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Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Its_A_Random, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. StallMandibuzz


    May 4, 2011
    o-o Wasn't home this weekend at all, and I'm busy tomorrow and Wednesday. ._. I just have to start typing, I've got enough material for Chapter one, at least, although I might get a bit more in so it doesn't take like 40 Chapters to finish.
  2. ReshiramBlackZekromWhite


    Aug 8, 2011
    Sounds good. Can't wait to see the IQ Counter on Stupid the Shuckle. If you get it to Genius-level before the first round of the Elite 4, then it doesn't have to solo Red unless it becomes Stupid again, just so you know.
  3. StallMandibuzz


    May 4, 2011
    OMG, the IQ chart's gonna be a whole lot of fun to do. *sarcastic* And I'm definitely going to make sure that he's Genius before the E4, so I don't have to solo.... Woah, woah... SOLO? I thought it was just beat his Lapras, Venusaur, and Blastoise. You said nothing about soloing Red. Also, I would laugh so hard if you got a Swarm Scyther, just for a bit of payback for that damn IQ chart that'll take me hours to do. :P In retrospect, Scizor is amazing anyways, so it wouldn't matter worth balls if you got Swarm or not. >_>
  4. Nauris


    Oct 9, 2010
    Reserving Combee for AOPS

    Edit: Take Bumble Bee the Combee. bumble Bee is small and weak, but She makes it up with intelligence so she can only have 1 Attack that must be STAB. To evolve Bumble Bee must use sweet scent and solo appearing pokémons 10 times. When she's is Vespiquen she must learn Toxic, Heal Order/Roost and Defence Order/Protect ASAP.
  5. Wobbanaut


    Feb 29, 2012
    What if it is male DUN DUN DUN
  6. nyttyn

    nyttyn "Lad, no one feels ready. No one feels he deserves it.
    is a CAP Contributoris a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Sep 8, 2010
    Dropping my reservation for asops because I can't think of anything.
  7. Chinchillers


    Mar 13, 2012
    Reserving something for AOPS:

    AOPS, you get Jelly the Bidoof. Jelly is the biggest troll around. He likes to make people mad and jelly, he even has the face for it (DERP). Of course, Jelly is the most annoying thing ever and thrives on peoples reactions, so he must have a status inducing move or a stat reducing move. Teach Jelly swagger ASAP, just so he can feel better about himself living under a bridge. When people say don't feed the Trolls, they mean it. If you ever feed Jelly a Poffin or a berry, he has to sit out the next Pokemon battle, oh and he can only heal through berries (You can still use the Pokemon Center though). Jelly must have at least one HM in his moveset. He can have two HM's in total but only one of them can be a STAB attack, so choose carefully. His last move can either be another HM or a special move. Jelly has to solo every other Bidoof and Biberal around 'cuz there can only be one, one jelly.

    Enjoy it.

    Sum it up:

    -Status causing/stat reducing (their stats) move.
    -Swagger (Get ASAP)
    -HM (Can only have one STAB HM)
    -HM (Can only have one STAB HM)/Special Attack (Ex: Water gun, Shock wave, Grass knot, etc.)

    -Must solo every Bidoof or Biberal.
    -Can only heal and cure status with berries and Pokemon Center.
    -Must sit out next battle after eating a berry or Poffin.

    DAS IT.
  8. shinyskarmory


    Jul 12, 2011
    After my 2 or 3 month hiatus from Smogon, I've decided to come back. Although I haven't broken my League of Legends addiction yet, I'm going to try to push out another update for my Platinum scramble in the next few days.

    In the meantime, I have a new scramble that I'm planning to take for Ruby to take with me on my 8 hour flight for spring break in a couple weeks with some unique rules, so I'd like some challenges for that. It's going to resemble a more traditional Scramblocke then the one It's A Random did, but it's going to have my flair on it.

    I haven't decided on the exact rules yet, but I'll post the exact rules next week. If you want to prepare challanges beforehand, you may, because I don't do reservations of more than, say, 15 minutes.
  9. Chinchillers


    Mar 13, 2012
    I have one for you shiny! Just give me a few minutes.

