Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2


I'm going to get locked into an endless loop of caterpie grinding, then death, then release. I will never beat misty >.<

I've spent a few hours switch training Ruthless, and I'll keep going until it gets tackle. TIL that at level 30, Magikarp gets Flail, this should help in my conquest for a free moveset on Gyarados. I have yet to enter Mt Moon -.-

Current team:

Ruthless lv 13 (Magikarp)
Hardy-(f)-Swift Swim


Cloverleaf lv 20 (Pidgeotto)
Bold-(m)-Keen Eye

Quick Attack
Sand Attack

Leafy lv 20 (Ivysaur)

Poison Powder
Leech Seed
Vine Whip(can't use)

Eipretac1 lv 16 (Caterpie)
Hasty-(f)-Shield Dust

String Shot
Lol I'll try, but if it gets to like the 5th or 6th caterpie and I'm having to grind to levels of like 30+ from a level 6 caterpie, than I'm going to request a new pokemon/challenge.
I can give you my sig challange as an alt if it gets to that point:

Random the Hitmonlee: it must learn Metronome via tutor ASAP. Maximize it's PP and use it first in ALL battles. Must solo one Rival poke and one E4 poke using only Metronome.
Soloed Misty first try. Oh my god the amount of hax. Eipretac1 was level 31 during the battle, but leveled up during and evolved into Metapod (:

lv 31 Eipretac1 uses tackle, critical hit::Staryu goes into red.
Staryu uses harden

Misty uses super potion::Staryu goes into low green
Eipretac1 uses tackle::Staryu goes to low yellow

Staryu uses harden
Eipreyac1 uses tackle::Staryu goes into low red

Staryu uses recover::Staryu goes into mid yellow
Eipreyac1 uses tackle::Staryu goes into low red

This happens for about 5 more times, I do more damage than it can heal, it eventually dies.

Out comes Starmie. Fuck everything about this. Eipretac1 is still full health though :D

Starmie uses Swift:: Eipretac1 loses about 30%
Eipretac1 uses String Shot

Eipretac1 uses tackle::Starmie loses about 15% (/disappoint)
Starmie uses Water Pulse:: Eipretac1 loses about 25% (A 4HKO, I MIGHT WIN THIS!)

Starmie misses twice, I tackle twice.
Eipretac1: ~40%
Starmie: ~50%

Stamie uses Water Pulse::Eipretac1 goes down into red
Eipretac1 uses tackle, crit!!:: Starmie goes down into red.

Speed ties, grrr.

I use a super potion, not willing to risk losing the speed tie.
Eipretac1 is at ~90%
Starmie uses Water Pulse::Eipretac1 loses about 35%

Eipretac1 uses tackle::Starmie faints

Yes. Oh. My. God. The hax gods must love me. This has saved me from so much drudgery. I can't explain how amazing this was.

Current Team:
Ruthless lv 17 (Magikarp)
Hardy-(f)-Swift Swim


Cloverleaf lv 22 (Pidgeotto)
Bold-(m)-Keen Eye

Quick Attack
Sand Attack

Leafy lv 23 (Ivysaur)

Poison Powder
Leech Seed
Razor Leaf

Eipretac1 lv 31 (Metapod)
Hasty-(f)-Shed Skin

String Shot

I plan on leaving Ruthless in the daycare for awhile, at least until I can fly back to get her. I use an emulator on my phone with a speedx2 option that i usually use for grinding, so he should level up pretty quickly while I'm training Cloverleaf and Leafy up to match Eipretac1's level.

(I own a copy of the game, but playing on my phone is more accessible to me, plus this way I don't have to Noah's Ark all of my beloved pokemon to a different game so I can restart.)
Alright, my next update... with a full team.

