Syclar - Part 2 - Typing Discussion

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The fact is, its solid. Solid ice doesnt stay touching water for long.
Regardless, syclar is very similar to syclant in design, so i dont see why it would change, it is CLEARLY bug type, and the presence of the, as you guys have so eloquently said, "icicle in its ass," would point quite strongly to an ice type. i see no reason to be anything other than ice/bug type.
That is a good idea too. Never thought of it. I guess. And umm, when did we decide it was hollow? Is it a Syclant pokedex entry or something?

EDIT: By the way, I meant the "icicle in its butthole" when i talked about the water sac/ maybe slush sac


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Pwnemon that's a good point, so i guess mono-bug is out :( But, i still think Water/Bug is a very possible typing, as the water freezes. And the water storage pouch thingy isn't made of ice and full of water, its made of some pokemon skin substance, and full of water that freezes.
As I said, however, the only Pokemon to change its primary typing upon evolution is Steelix, which is a very unique case. I'm not saying we should absolutely rule out any chance of having a CAP which changes its primary typing (indeed, we already did this once, with Scratchet), but that we'd need a strong argument to do so. The only things i've seen in favor of water/bug basically fly in the face of logic (logic meaning ITS BUTT IS ICE). If you're supporting water/bug it's simply because you don't want to take the "boring" route of maintaining the typing, but that's what a majority of pokemon do, that's what makes sense, and you need to get over your fetish for "originality."

edit: we never decided it was hollow. it's fricking /ice/
I guess maybe I should. I just don't want to do every single pokemon EXACTLY the way GameFreak would. I want some change, unique typings/evolution changes, etc. But it sorta doesn't matter here, enough people will vote for Ice/Bug, it will win. i just don't want that to happen all the time.
The slush in the sac? Or it's butt(or "cork", if you will), icicles? The sac most likely insulates the slushy mix, so as to further prevent drastic changes in temperature.
I may be a little late to the party, but why are we do obsessed over changing this?

Ice/Bug is what it looks like
Ice/Bug is what it was made to be (I think)
Ice/Bug just makes sense

We don't need to add a "slush sac" just so we can make it water type

IMO we keep it Ice/Bug and not try to add any unprescedented flavor just for the sake of doing so
There's an INTERNAL slush sac. That's what I've been saying. The ice on its butt could be anything. And I am NOT trying to change its type. I am intrigued by its anatomy.
It is an Ice/Bug type. Of that I am sure.
I'm quite baffled as to why there's a ongoing debate about whether this 'mon has a water sac in a convoluted attempt to attach a typing to it that makes absolutely no flavour sense beyond 'ice is like water'. This is not the sort of thing people were talking about when they wanted good reasons for any other typing than Ice/Bug.


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Gonna close this off a bit early since discussion seems to be winding down and I really need to get to bed. While I think the typing discussion stage will be very important in future CAP pre-evo processes, I think that this one was pretty straightforward. It was fun to toy around with some options, but there are really only two ways that we could go from here to make a sensible flavormon.

I'll be removing pure Ice-type from the slate because there wasn't really any support for it, design-wise or discussion-wise. Likewise, I'll be removing Ice / Grass because while I think it's interesting, I just cannot see us removing the Bug-type from this pre-evolution no matter which way we slice it. Finally, I will not be adding Bug / Water to the nomination. While the concept of a water pouch is intriguing, I just don't think it's what we need here; its abdomen is pretty clearly ice (or something that looks similar to ice), not a pouch of water. So even though the final slate is small, they're the only two serious contenders, in my eyes.
Ice / Bug
Except the voting poll up shortly! Thanks for your discussion and participation so far.
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