Smogon Tour Season 12 Finals [Won by Kevin Garrett]

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Take this post as you wish, a rant, a bunch of complaints but yeah.

First, I'd like to thank everyone that helped me in this thing. Bloo (love you (BAN ME PLEASE)), Earthworm, Heist, am, ENZ0, Snype, Iconic, Lamppost, M Dragon who helped me a lot with teambuilding; as well as all people from #nowhere that helped me test (sorry if I forgot someone, it's just a bit cloudy atm). Even though Pokemon is perhaps the worst, most unrewarding game ever invented, and even though hax is just stupid, it was great to see how you guys made yourselves available to help me win this, I really appreciate it (even though part of it might be motivated by the fact KG is a dickhead; I'll get there)

Regarding the games, gg on BW and DPP (what a matchup...). ADV not so much. And then we get to the true point of this huge rant that people will just paste whenever someone whines about hax. When you hax someone, no one is asking you to give away your win, but at least you should try to be a little bit mature about what happened. If you crit what was pretty much a win condition against your team, Kevin, you don't say "use your own team". I'm not talking about my own games only, this trend repeated itself in all four rounds of this tournament, in which you'd just dismiss your opponent's claims with the help of lovely user Limitless, who justifies it's fair for you to hax everyone "because of your luck on previous STs". Talk about irony.

What you can get from this, before someone erases it or people start lolling at me, is try to be a bit more humble. Great part of my rage comes from the fact I had to wishstand your claims that I didn't deserve to be in finals of ST10 and that "any finals besides me vs locopoke will be hugely disappointing". Not lecturing you on how to be kind or how to be the best of all sportsman; I myself am a whiny motherfucker, but I do realize it.

Outside of that, congratulations for your trophy. Of course these congratulations are extremely fake and I'd much rather see a player like Bloo or ENZ0 bear this trophy (or a lot of other people, just the ones that come to my head; remember it's still cloudy); because they truly deserved it, but still, seriously, congratulations.

Also Folgorio I love you <3

I also kinda like Atticus I guess.

PS: Because it really upsets me to see that, one doesn't deserve just because they are available to play all 12 weeks both days. Also you guys should stop recommending I try next season, I don't wanna go for the hax threepeat.
hax sucks

but it's the game

Congrats to KG, and to Bluewind too, for winning&getting to the finals!

random edit: Jeez bluewind you're good at making professional posts after you've been haxed in one of the most important matches of the year.
May i ask what instance of 'hax' mattered in the ADV match?

As far as i can tell only the pursuit crit on snorlax was pretty discouraging but considering KG still had CMCelebi with Leechseed, TTar (and Toxic Milotic) i dont see how it changed the end result. And lets not forget that Snorlax would have had around ~35% HP even without the pursuit crit so that it is forced to rest which means more turns to apply Leech Seed/cm up.

The toxic miss on milotic didnt really matter because Salamence was at 20% HP and SS was present.

I fail to see how KG won the finals purely on Hax. BW and DPP were both clean and ADV came down to team matchup and players choice not to luck.

Well kinda sad you lost your 2nd finals Bluewind, but well next time you will get the trophy!

Congrats KG!

That is just a joke. It might have been taken the wrong way, but it was merely a pun on a line from Seinfeld said by George.

I have a lot I want to say. First and foremost, I want to thank Bluewind for putting up a really good fight. You are an awesome player, you have to be to make 2 Tour Finals, and it definitely showed in the games. I hope you will find your luck some day in one of these.

I can't take all the credit for this accomplishment. I had a fabulous group of friends that supported me throughout the entire season. They helped me come up with fresh ideas, test teams, and get my mind straightened out when I was focusing on something I shouldn't have been. I'm going to give each one of them a shout out here.

My biggest supporter is twash. He has stuck with me for 5 seasons. I don't know why you did it. I mean we're friends, but my failures in the past probably weighed on you more than me. I can get right back up and dust myself off. You finally helped me reach my DPP potential this season by not sticking to my standard 3 year old teams that work in the regular season, but not in the finals. We came up with some really cool teams this time around and that propelled me to this victory the most. Most of all, if I got down after a loss, you know me well enough by now to say something I would say to myself if I wasn't so fixated on the loss I just received. You are extremely underrated as a player. I think you are one of the best finalists Tour has ever had as you proved by winning the This Tour is a Big Deal. Thank you, man.

Next I would like to thank Limitless. I think he has been working with me in Tour the second longest. We talked DPP UU in the old Tour format and BW OU in the past couple seasons. You have a very successful formula for building teams that I have used quite a bit lately. I rolled out a different BW OU team every round thanks to that. I wish you the best of luck in Smogon Tournament #8. I think you are one of the quiet favorites to win.

