[Standard] Metroid Prime Mafia-GAME OVER: Space Pirates Win! Postgame Up!


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Landing Site, Tallon Overworld, 4:42 PM

Rain falls heavily on the moist wetlands of the Tallon Overworld. A frog jumps into a pond with a noisy *splash*. A small rodent runs under the roots of a nearby tree for shelter. A rather large bug scales the cliff on one side of the Landing Site, disappearing into a strange doorway in the cliff face. A tall statue depicting an upright bird towers above everything, like some ancient colossus, merely waiting for the right moment to impose it’s will on the world below once again.

Suddenly, several bright lights appear in the sky above, followed by an explosion. A mere speck from the spectacular ruin quickly turns into a more distinct form as it comes nearer, as the landing craft slows down near the surface. Various other parts of the wreckage also descend to the surface. At the same time, another gigantic explosion erupts, this one nearby, on the surface of the planet itself, followed by several guttural, gut-wrenching cries of...triumph? One could wonder what this all meant...but there wasn’t anyone here to wonder it. Or was there?

Research Entrance, Phendrana Drifts, 4:48 PM

Sirens blare. Space Pirate Troopers flow into the room from all directions. In a corner of the room, a Flying Pirate Trooper whispers into the ear of what appears to be a prominent Pirate Trooper “Sir, we have word from our scouts. This disturbance is as we feared...The Worm has escaped from it’s holding cell.” Silence. After some contemplation, the Pirate Trooper sighs, saying “But that isn’t all, is it?” “No sir. I’m afraid more of our scouts have been attacked and killed by The Chozo Ghost Troop. We can’t keep sustaining losses to them sir-we have to withdraw where we know we are safe.”

“Indeed. The question is...where are we safe on this infernal planet? I-”

“SIR! New reports in from the Tallon Overworld!” Screams another Space Pirate from a nearby computer, with a comm set on his head. “What is it” the commander snapped, clearly annoyed to have been interrupted. “We have just been notified by our observation cameras that The Hunter has just landed in the Tallon Overworld area.”

Another silence, this one filling the entire room. Indeed, a chill of fear seemed to sweep through, like a cold October wind.

“Well...ready our defenses. It has been hard enough to fight off these Indigenous, what with all the losses we have been sustaining of late. However, one thing is certain: our orders are clear. Kill The Hunter. Kill all who oppose us. We shall rule this planet yet!” He finishes in something of a crescendo, followed by a small, half-hearted cheer from the troops gathered around him, probably because the commander didn't look particularly encouraged. He glances around for a moment, and says “let’s take a look around, eh?” Before jogging over to the entrance tunnel, and making his way through it to the Courtyard outside.

The day was brilliantly white in the Phendrana Drifts, as were all days in the Phendrana Drifts. White, and full of snow. The Pirate Captain jumps out to the platform in the center of the area, suspended above the icy shallows below, and looks at the platforms to the left and right. “Anyone attacking this base will have to come through this door” he thinks to himself, as the others crowd the doorway and look expectantly at their commander for orders on how to barricade themselves from harm. The Captain looks to the left at the Save Station, clearly contemplating how best to make use of it’s healing abilities whilst maintaining an effect perimeter, when suddenly, he hears a familiar shriek from the other direction. He turns around towards the Quarantine area just in time to see several icy figures ram into his abdomen, and, to the horror of his men still standing helpless in the doorway, fall off the platform, and into the shallows below. As his body sank slowly into obscurity with the shattered remains of his assailant, the others simply stood, overcome with a mixture of shock, terror, and foreboding.

Dear UncleSam, you are the Space Pirate

You are the basic foot soldier of the Space Pirates, carrying only a Galvanic Accelerator Cannon and some light armor. Although tall and agile, you lack firepower and accuracy, and have been defeated by the Hunter countless times as a result.

