Sinking Submarine Mafia: Postgame

Approved by LightWolf.

Atlantis. The city of dreams at the bottom of the sea.

A few short weeks ago, the location of the legendary city was discovered. A team was assembled to embark on a journey to the bottom of the ocean. Your goal was to explore the city of Atlantis. A submarine was obtained, and supplies were quickly purchased. Things were all going so well as you set off into the unknown.

Weeks later, your submarine comes within a few hours of the lost city. At this point, your communication equipment fails. While it would be possible to repair it, it would require sacrificing time you could instead be using to explore Atlantis. After a meeting, your team decides to proceed with the expedition. You are all reluctant to slow down and relinquish your status as the first explorers of Atlantis.

Once you are within a few leagues of the fabled city, something rocks the submarine. Hard. Once this ceases, an inspection reveals that the nuclear reactor has been damaged and needs to be shut down, and you must now run on the power stored in the battery.

In addition, the engine has been damaged beyond repair. The submarine’s water distillation systems have also been damaged, and will be unable to provide drinkable water. Finally, your ballast has sustained damage. You are slowly sinking to the bottom of the sea.

There are pressure suits that you had planned to use to explore Atlantis, and they would allow you to survive an assent to the surface. They even provide a means to reach the surface. However, there are more of you than the paltry number of pressure suits onboard. Not all of you will live to see the surface again.

One of those among you has not picked himself up. He isn’t moving, and he isn’t breathing either. He is already dead. He was:

Dear <alias>,
You are Frodo Baggins.

A hobbit living in the shire, you were adopted by Bilbo Baggins after your parents passed away. When Bilbo left the Shire, he left you, among other things, a magic ring. Ganalf warned you to keep it hidden, and later told you to go destroy it in Mount Doom.

At any time you may send General Spoon and theangryscientist a PM titled “CX - Bop <alias> over the head.” Sneaking up behind <alias>, you will smack his head, doing something.

Max HP: 18
Attack: 3

You win if you are alive when Captain Ahab, Roger Corman, and Captain America are dead.

General Rules

1. While you are alive feel free to talk to other players. When you are dead do not talk to anyone. If you are not playing in the game but have interest in subbing in, make an effort to not learn anything from the players.

2. This game will start on Cycle 0. Role PMs may be exchanged as soon as Cycle 0. Attacks are not valid on Cycle 0, but all other actions are allowed.

3. Do not take spelling or grammatical errors as proof of faking. We are only human and can make mistakes. There are no set number of sentences for intro or action flavor.

4. You may paste things that hosts tell you, but be aware that what we say might not necessarily be the truth. You can fake logs; ask the hosts for assistance if you would like it. Screenshots are disallowed. Do not impersonate hosts or other players.

5. The hosts may, on occasion, lie to you. However, this is likely only going to happen to feed whatever misinformation is already going around, rather than introducing new misinformation.

6. This game uses the Unicycle system for phases; a cycle is basically an integrated day and night. Every cycle will last for 48 hours, though as the game winds down this may be cut to 24 hours at host discretion. The cycle will not end when there is majority.

7. Stealth lynching will be allowed if you can pull it off.

8. To vote you must bold your vote and post “Flavor <alias>”. To change your vote please edit your original post with your new vote. You may choose to vote “No Lynch” as well, and any vote towards a dead user will count as “No Lynch”. If you would like to vote for nothing but have already voted for something, then unbold your original vote and say something along the lines of it being retracted. In the event of a tie nobody will receive lynch damage.

9. Do not target dead players with your actions. Nothing will happen.

10. Priorities have been set beforehand. Do not ask about them. You will not learn about them until after the game.

11. There are no items in this game. Only claim to be a thief if you are a moron.

12. Please inform the hosts of any spreadsheets, IRC channels, etc that you create. Give us access.

13. Send your PMs to both of the hosts (General Spoon and theangryscientist) so that we can both update. If you are choosing to not use your ability, please submit “CX - Idling”. You may send actions over IRC.

14. If a Role PM and the rules clash, the role PM takes precedence.

15. We are the hosts and will be writing the Postgame. It would be wonderful if we had an idea of what is going on, so don’t feel afraid to talk to us about your thoughts on the game, though we can neither confirm nor deny any thoughts you have bouncing around in your head. We may also approach you every now and then and ask for your thoughts; if you are busy when we ask just say so and we will leave you alone.

