Tournament SM Kickoff Tournament! (Won by Theorymon!)

I Forfeit my match vs Montsegur

I still need to figure out a good team that fits my playstyle. I do have standard teams to play with, but I'm FFing because winning or losing it doesn't make sense to me if i can't use a team I like, and i still don't have one.

I tried to make it in time for the match, but since my exams are pretty near, the time to play/build is less these days.
I'll join you guys next time
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Let's a do the truffle shuffle!
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Fool me...can't get fooled again
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Might be a bit tough to schedule our games since i haven't heard anything back yet and my opponent hasn't been on since Wednesday. Anyways, activity post just incase.


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isn't tomorrow deadline? I've got finals I'm studying for, don't wanna try and schedule a tour match last second.
You guys will definitely get an extension, probably into Wednesday or so (and then an activity win failing that). In the meantime it might not be a bad idea to schedule with freekhoorn beforehand.