[Standard] SANDS Mafia - Game Over! Winners: Rageguy Variants, Staraptor Call, Nachos


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SANDS Mafia.

Tokyo, Japan; Late 1998
Shigeru Miyamoto sits in the Nintendo skyscraper. He rezips his pants and closes the folder labeled Tentacles, staring out over the vast, Tokyo skyline. He contemplates the upcoming games in the Pokemon series, knowing he needs to provide some innovation to compensate for the shoddy graphics.
Suddenly, he is hit by inspiration.

"Incrude cordress controrrers in future! Serr MIRRIONS!!" he exclaims, before realizing Nintendo is entirely incapable of producing functional remotes, and will be even after they make a console with remotes.
He realizes he needs a more plausible design for Pokemon Gold and Silver, something easier to implement.
"Sand.. storm?" he questions, confused as to what combining two English words may result in. He brings up this concept in the next Pokemon board meeting, and is met with thunderous applause.
"Good idea, Miyamoto!" "Great concept!" "Me rike!!" shout the Japanese. It's not like sandstorms affect their visibility - their tiny eyes make it impossible to see anyway.
Miyamoto returns to his office, satisfied he has produced yet another genius idea. A crash rings in his ear, but only for a second, before a glass bullet enters his ear canal and lodges in his brain.
Shigeru Miyamoto falls over dead, and we all know glass is simply heated sand..

Lousiana Bayou, United States of America, 2005
A group of mud-coated, half deranged, starving men sit in a small shack. They fretfully glance at the windows, doubting the strength of the MUDS seal they have spread on all the cracks. If SANDS ACQUISITIONS, INC. spies were able to find them, catch wind of what they were plotting, they would be doomed.

They are the founders of the MUDS REBELS, a league of shabbily-clothed, partially-insane martyrs determined to fight against the machine. The machine in this case being global monopoly/Ponzi scheme company, SANDS ACQUISITIONS, INC.

SANDS Emporium (formerly Washington, DC), United SANDS of America, 2013
MR SANDSMAN, a large, balding man and the head of SANDS ACQUISITIONS, INC., stands on his podium, lapping in the thunderous applause as he merges the country, America, into his vast economic empire. After Obama's reelection, and subsequent raping of the economy, the people of America voted to turn their futures over to the most successful, stable, and notable corperation in existence - SANDS ACQUISITIONS, INC.

Bangladesh Swamp, Bangladesh, 2016
The MUDS REBELS plot and scheme, coated in mud and unshaven. They reside in clumps, growing mould in their armpits due to the muggy, filthy conditions they must dwell in. But they have a plan. Setting the wheels in motion today, the MUDS REBELS will destroy SANDS ACQUISITIONS, INC. tomorrow. Or perhaps years later. Perhaps never. But they must try.

SANDS Emporium, United SANDS of America, 2020
MR SANDSMAN sits in his first boat, blazing past the SANDS DUNES forming a wall around the SANDS ACQUISITIONS, INC. headquarters.

He eats a SANDSWICH, plastered with sliced meats. From behind him, a mechanical shark surges from the water, morphing into a pile of MUDS and wrapping around MR SANDSMAN'S face.
As the tubby man falls into the water face-first and drowns, unable to roll over, you catch sight of a tattoo on his back.
It reads:
Dear versailles, you are MR SANDSMAN

The head of SANDS ACQUISITONS, INC., you are a very sandy man. So sandy, you own a company dedicated to gaining exclusive ownership of the SANDS of the world. You know more about SANDS than anyone else and have many minions on the hunt for your SANDS. The SANDS are crucial to your existence. Without them, you are a nobody. Worthless little worm man crawling in the MUDS.
Every night, you may PM both hosts with "NX - mothertrucker USER". You will gain not only their full Role PM, but any items they may have. If they have MUDS, you will kill them. If they have SANDS, you will take it and get one step closer to victory.
You currently hold 5 piles of SANDS. These SANDs are the <snip>. They do <snip>. You need <snip> more.
You are allied with the SANDS ACQUISITIONS, INC. You win if you gain all the SANDS.
Quote: SANDS
Turning away from the horrific scene of an obese male floating, dead, you spot a rocket of glass shooting at a mud-coated man, attempting to flee.
He is not fast enough, and the rocket explodes, shattering his bones. As he lays on the ground, lungs protruding from his chest, he drops a slip of paper, half covered in mud. You can still read it, however:
Dear StevenSnype, you are MUDSY