16. If you have a non-information role you will not receive a result, unless your action fails. If your action fails, you will receive a result to this effect. If you think that you should have received a result PM but didn’t, please contact the host who performed the last update, or the other host if he appears to be free.


1. Only sign up if you will be active. Be active. Make sure you are active. You will lose if you are not active, and your inactivity will hurt any alliances that you have entered into. Nobody likes an inactive player. If we feel that you can become more active, we will send you a warning PM. However, if we do not feel you will become active even if we give you a warning, we may sub you out without warning. Please be active.

2. IRC usage is mandatory. You will lose if you do not use IRC. If the hosts have not seen you on IRC recently, that is a valid reason to sub you out.

3. Every player in the game is a Neutral. All win conditions are “You win if you are alive when A, B, and C are dead.” Enemies are mutual; this means that if a player is in your WC, you are in that player’s WC. Players will share at most only 1 enemy.

4. This game uses aliases. Every player has an alias. Actions and votes are to be directed at aliases.

5. This game features HP. Every role has a certain amount of Max HP and Attack, and every role starts at its Max HP. Most roles have 18 Max HP and 3 Attack, though there may be exceptions. When a player’s HP is reduced to 0, they are dead and eliminated from the game. A player’s Current HP can never exceed their Max HP.

6. To attack a player please send a PM to both hosts with “CX - Attack <alias>” in the title. If your attack is successful, <alias> will lose HP equal to your Attack. You may only attack one <alias> a cycle.

7. The alias who receives the most votes in the lynch will take HP damage. The Cycle 0 lynch will do 5 damage, the Cycle 1 lynch will do 10 damage, and the Cycle 2 lynch and all lynches after that will do 15 damage.

8. If your HP changes during the cycle, you will be sent a PM with your updated HP when the cycle ends. If you do not receive a PM, assume that your HP remains unchanged.

9. You will almost certainly lose if you do not work with other players.


1. If you sign up to play in this game, you are expected to be active. If at some point in the game you become unable, or unwilling, to be active, let the hosts know so that they can find a sub.

2. Do not ever just vanish with no warning. Be sure to inform the hosts in advance if you will not be able to be online, so that we can find a sub ahead of time. It takes all of 1 minute to drop the hosts a PM. About the only valid excuses for not informing the hosts in advance of your disappearance is if your city is blacked out for days, or you die of a heart attack, or something similar to this.

3. If the hosts get sick of prodding you and telling you to play, you will be subbed out, even if you have been getting your actions in. There is no reason that you should need to be prodded so much the hosts get sick of it.

Game channel is #submarine

Living Players (0):

Living Aliases (0):

Dead (16):
Metal Bagon/Larry/Lt.Surge/Cycle 1
MrcRanger97/Terra/Blue Eyes Toon Dragon/Cycle 2
Infinity.Cypher/Rapidash/Sarah Palin/Cycle 2
Aura Guardian/Garage/Dracula/Cycle 3
Dogfish44/Llama/Hercules/Cycle 3
HD/Zebu/Eragon/Cycle 4
zorbees/Kitten/Theodore Roosevelt/Cycle 5
imperfectluck/Cookie/Tommy Pickles/Cycle 5
Quagsires/Titania/Manfred von Karma/Cycle 6
Ace Emerald/Squall/Harry Potter/Cycle 6
pokemonrocks777/Engineer Pikachu/Soap/Darth Vader/Cycle 7
Fatecrashers/Lemonade/Watson/Cycle 7
Jalmont/Megatron/Dark Helmet/Cycle 7
Layell/Domino/Adrian Monk/Cycle 8
Vintage Books/Jersey/Arthur Dent/Cycle 8
Darkpenguin67/Caboose/Mike Rowe/Cycle 9

Winners (8):
Walrein/Hamlet/L. Ron Hubbard/Cycle 5
Spiffy/Whale/Firekeeper/Cycle 7
Ditto/Azure/Batman/Cycle 7
kingofkongs/Figurine/The Loch Ness Monster/Cycle 7
ginganinja/Pioneer/Harman Smith/Cycle 8
TalkingLion/Basket/Dr. Claw/Cycle 9
RaRe555/Sudan/Groose/Cycle 9
Dummy007/NPR/Buzz Lightyear/Cycle 9

For giving us access to sheets:


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