    Angel the Nincada.

    Angel is a cursed bi-polar Nincada, forced to live on Heaven and Earth at the same time. Angel the Nincada is under the impression of Torment because of arguing with itself constantly. Upon Evolution Angel was split into two spirits. Start out with Ninjask. Ninjask is the evil inside of Angel, Devil. Devil is a thief forced to live on Earth. Being the sneaky imp he is, he must keep Leech-life at all times, using it to suck out the life force of any living being (use leech-life as your final move to KO a Pokemon). Devil must also learn Thief (ASAP), to steal the souls of his enemies. With all the souls Devil stole, he is able to manipulate the mind of his foes by creating copies of himself (Double team and it must always be used after using thief). If Devil faints 5 times he switches souls with Angel in Heaven. Angel (Shedinja) is completely different from Devil. Angel is kind hearted ghost, the good side with in Angel the Nincada. Angel the Shedinja must only use Ghost types attacks for it is dead. If Angel wishes to flee, it must startle its foe first using a burst of light (Flash). Angel can never battle a dark type for dark is evil. If Angel wins 5 battles in a row, its soul is switched with Devil's again.

    I hope you like it!

    Sum it up:
    Angel the Nincada:
    Always under the impression of Torement. *
    Devil The Ninjask:
    -Leech life (must always use this move to finish off a Pokemon)
    -Thief (learn ASAP)
    -Double team (must and can only be used after using Thief)
    - Your choice

    -If Devil faints 5 times (Doesn't have to be in a row), he switches into Angel the Shedinja.
    Angel The Shedinja:
    -GHOST type move
    -GHOST type move
    -GHOST type move
    -Flash (This move must be used before being able to flee a battle)

    -Can't battle any dark types.
    -If Angel wins 5 battles in a row, switches into Devil.

    Restrictions with a * are nulled after evolution.
    To get Shedinja have an empty slot in your party and one poke ball in your bag. (I'm pretty sure it has to be a poke ball)

    When Devil or Angel is not in use keep them in your PC and take them out ASAP if needed.If there is no PC available at the moment, Ex: In a cave, then just don;t use Angel or Devil for the remainder of the time. I understand that these are two Pokemon but I tried to make them two in one. Hope it's acceptable.
  10. kingtrace


    Oct 28, 2009
    I figured I might as well give this a try.
    Version: Platinum
    Trading: None. Can't trade.
    Difficulty: Hard, wanna mix up my game a little.
    Rules: Anything goes except level centric mons. What I mean by this is that I don't want any challenges that require me to keep a pokemon at a specific level and not exceed it. Beyond that, go nuts.
    And thanks. The creativeness on here is amazing and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with.
    EDIT: Got the whole thing. XD

    Blooshep/Pinkaling the Shellos
    Show Hide

    As far as this scramble goes, I forsee this guy being one of the least irritating. His movepool restrictions are alright, his item restrictions are not too bad, and he has awesome names. Iron Island should be easy for a Shellos, as well. I really like this one. Well balanced and all that jazz.

    Dash the Eevee
    Show Hide

    The fate of this eevee hinges on how homicidal I'm feeling the day I want to evolve it. I might feed it to the Veilstone Gym just for yucks. XD Probably going to end up being a jolteon, since thanks to shellos I can't be a Vaporeon. (I also can't be a leafeon or a Flareon... What a loss.)

    Lolwut? the Chimchar
    Show Hide

    A fitting name, considering I said almost exactly that when I first read the descriptions, with only slightly more swearing. I can't reasonably evolve this thing until he learns nasty plot at level 23, and I can see a lot of lost lives that could've been avoided if I didn't have to spend the first two turns of every battle looking itimidating and fury swiping. XD

    Mutant the Lickitung
    Show Hide

    I was a little confused as to what I had to do with this one once it evolved, so I decided my movepool must consist of 4/6 of the weight lost list ASAP. Charged with personality and humor, this one is probably my favorite concept.

