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Discussion in 'BW OU' started by Colonel M, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Colonel M

    Colonel M Fatecrashers Please
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Aug 5, 2007

    Nazca Bird has made its trip to the Isshu Region, and has much to talk about. Let's see what it has to say.
    [b]#561 - Shinbora[/b]
    [b]Type[/b]: Psychic / Flying
    [b][Base Stats][/b]
    72 HP
    58 Atk
    80 Def
    103 SpA
    80 SpD
    97 Spe
    [u]Magic Guard[/u]
      Prevents all damage except from direct-attack moves
    (i.e. Surf, Waterfall still hit, but user doesn't take burn
    [u]Miracle Skin[/u]
      User has a chance of not taking decreased stats.  Not
    sure how this one exactly works.
    [u]Tinted Lens[/u]
      NVE moves receive double power.
    Level Up:
    v1: Gust
    Lv1: Miracle Eye
    [b]Lv4: Hypnosis[/b]
    Lv8: Psywave
    [b]Lv11: Tailwind[/b]
    Lv14: Whirlwind
    Lv18: Psybeam
    Lv21: Air Cutter
    [b]Lv24: Light Screen[/b]
    [b]Lv28: Reflect[/b]
    [b]Lv31: Synchro Noise - 15 PP Psychic Special Power: 70 / Accuracy: 100
    Deals more damage if target is the same type as User[/b]
    Lv34: Mirror Move
    [b]Lv38: Gravity
    Lv41: Air Slash
    Lv44: Psychic
    Lv48: Cosmic Power[/b]
    Lv51: Sky Attack
    Egg Moves
    [b]Assist Power - 10 PP Special Psychic Power: 20 / Accuracy: 100
    The more the user's stats are raised, the more damage this move will deal
    [b]Psycho Shift
    Steel Wing
    Skill Swap[/b]
    TMs / HMs
    [b]TM03 - Psycho Shock
    TM04 - Calm Mind
    TM06 - Toxic
    TM10 - Hidden Power
    TM13 - Ice Beam[/b]
    TM15 - Hyper Beam
    TM16 - Light Screen
    TM17 - Protect
    [b]TM18 - Rain Dance[/b]
    TM19 - Telekinesis - Makes Target Easier to Hit for 3 Turns
    [b]TM20 - Safeguard[/b]
    TM21 - Frustration
    TM22 - Solar Beam
    TM23 - Strike Down - 15 PP Physical Rock Power: 50 / Accuracy: 100
    Forces opponent to the ground
    TM27 - Return
    TM29 - Psychic
    [b]TM30 - Shadow Ball[/b]
    TM32 - Double Team
    TM33 - Reflect
    TM40 - Aerial Ace
    TM42 - Facade
    TM44 - Rest
    TM45 - Attract
    TM46 - Thief
    TM48 - Troll - 15 PP Special Normal Power: 60 / Accuracy: 100
    Attack does more damage with the more Pokemon that know the move "Troll"
    [b]TM53 - Energy Ball
    TM57 - Charge Beam[/b]
    TM70 - Flash
    [b]TM73 - Thunder Wave[/b]
    TM77 - Psych Up
    TM85 - Dream Eater
    TM87 - Swagger
    TM88 - Pluck
    TM90 - Substitute
    [b]TM91 - Flash Cannon
    TM92 - Trick Room[/b]
    HM02 - Fly
    See why I wanted to write this guy up? He's got a shitload to talk about, even if it may end up being in the UU environment. So let's get cracking.