Halfway through last season I realized I couldn't play ADV without using Superman and then I talked to DracoMalfoy. You are seriously the best tutor Smogon has in any generation. The amount of time you've spent helping me learn ADV is astounding, I don't even know how long it's been. You've definitely made me into an ADV fan and I hope you can continue to spread that around to more people. It's a great metagame.

Lastly, I would like to thank Bloo. We didn't start working together until a couple weeks into this season. You are incredible with tournament preparation and I'm thankful I didn't have to face you in this tournament because I'm sure you have all my teams down to the last EV in a notepad file somewhere. You definitely taught me that I need to actually prepare for my games instead of just using what I have all along. I can't thank you enough for the ideas and test battles you gave me.

There are a couple other people I would like to give shout outs to. M Dragon started working with me mid-season when I was in a slump. When we compared our rain stall teams I realized I was a simple change away from having your team, which I used to help me get back into the standings. I'd also like to thank symphonyx64 for all the support he has given me. I didn't keep him in the loop with my plans, but he knew I was going to win this season even before I played a single game. All of your comments before my games each round helped get me ready for each battle. Thank you.

Here are the replays:

why do the tour winners always provide the logs? eh eh eh

anyway i didnt see any matches so i cant really judge what happened but its pokemon so fuck it all, congrats kg.

also bluewind: its ok, dont play the tour, its ass. win spl wit me
Only 196 members?!
According to what i've read in this forum and in the servers this social group should have over 10.000 members.Luck is something normal in pokemon and in life generally.Just get over it.Instead of blaming luck for losses you'd better try to find your mistakes and become better and better.That's all i have to say.Once again,you managed to fuck a very important thread by spamming bullshit about luck...

P.S : I'm talking generally,not only for the finalists.
hm christos, i believe you missed ST7 where ipl single handedly proved that luck > skill.

congrats kg.

Bluewind good job br0. you played well, had the game won, just luck wasnt on your side. dont feel down about this bs, its just pokemon. you should be proud of all you have accomplished.
I missed this season but as i said my previous post didn't refer to this match.I was talking generally; after this year's world cup people were calling each other haxors etc.Exactly the same happens now and happens in PO everytime someone gets a crit.Luck is a part of the game.Sometimes you are lucky,sometimes you're unlucky but that's all.Pokemon is supposed to be a game and although it's a competitive game,it has to remain a game.Many of you may not like what i say but you can't deny the truth.Best of luck to all of you who blame hax in this thread ;)


Banned deucer.
Well, since I'm tour head, I suppose I should post a flowery cool story here, so that I will.

Overseeing the Smogon Tour from start to finish is definitely one of the most interesting and enjoyable things I've done here on Smogon. People spend 9 weeks of their lives joining tours just to have a chance of making top 16 (or for the fun of it, who knows). Making the top 16 isn't an easy feat, so I'd like to congratulate all of the individuals who made it. You all worked your asses off to make it and deserve some praise for doing so.

Our hosts from this season also deserve a nice round of applause for making these tours possible. We wouldn't have tours if we didn't have willing contributors who don't mind taking time out of their busy schedules to host these live tournaments which can last for up to 3 hours, so I send you all a huge thank you for helping out throughout this season. Lastly, Iconic deserves a huge shout out as well for handling tour points this season. It's a daunting job and we're lucky to have someone like you around to do it. Happy birthday man, hope you enjoy it.

Now, congratulations to KG for winning this season's Smogon Tour! You've been trying to win for god knows how long, and it was only a matter of time until you took the trophy home. I really don't care whether people say you got lucky or not, you deserve the win; don't let people's comments rain on your parade - they have nothing else to do and aren't the ones who can brag about winning a Smogon Tour (except Golden Sun, I guess). Pokemon is an absolutely terrible game and it's a shame things go the way they do. We've all gotten lucky, we've all lucked others; it's frustrating, but we can't control what happens, so whatever. Good job on winning, man, it was a pleasure helping you when I could.

Bluewind, you're one hell of a player, and you know it. You've won a ridiculous amount of tours; you were #1 during season 10, and came out as #2 this season. You also made it to finals in two separate tour finals. Not many people can brag about those accomplishments - those are incredible feats and you have to be extremely skilled to do what you did. Take pride in it. You're a cool guy and were really fun to work with when making teams (even though we took ages to actually come up with ideas!). It's unfortunate that you ended up on the wrong side of luck, but oh well, nothing you can do. As a player myself, I know how frustrating it can be (just check my signature). If you decide to participate next tour, I'm sure you'll rock it. Keep your head high my fellow blue user.

That's all I have to say. It's a long post, but whatever. Congratulations to KG and Bluewind once again, I look forward to managing next season's tour (which begins March 23, 2012 unless there's a change in the major tournament schedule, so be on the look out for that!).
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