    Cutie the Budew
    Show Hide

    I told one of my friends "Quick, write me a scramble!" and this is what I got. I'll probably try to absorb one of Gardenia's pokemon to death and poison point maylene. Also, fun fact, this mon is named cutie in honor of Honey from Ouran High School Host Club. XD

    Vamp the Zubat
    Show Hide

    I've read twilight. All of them. Mock my masculinity at will. Vamp is significantly cooler than Edward will ever be. This one is also very balanced and has enough challenge to keep things interesting. I can't solo Volkner's Luxray, however, because Blooseph/Pinkaling has to solo Volkner.
  11. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    Kingtrace, I will reserve Mutant the Lickitung. Restrictions will come within the next hour or two.

    Edit: moving my challenge down the line as many have posted after me.
  12. Chinchillers


    Mar 13, 2012
    I'll reserve a starter for Kingtrace.
  13. Mafeking

    Mafeking channels his inner Wolverine
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 21, 2012
    reserving Shellos OKAY ;D

    Naming / Abilities:

    I don't really care what version of Shellos you get, but name it the opposite color of what it truly is. So if you get an East Sea, its name is Pinkaling. West Seas must be called Blooseph.

    If Shellos has Sticky Hold, it must always carry an item that is not very useful. So a Berry or something. No attack boosting items or EXP Share.

    If Shellos has Storm Drain, it may only carry an item after being hit by a Water-type move 15 times.

    Mandatory Moves:

    - Either Rain Dance OR Brine.
    - Any Ground-type attacking move.
    - Either Sludge Bomb OR Toxic. Sludge Bomb if you chose Rain Dance, Toxic if you chose Brine.
    - Surf.


    To evolve Shellos into Gastrodon, you must make it the only Pokemon you use on Iron Island while helping Riley (negated if you grind here as well, but it must take part in all of the Team Galactic battles).


    Solo Volkner and an Elite Four member of your choosing.
  14. Tyranitarphantom


    Aug 6, 2008
    Reserving an Eeveelution for Kingtrace

    Alright Kingtrace, as soon as you get to Hearthome City, pick up the Eevee from Bebe and name it Dash.

    Dash is quite new to this world. It has so many options before it in life, and it's under so much pressure to choose just one. It is so frustrated that it's having to make this decision that it refuses to accept items.

    Now, when it comes to choosing an evolution, it must prove itself worthy of being the evolution that it desires. Challenges will vary from easy to hard, based on how good the evolution actually is. It also wishes to stand out among your team, so if you already have a Pokemon of the same type as the evolution, you can not choose it.

    Vaporeon- beat 20 wild Marill to evolve. Once evolved, it may not use a STAB move except for Surf. Solo Aaron
    Jolteon- it may not use any attack except Quick Attack until you have 5 Badges, at which point it may evolve. Once evolved, it must know attacks of 4 different types ASAP. Solo Candice/Cyrus(at Distortion World)/Volkner to gain access to Shadow Ball (optional). Solo Lucian
    Flareon- come on, why would you want to use this? If you really want to use it, Fire Fang is the only STAB it may learn (you can use Fire Spin until you learn Fire Fang, if you want). No further restriction, that would just be mean
    Espeon- solo all trainers in Maylene's gym (except Maylene herself) to evolve. May not learn Shadow Ball until Candice has been defeated (NOTE: Espeon doesn't have to do anything to earn Shadow Ball- you just have to beat Candice). Solo Flint
    Umbreon- you kind of have a deathwish if you choose Umbreon. Teach it Secret Power immediately, and have Secret Power's secondary effect occur 15 times to evolve. Must learn and keep Confuse Ray
    Leafeon- go back to Eterna Forest and evolve it immediately. Teach it Return and Rock Smash, and always keep them. Solo Byron
    Glaceon- wow, it'll take forever for you to evolve this one. As an Eevee, it's only restriction is that it may never use support moves, only attacks. Solo Aaron or Lucian with it
  15. Arceustar


    Jan 8, 2012
    My scramble will go here as promised (post 100) but I'm lazy so don't expect it for a few days.

