Smogon Photo Album: The New Official General Bona Fide Thread


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i fully agree with the messages of not shaving from last page. lately i've getting the urge to grow a beard out, and i dont mean a "i was feeling too lazy to shave" kind of beard. no, i am talking about a "oh yeah it has been 9 months already, i am growing this thing out" monster beard. i know next month is No shave November, guess i am starting out early.

the only thing about me and facial hair is just how much different i look when i shave vs when i have hair. i know everyone looks different in that situation, but for me its just like v_v. also my quest to grow massive amounts of facial hair should be interesting because i'm one of those guys that just look better without it.

also oh yeah. i already updated facebook, so i guess i may as well officially update smogon as well. since i don't do the weight loss/muscle gain thread anymore, i'll just be posting a couple of pictures every 2-5 months in the photo album (which is so much easier than typing up a huge update).

I am currently bulking, so i gave this update the theme ""Fall/Winter is no time for abs, it's time to get big". man, i think my biggest worry is that i am going to have such a big gut by the end of this bulk, but no worries because i'll start working on getting rid of it when my cut phase begins. anyways yeah, consider yourselves updated. have a good day smogon

Edit: oh yeah, also Vader has been threatening me lately. this update is for him as well


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/Slightlly tilts head to the right and slowly begins to smile as he continues to stare at Mattj

Also mingot zangief is a man among the manliest of men. Its too bad you can't say the same thing about my beard in comparison to his.
I've never taken a razor to my chest and I probably wont ever shave my chest. The only situation I see me shaving my chest is one where the woman I'm in a relationship/married to asks me to, and you know she'll have to put up a damn good fight in the argument that would follow (or say shes the mother of my children and demands I shave)
Ok, Stone_Cold22 and I decided to do a Photo-off on IRC and we need people to help us decide the winner. Pick the winner of each category and determine who is the MOST PHOTOGENIC MAN.

"It's Time to SUIT UP"



"Saving The World One Photo At A Time"



"Been Gettin' Pussy Since We Were 10":



"Child Fun With Food"

Stone_Cold22: (child on the left)



Stone_Cold22: (he's the one being held by mommy)



So there you have it, Smogon. You decide!


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1) Stone- LN is wearing a tux, not a suit
2) LN
3) Stone
3) tie- though we know stone likes having large cylindrical things in his mouth while LN enjoys a nice healthy fisting
4) Stone- LN looks sad, no disney magic there
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