Super Mafia

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God, sitting at his desk, twiddling his thumbs, and drinking a mug of coffee, sat back in his chair and smiled. He tried not to think about the numerous plans for planets in his deskspace, or all the murders and thefts he'd make people commit across the galaxy tomorrow. He just closed his eyes, and drifted to sleep.


God sighed, 'Yes, Peter?'

'Uh, sir, we have a situation.'

'Come in, Peter.'

Just then, the tall, skinny, and somewhat effeminate angel known as St. Peter flew through God's door, but on this particular day looked very timid.

'S-s-sir....i have bad news.'

'What is it? Did Russia finally attack Atlantis? Has the moon finally crashed into the earth? Peter, you know i'm omniscient--i know all the things that have happened and have yet to happen. There's no surprises in my eyes. What could be so bad? We didn't create another Deck Knight, did we? ME that was such a bad idea!'

'Oh HEAVENS no....You remember how a couple eternities ago, we decided to have a bunch of universes, just for shits and giggles, just to see how much zany shit we could get life-forms to do?'

'Yeah, yeah, the Multiverse. Man i love that idea--hey, how's dumbledore doing? i haven't seen him for a while.'

'You don't want to know--Anyways, look, i'll just come right out and say it sir, the's collapsed.'

And so it came to be, that amidst the largest intellect possible, a supreme being with infinite powers, someone who was indestructible, and who had basically written existence--a being who has total control over everything, time, space, love, (earth, wind, and fire), every concievable element and outcome, had literally, for the first time in all of infinity found himself at a loss for words.


In a flash, beings from every conceivable existence converged in a place we'll call SUBSPACE. Harry Potter, Blade Runner, Robocop, Howard the Duck, Indiana Jones, Jessica Rabbit, and the Road runner all appear in a plaza--only the be crushed by the massive girth of Grape Ape. Black was white, left was right, right was wrong and might was right.

The world had reverted to chaos.

Just then, amidst the destruction, a couple of Supervillains had banded together in a large group. Consistently thwarted in their own realms, they figured that together, they would stand unmatched. The largest group in size, they decided victory would be all but secured. (lol these are some villagers)

To oppose them, some warriors under the banner of the Boy Scouts gathered, and with their penchant for justice and good-will, had come to the conclusion to stop the Supervillains at all costs. (lol this is a mafia)

...And to oppose THEM, were some other warriors, under the banner of the Badasses. With their collective 5 0'clock shadow, they figured that now they could take out the bad guys--and the pussies always telling them what to do. Two birds, one stone. (lol this is a mafia)

Oh, and then there are some people who are Neutral. (BAN ME PLEASE).

Right as all the powers met on Tiananmen Square, as they started to charge one another--two angels appeared. It seems that StrangerDanger and Doomsday were actually Gabriel and Loki, two of gods strongest Angelic Warriors. Gabriel Scarborough said unto the fray:

'uhhhh. Look, i know you guys want to like, kill eachother and shit, but that's no fun. We figured to have a day and night cycle, and in the day, you each get a vote. Whoever is voted for the most, my friend Loki will stab with his giant blazing sword. During the night though, be my fucking guest. Go all out crazy. I want to see some blood--or oil, or gas, or plasma, or whatever the fuck you run on. Some real ass-over-tea-kettle fucked up gore and shit. I mean, there ain't a lot of that in heaven, na' mean? look, just do it and we'll all have fun.'

The crowd stood dumbfounded.

'Why?', they collectively cried.

Loki de Gracio Sousa looked at them, with the threat of his blazing sword, and said 'cause, whatever team wins gets to shape the new universe. Pricks.'

And so, night fell, and every fucking conceivable character picked their weapons, or hid for dear life. It was time. It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN.