    Reserving a Shinx


    Magnet the Taillow that thinks he's a magnemite

    1)He must never fight Pokémon that have SE STABs (Fighting, Fire, Ground)
    2)He must only use moves that are learnable in the Magnemite family
    3)He must solo every magma admin
    4)Solo two of: Roxanne, Norman, Glacia, Steven Stone
    5)Evolve at level 30
    6)Ignore rule 1 for solos
    7)Join Bloons Tower Defence Gang
  16. Chinchillers


    Mar 13, 2012
    I'm really sorry, but I'm going to have to drop my reservation I have no time to make another challenge, got a lot on my plate right now, again really sorry. :(
  17. EndQuote


    May 5, 2011
    I still need one more for my Crazy-Difficult Scramble of White.

    Types remaining: Normal, Fire, Electric, Ice, Fighting, Ground, Psychic, Bug, Dragon, Dark, or Steel.
  18. Mafeking

    Mafeking channels his inner Wolverine
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 21, 2012
    The only attacking moves that Taillow can learn that Magnemite also learns in Ruby are Return / Frustration / Secret Power, all of which are TMs. I have a strong feeling this challenge would be rejected, can you please actually try and do research to make sure your challenges are viable before giving them out willy-nilly?

    And just because some people have signature scrambles doesn't mean that every Scramblemon you give out has to think it's another Pokemon and be a part of whatever this Bloons Defense group thing is. Variability is a key to successful challenges.
  19. Tyranitarphantom


    Aug 6, 2008
    Got this. I love making super-hard Pokemon

    Edit: Alright Endquote, you want Crazy-Difficult?

    Then take SWAG SWAG the Scraggy (have fun shouting that)

    Scraggy is SWAG. So SWAG that it's SWAG SWAG. It has to, HAS TO, show of it's SWAG to EVERY single Pokemon it sees. Therefore, the first turn it's sent out, it must use Swagger. Truth in advertising, eh?

    Scraggy feels like the most powerful Pokemon in Castelia City. Therefore, he strolls right up to Burgh's Gym and solos every trainer in the Gym. He thinks that, despite being no higher than Level 25, that he can solo Burgh without items. He may try to do so up to 3 times. If he can not complete the challenge, he starts to think about how he's not all as strong as he thinks, and may attempt to solo Burgh TWO more times, this time with a limit of ONE Fresh Water per battle. If he still fails after that, the Swagger restriction remains for the rest of the game. If he succeeds (at any point), the Swagger restriction is removed. Now, the challenge splits, based on Scraggy's ability. If he has Moxie, continue to section A. If it has Shed Skin, skip ahead to section B.

    A. Whether or not SWAG SWAG defeated Burgh, he won't let his confidence slip. He's going at the trainers of the world headstrong, strong enough to learn Strength, which it must always keep. It also decides that it doesn't need to embrace darkness to be strong, so he may never use a Dark-type move. Additionally, it may not evolve until it learns Head Smash. Have it solo Bianca or Cheren all remaining battles (whichever of them you don't choose for Petilil). Don't let it fight AT ALL in Brycen's Gym. SWAG SWAG is far to confident to need the help of a simple trainer, so it will not accept items.

    B. Win or loss versus Burgh, SWAG SWAG starts to look at the world differently. It still wants a challenge, but it now sees that it doesn't need to pick a fight with everyone it sees. Rename it BORN AGAIN, and never let it lead in battle. It will only use it's power when it's trainer asks it to. It becomes very loyal to it's trainer, and therefore must learn and keep Return ASAP. Additionally, it decides that fighting is not the true way to victory, so it may not use a Fighting-type move (if you wish, it may learn Focus Punch, but must use a different move before using it). It may evolve after it solos all of the Plasma Grunts at Chargestone Cave.

    Being so close to it's trainer, it abhors the thought of being "freed" by N. Therefore, it must solo N at Nimbasa City, and in Chargestone Cave. In the final battle against N, it must take out at least 3 of N's Pokemon by itself. Do not let it participate in the battle against Ghetsis.
  20. Skyshayde


    Jan 28, 2012

    Okay, You have Lolwut? the chimchar, now this chimchar hates other pokemon and must leer at all pokemon he meets. This chimchar is also deathly afraid of focus sashes and if the opposing pokemon has full health he must use a multihitting move. He has a natural rivalry with all flying pokemon and must fight all of them. Now, this chimchar was also injured in his childhood and cannot evolve without rehabilitation. To succesfully evolve him to monferno he must solo 6 pokemon with their defense at -6 and his Sp attack at +6. To evolve to infernape he must solo a gym leader.