    [Shinboraa At a Glance]
    • Magic Guard - The biggest selling point to Shinboraa. I know the first thought in your head "oh this thing flies? STEALTH ROCK WEAK!" This ability is insane. While it was exclusive to Clefable in Generation 4, it allowed her to, literally, wreak havoc on the environment. Shinboraa also gets major boosts with this as it can use Toxic and Flame Orb without the negative side effects (barring the Attack drop but why are you using physical Shinboraa?), and Life Orb's lack of recoil.
    • 97 Speed - This guy is pretty fast, actually. Outspeeds base 95s? How much better does it get really?
    • Offensive Movepool overall "good" - It doesn't pierce Steel-types very well, sadly, but it does have plethora options. Psycho Shock, Psychic, Air Slash, Charge Beam, Ice Beam, Energy Ball, Shadow Ball, and Flash Cannon. It still has access to Hidden Power, but the main point is: it will definitely struggle vs. Steel-types without Hidden Power.
    • Awesome Support Movepool - Words cannot describe how good it sort of gets. Safeguard is a nice move to block status for everyone for 5 turns. Trick Room is necessary for Trick Room teams, and it being quick is probably the only real downfall here. It has access to Rain Dance, which means that it can set up Rain for a team (assuming there's no Drizzle Politoed). It can Dual Screen, which is always great. Psycho Shift is actually plausible now since Magic Guard nullifies the Burn disadvantage and it has Roost for reliable recovery. Thunder Wave and Hypnosis are always great status moves, granted the latter has 60% accuracy...
    • Mediocre to Terrible Typing - Psychic / Flying has an abundant weaknesses. No joke. Electric, Rock, Ice, Dark, and Ghost. What does it technically block in return? Grass, Psychic, and Fighting (x4). Pursuit-bait is the biggest weakness.
    • Too Weak Defensively - Well, I guess it's not terrible by any means, but as always "could be better". Don't expect 72 HP | 80 Def | 80 SpD to take a lot of abuse.
    • Relies on Modest for Offensive Sets - This is the big one. 103 SpA is nice, but it's still lacking. With a Calm Mind and Life Orb on its belt, Psycho Shock does 66.36% - 78.03% to 0 HP / 252 Def Blissey. 252 HP / 252 Def Blissey takes 60.50% - 71.15%. Without Life Orb (for the purposes of nullifying status from Blissey), Psycho Shock does 46.36% - 54.76% to max HP / max Def Blissey, which is barely a 2HKO.

    [Possible Movesets]

    name: Life Orb
    move 1: Charge Beam / Calm Mind
    move 2: Psycho Shock
    move 3: Hidden Power: Fighting
    move 4: Air Slash / Energy Ball / Shadow Ball
    ability: Magic Guard
    item: Life Orb
    nature: Modest
    EVs: 4 HP | 252 SpA | 252 Spe


    The biggest thing to note here is Psycho Boost purging enemies on their physical Defense. As noted, it will even 2HKO the pink blob that is Blissey, so rejoice! The problem? Well... it does have one weakness: Blissey can still Thunder Wave it. So... this is more for handling Blisseys that are weakened of course. The fourth option is completely variable and handles different things. Air Slash is consistent STAB, while Energy Ball will hit bulky waters that resist Charge Beam. Shadow Ball is really for Cresselia. Hidden Power Fighting will OHKO min / min Tyranitar and at least 2HKO Heatran, which is more than good enough.

    name: Choice Specs
    move 1: Psycho Shock
    move 2: Air Slash
    move 3: Shadow Ball
    move 4: Hidden Power Fighting
    ability: Tinted Lens / Magic Guard (if Tinted Lens isn't available)
    item: Choice Specs
    evs: 4 HP | 252 SpA | 252 Spe
    nature: Modest


    No Trick here, but that's fine. Every switch in should really fear this set's potential since Air Slash doesn't have any immunities and thanks to Tinted Lens. Psycho Shock is primarily for Blissey, but it can take down Skarmory that has 60% or below health. The last two moves are pretty much "there". You can use Shadow Ball for Cresselia, I guess. Hidden Power Fighting is to avoid Tyranitar switch-ins as much as possible. Of course, the prime recommendation: CLEAR THE PURSUI-USERS!

    name: Psycho Shift
    move 1: Psycho Shift
    move 2: Roost
    move 3: Light Screen
    move 4: Air Slash
    ability: Magic Guard
    items: Flame Orb
    nature: Timid / Calm
    evs: 252 HP / 4 SpD / 252 Spe


    Rising_Dusk requested me to post this. In one word: Awesomesauce.