Every Night, you may send a PM stating “NX-Galvanic Accelerator Cannon <user>”. You will fire your Galvanic Accelerator Cannon at <user> but, despite the awesome name, this will have no effect on <user> because you are really pretty terrible at combat.

Should you be Lynched, this is what will happen to you, in order: Lynched, Lynched, Lynched.

Your starting Location is the Phendrana Drifts.

Your Safe Claim is the <creature snip>, starting in the <Location snip>.

Upon being defeated you will drop a Missile-5. You are not sure what this does, who can use it, or who it goes to should you die. It cannot be removed from you by any methods other than your death, and you may not pass it like you would an item.

You are a part of the Space Pirate Alliance. You win if <snip>.

Dear Agape, you are the Ice Shriekbat

You are a Shriekbat that lives in the Phendrana Drifts, varying from your brethren only in that you possess a thick icy shell. As a Shriekbat, you will dive-bomb anything that comes near you, sacrificing yourself in the process.

Every Night you may send a PM stating “NX-Dive-Bomb <user>”. You will Dive-Bomb <user>, killing both yourself and <user>. Note that this ability will only work if you kill the main host with it.

Should you be Lynched, this is what will happen to you, in order: Lynched, Lynched, Lynched.

Your starting Location is the Phendrana Drifts.

You are a part of the Indigenous Alliance. You win if you eliminate the Hunter and the Space Pirates.

Note: Safe Claims and Win Conditions will be revealed upon death for all factions. It was not a mistake that I included the Indigenous Win Condition.

Thrown into a panic, the remaining Space Pirates ran back into their base. It was time to put up a defensive. The hordes of Indigenous were on their doorstep. Fortunately, it did not appear as if they were very organized. Other threats still lurked in the shadows, however, each as terrible and terrifying as the next.

But after all, that was the way life was on Tallon IV. Or should I say, the way life is on Tallon IV.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to hell.

The rules again, for those who did not read them before...
1. This game will cycle between Day/Night cycles like other mafia games. The game will start on Night 0, and no kills of any kind will occur on Night 0. You may not share any part of your Role PM with other players during Night 0, with the exception of Roles mentioned specifically in your Role PM. However, the Day cycles will have two parts to them. For a more detailed explanation see…
2. The Lynches will be based off of what I call the “Primary System”. The first 40-56 hours of a Day cycle will be dedicated to “nominating” users to be Lynched. Each person who votes MUST, IN BOLD label three votes, IN ORDER. An example would be:

1. Lynch Spiffy
2. Lynch Agape
3. No Lynch

The user voted first will receive 3 nomination votes, second will receive 2, and third will receive 1. Any other format will not be counted (one may substitute something humorous for each entry, but you must label it clearly with a number AND bold it, or else it will not be counted). No Lynch may only be one of your three votes. At Deadline, the three users with the most votes will be “nominated”. Again, No Lynch can only be one of the three users nominated. Exact Deadlines will be determined by an RNG prior to each Day cycle, and I may call Deadline retroactively if both Agape and I cannot get on at the exact Deadline time-this is to avoid stealth lynching. After three users are nominated, there will be a 24 hour PMing stage wherein each user with an item may PM me a vote for one of the three nominated users. Please send this PM with the user you wish to vote for in the title, preferably titled “DX-Vote for <user>”. Each user has a “Lynch Affects” section of his or her Role PM, which will tell one what will happen to one should one be Lynched in each possible position of first, second, and third. One may also abstain from voting in either Lynch.
Should a tie occur in the PMing stage that does not fall under one of my self-set tiebreakers, both users will be evaluated as if they were voted in the lower position. Should a tie occur in the nominations stage, the person who was voted first on the most ballots will be nominated, and if tied there, whoever was voted second on the most ballots. If they are exactly even in all respects I will nominate the user from the team with fewer total casualties up to that point; if they are on the same team, I will just flip a coin. Note that this only matters in the case of a tie for third. Should no one vote in the nomination stage, I will godkill all of you, since I don’t have a tiebreaker set up for that. Some votes of yours may be null, and if they are, the null votes will not affect your other votes in the nomination stage. Also note that votes are affected by Locations, which are explained…

