists create incredible Pokemon totally blew me away, especially considering the quality of work I was creating at the time.


I followed artists such as cartoons! and DougJustDoug (not sure if his name has changed) pretty frequently here in Smeargle's Studio, and eventually worked up the courage to post my own art, crummy as it was at the time.

Eventually I began to gain interest in the world of digital art and began experimenting with digital art programs, in particular GIMP though. Keep in mind though that this was before I owned a tablet so excuse the mess...

Summer 2010

Digital art was so exciting for me, the possibilities were endless. I continued to experiment until, finally, I decided to save up some money and buy myself a humble little Wacom Bamboo. It was indeed small, but it was just the tool I needed to continue on my artistic journey. My art, I feel at least, continued to improve...slowly....Finally, during CAP 11, my art began to gain a little popularity in the polls, something which had never happened before! Although I lost, I learned so much from designing my pokemon for CAP 11. I look back at that summer, and geeze, I drew that pokemon so many times, it's not even funny.

Fall 2010

It was about this time, right after summer when school started up again, that I hit my art drought. I was so bogged down with school work that I barely had enough time to even have a social life, let alone sit down for a few hours and draw something up. I would have loved to have had more time for art, but sadly I didn't. Even things that I would have loved to have taken part of, like the MACs, were impossible to be part of. I resolved to jump back into art as soon as the semester finished. Besides a few pictures here and there, the rest of the semester went completely devoid of art.

Winter 2010

Now though, I am back! I've started working on some stuff and I look forward to continuing to throughout the winter holidays. Like I said before, please feel free to look around, leave comments, suggestions, hate mail, whatever, and request stuff! I'll try my best to make stuff you guys will hopefully like. So finally, here is the newest things I've made. I hope you guys have liked everything!

It feels good to be back.

I am at a loss for words.

Your first human drawing is awesome. Your art style is gorgeous. I especially love the colorless Lugia in one of the first spoilers. Dragonite is adorable.

Please post more art. :>
Thank you both, I really appreciate the positive comments! I'll be posting more art throughout the break, especially with peoples requests.

Tamama Black, it's been so many years of drawing that I kind of get bored of doing everything in the same style. Recently I've been trying to get better at my painting skills, like the last two images.
I'm glad you took the time to read it! It's kind of long so I don't really expect many people to actually go through the whole thing...
I especially love your CAP 11 (Dark/ Fighting) design. I keep thinking Voodoom is a pure dark physical attacker. I never make that mistake with your design. Besides, it just looks so cool :D
The polls during that CAP project were not kind to my poor creation, didn't even make it past the first round of voting the poor thing. I've been doing better and better as more CAPs go by! (By the way, you should fix those hide tags)

So, I couldn't sleep tonight so I decided to mess around and paint a happy Wynaut for you guys. I wanted to get Wynaut done before anybody decides to request something because Wynaut is my absolute favorite Pokemon.

I have to say that I indeed read all your story and I was able to see the progress you talk about. I also enjoyed your Wynaut, or Superman Wynaut as I see it. I would also like to challenge you to draw a pikachu... the cutest one you can. I know you are creative, so let me see some of that creativity :D

PS. If you achieve to surprise me, I shall give you the badge of Praxiteles.

There you go! I hope you find it to be cute enough. I decided to take some advice from my best friend and add a fedora to this apparently beach going pikachu!
What kind of fedora did you use as reference/what kind of fedora look were you going for.

Pikachu looks great - the tail looks a little sloppy (but it's fine~), but what really bugs me is how much the black outline on the fedora stands out. Its like, my eyes are drawn to it more than Pikachu, which should be the main focus of the picture no? I'd suggest making the outline on the fedora brighter, or, alternatively, making Pikachu's outline darker.

I ask what kind of fedora you used, because it looks like it was added after you had already drawn Pikachu. So details like a fold on the brim caused by the ears placement on the head aren't there, and it feels a little off balance. Overall it looks good, just some things I noticed.
Gah, ruining my good mood. =[ I didn't use a reference at all, I just winged it how I usually do. Plus, fedoras would not usually fit on the head of a pikachu, at least I don't think so...So instead, I just tried to make it look alright. As for the outline, and as a matter of fact the whole painting, was done that way because I wanted to do it like that. Honestly, I don't really care if the hat doesn't have folds, or its tail isn't as smooth as you'd like, or even if the pikachu has six eyes and wouldn't anatomically be able to see correctly; I just draw what I feel like, and I am happy with it.
Gah, ruining my good mood. =[ I didn't use a reference at all, I just winged it how I usually do. Plus, fedoras would not usually fit on the head of a pikachu, at least I don't think so...So instead, I just tried to make it look alright. As for the outline, and as a matter of fact the whole painting, was done that way because I wanted to do it like that.
References are always good things, "winging it" has a tendency to lead to things that don't make much sense, and using a reference will better help you show your audience what you want to~

Well when you draw a fedora on Pikachu's head, its kind of a give-in that the fedora in question was indeed made to fit on a Pikachu's head. Pikachu is a solid object and the object will interact with other objects, so a fedora is placed on Pikachu's head should look like a fedora placed on Pikachu's head, meaning the brim will curve because the ears are pushing it up, causing it to fold.

This is similar to the one illustrated in your painting (I didn't realize it was a painting~). I don't know how to paint so I'm pretty sure it would be difficult to fix but its always a good idea to keep things like how objects interact with each other in mind~
You don't have to paint with traditional media, I paint on photoshop. Regardless though, I am happy with the way it came out, so I see no reason in going back and altering anything about it. Maybe is I was actually going for something realistic then I would have made a mistake that is worth fixing. But as you can plainly see, there is a pikachu painted on that digital canvas. A mouse that can shoot lightning from it's cheeks. At the top of the page is Lugia, a bird that is far too heavy to hold itself up in the air. Realistic? Nope, wasn't even trying.
I don't understand the point your trying to make. If Pikachu's wearing a hat, it's going to fit onto it's head like its an actual hat no matter what. Whether it was supposed to be realistic or not does not stop the fact that he is indeed wearing a hat and as such the hat should look:

a) like the hat you were going for (a fedora)
b) like its on Pikachu's head
I am not going to go further on this, critiques are great; I asked for them after all. But when you come off as a jerk, I could honestly could care less for your critique.
I'm not coming off as a jerk, but you're honestly coming off that way to me. You make it seem like that because you're drawing a non-realistic animal that it gives you an excuse to not have objects properly interact with each other, which is /honestly/ the impression you're giving me from these posts.

I'm not saying you /have/ to go back and change it at all. I'm not saying you /have/ to do anything, but don't say "well I'm happy you wrote this entire thing for me but you're wrong" because it makes me feel frustrated and feel as though I've just wasted my time trying to help someone improve on something I like.

I'm not going to sugarcoat my posts with a compliment every other sentence because If I like it I'm going to tell you within the first two or three sentences (like I already have) then spend the next few paragraphs (if it requires that) explaining how can you improve that because not only is that an efficient way to do something, but the bulk of my post is not kissing your ass but instead providing the advice I feel would be helpful to you improving your pieces.

Which btw is the entire reason I've been posting anyways

EDIT: I'm not trying to attack you're creativity
I'm just trying to help you improve
And all I'm getting is deflections and "no you're wrong" when everything I'm saying is /completely valid/

EDIT2: Especially pisses me off when I'm met with "thanks for ruining my good mood" which comes off to me as an obnoxious twat.