The Cross-Server Tournament II - Signups

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Cross-Server Tournament II - Signups/Team Formation

One year ago, Doug's Create-A-Pokemon Server participated in a multi-server tournament on Shoddy. Now, the time has come again for the servers of Shoddybattle to clash and determine this year's champion! Doug's CaP Server is a possible contender, but we're going to need enough people to join up to go through with this. For now, I want the names of 32 or more individuals of the CaP Server who are willing to bring the title of Champion to CaP. Remember, there is no determined layout or set number of people to play per team, so sign up if you are interested in playing for CaP, and you will be considered. Also, the signups are not first come first served, everybody will be handpicked by a group of CaP Members including myself to make the final team. If you are a bit late in posting, it does not matter! Additionally, if you are playing for our team, then I expect you to be somewhat active on the forums or on the server.

This year, the tournament will be hosted by Pokemon Experte. Take a look at the rules (and the teams you might be fighting) outlined by Pokemon Experte here. As you can see, the current teams are Pokemonexperte, Team Uber, Qbone, Gary Oak's Battle Frontier, Mudkip's Shrine, Pokemon Central 101, and Snowy Mountains.

Signups will end AUGUST 8TH, 12:00 AM EST. Do not forget!

Also, you may also want to look at the past tourney threads shown below.As you can see, there were previously modified servers such as AAMS and CMS that players were forced to learn if they wanted to succeed. Now, however, the battles are all standard OU, which makes the tournament much more accessible. Furthermore, with the addition of many new servers to the tournament, things are bound to be bigger and even more intense. If there are too many participants for CaP Server, then I will select a group of CaP members to help me pick out the team.

Please note the following!

- There currently is no definitive limit for how many people will be playing for each server. For now, 32 is the preferable number. It could change at any moment.

- Strictly Standard OU. No CaPs.

- Signing up does NOT guarantee you a spot on this team. Similar to World Cup, you will have to prove to me that you are good enough to be on the team. Send me logs, tell me to watch your battles, whatever it takes!

- If you were currently in a team other than CaP before signing up, please let your previous Team Captain know that you are off their list.

- The following clauses MUST be enabled:

~Evasion Clause
~Freeze Clause
~OHKO Clause
~Sleep Clause
~Species Clause
~Timed Battle

EDIT: Signups are closed right now. We are in the process of team formation.

Current Team:

1) Plus (GMT -5)
2) SoT (GMT -8)
3) Magmortified (GMT -6)
4) tennisace (GMT -5)
5) ReyScarface (GMT -6)
6) Elevator Music (GMT -5)
7) darkie (GMT -6)
8) Jimbo (GMT -5)
9) locopoke (GMT -5)
10) cyberzero (GMT -5)
11) Umbreon Dan (GMT -5)
12) reachzero (GMT -5)
13) dragonites (GMT -5)
14) billymills (GMT -7)
15) Vader (GMT -5)
16) tacho (GMT -5)
17) Beej (GMT -5)
18) Duskie (GMT -8)
19) Kevin Garrett (GMT -5)
20) JabbaTheGriffin (GMT -5)
21) Hybrid99 (GMT -4)
22) tito (GMT -6)
23) Dormin (GMT -6)
24) Vashta (GMT)
25) Erazor (GMT +5.5)
26) adub_banded (GMT -5)
27) Fuzznip (GMT -5)
28) twash (GMT)
29) Fatalis (GMT -6)
30) HD (GMT -5)
31) RiceCame (GMT -5)
32) estranged (GMT +2)


1) Krack
2) Zak91
3) bad ass
4) Giant Enemy Crab
5) ReVerB
6) Deck Knight
7) Sceats
8) Son of Shadoo
9) Kharozz
10) SEO
11) ferron
12) Sidd
13) Quick Man
14) bear
15) umbreonleader
16) nihilist
17) Minato.
18) shadow master

Round 1 apparently starts August 9th. I will make a thread when it does happen.
Ok obviously I am NOT in. I am just posting to say a lot of already had a team with Team Snowy, I figured many of you would leave once Team CaP started. But if you don't tell me personally (through pm or on a server or msn or IRC, whatever) that you're leaving Team Snowy then I am not taking you off the team list and I will submit it that way to Martin. Pleasure doing business with you.
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