    I can't think of much really to put with this set. The Pokemon that dodge burns, Fire-types, pretty much consist of Heatran and co. You can try Hidden Power Ground over Air Slash if Heatran scares the living daylights out of you, but the reason I chose Light Screen was to give it some form of blocking special attacks if necessary. Again; the real purpose of the set is that it beats Cresselia in the aspect of it isn't fucked over by Sleep. I'd kind of call it a gimmick, but given its switch-ins are usually Pokemon that pack Pursuit, it seems decent.

    name: Dual Screen
    move 1: Reflect
    move 2: Light Screen
    move 3: Roost
    move 4: Air Slash
    ability: Magic Guard
    item: Light Clay
    evs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Spe
    nature: Timid


    Pretty much the basics. Dual Screen with access to recovery is pretty nice since not many Pokemon are capable of doing this well. Air Slash is put here for the sole purpose of Psychic luring in too many Dark-types. Once Tyranitar is in you're sort of doomed anyway, so having Air Slash isn't a big deal. It's nice that it can deal with most Fighting-types I guess, but again: nothing that special.

    name: Status Blocking Calm Mind
    move 1: Calm Mind
    move 2: Psycho Shock
    move 3: Hidden Power: Fighting
    move 4: Roost
    ability: Magic Guard
    item: Flame Orb
    nature: Modest
    evs: 4 HP | 252 SpA | 252 Spe


    This is more oriented to prevent being struck down by sleep and paralysis. You can replace Roost with an attacking move, or even revert to the Offensive booster if warranted. Not much more to say here.

    name: Set Up
    move 1: Rain Dance / Trick Room / Gravity
    move 2: Roost
    move 3: Air Slash / Reflect
    move 4: Hidden Power Fighting / Light Screen
    ability: Magic Guard
    item: Damp Rock / Leftovers
    nature: Timid
    evs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Spe


    Really this set is here just to note what it can set up. The reason it's very slash-heavy is because of the preference of the situation; whether you want Rain Dance, Trick Room, or Gravity. It can Dual Screen with this, so feel free to pack Light Clay, but I think that's too much perhaps. Alternatively, try Hypnosis: it works well with Gravity.


    It has a lot of viable sets; more than I can really keep track of and such. The biggest uproars will likely be Psycho Shifter, Life Orb, Specs, and any general supporter set. Magic Guard is really the gift that always keeps giving, and overall helps make Shinboraa a viable OU candidate. It'll likely play in the UU environment, but it's definitely a hell of a lot better than Xatu aside from "Xatu gets Wish". Whopee.

    Shinboraa! Geographical Condor!
  2. Rykard


    Sep 18, 2010
    how about just make it entirely annoyingly defensive?

    Magic Guard with Flame Orb
    Bold Nature
    252 HP 128 Def 128 SpD

    - Psycho Shift
    - Cosmic Power
    - Roost
    - Toxic

    The only thing that completely wrecks this is heatran but other than that you can possible stall the hell out of everything with a few cosmic powers
  3. Epic Cherubi

    Epic Cherubi

    Mar 21, 2009
    God I hope this makes OU.

    Sadly it seems too slow and not a hard enough hitter to guarantee its entry in OU, but it may find a niche like Clefable (with arguably better Calm Minding stats) or something..

    Edit: With Stealth Rocks and Sandstorm +1 LO Psycho Shock deals enough damage to Blissey. You can't really give up the speed.

    Edit 2: The more I look at it the better it seems.
  4. Colonel M

    Colonel M Fatecrashers Please
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Aug 5, 2007
    I considered Cosmic Power, but the general problem is that chances are you want to get the fuck out after you use Psycho Shift. Because it doesn't learn Taunt, you're going to get thrashed by Calm Minders. If I were to seriously use a set like that, I'd probably use Whirlwind over Toxic. Still, consider that it isn't that impressive defensively. Cosmic Power helps though. Raped by Taunt isn't great.