The players:

---generic mafia rules.
1. You are not to copy+paste or screenshot anything Doomsday or I tell you publically or privately over any kind of confidential messaging system, including but not limited to: Smogon PM, IRC PM, MSN, AIM. The only exception is made by me - I will tell you right now the evil sides are allowed to do this, and I may tell you can do this. Unless either of these is the case, trying to foolproof your innocence leads to an auto-lynch, disqualification and a head-from-neck separation. You can c/p your role PM, tt's not like they are hard to fake, but NO dates/times etc or any sort of proof it was sent from Doomsday or I, especially screenshots. This has obviously been made clear a million times.

2. You are allowed to communicate with everyone, everywhere, anyhow. Except if you're dead, which means you can't post in *either* thread anymore and you shouldn't talk about the game at all. Think before you act.

3. You can ask me or doomsday anything if it's unclear. If we do not want to answer your question, you will notice. Reach us via PM or IRC. Note that we may need to discuss things before answering you.

4. Do not clog this thread with a bunch of senseless discussion if you can. Arguments are part of mafia, but tl;dr is annoying for those wishing to keep up.

5. No post shall be deleted in the thread except at Doomsday and I's discretion. If you don't mean to say something, don't post it--editing is fine, but the original post must stand.

6. If you have a night role but you're not using it, I still want you to PM. Use night (x) - idling.

***7. Okay, anyone that knows me or doomsday know that we put a LOT OF FUCKING WORK into this game and making it badass. I SWEAR TO GOD RIGHT NOW THAT IF YOU MESS WITH MY GAME I WILL SEE TO IT THAT YOUR EVERY FIREBOT POST IS EDITED AND YOU WILL BE BUTTFUCKED BY THUNDA. Needless to say if something like this happens you will be banned from all future mafia games.***

8. If you're changing your vote for a lynch, edit it out. Your first vote will be counted. Also, bold your vote. You can change your vote until Doomsday or I posts the day is over.

9. Items! Here's how items work. In the night you can either choose to use an item, give it away to anyone in the game you like, or of course you could idle. You cannot have more than one item at a time - if you attempt to give an item to someone who already has an item, you will not be able to. You will receive any items given to you at the end of each night.

10. Everyone's got their own agenda; there are different winnings conditions. Keep this in mind.

Let the games begin--also if the OP was too dry, fuck off. Have fun.

NIGHT 1 WILL LAST 48 HOURS FROM THIS POST. USE YOUR TIME WISELY. IF YOU DO NOT PM ME BEFORE THE DEADLINE I WILL MOVE ON WITHOUT YOU.(i'm actually going to be out of town sunday, so this way DD and i can get together, start day 1, and then i'll be back in time for it.)


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i'm so psyched about this

if this disappoints i'm coming down to portugal to kill doomsday

EDIT: I have my PM, I am officially super.


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Preferrably with your pick, but whenever you do, tell me how you feel about your role or something and i'll clear up who this role is or what you do, or something. I put a lot of work into these pms and i doomsday did too, so we'd love to hear from you!


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Damn, this one seems cool. Too bad I missed sign-ups...

...then again, after what happened last game that's probably a good thing.Oh well, I'll be watching this one.


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ooooooooooooooh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Really cool I want to see this moving on already!
i fucking love SD's giant penis and doomie's notquiteasgiantbuti'msureit'sjustdandytoo cock

anxiously awaiting PM let's get this show on the row! :3

*road. lol.


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Also I'm still confused with the whole good/bad roles in this thing; while I understand Badasses and Boyscouts are practically Italian and French Mafia, I don't really know who's "good" or who's "bad".

So Supervillains are practically the good side?


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yeah, thats what he means.

the 'good' side is defined by the majority, and thats the villains.

the 'mafia' is defined by the minorities and those are the boy scouts and the badasses.

ps: evan rox

edit: and yeah moot sucks too!


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can you guys stop double posting jeez

anyway everyone feel free to drop by and chat to me about mafia, offering your roles and alliegances if the mood strikes you.


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Okay, from now on if you're not in the game don't post in the thread. It'll get too cluttered.
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