Since I only had four of my pokemon, I decided to take the time to get the other two. It was easy to get Doduo, since he was right off the edge of Celadon. Now Ponyta.... That's a different story. I needed to beat Erika, which meant I needed to bulk train Blair, so I used only him to take on the Rocket Hideout in the Game Corner, and the Pokemon Tower. At Level 31 I decided to just see what would happen. Him learning Ice Beam was the best thing that could possibly happen, and alongside Dig, let me wipe out Erika pretty quickly. Then I made my way down Route 12/13 toward Fuchsia City, fighting as few trainers as possible because that wasn't my goal, I'll do it later. I walked into the gym and I realized that I needed Rooney to do my solo here, and put him in front to train up a bit. Facing Koga, I taught Rooney Submission and Rock Slide, which the latter helped me, just enough to pass it. I was sooooooo underleveled trying to fight him, it was absurd. Then, with my new badge and Surf, from the Safari Zone, I flew back to Pallet to start sailing to Cinnabar. It was pretty easy, and caught myself a Ponyta. Now, I'm on the 5th floor of the Sliph Co. on my way to taking Giovanni to get Mimic, so I can work toward my Dodrio, and then I'll be on my way to Blaine.

Rooney ~ Sandslash
Level 31
Rock Slide

Pareras ~ Parasect
Level 30
Body Slam
Leech Life

Tri Attack ~ Doduo
Level 30
Drill Peck
Fury Attack
Tri Attack

Ash ~ Raichu
Level 33
Thunder Wave
Quick Attack

Blair ~ Wartortle
Level 34
Ice Beam

Bad Horse ~ Ponyta
Level 32
Tail Whip

Onto Giovanni!
@loudkirby, if you run out of trainer owned ones, just use wild ones.
@Sage Chow, what do you mean what about your bellsprout? If you mean between MVP and LVP, he should be near the middle.
Also, I hope to start my scramble today, so wish me luck!!
@jon_eod:the hard part is pretty much over... Erika isn't as bad as Misty considering you resist Giga Drain... but geez. its a fucking Metapod. You probably need to be Level 55 just to beat Erika.
I miss the old thread title, but nothing I can do about it.

My SoulSilver Scramble mini-update: Ewwww evolved into Weezing while I'm in the process of leveling up my team. My evolving Pokemon are now fully evolved! I plan on taking on Clair soon. I will update my signature later when I get a chance.

Also, good luck on your Scramble, Axmaster68!
Here is my real team :)

Team Ax-Factor

Reserving a Gengar to Axmaster68.

You want a pokémon with my personallity? Really? Well, fine to me.

Name it BR Kid.

As a Gastly:

When BR Nerd was a child, believe me, he was the most fucking boring child in the world. When he arrived in the parties, everybody said "ow my god, the demon arrived". He liked to provoke people, just to be an idiot, so, he must use Taunt in every battle he is sent out.

But there's a problem. As a problem kid, every time someone confronted him, he went to his mom(read, you) crying, so, when someone hit him, when he is already in the red(and of course, he survived...) he must be switched out.

After Taunt 20 people, he discovers that people will only be nice if you be nice, and now, he can evolve.

As a Haunter, rename it BR Nerd

He is a nice guy, he knows he is, that past is completely past. But, apparently, the girls think he is somehow weird or an ET that they can't even talk with, just because he is a nerd. Must know mean look and use accidentally on every female pokémon. Pokémon school is the only place that he receives girls attention, because he is intelligent (it's the only thing he is proud of) and girls only talk to him to study or something related to school. So, he must learn frustration (don't need to use...).

One thing that he likes, since he was a baby gastly, is Challanges. He always go to the most difficult way he can, just to prove that he can. So, to evolve, he must solo Sabrina(I don't know if Sabrina has female mons, but, if she has, the Mean Look restriction is lifted). And, to be more challanging, can't use SE attacks on her mons...

As a Gengar:

The name keeps the same, because: Once a nerd, always a nerd(I think Shakespare said it). He is not frustrated because of the girls anymore, he only says: Fuck you damn bitches, I can find a girl that likes nerds too!!!!! He must forget frustration. Mean look too must be forget.