    Also you want max Speed to maximize your burning power. Forget your defenses: Cosmic Power boosts them anyway.
    HP Fighting is for Tyranitar, not Blissey. I know +1 LO Psycho Shift is enough for Blissey.

    Also I wouldn't call this thing slow. Remember that a lot of the metagame is still pretty slow-paced, or it was in Gen 4. Choice Scarf is really the bigger pick-offs for this, and obviously the Pokemon that get Speed over 97 base. Still, it's faster than, say, Tyranitar, which really can't boast much on its Speed aside from walls.
  5. Rising_Dusk

    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Team Rater Alumnusis a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Programmer Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Dec 27, 2009
    This dude has an amazing movepool, including some of the absolute greatest and coolest niche move combinations of all time. For instance, you mentioned Flame Orb, but you didn't use Psycho Shift! Magic Guard, Flame Orb, and Psycho Shift come together to give Shinpora a 90% burn move and its own variant on status immunity. Factor into this that you'll pretty much be luring Tyranitar primarily and you've got yourself something serious.

    This mon looks like it will be a blast to mess around with. Magic Guard is obscenely great and Shinpora looks like it can use it well.
  6. Epic Cherubi

    Epic Cherubi

    Mar 21, 2009
    Sorry, I didn't clarify my post well. I meant Timid does enough damage to Blissey that you don't need to go Modest. Assuming Psycho Shock works like I think it does.

    Do you really think this gen will be slower? It not like the threats from last gen have disappeared. We'll be seeing scarfers more now than ever to keep random dragon threats from raping us.

    Anyway, its too early to tell and this guy has great options. Its so impossibly cool I hope it finds uses.
  7. Afti


    Mar 27, 2009
    Actually, if you switch it in on something that's afraid of the offensive sets (or a Choiced Fighting/Ground move) Shinpora survives quite a bit with just one CP, and will of course get more in as is possible. Assuming 252 HP/4 Def/252 Spe and a Timid nature:

    Lucario's unboosted (fresh switchin) LO Crunch does 46.6% - 55.2% to a +1/+1 Shinpora.

    Switch in on something that you can force out, and start boosting.

    Whirlwind is essential, though, as well as being careful bringing it in. With a SD, that Crunch would do 69.5% - 82.2% even with two Cosmic Powers, so you couldn't Roost fast enough to recover.

    Taunt is a bitch, granted, but I think CPpora has potential if played well. Bring it in on something it forces out and use Whirlwind liberally, and it'll never die.
  8. AccidentalGreed

    AccidentalGreed Please leave.
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 12, 2009
    Excuse me for my ignorance, but are Ice Beam and Hypnosis too redundant to be listed? Hypnosis seems plausible enough, but the reason why things like Latias don't run Ice Beam is because it offers redundant coverage. Is this true for Shinpora (lack of sleep)?
  9. Indra

    is a Past WCoP Champion

    Dec 29, 2008
    lol yea. Hypnosis got buffed to 70% according to serebii
  10. Colonel M

    Colonel M Fatecrashers Please
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Aug 5, 2007
    Serebii, as always, is "wrong". Hypnosis is still 60%. This was complied by Firestorm, which has Hypnosis listed as 60%.

    As for Ice Beam, yes, it's pretty much "redundant coverage". Only noteworthy stuff is Dragons and Gliscor really.
  11. Grodyngel


    Sep 19, 2010
    Yeah it would be great to get definitive confirmation about hypnosis. The ability to shutdown a would be counter and set up makes Shinropa all the more viable. And even if he doesn't make it to the top branches of OU, there are few pokemon that can carve out a niche in multiple tiers. Quagsire namely.

    Edit: Beat. Hypnosis remains 60%. What a shame.
  12. ~WILL


    Sep 21, 2010
    Hello, this is my first post. I'm Will, I play Pokemon, etc.