    Sum it up-
    Chimchar must use leer as the first move of all battles
    Chimchar must use a multihitting move if they have full hp
    Chimchar must fight all pure flying type pokemon
    Chimchar must solo 6 pokemon at within 5 levels of him with their defense at -6 and his sp atk at +6 too evolve too Monferno
    Chimchar must solo a gym leader of you're choice to evolve too evolve too infernape
  21. shinyskarmory


    Jul 12, 2011
    I don't think anyone realized that I'm not actually asking for challenges yet....

    When I actually decide what rules I'm running by, I'll decide whether I accept those challanges.
  22. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    KingTrace, take Mutant the Lickytung!!

    Mutant believes that it is an abnormality and despises it's tongue. As it despises it's tongue, it cannot use any moves that involve it using it's tongue:
    Show Hide

    • Lick
    • Knock Off
    • Wrap
    • Slam
    • Power Whip
    • Wring Out
    • Toxic
    • Fling
    • Cut
    • Rock Smash

    It sees Crasher Wake as a role model for Pokemon and humans who look like freaks (seriously, look at him, he's a freak!!!). Solo him to prove your worth!!

    After you have shown how powerful you are, you may now learn Rollout. Unfortuantally, you must solo someone with your new move before you can consider yourself worthy. Solo Cyrus and save Cynthia's grandmother!!! That is a worthy task!!

    After Mutant evolves, it realizes that it now has a weight issue as well as it's toungue issue!! You cannot use any moves that involve it's great size and wieght as well as it's tongue!!
    Show Hide

    • Stomp
    • Rollout
    • Gyro Ball
    • Hyper Beam
    • Giga Impact
    • Earthquake
    • Rest
    • Explosion
    • Block
    • Belly Drum

    Now, Mutant must lose this wieght. How? Choose 4 of the following ways to excersise!!
    Surf it off
    • Show your Strength to the opposite gender!!!
    • Let all others see your Secret Powers.
    • Turn up the heat with Flamethrower.
    • Move the rocks with Rock Slide.
    • Crush your foes with a powerful Blizzard!!!

    What ever you choose, solo Bertha as many of her Pokemon are overweight!!
  23. Chinchillers


    Mar 13, 2012
    Here it is Chapter five!!!! I decided to add a little spice to this one. ;)