3. There are six locations in this game: Tallon Overworld, Chozo Ruins, Magmoor Caverns, Phazon Mines, Phendrana Drifts, and Impact Crater. Each user starts out in a specific Location, as indicated in his or her Role PM. Locations will not be revealed at any time, except to the specific user to whom the Location refers. Should one attempt to use a vote or ability on a user in a Location that is either not in one’s own Location OR in an adjacent Location, the vote/ability will fail. Should one use an ability on a user in an adjacent Location, one will succeed AND move to that Location. Should one use a vote on a user in an adjacent Location, one will not move to that Location, but it will succeed. Any abilities or votes used on a user in one’s current Location will succeed, but one will not move to a different Location. The adjacent Locations of each area are:

Adjacent to Tallon Overworld: Chozo Ruins, Magmoor Caverns, Phazon Mines, Impact Crater.
Adjacent to Chozo Ruins: Tallon Overworld, Magmoor Caverns.
Adjacent to Magmoor Caverns: Tallon Overworld, Phazon Mines, Phendrana Drifts, Chozo Ruins.
Adjacent to Phazon Mines: Tallon Overworld, Magmoor Caverns.
Adjacent to Phendrana Drifts: Magmoor Caverns.
Adjacent to Impact Crater: Tallon Overworld.

These Locations are based on the actual map of Metroid Prime. A game map can be located here if you want to get a visual picture of it. I am most certainly not going to draw an illustration of it myself, but if someone else wants to they are welcome to do so. Locations have no effect on who you may talk to/negotiate with.
4. This game is entirely closed-theme. However, I have supplied starting Location and Role Name fakes to everyone who could possibly need them, and will provide the formatting template I used to standardize each Role PM in the OP.
5. I am human and could possibly have made a mistake…possibly. That being said, I have proofread all of these Roles multiple times, so errors are likely to be few and far between. If you believe there is any type of error in your Role PM, PLEASE contact me during Night 0 about it so I can fix it. An error could be anything ranging from a grammatical error to a paragraph that is out of order. Also remember the implications of me saying this when you are writing your fakes.
6. There are items in this game. During any Night or Day cycle you may send me a PM saying “N/DX-Pass <item> to <user>”. Most items in this game are Artifacts. A full list of the Artifacts can be found here. Additionally, having an Artifact means you can vote in the second, PMing stage. Should a user die with an item, the item will stay on that user’s body, IN MOST CASES. There may be exceptions to this that will not be revealed. Starting items will be revealed as Roles die, but not the items that Role had at time of death.
7. No screenshotting or impersonation of hosts and/or other players. “Duh”.
8. Send all actions to both UncleSam and Agape. ALWAYS send a PM-telling one of us on IRC doesn’t cut it.
9. The hosts are not helping you with your Fake Claims so don’t bother asking us about it. I have provided everyone with all the information they would get from me anyway, and I am not going to act as a grammar checker for everyone.
10. Any questions should be directed to me and/or Agape. You can find us on #TallonIV, #fluodome, or #warau under the nicks “UncleSam” or “Agape”.
11. IRC is absolutely compulsory. During Sign-Ups I expect everyone to get on #TallonIV for at least some period of time so that I can verify you have IRC. As you might have guessed, #TallonIV is the official channel for this game. Those who I know over IRC/have talked to before need not meet this requirement, but if I notice anyone shirking IRC during the game I will sub that person out, regardless of their activity PMing me on the forums.
12. This game contains a large amount of complexity. On this note, new players will probably not like this game. That being said, I can’t stop you from signing up.
13. There are no Mole Roles, Insane/Paranoid/Naïve Inspectors, Hidden Players, or Revivers. Kidnaps are possible, but users are allowed to talk on IRC whilst Kidnapped. Conversions are possible, however, so don’t trust someone just because they were clean three Night cycles ago.
14. Please give me access to all IRC channels/spreadsheets you make for the game. My email is eskielb2003@yahoo.com.
15. You may fake logs if you wish. If you wish to fake a log with a host, just ask one of us.
16. Priorities are not something that we will reveal. Don’t ask us about them.
17. Don’t vote for dead players. If you include a dead player on your ballot, we will discount the entire ballot.
18. If you are dead kindly refrain from speaking to any and all living players. The only exception to this rule is if you have the name of another player in your Role PM.
19. ACTIVITY IS IMPERATIVE. There is a regular 24-hour cycle in this game, as I have explained, so being on every day is important. If I notice you went idle for so much as a day without telling me/your teammates in advance, I WILL sub you out for a first offense. I am unlikely to “nudge” anyone either.
20. 25 Players will be selected for this game.
21. There will be multiple factions in this game. The Win Conditions will not be identical to any factional format previously used for Smogon Mafia. Due to the conflicts in the Win Conditions, it is impossible for more than two factions to win.
22. Needless to say, there are no “harmless” neutrals. All win conditions involve eliminating certain factions. Also remember that just because another faction is not mentioned in your Win Condition, does not mean you are not mentioned in theirs. A corollary to this, of course, is that not everyone who is mentioned in your Win Condition will know they are part of your Win Condition. However, you will be informed of anyone who does not know you have to kill them in your Role PM.
23. I swear to god if anyone breaks any of these rules I will perform horrible satanic rituals with your carcass after I have hunted you down and forcibly inserted a chainsaw up your asshole.
24. Due to the nature of this game, I reserve the right to add to/alter these rules at any time, as I see fit. Don’t bitch about it should I do so. I am not going to do so willy-nilly, however.
25. Don’t whine and bitch if this game isn’t perfectly balanced-it is largely “uncharted territory”, and I honestly am not sure where things will go. That being said, there has been a considerable amount of thought put into allowing every role a roughly equal chance of victory. Keep this in mind during the game-don’t underestimate anyone.