Now, he is working, he has short time, but he is so proud of his accomplishments!!!!! He knows that his parents( are responsible for a big part of what he is today(that includes, know another languages). He must learn Return, and use in every battle. He has no more restrictions.(BrazilianGuy)
For Axmaster, I give you Whut?errrr the Slowpoke. He is always incredibly tired (I never get to sleep ;~;), and such must always keep Yawn, and he must use it everytime he is sent out before doing anything else. If he happens to fall asleep through other means, such as an opponent's Sleep Powder/Hypnosis, he must not switch out until he wakes up, and you cannot use items like Full Heals and the Chesto Berry to wake him up before he should, but if you do, he cannot fight in the rest of the battle, as he HATES being woken up. He is also a bit slow on the news sometimes (too busy), so he can only evolve into a Slowbro once he reaches level 42, 5 levels after he should. He must also solo Erika, as he was going to solo Morty due to his weakness to Ghost, but he didn't realize Abra beat him already, and must solo 5 Super Nerds and 5 Scientists to show he's smarter than them.(water warrior)

You get Jimer the Scyther (Yes I know he'll share that Pinneco's type but goddamit I love Scyther so you're getting one). Jimer cares more for his friend's safety than his own, and so must switch in to take a hit from an opponent that would've KO'd the Pokemon it took the place of 30 times to evolve. He loves Speed and Stealth, and so must have and keep a Priority move and a Dark type move ASAP so he can feel like a ninja.(Jimera)

@Axmaster68: Take Dummy007 the Shuckle. He's an intellectual, so, to show this, he must always hold an item with either "glasses" or "lens" in it whenever such an item becomes available (or Choice Specs, but that seems pretty stupid). He also wants to prove that he deserves to be called an intellectual, so he must solo all Trainers you encounter that wear glasses unless this conflicts with something else. He prefers to take his time with everything, so he must have a -Speed nature, preferably Quiet (this is also why he can only run a 12-minute mile). Lastly, he must learn Rest ASAP and keep it forever, since great minds need plenty of sleep. However, since he, like me, gets less sleep than he should, you must wake him up the turn after he uses Rest, by any means necessary.

-Male Shuckle named Dummy007
-Must hold an item with a lens (Scope/Zoom Lens, Black/Wise Glasses, Choice Specs)
-Must solo 50 Trainers with glasses
-Must have a -Speed nature, preferably Quiet
-Must learn and keep Rest ASAP, and must be awoken the turn after Rest is used

The all trainers needs to be changed.(Dummy 007)

Axmaster, take MisQuote the Misdreavus.
This Misdreavus is very cheerful, so it feels bad for it's foes.
It cannot use attacks if they would be super-effective, because that would be unfair to it's opponents.

It must solo every trainer in a gym except the gym leader to evolve.

Good luck!(Endquote)

Take King S. The Abra. King S. Is extremely intelligent and is always on Smogon. As such King S. must know Calm Mind because he is extremely calm. He must know Charge Beam because he is always on his phone/computer and must keep them charged at all times. Teach him Shadow Ball because he has an extremely dark side that can be seen during his experiments. Also, teach him Psychic because he knows that a good fighter ALWAYS uses a weapon that is the most effective. He hates the memory of soloing Morty with BunBun the Buneary, so he must solo Morty. Kadabra can only evolve after soloing a Team Rocket Exectutive with a Koffing and the red haired one once. TM usage is unlimited as is knowledge. To become Alakazam, solo the rival at any time because he has always hated his rudeness. Overall, have a great run :)(King Serperior)

Take Beastly the Totodile. Beastly is very cocky and thinks everything he does is awesome, because let’s face is. When facing wild pokemon and Beastly is the first one sent out, he cannot run away or switch out because he wants to show everyone how awesome he is. Beastly can evolve once he has proven just how awesome he is, by soloing any 6 gym pokemon that know SE moves against him. Once Beastly has turned into Croconaw, if he is over level 21, you should try to only heal him through potions since he is old enough to "drink" and it’s one of his favorite things to do. He may evolve into Feraligator when he gets the first opportunity because let’s face it, Croconaw can't handle all that awesome. As Feraligator, Beastly knows he is super awesome now, and cannot switch out against anyone, unless he has under 10 HP.
There are a few restrictions he must follow no matter the form.

