Smogon Tournament #9 - Round 6

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My opponent got some well-timed luck and won game 1, gg nonetheless.

We scheduled to play the other battles at 3pm (gmt -3), k it's 6pm and i gtg. Hopefully we'll get them done until friday (and with neutral luck this time n_n .cry) . . .
Heh he showed up, we played game 2 and I won. I got some luck late game, but I guess I had the game anyway. That was like 90/10 in my favour... so gg.

We gonna play 3rd game another day cause I gtg now...
i am back from alaska and my abomasnow has perfected blizzard. i will be online for the next hour or so if you really want to get this done because i do have homework to do. told you im busy with work and school--why saturday is preferable. the whitequeen does not john


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lost game 1 to a scald burn and body slam para - pretty clean otherwise
finishing on saturday

EDIT: forgot to mention how fun it was, whitequeens last had something like 10% left. really close match, looking forward to equally enjoyable ones when we wrap up the series tomorrow.

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Idk if anyone else made the same mistake but me and fakes scheduled to complete our last match next week assuming that this round would last two weeks. If possible can we extend it til this coming Thursday. We'll probably finish before that I doubt we will by Sunday.
MOET didnt wanted to play after the second match thats why i said i can only play on the weekend it was his misstake.
Hope that we can get it done.
won game 1 cleanly, lost game 2 cleanly, lost game 3 because turn 2 i realized po didn't import a move on the pokemon i switched in, and ofc my opponent being a super class act refused to let me readd and replay 2 turns into the game, a game i probably would have won as a result. utter bullshit, but what can you do, dude took the opportunity and capitalized on it. "gg", good luck in the next round.
Well Naru left the battle at the turn 38, when i had some huge advantage with counters to all his mons, 1 of his mons dead, and his weather inducer at 21%. IDK if he just forfeit or if he dced, but I literally waited 30 minutes for him and he didnt come back (we could proceed the battle since we're battling on ps!). So, I'm taking the win, pming werps with the log and explaining why I had the game.

ggs, it was a fun series ._.
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