Super Mafia

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i was never convinced i had control. i never even tried to put my mark on this game like the zelda mafia. i let jackal, evan, and thunda do everything, and i just sat around.


I'm not retarded I'm Canadian it's different
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the people who had control all game were the neutrals, because there was seriously just too many of them...and my job was trying to convince neutrals to team up with the good guys instead of teaming up with a fellow neutral to win, as they had a sure win either way.

I realized i had no chance when i was informed shiv could hold the soul edge, so i dont really think i, or any of the sv, got beaten at all this game...
Hahaha it was worth a shot though... I thought that only 2 people could kill anytime, so me and stoo just countered shiv the whole game lol

Ah well

Edit: Honestly, Phantasia, I wasn't kidding when i said i wanted the soul edge out. It was just too much of a bribing tool to keep in the game...


mostly harmless
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did you really think i would nightkill you?

if i didn't have brain as an option i'd just lynch you.

if you didn't try to make hidden plans to fuck me over who knows i might've sided with you!


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The votes were cast. This time, God himself descended upon Subspace.

"With you, the bid for power among the!"

CaptKirby was surrounded in light. Screaming, twisting, and turning, nothing could be heard but his righteous torment until his shadow faded from the world...

StrangerDanger said:
Attention CaptKirby,
You are Nightmare.
You are allied with the Supervillains.
You have the Soul Edge.

Created out of the hatred and evil that awoke inside Siegfried Schtauffen as he gripped the ancient Soul Edge, you took over, turning the once prosperous Austrian Prince into a host for your malevolent deeds, The Azure Knight, Nightmare.

Using his shell as a vehicle for evil, you traveled across Europe in search of powerful souls to feed on, slaughtering thousands of peasants, lords, and everything inbetween. Your feeding continued, until you were one day defeated by the sword's opposite, Soul Calibur, and you were broken from your parasitic form.

However, you live on now, retaining the armor and shell of your previous host, ready to hunt once again for the most powerful soul in existence.

You hold the Soul Edge.

As the most powerful weapon in history, whoever has the Soul Edge at the end of the game wins. The best bargaining tool in the game, at your disposal.

You have another power. As offspring to the sword, you hold a connection with it stronger than any other bond--a shared consciousness. Should another player hold possession over the Soul Edge, and that player dies, you will have the option to possess that player. In the thread, this PM will be presented and that user will die, however you will live on through their skin, wielding your ancient weapon.

You may do this once--granted the conditions are met.

You win if the Supervillains win.

God look at the remaining players...the 'winners' of the game...

Blue Kirby
Mr. Escalator
Outlaw Gryphon,

and of course....


He noticed that the Boy Scouts had won, with neutral friends...

"...Wait. That can't be right. The Boy scouts?! Really?" fumed God, not happy with how the battle turned out.

"I'll be back in a moment. Be thinking about your perfect universes."

With the remaining users in jubilation over the creation of their own worlds, God was planning something differently...

Back on his heavenly throne, he realized their world would just be another imperfect sphere. It would lead to another Clash, another futile cycle...

Something had to be done.

With a malicious smile on his face, God looked down upon the plains of cheering warriors.

"Here, champions of the multiverse. Lend yourselves to the creation of a new world, a new age. Enter my kingdom and oversee the new genesis!"

Before our heroes, a Gate emerged. Flung open, the users all walked into it, sure of their glory.

As the gate closed shut, and all seemed to be peaceful, some words could be made out on the plaque...

"I am the way into the Doleful City.
I am the way into Eternal Grief.
I am the way to a Forsaken Race.

Justice it was that moved my Great Creation;
Divine Omnipotence created me,
And Highest Wisdom joined with Primal Love
Before me nothing but Eternal things were made, and i shall last

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

It seems that God himself had started a chain of events that could not end.
All that were heard in the void of subspace were screams of torment and the effects of slaughter.

The sun was setting.

He had invoked the Apocalypse.
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