Additionally, here is the exact formatting template I used for all Role PMs:
Dear <user>, you are the <role name>
Varies. 2-5 Sentences.
Every Night, you may send a PM stating “NX-<Action> <user>”. <Description of Role, varies>.
-Lynch Affects:
Should you be Lynched, this is what will happen to you, in order: <first>, <second>, <third>.
-Starting Location:
Your starting Location is the <insert location>.
-Safe Claim (N/A to all):
Your Safe Claim is the <creature>, starting in the <location>.
-Item (N/A to all):
You also have the Artifact of <insert>. This <insert affect here>.
-Additional Information:
Varies, includes convertibility, not everyone has additional information.
-Drop Information (N/A to all):
Upon being defeated you will drop a <item>. You are not sure what this does, who can use it, or who it goes to should you die. It cannot be removed from you by any methods other than your death, and you may not pass it like you would an item. <Possible additional sentence>.
-Immunities (N/A for all, one is also possible):
You are immune to the effects of <possible immunity> and are also immune to the effects of <possible immunity>.
-Win Condition:
You are a part of the <insert> Alliance. You win if you eliminate the <something>, the <something else>, the <possibly something else>, and the <probably not anything else, but maybe>.

Here is the link to the Wiki for Metroid Prime. I purposely took the flavor almost exactly from this site in order facilitate making fake claims. Here is a link to a comprehensive Log Book for the game, although I do not guarantee that every Role in the game is included in the Log Book (there are unscannable creatures).

