Smogon All Generation - UU Edition [Won by CrashinBoomBang]

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Smogon All Generation Tournament - UU edition!!!

Sign-ups Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Semi-Finals


In this round all battlers will battle in all generations. This is to make the final battles more interesting.

So here we are, the pairings!:

CrashinBoomBang vs Colchonero (ALL GENS)

There's obviously no deadline, but please don't john, this tourney has been going on for a long time as it is lol.

Good luck to both and try to remember to save the logs!

These are the posts from the last rounds:

  • What do I have to say about RBY UU? Fuck Wrap (TyranitarPhantom)
  • Water-types dominate rby uu, Golduck is strong, etc. (MarceloDK)

  • gsc uu is a very strong tier i like quagsire it should be a dog (CrashinBoomBang)
  • gsc uu is a shit tier but i agree that guagsire should be a dog (kokoloko)
  • gsc uu, quag too strong (FAFUS)
  • GSC UU: Quagsire is strong, Gyarados Zap Cannon ftw (Kennen)
  • GSC UU rules, Quagsire should be a dog and I hate Nidoqueen :(
  • I think GSC UU, as little as it's played, is a really fun tier with great balance. Yes, it has a few champion pokemon (Quagsire, Nidoqueen) but you also get stuff like Granbull that can absolutely dominate a match and it's usually not ranked as a top tier threat in the meta. (zfs)

  • adv uu is cool but hypno too good (Sir)
  • adv uu, grumpig is boss. (Darkdiglett)
  • When you then take the step back to ADV UU, you notice its slightly more primitive. A real fun tactic, as my opponent taught me the hard way, is perish trapping with Misdreavus. (MadBull)
  • I don't like ADV UU it's stupid when something like calm mind / ice beam / rest / sleep talk slowking or lunatone is a huge force.... (LonelyNess)
  • ADV UU is a very balanced tiers where either defensive teams (hypno, vileplume, gligar) or offensive teams (kanghaskan is imo the best Pokemon in the tiers) work well. (Cristal)

  • I must say DPP UU is only tier where I love stall teams. Just cover threats, such as Venusaur and Alakazam, and you're good to go ^^ (Demist)
  • So DPP UU, in my first real test of it, seems pretty offensively-oriented, though looking at the tier roster I'm sure you can pull off a stall team. Swellow is a strong. (zfs)
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