    Shinpora is, as of now, the Pokemon that I look forward to using the most. Just looking at it reminds me of Claydol (Which is a personal favorite!).

    I think it'd work best as some kind of Dual-Screener. With the Speed stat it has, it may be able to give support in that sense. Maybe something like:

    Light Screen
    Psychic / Air Slash
    Thunder Wave / Roost

    Shinpora would set up screens, and could either attack, cripple with Thunder Wave, or maybe Roost off some damage it may've taken. It has simple bulk, so maybe Roost would be better.

    This set would be better with U-Turn or Volt Change, so that you can switch easily, but unfortunately, Shinpora gets no such thing. You'd have to switch out for a Steel-type wall, since no opponent would try to use a Steel-type's weaknesses against it. The switch-in may be easier, in that sense. If you needed screens again, then pop Shinpora back in.

    Worth a try, right?
  13. LittleOni


    Feb 6, 2010
    Lol yes! I'm actually finding this Poke more intriguing than Xatu (Sorry Xatu fans._.)

    Besides, I''ve always wanted to use a Psycho Shift set, whether offensively or defensively.
  14. Chompy


    Apr 15, 2006
    My prediction is that Shinpora will be sent in the UU section. Similar playstyle to Clefable and Xatu, but not good enough to actually compete in the OU environment against the Dragons, Darks, Ghosts "oh my".
  15. chuddlewinks


    Sep 20, 2010
    This guy is harshin' on my guurl's (Clefable's) style. Cosmic power AND magic guard? weaksauce. I still think clefable will outshine him. Less weaknesses, better defense stats, bigger movepool, INCLUDING softboiled. But I think he's giving Xatu a run for its money.
  16. CitizenSnips


    Jun 15, 2010
    I think this guy looks absolutely awesome to be honest. He deserves your attention.

    Able to come in free on EQuake, Toxic, Wisp, with literally no Stealth, Leech, Sand or Hail damage is pretty nice. It doesn't physically attack, so it's not able to be Mummified by Desukan. Never fully paralyzed. 4x Resistance to Fighting

    I'm thinking dead serious status inducer/support:

    Shinbora @ Flame Orb

    -Psycho Shift
    -Thunder Wave
    -Air Slash
    -Light Screen

    This set gives you tons of options. You're able to cut speed at 100% or attack at 90%. Air Slash has a nice bonus of 30% flinch rate and can be pulled off if you're expecting Taunt. And Light Screen works great in tandem with burns for general defense.

    EVs are set to give it some reasonable bulk and decent speed. Not generally thought of as studly, but the several moves its able to come in on with no residual damage lets it add huge support to the rest of your team.

    Team Options:
    I love imagining this thing as part of a defensive/status inducing trio with Burunkeru & Nattorei. Here's why:

    Shin's weaknesses: Nat resists Elec, Ghost, Dark & Rock, Bunky can handle Ice.
    Nat's weaknesses: Both Bunky & Shin can come easily into Fight, Bunky also resists Fire
    Bunky's weakness: Shin & Nat cover Grass, Nat also resists Ghost, Elec, & Dark.

    Shin can Burn or Paralyze & Screen, Nat can Spike or SR & Leech, Bunky can Burn(either Boil or Wisp) or Badly Poison. Theres literally nowhere to run from these guys.
  17. Batistabomb


    Sep 22, 2010
    Hypnosys's accuracy is still 60% (while spore 100% LOL)? Poor Persian,Purugly, Milotic, Shinboraa ecc...

    The game freak sometimes is so incomprensibile....
  18. Frost Nocturne

    Frost Nocturne

    May 4, 2010
    This thing is so awesome, easily one of my favorite new Pokemon, or even in general. I was thinking of a set that could combine as many of Shinporaa's unique advantages into one.