- He must be the highest level pokemon in your party at all times, because he's that awesome
- He may only know Physical moves in his move set. Because he's so proud of his awesome muscles
- He may only hold 2 items. Macho Brace or Muscle Band.
- He is very loyal and will not leave your side so he cannot be boxed or Day Cared.(Beastly2010)

Take Zipo the Natu, my all time favorite pokemon besides Chinchou. Now, I hate running and biking with a fiery passion, so Zipo must not be in the lead spot whenever you are running or biking in-game. I love love love TMs so Zipo must know at least 2 TM moves. It cannot use any physical moves. I have glasses that I love, so Zipo must as well, BlackGlasses (have fun, they're annoying to get). I hate Water, Lemonade, and Milk, so you cannot feed those to Zipo. To evolve into Xatu, you must solo Chuck and teach Surf to something and have Natu out first when you are surfing 25 times during wild encounters and solo all of them, because I learned to swim rather late in life for living so close to the water. (Ziposaki)

For you I give DJ Ruler the Pineco. DJ has always wanted to be cool, he thinks that by becoming a DJ this will be achieved. Therefore he must keep Rapid Spin in his move set for the duration of the challange. However he doesn't enjoy hanging out with other people much so because of that he cannot participate in any double battles. As well he believes knowledge is power meaning that he must learn all new moves that occur via level up. For him to evolve into Forretress he must solo 10 Hikers to prove he is rugged enough to become a Steel type. Have fun.(RaptorRuler)

-@Axmaster68, Take Saiyan the Tauros. He may look big and tough but he is very friendly, so teach him Strength to prove his power and Return to show his friendliness. His other 2 moves must be Physical and not Normal type because he wants good attacking coverage. He likes a new challenge and is always ready for anything new, so every new route he enters for the first time, he must be the lead Pokemon until a battle takes place. He must solo Misty because she is his favorite companion that traveled with Ash. Good luck and have fun(Super Saiyan)

-Ok, Axemaster take a Pokemon named after my friend West. It must be male. West is intelligent enough to know that to sweep, you need power, so it must know a boosting move at all times. West is all out offensive when playing Pokemon, so he must know 3 attacking moves in addition to the boosting move. His best Pokemon is his Infernape, but you can choose any poke you want as long as it's offensive stats are higher than it's defensive stats. It must know a tutor move because he has to be tutored occasionally. Crush all foes with a mix set because all of his pokes are mixed. It may not know any stall moves because he cannot use stall worth anything.

Ax take a Machop, name it Maxieman, likes the hero in the movie kickass must get his ass kicked at the start and nearly die(faint), once he accompilices that goal he can evolved, to evolve again he must blow up(Dynamic Punch) the bad guy boss(Archer). But unlike in the movie, he doesnt quit being a hero and instead decides to keep being a hero and must try to solo any dark types he sees, except flying ones as that somehow reminds him of red Mist.
Have fun:)

Axmaster68, seems like you want a Pokemon from me, right? Okay, let's see...

Take a Ditto. Yes, I'm dead serious, a Ditto. You must catch the first Ditto you see. If it is hoolding an Item, it must keep hold of it & you may not give it any new items. Your restrictions depend on its item.

None: It can never be the lowest leveled member out of all your Scramblemons. When it transforms, it can only use attacking moves the Pokemon has, & it must stay in until it faints.

Quick Powder: Ditto is incredibly ashamed of you for not willing to accept it's Nuzlocke part of the challenge, & is incredibly upset as a result. Therefore, it wants to take out its frustration on you. It must stay in your party at all times, & ultimately, It may only battle against trainers.

Metal Powder: It can never be the lowest leveled member out of all your Scramblemons. It may only fight against Pokemon with a higher level than it.

Either way, name it IH8IAR. Of course, with random restrictions, it does reflect my randomness.

Have fun.

Axmaster; there's only one pokemon I can give you really. I managed to BS quite a bit.. but then again, you did request a long story :)

Take a Bellsprout, name it Sage Twig

Since my username is already a character in the game, it seems only fair that you begin this challange by battling him. You must not use Bellsprout until you're challenged by him in Sprout Tower. He's the second trainer there. Make sure to bring potions and prepare to solo his team with your freshly caught Bellsprout!