    [VULGAR WARNING] (-This one is dedicated to KS)
    Show Hide
    Chillers: YOU! BRINEY!
    Briney: *SNOOOOORE*
    Chillers: Dammit, Derpy, wake him up.
    Briney: AAGH! My what a fright you gave me, ready to set sail?
    Chillers: Yeah on to Slateport.
    Peeko: Wiiin!
    Derpy: *Crushes Peeko under a rock*
    Briney: …
    Chillers: You ok? Hello? Hellooooo?
    Briney: …
    -Later at Route 109-
    Chillers: NO!!!
    Chillers: Yo, balding dude, where’s Capt. Sperm?
    Balding Dude: Um, My names Dock and Capt. STERN isn’t here at the moment, go and find him.
    Chillers: Cock and Sperm? You two have matching Pokemon and purses?
    Dock: Not Pokemon.
    Chillers: … *Leaves*
    Chillers: What’s this? Aqua grunts huddling around a museum. This’ll be fun.
    Aqua Grunt 187: OH SHIT!!! IT’S YOU!!! EVERYBODY RUN!!!
    Chillers: Glad ya remember me.
    Aqua Grunt 187: Here, take this TM. Please don’t kick my ass.
    Chillers: Ehhh, I don’t know. How about this I’ll give you ten seconds to run.
    Aqua Grunt: Really? Thank you!
    Chillers: 1…2…3…
    Aqua Grunt 187: *Flees*
    Chillers: Anyway, maybe I’ll find Sperm here.
    ???: WOW!!! LOOK AT THIS DOCK!!!
    Chillers: Found him. Hey, you Sperm?
    ???: Um, no. My name’s Stern. I was just admiring this model of a dock.
    Chillers: You mean dick.
    Stern: What?
    Chillers: Whatever, here take this. *Hands over Parcel*
    Stern: Wow! Goods! Thank you!
    Aqua Grunt ???: HEY!!! Our boss wants those goods!
    Aqua Grunt ???: Yeah, so hand them over!
    Stern: AY NO! Girl! Help me!
    Chillers: I have a name!
    Stern: You never told me your name!
    Chillers: YOU NEVER ASKED!!!
    Aqua Grunt ???: Oh, wow. They have a good point.
    Aqua Grunt ???: Yeah, let’s introduce ourselves.
    Aqua Grunt ???: I’m Aqua Grunt 188!
    Aqua Grunt ???: I’m Aqua Grunt 189!
    Aqua Grunt 188: Now prepare for battle!
    Aqua Grunt 189: Woah! Dude that was my line!
    Aqua Grunt 188: Does it really matter?
    Aqua Grunt 189: YOU ALWAYS DO THIS!!!
    Aqua Grunt 188: Do what!?
    Aqua Grunt 189: STEP ALL OVER MY LINES!!!
    Aqua Grunt 188: UGH!!! You’re impossible to work with!!!
    Aqua Grunt 189: I’m Impossible?
    Aqua Grunt 188: Yeah.
    Aqua Grunt 189: I’m Impossible!?
    Aqua Grunt 188: Yeah.
    Aqua Grunt 189: I’m Impos-
    Aqua Grunt 188: YEAH!!!
    Aqua Grunts 188 & 189: *Continue to bicker and argue*
    Chillers and Stern: *Sneaks away*
    Stern: Boy, that was a close one.
    Chillers: No. Not really.
    Stern: Anyway, thanks for the pot. *Walks away*
    ???: WOW! Did you drive out Team Aqua? And give that guy pot?
    Chillers: Oh, it’s the fat guy. Yeah, I did.
    ???: Oh, I’m sorry allow me to introduce myself. I’m Scott. I’m searching for strong trainers!
    Chillers: And?
    Scott: And I’m gonna keep an eye on you for a while, so you better put on a show. *Winks then slaps Chiller’s ass*
    Chillers: *Throws Scott into the Ocean*
    -Route 110-
    Chillers: Let’s see if I can find any new Pokemon, you three are getting boring.
    Bloons: Lomb?
    Chillers: YES YOU! Wait…I have no idea what you’re saying. Am I going mad? WHY DO I TLAK TO MYSELF!!!???
    Electrike: Electrike!!! *Tackles Bloons*
    Chillers: You’ll do fine. Great ball, GO!!!
    Electrike: *Wiggle wiggle wiggle DING!*
    Chillers: I don’t know why, but for whatever reason, I’m going to name you Power. C’mon let’s go loot that ugly house up ahead.
    Power: BARK!
    Chillers: NO!!! DON’T DO THAT!!!
    Power: *Whimpers*
    Chillers: Good, you can do that. It shows that you fear me. * Walks into the ugly hosue*
    Chillers: Hello? Anybody here? ‘Good, easier to loot.’
    Table: *Wobble wobble*
    Chillers: Huh? Why are you hiding under a table?
    ???: DAMMIT!!! HOW’D YOU FIND ME!!!
    Chillers: You’re under a table. Wasn’t that hard.
    ???: Oh, well anyways, I’m the Trick Master!!! Come with me to my back room.
    Chillers: Ew, no.
    Trick Master: I have candy.
    Chillers: Candy? CAAAAAAAAAAANDDDYYYY!!!
    Trick Master: *Disappears*
    Chillers: *Runs into back room* BITCH WHERE MY CANDY? Huh? Oh what joy, a maze.
    Little girl: Help me! I’ve been lost for two days now!!! That man promised me candy, tricked me into this maze, and then raped me!!!
    Chillers: Ha, no candy for you. *Progresses*
    Chillers: I’m not a rapist.
    Little girl 2: Oh!!! Thank goodness.
    Chillers: Wait did you get any candy?
    Little girl 2: No.
    Chillers: HAHAHAHAHA!!! *Progresses*
    Little boy: H-help me!!! I’ve been in here for THREE MONTHS!!! THREE!!! Three months with no food and horrible rape sessions every Tuesday!
    Chillers: Isn’t today Tuesday?
    Little bot: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!
    Chillers: HAHAHAHAHA!!! Sucker. *Progresses*
    Trick Master: Ah, so you’ve made it. Are you ready?
    Chillers: For my candy? Yes.
    Trick Master: No…a raping.
    Chillers: … HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Good one, now give me my candy.
    Trick Master: I’m going to rape you then cut off one or your fingers.
    Chillers: *Switches into Kickass mode* Give… me… my… candy… NOW!!!
    Trick Master: RAPEY TIME!!!!
    Chillers: *Kicks the Trick Master’s ass in the most brutal way you could think of then pickpockets him*
    TrickMaster: Ugggggh.
    Chillers: Thanks for the candy!
    Trick Master: D-don’t eat th-that.
    Chillers: Oh well. *Eats*
    Trick Master: F-fool, that candy was meant f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-
    Chillers: *Kicks Trick Master*
    Trick Master: FOR Pokemon. Huff. Huff.