    Shinporaa @ Flame Orb
    Timid: 252 HP / 252 Spd / 4 Def
    Psycho Shift
    Calm Mind/Cosmic Power
    Air Slash

    This set abuses Magic Guard and Shinporaa's Huge Movepool to the fullest. Since you're already boosting you're stats with CM/CP and neutering Physical Attackers with Psycho Shock, Shinporaa's naturally high Speed is maximized to burn, boost, or roost first and remove it's Flying Type weaknesses, while Air Slash provides a consistent STAB attack with good coverage (no immunities and few 4x resists) that also has a nice flinch chance thanks to Shinporaa's good speed. Cosmic Power works best with Toxic Spikes.

    Magic Guard is so awesome with Psycho Shift. I was wondering however, if Psycho Shock affects Dark Types or not, similar to how they are immune to Magic Coat. The description didn't mention it, and most of the Pokemon Shinporaa wants to burn are Dark Type Pursuiters, so...
  19. Sandstreamer


    May 27, 2010
    I will definitely trying this out. Shinboraa is one of my favorite pokemon design-wise and I'm really excited to put it on my Sandstorm teams (great Fighting resists are always needed when you have Ttar). It's only kinda sad it cannot have two abilities. Tinted lense has perfect (neutral) coverage with Psychic and Flying. Still, Magic Guard is the better option here.
    Flame Orb Psycho Shift is a great combo, of course. Not to mention that this is probably the only orb user that can switch into status moves even before the orb activated (which can be a huge plus early in the game) as it can get rid of a paralysis or stuff like that. Additionally, access to Thunderwave is great, too, especially since you have the tools to threaten grounds that might switch in. Perhaps on a Life Orb set... (btw, I'm missing that in the OP. Every Magic Guarder needs a LO set listed. xD)
  20. Yeah Galo Sengan

    Yeah Galo Sengan

    Sep 2, 2007
    this pokémon is one of the most appealing specimens from gen 5 to me, both aesthetically and competitively

    like breloom it seems to have just the right stats and an amazing ability to make it viable, the magic guard psycho shift/flame orb set looks fantastic.

    helps that magic guard is my absolute favourite ability
  21. Forsety


    Oct 31, 2006
    Ironically the other Magic Guarders, Clefable and Rankurusu stand to be this birds biggest counters imo not pursuit trappers. Rankurusu especially if you run HP Fighting for T-tar and other Dark types.
  22. Calm Pokemaster

    Calm Pokemaster
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Dec 18, 2009
    It has a great ability, ok stats and a ok-ish movepool.

    I would go for the FlamePsychoShift set, since a pure offense or Cm set is mostly walled by Blissey, as you nee a LO Cm boosted PsychoShock to even 2HKO the pink blob. Now the green blob(Rankurusu) can easily decimate Shinpora with its resistance and base 125 Spl Atk.
  23. The Messiah

    The Messiah

    Sep 20, 2010
    what i am seeing in this pokemon is tinted lens, bascially making a worse version of yanmega, and then as an assisting thingy, it is sadly quite close to xatu was last gen.

    its wide versatility can make it quite a tricky and deadly opponent, probably getting off what it wants to do, do you sit in and risk death? or do you swap out and let it set up its shit,

    something ele ive noticed as well is it has an attack that against psychic types does double dmg, called synchro noise + tinted lens + choice scarf this thing could probs be a late game sweeper, and if it instead wants to cripple blissey it can trick off the scarf and increase veratility again

    overall quite a niche seeking little pokemon
  24. Calm Pokemaster

    Calm Pokemaster
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Dec 18, 2009
    I see a very good support+medium offense Pokemon, thank god it gets Psycho Shift and Trick. PsychoShifting your burn, then Tricking your Orb onto another Poke is just great.

    Trick/Psycho Shift/Psycho Shock/Shadow Ball is the set I have in mind.

    I know, dont go WTF at Shadow Ball, but I think this thing needs it to have a chance of beating Rankurusu, or atleast weakening i.
  25. CRASHiC


    May 14, 2010
    Burn Orb would just activate again so you could just psycho shift to another pokemon. You don't need Trick unless you are looking to steal someone's item, which is risky biss.

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