CAP 1 Smogon's First "Create a Pokemon": Poll 10

What will be the name of our new pokemon?

  • Aufylus

    Votes: 31 12.6%
  • Dorylus

    Votes: 6 2.4%
  • Syclant

    Votes: 132 53.7%
  • Apocritz

    Votes: 21 8.5%
  • Vishicle

    Votes: 38 15.4%
  • Eiskungia

    Votes: 18 7.3%

  • Total voters
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Yes but to give it a complete immunity? Mountaineer's can still get killed by rocks, heck climbing up mountains give them more of a vunerability.

All it does is allow a free switch in to sweep. Yippeee.

yes, little blue dots, but look at the pokemon with compound eyes, they have big big eyes.

Plus the idea is that it has a hard shell, strengthened by ice, granting it some immunity to Rock.
Why not make it an Ice type Solid Rock then? Lower effective hits rather than completly remove them
Yes but to give it a complete immunity? Mountaineer's can still get killed by rocks, heck climbing up mountains give them more of a vunerability.
Complete SR immunity and Rock immunity on the switch in. And the idea is that it lives in mountains, so it would have adapted to the falling rocks by way of an icy shell.

Solid Rock is better on more defensive stuff.
yes Defenses are shit, but what pokemon out speed it that it won't kill?

Anyways with abilities you have to think what other pokemon that ability can be applied too
That ability can be applied to Cloyster (hard shell), Regice (lives in a cave), and Lapras (both). And since flavor-wise it isn't Ice only, it can also go to Forretress, the Golem line, etc.
Not necessarily [spelling?]. Normalize is only on Delcatty and Skitty, and they are the same Evo line. This goes for a lot of other Abilities.

Edit: Nice call there Lawman. Didn't even think about that.


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I don't think any of the choices look like pokemon names. Very subjective, I know... but, my opinion. None of them have straightforward pronounciation, which stinks too. I really liked the Exofrost and Hexafrost suggestions, mainly because the pronounciation was so clear.

But, this poll can't really be argued. Pick the name you like. In the end, a lot of people aren't going to like the name anyway, so whatever...

I picked Syclant, only because I disliked it the least.
Personally, if Ninty take this pokemon and actually make it real then I'll lol soo fucking hard. Not only would they be rubbing this into all the weeabo pokemon fans but actually show they want to appeal a more older and wider group of people.
Levitate, Intimidate, Synchronize, Trace, Solid Rock, Static, Flash Fire, Water Absorb, Keen Eye, Sturdy, Solar Power, Leaf Guard, Chlorophyll, Sandstream, Swift Swim, Dry Skin, Clear Body, Pressure, Rock Head, Static, Own Tempo, Poison Point, Rivalry, Oblivious, Immunity, Limber, Magma Armor, Flame Body, Water Veil, Inner Focus.

I could go on all day.
i don't think we should give it compound eyes...
only mountaineer.
ghandi, you are exaggerating the immunity, it is only immune to stealth rocks and things when it switches in. the ability is perfectly fine so stop bitching about it please. a free switch in makes mountaineer like levitate which is a great ability. would you rather it just get raped by stealth rock? besides who the hell wants to use death fodders all day?
I thought it meant all rock moves, as in rock slide and stuff too
it does. but the ability is mainly for stealth rock.
it gives him an ability like levitate. here lemme give an example..
lets say you have a pokemon weak to rock, tyranitar uses rock move on your pokemon, ohGNOES, you switch in this bug pokemon and his ability makes him immune, preceed to focus blast. did we decide on letting him keep focus blast? but it is a very useful ability
War-Cloud didn't explain it well [no offense]. Your makes people think its completly immune. Its not. Only on the switch. Rock Slide on the switch doesn't effect it but rock slide on the 2nd turn does.


just remember no caps when you spell the mans name
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Keep in mind that Pokemon is a Japanese game; they haven't used words from German except in the German version, and they haven't used Latin at all. Most other Pokemon names have nothing to do with what exact genus or species it would be in. Instead, they exaggerate specific features of the Pokemon. The Nido's, for example, all have Nido, which is kind of like Needle.

I chose Syclant because it is not overly complicated, the 'ant' part is subtle enough for the reader to not immediately know that he/she is actually saying Icicle Ant, and also because Sickle actually makes sense. If you look at all the Pokedex entries people have made, they all show this Pokemon as a predator. Its wings also resemble blades, so it makes sense to have a portion of the name to have a weapon in it, much like Skarmory (Sky+Armory), who has similar wings.
Syclant is too obvious.

and for those saying Nintendo likes obvious names, look at Gardevoir, Kirlia, or Ralts. Those are all really obscure names that don't go "Oh like its an ant with icicles on it, Icicle+Ant = Syclant. Subtlety is something this forum seems to be lacking in.
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