An anti-SANDS warrior, you are a pile of MUDS. Warring against the great SANDS ACQUISITIONS, INC. corporate monopoly, you are more violent than the rest of the MUDS scum. As a result, they do not ally with you, and you fight the SANDS reign alone. Your skills are vast, however, but your victory is far off. It will take a great many circumstances to defeat SANDS ACQUISITIONS, INC.
Every night, you may PM both hosts with "NX - MUDSLING USER". You will sling MUDS onto the user, stopping their night action. Because you are so skilled, safeguards cannot stop you. Additionally, every day you may PM both hosts with "DX - MUDSLICK USER". You will send some MUDS to cascade down on the user, sweeping their item away and into your possession. Every other night, you may PM both hosts with "NX - MUDSMACK USER UP". This will send massive quantities of MUDS onto the user, killing them in a MUDSY death.
You currently have no item.
You are allied with yourself. You win if the SANDS ACQUISITIONS, INC. faction loses, while the MUDS REBELS faction wins. Additionally, you must collect the <snip> MUDS.
Quote: Bow chicka bow wow!
A bit farther, you spot a lone figure, staggering, before collapsing against a building made of, predictably, SANDS. Their body is littered with bullet holes, from which mud oozes. You assume this is who launched the glass rocket, judging by their glass rocket launcher. They weakly radio in to headquarters that MR SANDSMAN is dead, as is his assassin.
The radio is labeled for the owner, and as this individual slumps to the ground, eyes half open, you read what it said:
Dear Yeti, you are SANDS USER

A high-ranking official in SANDS ACQUISITIONS, INC., you hunt for SANDS. Though MR SANDSMAN may own all the SANDS, you are the only thing alive who can make full use of the SANDS. Nobody has any clue what they actually do though. All you know is you must gather the SANDS or else. Also, you hate the MUDS. The MUDS are truly terrible concepts, even though they are a fraud. Defend the SANDS and use their secretive, sandly abilities, or else.
Every night, you may PM both hosts with "NX - SANDS wanted USER". You will pelt that user with SANDS, stopping their night action. Additionally, every day you may PM both hosts with "DX - SANDS to safety USER". This will keep the user safe from lynching the next day.
You currently hold the Blue Eyes White Dragon. If you gain the SANDS from MR SANDSMAN, once he has them all, you can use this card to <snip>.
You are allied with the SANDS ACQUISITIONS, INC. You win if the SANDS ACQUISITIONS, INC. eliminates all threats.
Quote: send all SANDS to me
Freeman's Land, Unincorporated Territory, 2021
The world is in chaos. After the death of MR SANDSMAN, and the surge of MUDS REBELS supporters, a civil war has broken out. Most people ally with the SANDS ACQUISITIONS, INC., but their previously-infallible trust has been shattered with the death of two seemingly-invincible, high-ranking officials. The MUDS REBELS promise much, and appear to have the means of accomplishing their goals.
Some people decline to side, prefering to keep to their own purposes. Everyone is involved, whether they like it or not.
The only question is: are you for SANDS, or for MUDS?

