The Offstat Tournament - Round 2 (stop johning guys please q.q)

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oh my gosh you found me
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Sorry take me out, I'm not going to have any time to set up a battle for the next couple weeks


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I was there to see the match and can confirm that FLCL, very clearly I may add, told him that hazards were banned in the tourney. He even gave him a second chance to fix his team rather than taking the free win. The host should be able to work things out from here, but MAlkaviano claiming that he won 2-0 is ludicrous and immature.
This tournament is standard BW2 OU, except:
Pokemon may only use attacks coming off their weaker attack stat (e.g. Machamp can only use Special moves, Espeon can only use Physical moves)*. Status and other non-attacking moves are allowed (e.g. Thunder Wave, Swords Dance, Rain Dance, Protect, Substitute, etc.).
Only Pokemon with a difference of at least 50 between their Attack and Special Attack stats are allowed. The list of allowed Pokemon is provided below.
For balancing purposes, no hazards are allowed.

I did not understand much the rule, but in the end says that the hazards are allowed?

if I really have broken the rule, excuse me and ignore my post


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no hazards are allowed.
it says no hazards.
As in hazards are not allowed.

EDIT: maybe you will understand this better
riscos de entrada não são permitidos.

in other news, my opponent has still not responded.
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