    Chillers: What do you mean for Poke- … WOO HOO!!! *Runs off in a blaze, crashing through the wall first of course*
    Betty: Hey Chillers!!! Long time no see. Have you ever noticed that Pokemon don’t have any visible genitals, yet are able to reproduce?
    Chillers: *Punches then runs off*
    Betty: Ouch! Wow, she’s so dedicated. I idle that kind of determination. I promise Marshtomp, I will find your hidden genitalia. This could go either one of two ways, hard or rock hard.
    Marshtomp: Maaaaarsh???
    ???: Hey there, my names Rydle, you seem really energetic-
    Rydle: Um, yeah ok-
    Derpy: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *Humps Rydle’s Leg*
    Chillers: *Steals a bike* WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
    Wally: Hey, it’s the flat chested girl. HEEEY! CHILLERS!!! OVER HERE!!!
    Chillers: *Runs over Wally* BITCH!!!
    Wally: *Twitches*
    Chillers: *Crashes into gym window* OLD MAN!!!!!!! BATTLE MY POKEMAAAAANNNNSSS!!!
    ???: My name is Watt-
    Chillers: I DON’T-DON’T-DON’T CARE!!! FIGHT NOW!!! GO POWER!!!
    Power: ELECTRIKE!!!
    Chillers: WHO THE HELLA ARE YOU!!???
    Electrike: Electrike!!! *Tackles Bloons*
    Chillers: You’ll do fine. Great ball, GO!!!
    -Present Time-
    Wattson: WO HO HO!!! Pokemon can’t kill other Pokemon. I love your silly antics!
    Wattson: …was that Spanish?
    Chillers: AAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! SPARKLES!!! NOW!!!
    Power: ELEC!!!
    Wattson: GO MAGNETON!!!
    Power: ELEC-TRIKE!!!
    Wattson: What?
    Chillers: GIMMIE MY BADGE!!!!
    Wattson: Were still in the middle of our battle.
    Chillers: BADGE NOW!!! *Tries to use bike*
    Birch’s voice: You can’t use that now-
    Chillers: SCREW OFF BTICH!!! I’LL DO WHATEVERS I FEELS LIKE TO DO!!! *Cycles over to Wattson in attempt to run him over but presses a floor switch by accident causing electricity to flow between two poles causing Chillers to get shocked* ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! *Blacks out*
    Narrator: Well, didn’t Chillers get into a sticky situation. Since she unconscious, we’ll be following Betty for a while and see how his adventure is going.
    -Route 117-
    Betty: Oh, oh Marshtomp.
    Marshtomp: Maaaaar!!!
    Betty: I knew all along you would of wanted rock hard, well here it is.
    Marshtomp: Maaaaaaaaarshtomp!!!
    Betty: Yes…yes…yes! Show me your genitals!
    Marshtomp: Marrrrsh!!!
    Betty: C’mon now, don’t be shy-
    Daycare Man: Um, sir. You’re not allowed to be behind this fence.
    Betty: Can’t you see I’m in the middle of something!? I’d ask you to join, but you’re all wrinkly.
    Daycare Man: Please sir, pull up your pants, you’re scaring away customers.
    Betty: No way man, I’m making a discove-…Marshtomp.
    Marshtomp: Marsh?
    Betty: Is this your c-…It’s not mine, so…DAMMIT MAN!!! YOU MADE ME MISS MY POKEMON’S CLIMAX!!! Now I’ll never know if my Pokemon have genitals.
    Daycare Man: GET OUT!!!!
    Betty: Man, that guy was mean, but at least we had fun, right Marshtomp?
    Marshtomp: Maarsh!!!
    Betty: Hey, lets go check out that gym over there. There’s bound to be cute boys, what do you say?
    Marshtomp: MAAAAR!!!
    Betty: That’s the spirit!!! LETS GO!!! *Runs inside*
    Marshtomp: Mar?
    Betty: Hey, why is everyone cuddling around that trainer? *Walks over* OMIGOSH!!! IT’S CHILLERS!!!
    Wattson: You know this freak?
    Betty: HECK YEAH!!! WE’RE BFFL’S!!!
    Wattson: Um…ok. Maybe you can help her, she blacked out.
    Betty: I know what to do!!! This happens to my mom all the time… WAKE UP YOU SLUTTY BITCH!!! YOU’RE PREGNANT!!!
    Chillers: …
    Betty: Well, it works on my mom.
    Wattson: Dammit! That’s it. I’m throwin’ her in the trash.
    Betty: WAIT!!! Let me try one thing.
    Narrator: Instead of the stupid dialogue the author always does, he is going to switch writing styles for this one part.
    So, the snowy haired boy got on his knees and leaned over. Out of desperation he pressed his lips up against those of the unconscious beauty. Getting lost in the moment, he craved more. Trying to push his tongue past her cold, pink lips, the girl started to awaken. She quickly grabbed a Pokeball from her belt and clamped the boy’s crotch with it. As he struggled to get the ball of his balls, she jammed her fist in his face.
    “WHAT THE FU-“