1. While you are alive, feel free to talk about the game. Once you have died, you may not discuss the game with anyone not allied with you. You may not share information you gained after death no matter what.
2. The game will begin on Night 0. There will be no kills on Night 0. During Night 0, no one may paste their Role PM. Role PMs may be freely distributed starting from Day 1. PM Yeti and/or StevenSnype for help in faking a role PM. Which you probably should do.
3. Do not take grammatical errors in PMs as proof of faking. We are human and can make mistakes. We have tried to keep all text relatively the same, but there may be discrepancies.
4. You may paste things the hosts tell you, but do not anticipate everything we tell you is true. You can paste fake logs; PM Yeti or StevenSnype for help faking a log. Do not impersonate other players or hosts. Do not screenshot anything related to this game.
5. Each Day period will last 48 hours at the start, then be cut to 24 as people die. There is no shortened time for majority because you have Day Actions. There are no grace periods. If all Day Actions are received before Deadline and there is a majority, the Day will end.
6. We will allow stealth lynching if you can successfully pull this off.
7. During the day you must bold your vote and post flavor <User>. To change your vote, you must edit your original post with your new vote. You may choose to No Lynch during the day as well, and any votes towards a dead user (if he or she has been godkilled) will count as No Lynch. If you wish to vote for nothing at that time but have already voted, unbold your original vote and state something along the lines that it is retracted. Any ties will result in a no lynch.
8. Each Night period will last 48 hours or until all PMs have been received. This will be cut to 24 as people die.
9. Feel free to target dead users with your abilities. We cannot say if anything will come of this.
10. Priorities have been set beforehand. You don't get to know them.
11. There are items in this game. To give your item away, include "Give ITEM to USER" in the body of your PM. Items can be stolen and there is no limit to the number of items that may be held.
12. Upon the death of an individual holding an item, the item will be put into the SANDS ARENA (a junkyard). You may forego your Day Action to send "DX - Retrieve ITEM". Any items with two or more users attempting to retrieve them will not be removed. There are two items that will be randomly distributed upon the death of their holder and cannot go into the SANDS ARENA.
13. Inform Yeti and StevenSnype of all channels, spreadsheets, etc. you make for this game. Give us access: ask for our emails, our registered IRC nicks are Yeti and StevenSnype.
14. IRC will be of great assistance to you in this game and other users may be very annoyed if you don't have it. It's not that hard to gain access to: you never have to pay to use mIRC if you hit Continue twice, Mibbit is free, etc.
15. Send all PMs to Yeti and StevenSnype so we can both update. If you are choosing to idle, please PM "NX/DX - Idling" so we know you are active.
16. Be active or get out. You will almost assuredly lose this game if you are not active and anyone who could rely on you will be hampered by your inactivity. We will send a warning PM if you do not send a PM a night/day. After that, we will sub you out. We will NOT postpone deadlines if you do not meet them unless you ask us to give you an extra hour to discuss/coordinate.
17. If a role PM and the rules clash in something, the role PM takes precedence.
18. We are your hosts and we will be writing the Postgame, so please talk to us about your thoughts on the game. While we cannot confirm or deny any suspicions you may have, we would love to hear them. We would also like reasons for your actions if possible.
19. It is assumed you would like to sub in if you signed up for the game. We will contact you if the need arises.
20. If you post in the thread when silenced or kidnapped, break a posting restriction, or fail to vote for the person you were persuaded to vote for, you will be godkilled. We will be making it very clear what you can and cannot do, should one of these actions be directed your way, so you will have no excuse for not following the guidelines.
21. The official IRC channel will be #MUDSANDS so please join.
22. If you have a non-information role, you will not receive a result unless it fails. If you think you should have received a result PM but did not, you should contact the host that performed the last update, or the other one if they appear to be free to review your case.
23. There may or may not be factions and neutrals. We will not tell you the breakdown of alliances in this game, assuming there are any alliances.
24. You have a Night Action and a Day Action. The only way to kill during the day is a lynch, and Night Actions affect only Night Actions, etc.
25. There are some seemingly identical items. Not all of them are as they appear, and you should be cautious when trusting your <SNIP>s. Many frauds exist.
26. There is no spoon.

