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Mar 29, 2016
Dec 9, 2011
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Mar 29, 2016
    1. His Eminence Lord Poppington II
      His Eminence Lord Poppington II
      yo always looking out for more smogon hearthstone players, especially those that take it seriously. add me at daffodildo#1878

      also have u reformed as a non-troll now lol, i'm poppy if u remember that name
      1. Byrne
        yes i am reformed :P
        i'll hit you up with dat friend request once battle.net is up
        Jun 9, 2015
    2. DestinyUnknown
      yes I read that post and I think it's disrespectful too, probably should have clarified that :/ I was just trying to say that you shouldn't continue with that argument.

      So no hard feelings, I do think you're right about Navy's post being despective, but I was a bit tired of seeing so many posts on that line.
      1. Byrne
        I getcha man, I'm not trying to annoy anybody except for Navy so I apologize if it bothers you when I brag about the Heat. We're cool, brah
        May 15, 2014
    3. Stallion
      He's baaaaaack
      1. Byrne
        Nov 19, 2013
    4. Stallion
      If I was a Heat fan or you were a Lakers fan, we'd be practically sports soulmates. As it stands, we are well on the path!
    5. some hero
    6. TrollFreak

      You're welcome
    7. Killah
      ...is this how people feel about me ?_?
    8. Killah
      I literally cannot take you seriously with that avatar
    9. Stallion
      Haha good enough reason for me. Fuck me this mornings (for me, I stayed up till 6 am watching the whole damn thing) game was frustrating. Fire Cam Cameron.
    10. Stallion
      Thanks for the shoutout man haha, I didn't expect it but I definitely appreciate it :)
    11. jumpluff
      Your Hand in Mine is my favourite Explosions in the Sky song... and My Girls is my favourite Animal Collective song... :)
    12. jumpluff
      Maps and Rebellion (Lies) are amazing, but... how can you honestly prefer 7 Kettles to Une Année sans Lumière? D: Come on, it has to be at least the second worst song on Funeral in your opinion, right? ;p
    13. some hero
      some hero
      I'm hung like a bull.
    14. jumpluff
      Do you have a last.fm acct?
    15. Danmire
      lol you sound like my dad when he told me Allen is coming to Miami. Agree 100%

      I hope the first game for the Lakers, a fight between Nash and Kobe break out, and he's like "Fuck this, I'm going to the Heat". onlyinadream
    16. Danmire
      I'll back you up, don't worry.

      I mean, the only reason Allen joined us is because he saw that we're a TEAM.
      that and the fact that rondo is a douchebag
    17. Danmire
      Lakers vs Heat, for the finals.
      I mean, Howard/Kobe/Nash vs Big 3/Allen.

      I know there's gonna be a huge explosion next season between these two.
    18. jrrrrrrr
      thank god someone else is fighting the good fight in the nhl thread XD
    19. YTP
      Dont wanna have this discussion in the thread..

      But he's a young guy with money and recognition. He has the girls :P
    20. CaptKirby
      How many ad hominem personal attacks can one idiot throw into sidestepping an argument? I am not going to go back and re-read that pile of filth but at least three! Why would I cite any proof of my intelligence? I have credentials, I do not need to cite them to anyone...credentials are not very meaningful. Anyone with half a brain will be top 10% in grades/whatever, intelligence runs a lot deeper than that.
    21. CaptKirby
      I have nothing to prove to someone who uses the phrase "big words" and means it seriously. Give me a fucking break. Only a person embarrassed by their own performance would talk like that. I have no idea why you are feel a need to persist with this shit that the words I choose to use are some pretense...I say exactly what I think as I think it real life or online. Online I edit if something looks terrible, I never edit to add a bigger word. I have not used a thesaurus in my entire life except when I FORGET a word. This is my fucking sixth grade vocabulary, no word I have ever said that you find peculiar is anything other than asininely ordinary to me. It has nothing to do with ego, someone as good as me does not need to flatter myself. I have plenty of arrogance, but that comes out in how self-interested I am when I argue and not the word choice, the fact that you cannot distinguish the difference shows "insert various put downs about your intelligence I already trotted out".
    22. CaptKirby
      Nothing to do with the internet, everything I say is the exact same as how I speak in real life; I have no need for pretenses. My vocabulary is largely from sixth grade and prior to sixth grade (when I stopped caring about reading, learning, et cetera), the fact that you think it has anything to do with showing off just shows how inferior you are. You seem like one of those top "25-33%" people who think that actually equates to intelligence.
    23. CaptKirby
      lol so pathetic you have to cling to the "I know you are what am I"...look I do not have to defend myself, we both know how much more intelligent I am than you, your recent attempt to play some tough guy is extra pathetic, spare us all the intense embarrassment
    24. CaptKirby
      you are really fucking pathetic, stop trying to act like a tough guy on the internet
    25. YTP
      Especially when he's salty after watching the mavs go down 3-0
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