    The End


    Current team:
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    Chicken lvl 30
    Male/Serious (+/-)
    Cut/Double Kick
    Bulk Up/Ember

    A really strong Pokemon that can pretty much 1 hit KO everything. Training is difficult due to it being scared all the time. I was a fool to get rid of Peck for Bulk Up, but I'll make up for it by teaching it Aerial Ace.

    Bloons lvl 28
    Male/Calm (+Spd./-Att.)
    Astonish/Fake Out
    Absorb/Nature Power
    Swift Swim

    Bloons has a horrible level up move pool, Fake Out is the only reason it can hold its own battle. I feel that after I beat the 5th gym, things will start looking up with this guy.

    Derpy lvl 26
    Female/Naive (+Spe./-Spd.)
    Take Down/Iron Defense
    Rock Tomb/Metal Claw
    Rock Head

    Pure power house. Derpy has amazing strengths and awesome defense. Take Down has really helped Derpy kick ass better and I couldn't' of asked for a better ability on this thing. Miss rate has dropped to 30%

    Power lvl 25
    Male/Timid (+Spe./-Att.)
    Quick Attack/Thunder Wave

    This little trooper is the newest member of my team. Extreme Training helped this little guy beat Wattson, WHICH WAS THE MOST ANNOYING AND AGONIZING BATTLE EVER!!! AND I'M GLAD THAT I GOT SHOCK WAVE, I FLIPPIN' DESERVED IT!!! Anyway, I like him.
  24. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    ^ less rude, please =_='

    Kind of turned me away >.>
  25. Chinchillers


    Mar 13, 2012
    I'm sorry KS from now on, I'll put a vulgar warning for those who don't like vulgar things. I'll also try to tone it down.

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