These factions may or may not be present in this game. Note that we cannot confirm there are any factions at all, this is simply for false claiming purposes. We cannot confirm there are any neutrals either. It is up to you to figure out the truth in this tumultuous time.
Really Relevant People
Undeniably Ugly People
Copyright Jim Henson
Commendable Canines
Sea Creatures Frozen In Ice
Bad Zombie Designs
Rageguy Variants
Vocaloids Turned Mute
Talented But Bat<snip> Insane
Really Bad Artists
People Who Need To Get Off Pokemon Forums
We also cannot tell you how many people would be on factions if they exist, how many neutrals there would be, how many factions are real if they all are not, or if factions are even.
We can assist you in forming a false claim.
There are items, they will go into the SANDS ARENA to be fought over and pulled out upon their holder's death. Minus two items - they will be randomly distributed and can never go into the SANDS ARENA.
You will be told your Win Condition. You must proceed to complete it, however many objectives you may have. Once your Win Condition is achieved, or cannot be stopped, you will be removed from the game.
Role PM pictures will be included upon DEATH. Do not assume someone's PM is fake because they don't have a Role PM picture - yours doesn't either.

Alive (0)

Dead (22)

Improbability / Gobo the Fraggle / WC Check|Mayor|One-Time Lynch Stop / Copyright Jim Henson / Lynch-Redirected Day One

GoldenKnight / Cookie Monster / BG|Thief / Copyright Jim Henson / Killed Night One
lambasto / Captain Jean Luc Picard / Priority Increaser|Hooker|Silencer / Really Relevant People / Killed Night One
billymills / Kid With Downs / Miller|3-Time Triggered Killer|Hooker|-1 Vote|Redirector / Anti-(C)JH+CC Neutral / Killed Night One

Bunnymaster / Professor Frink / Inspector|Even Night SG / Passive Anti-Faction+Caboose Neutral / Lynched Day Two

vonFiedler / Forever Alone / Inspector|Safeguard / Rageguy Variants / Lynched Day Three

UncleSam / Justin Bieber / Safeguard|Thief / Really Bad Artists / Killed Night Three
askaninjask / Lassie / Bodyguard|Safeguard|Lynchguard / Commendable Canines / Killed Night Three

iiMKUltra / Sperm Whale / Killer|Tracker|Watcher|Kill Check / Anti-Killer Neutral (Wolf-lite) / Lynched Day Four

jigglypuffers42 / Rageguy / Inspector|Safeguard|One-Time Kill / Anti-Rageguy Variant Neutral / Killed Night Four

macle / Purple People Eater / Person Check|3-Time Delay kill / Anti-Really Relevant People+Really Bad Artists Neutral / Killed Night Five
Nook / Pepe the King Prawn / Hooker|Redirector / Copyright Jim Henson / Killed Night Five
Game Freak201 / Ke$ha / BG|Lynch Redirector|WC Checker / Really Bad Artists / Killed Night Five

King Emerald / Scooby Doo / Hooker|Thief / Commendable Canines / Killed Night Six

coolking49 / Air Bud / Persuader|Inspector / Commendable Canines / Lynched Day Seven

Quagsires / Homeless Guy / BG|Priority Decreaser|Thief / Really Relevant People / Killed Night Seven
Crux / Okay / Hooker|Thief|Redirector / Rageguy Variants / Killed Night Seven

Shrek / Fat Old Overused Movie Character / Lynched Day Eight

shade / Horatio Cain / Inspector|Role Doubler|One Time Lynch Redirector / Really Relevant People / Killed Night Nine
Captain Bagman / The Dragon / Thief|Permanent Self-Safeguard|One-Time LPV / Fake SANDS/MUDS Hunter Neutral / Killed Night Nine

makiri / Pumpking / Killer|Hooker|Self Protect|Inspect|Thief / The Wolf / Lynched Day Ten
undisputed / Michael J Caboose / Friend Maker/BPV/Really Broken Role / Friend-Seeking+Anti-Terribad B-Movie Neutral / Lost Day Ten