When looking on Serebii, you will see that Sage Chow's Bellsprouts have an alleged moveset of Razor Leaf, Gastro Acid, Slam and Wring Out. Of course we know better, since all they ever do is Vine Whip you.. But I'd like to believe they put it there for a reason; During your "epic" battle with Sage Chow's roster of Bellsprouts, Sage Twig has a powerful vision of his future moveset: He believes it's his destiny to obtain these listed moves and refuses to evolve to Victreebell beforehand.

Secondly, let's investigate the words of wisdom that you're given pre-battle:
"We stand guard in this tower. Here we express our gratitude and show our respect to all pokemon."

So how does one express his gratitude and respect to pokemon? For the Sages of Johto, this means judging your pokemon equally, giving them all a chance to shine in the spotlight and working together like a team: Fight a trainer (Suggestion: Gymleader Clair, it's not mandatory) and use all six pokemon on your team at least once. Preferably, they must use all of their attacks, but simply landing an attack and a status move is enough to complete the sub-challange. Make sure you lead ánd finish the battle with Sage Twig. He cannot evolve to Victreebell before you complete this minor condition.

And who are we guarding the tower from? The trainers in Ecruteak's Burned Tower*? The rival could certainly use a lesson in respect and gratitude.. Or did the Sage talk about the Radio Tower? That one certainly needs the most guarding.. And technically, the Lighthouse could be regarded as a tower too. It's certainly a place to show respect to sick pokemon like Amphy. Solo three trainers of your choice in these towers. If you fail to solo any trainer in one tower you may never evolve to Victreebell.

The road to enlightenment is long and hard, so when you finally obtain your destined moveset, and have completed the mandatory solo's and team battle, you may evolve Sage Twig to a Victreebell. With evolution all restrictions on his moveset are lifted. Since Lavender Tower has been replaced, there's nothing to do for him in Kanto. So, no more mandatory solo's.

Have Fun!

- Bellsprout named Sage Twig
- Solo Sage Chow at Sprout Tower immediately after capture.
- Evolve to Weepinbell once you reach Ecruteak.
- Razor Leaf, Gastro Acid, Slam and Wring Out before evolving to Victreebell.
- Complete a trainer battle using all pokemon; lead ánd finish with Sage.
- Solo three trainers at Burned Tower, Lighthouse and Radio Tower.
- If you fail to solo any trainer at a tower he may never evolve.
- After evolution all restrictions are lifted.

*I always found it rather suspicious to find a bunch of pyromaniac trainers in a burned tower, but maybe that's just me..

Also, could someone tell me how to link this post to my sig? Please and thank you!

My guess for LVP: Ditto
MVP: Scizor

Warning: I shall not use images for my team overview, but here's what I have so far of Chapter 1 of A Soul Chronicle:

Chapter 1: I'm Shrinking!....
Welcome to the world of pokemon in Johto. My name is Chris, as you shall here througout my adventures. You may know my mom, my friend Lyra, and my rival Idiot. I began my journey in my room inside my home in New Bark Town, a little place near the Kanto border. When I went downstairs, my mom told me that Lyra had been playing hide-and-seek outside with her Marril, then gave me some various tools that may help me for now. I proceeded to go outside next, and here is what I said:

Yes, I know it's sad. The stupid thing surprised me. Turns out it's Lyra's. She said hi to me, then directed me to the office of Professor Elm, which my mom had done previously. Since she reinforced what my mom said, I decided to go see what the commotion was all about. So, I went next door to Professor Elm's Lab to get the scoop on what was going on.

So I walk in, and guess what happens:nothing. That's right, all that for nothing. At least until I saw Professor Elm. Then, and only then, does he FINALLY talk to me. Yeah yeah blah blah blah random egg from Mr. Pokemon blah blah blah.


And really people, this game was made in 2010. Come on people, email? At least make it a text or something.

Well, that's finally over, and he finally gave me a starter. I, as with my restrictions, choose Totodile. One note before I go on:

Okay now, so I turn on the DS, go in, and get a JOLLY Totodile, and then I can't save.


So then I delete my data(FINALLY), go in and start over. I get a Relaxed nature. Uhhh.... no thanks. Click

*Innocent face*

Now then, my Totodile, who I promptly named Beastly, has a Serious nature. That's a little better, but I WANT MY JOLLY BEAST-MAN BACK!!!!