Player's List (Randomized):

Living (15/1):
-Game Freak201
-space_pirates_rule-Entered Night 4

Dead (10/1):
-Eo Ut Mortus-Hive Mecha--Indigenous-Lynch Prioritizer and Role Name Checker-Killed by an Energy Wave Night 1
-Coronis/Spiffy-Hunter Metroid-Indigenous-1/2 Night Kidnap and Gimped Killer-Killed by a series of concussive blasts Night 2
-zorbees-Metroid Prime-The Worm-Kill+Convert+Absorb+Item Making-Killed by an Energy Wave Night 3
-reyscarface-Samus Aran-The Hunter-Everything lol-Killed by a mysterious energy attack Night 3
-Veedrock-Chozo Ghost Troop-Chozo Ghost Troop/Titan Alliance-Kill+Thief and One-Time Item Locater-Killed by a machine gun Night 4
-Blue_Tornado-Magmoor-Indigenous-Bodyguard-Killed by an Energy Wave Night 4
-Sledge/Quagsires-Puffer-Indigenous-Poison Maker-Lynched Day 5
-LightWolf-Incinerator Drone-Indigenous-Thief/Lynch Deprioritizer-Blown away by a Machine Gun Night 5
-fuck_the_indigenous-Entered Night 4-???-Left Day 5
-Kannon/HD-Metroid-Indigenous/Worm-1/3 Vigilante-Blown away by a Machine Gun Night 6
-Nanoswine/Yeti-Plated Beetle-Indigenous-Item Protector and Locater-Killed by an Energy Wave Night 6

Night 0 will begin later tonight. I will not send out Role PMs until tonight because I have to go, and I have to talk to Agape about a few things. I figured everyone would rather me post this than have no idea what was going on. Expect Night 0 to start today though. Night 0 will be 72 hours long, and no kills will take place on Night 0 (in the rules as well, if any of you actually read them).

A rough sketch of the map. If someone could draw it like a 4-Carbon cyclic molecule with Hydrogen atoms on opposite ends I would appreciate it, because this version is somewhat...messy...
Fuck reyscarface got in

also UncleSam this looks like it's going to be a really interesting game. You're really good at coming up with new concepts and making games fun, from what I've seen.
Oh, and could you get rid of that giant Metroid Prime logo or replace it? It streaches my screen and I have to scroll to the right to see stuff :|

Good luck, everyone.


Mafia Champion

Really read the rules.

Terrible things like screwing up the game or getting subbed out might follow otherwise.

You have been warned. *Insert something here, like a location map*

The logo is nice.

Also, if we don't have a PM from you by the deadline, I will check my Irssi for left messages... But really PM's are safer as I might DC.


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The Logo stays.

All Role PMs are now out. It is now Night 0. Night 0 will end at 22:00 GMT-5, Monday October 11th, or once I receive all Night Actions.

Additionally, if there are ANY errors in your Role PM or questions about your Role, now is the time to ask them.
damn rey you're really desperate

also I'm guessing from the intro that there are a few different alliances -
Indigenous - all of those enemies you find in Metroid I guess? can win with the chozo or the worm.
Space Pirates - most of them probably start where their base is on Tallon IV, I'll need to research it. Who do they win with?
Chozo Ghost Troupe - probably wants the space pirates dead. They're probably mostly located in the Chozo Ruins.
The Worm - probably wins with the Indigenous. Since it supposedly came out of the meteor that crashed into the planet, along with the phazon, I'm guessing it's in the crater. Unknown who it wins with. I'm guessing it's one player who converts everyone, based off my role PM.
Samus Aran - or the hunter. More than likely wins with the Chozo, but who else?

Most of this is speculation, mind you.


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GL everyone, as soon as the game starts.
...it started...

On Locations: You may send in a PM stating "NX-Move to <Location>", where Location is an adjacent Location to your current Location, rather than send in any Night Actions. For multiple actions, you move based on your lowest priority action, but do NOT move immediately after your highest priority action (aka, locations are only changed AFTER all actions, except in the case of switching Locations whilst idling; that has the highest priority in the game).

You may talk to people from any Location.


just who is the coon?
wickdaggler doesn't seem to realize that we are playing a multifaction game and not a standard game of mafia??