Syclar - Part 7 - Art Poll 1

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Had to put Cyzir second on account of the fact you can see a but tail through the ice. Just preferred how Quanyails' has an ice block tail with no bug tail inside. (I prefer the see the blob in Quanyail's as the lighting of the ice, rather than being obviously a tail)

Also, Quanyail's sharper front fangs pushed it over the edge for me. :)


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Deadline! Let's see the final results.

    [quanyails] => 5
    [paintseagull] => 7
    [cyzirvisheen] => 26
Since this was a super majority (by a ton), this series of polls is now over. Congratulations to CyzirVisheen on his winning design!

That was the last poll thread in Syclar. Let me get our Final Product together; stay tuned.
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