Smogon Tour Season 14 Finals [Won by McMeghan]

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Hoping for McMeghan vs BKC for the finals, just so we can call it the McChicken Tour.

I don't hate the French no more. I hate whatever country vinc is his people are annoying!

bkc ---> I don't care about KFC but I cannot stand Vince's country people much more
mcmeghan ---> boss


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5. McMeghan vs. 16. Malekith - Mcmeghan wins all 3
10. Vinc2612 vs. 11. BKC - BKC wins DPP and ADV

5. McMeghan vs. 11. BKC - Will root for BKC but, McMeghan will probably prevail in ADV and BW.

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The other one is tough to say exactly who will win. Both players are decent and have defeated reputable players to get to this point, but I think BKC will pull this one out. Regardless, the winner of this match I believe will win Tour, as McMeghan will have a harder time than he will expect when he fights the winner.



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5. McMeghan vs. 16. Malekith - The Kid is underrated, he'll pull through.
10. Vinc2612 vs. 11. BKC - I love both of them, but BKC has the edge in DPP and BW.

16. Malekith vs. 11. BKC - Gotta give it to the big chicken, he's too good to not win this. Nothing against Malekith, he's a great battler by all standards, but BKC is really something else when he gets focused.

Great semifinals, definitely four extremely deserving players. These predictions were tough - I wouldn't be surprised if I was dead wrong on all of them.
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