Winners (5)
Staraptor Call / Terribad B-Movie / Thief|Item Checker|Priority Changer / Real SANDS/MUDS Help+Anti Frink Neutral / Won Day Ten
danmantincan / Everything Went Better Than Expected / Bodyguard|Lynchguard / Rageguy Variants / Won Night Eleven
vonFiedler / Forever Alone / Inspector|Safeguard / Rageguy Variants / Lynched Day Three - Won Night Eleven
Crux / Okay / Hooker|Thief|Redirector / Rageguy Variants / Killed Night Seven - Won Night Eleven
Nachos / The Iceberg / Post Restrictor|Ice Spreader / Troll Neutral / Won Night Twelve

PMs will be going out today, Night 0 will begin when all PMs are out. Don't assume association based on who sent you the PM. Deadline is 48 hours from N0's start. Don't share Role PMs until Day 1. Don't be a Spiffy.


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Night 0 will end, and Day 1 will begin, in 48 hours. You have until 12/23 at 6PM to send in your actions.
After that, Day 1 will take 72+ hours due to Christmas [Eve].

If you have any questions, ask us, but we may not be able to answer.

Due to popular concern:
Unless one of your actions SPECIFICALLY says it influences a lynch, day and night actions affect day results and night results respectively, the lynch is separate.
Edit: Fuck, i've been here longer than jig and she's got more posts than me :(
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I originally got this account to play LNTs, but those threads get entirely wiped after every round so i never got a post. I joined mafia in June and have gotten 400 posts in 6 months.


EDIT: I just realized how many of my posts come from games I've hosted O.O


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send in your PMs so I can update early
I have 5 PMs rn, if you are concerned I did not get yours, PM me on IRC
if you would like to fill in your spreadsheet with your action and have us take it from there, let us know and we will copy your spread target/actions
give Yeti and StevenSnype aop+ in your IRC channels and invite, if there are any, and add spookydaplum1 @ comcast |.net (minus the |, so no spam email comes my way) to your spreads, I'll add Snype
Must apologise, but shit came up, meaning I'll have to drop out of this mafia game.

Fuck me, I like these games but never have the Dennisdamn time for em...


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missing 6 PMs now, if anyone is on a faction, if they exist, feel free to send in a PM for your team, they may be out of town
also PM if you're idling, would like to update early but ehh

also note we cannot answer questions about:
definite statements about WCs other than your own
but you are welcome to try and ask other questions or loophole around this
should you present something to fake claim as, we can help you determine if it's valid or not


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You all begin to assemble in the morning, standing admist piles of SANDS, MUDS, SNOWS and questionable substances. Everyone seems to be present, and you feel safe.
It seems the MUDS REBELS and SANDS ACQUISITIONS, INC. have expended their abilities to kill for a year or two. No fat, tubby men or mud-coated tribal warriors have wound up deceased this morning.

Captain Bagman waves to everyone, handing out paper bags full of groceries.
"I went to Walmart last night guys, I figured you might need food," he amiably says, and you all thank him for the food. He steps into the road to return to his home, when suddenly, a fluorescent van rams into him while in reverse.

You all rush to help Bagman, but the van continues its high-speed pace, and soon, the van is out of sight with Captain Bagman in it.
Captain Bagman has been kidnapped, please do not try to converse with him because he cannot talk to you.

It is now Day One.
StevenSnype is sending all RESULT PMs. You will only get a PM if you are obtaining information or if you failed.
Day One + lynching will commence once he has sent all results. All PMs are out. If you think you should have received a PM, but did not, or would like us to tell you if your action failed/succeded, PM us.
You may now share Role PMs.
Day One will end when all DAY ACTIONS are in AND there is majority, or in 72 hours: 12/26 at 4PM PST. I doubt you want deadline on Christmas. I may or may not be on at this time, family coming over.


Steven Snype

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I'd also like to say that I may or may not be on at that time as I am out of state, and I do not know whether the weather will be permitting the drive home.