*Sheds tear*

Ah well then, there will always be next time. Anyways, Professor Elm then sent me to Mr. Pokemon's house with beastly, who promptly soloed a lot of wild pokemon. So many Sentret and Pidgey that he leveled up to about 9 or 10. I'd say that's pretty good for route 29, or is it 28? Oh well, still Beastly got me all the way to Cherrygrove City. Here, an old man promptly sprinted around town with me waiting in the wings, until his tour(read: BORING AS CRAP). Good grief old man, I know what this stuff is!!! Still, he gave me the running shoes, which will very much come in handy.

After he gave me the running shoes, I decided to canter into the PokeMart and purchase some items. Okay then, WHY ARE YOU OUT OF POKEBALLS??? I WANT MY PIDGEY!!!! Sigh... I still got some potions, including the ones the random helper gave me when I left the lab, so now I have 10. I bought 5 Parlz Heals and 5 Antidotes, too, but now I have no money.


Joy... now I get to go heal Beastly(Yay!) and go to some random old guy's house for no apparent reason(Nay!). Yay fully healed beastly! Okay then, of to some random guy named Mr. Pokemon's house! I then promptly run to the edge of the city, when:

Another random old guy shows up, yay! At least this random old guy gives me something for my pokegear, which my mom gave me earlier after Lyra told me to go see my mom before I left. I know, it's sad, but I'm 10, OK? It's what my mom would want. Hey, she gave me one of the most useful items in the game, and now I have 2 applications for it.

Back to now. So, Beastly promptly soloed route 30(or is it 29?) until I got to Mr. Pokemon's house. Okay then, 2 RANDOM OLD GUYS???

Hey, at least I got the Pokedex, OK?? Now I get to go give an egg to Prof. Elm, when a random call comes in.

Okay, what Professor? Somebody stole a Chickorita? Oooh... I'm so scared with a level 11 Totodile. Well, I need to go deliver this egg anyways, so I'm coming home anyways!

*Quickly runs to Cherrygrove while Beastly solos all the wild pokemon*

Man, not even 1 level?? Oh well, let's just heal up before heading back, and I have to go get that Apricorn on my way back to Cherrygrove.

I run to the edge of Cherrygrove on my way to New Bark Town.


Uhh... okay, yeah your weak.... man oh man a level 5 Chickorita facing my level 11 Totodile? Here's exactly what happened, ironically in ginganinja-like form:

The battle with Passerby Boy began in a flash of purple and orange light, and mystically Beastly and Chikorita appeared on the field in front of us. I commanded Beastly to use Leer, while Chikorita used Growl. The two attacks collided against each of the pokemon, though overall it evened itself out and we both remained at the equivilant of even. I called to Beastly, saying, "Use Leer again!" During this, my opponent told Chikorita meanly to use Tackle. The attack hit Beastly, knocking him down, but not actually doing very much, 3 HP, to be exact. "You've got the advantage!Use Scratch!" I shouted to Beastly, while Passerby Boy commanded Chikorita to use Tackle, scaring it so much it was hurt inside, and could not attack fully. While this happened, Beastly unleased a powerful Scratch, sending it flying across the field, doing about a third damage to Chikorita. This continued for two more turns, until Beastly finally overcame Chikorita with a third scratch. Beastly and I had won our first battle!

We then continued on, delivering the Mystery Egg to the professor, who told me that I should take on the gym challenge. I decided to head out to Cherrygrove, while still soloing all the wild pokemon up until Cherrygrove.

When I got there, I healed up, then ran off to the next route excitedly; I was about to have my first real pokemon battle!!

And so, I walk up to the guy, and what do I see: A level 4 Ratatta!

Next trainer, a level 2 Ratatta and a level 4 Pidgey.

Next trainer, 3 level 3 Caterpie.


On the next route, route 31, I did many things. One was finally not OHKOing something! It was a Bellsprout.

I also caught my first pokemon!! It was also a Bellsprout. I named it Sage Twig. I then finally made my way to Violet City.

There, I healed up, and decided to go see if I could go catch a level 6 Bellsprout. I did so, with a nothing up nothing down nature, which is okay, but could be better. This one I also named Sage Twig.

I went over to Sprout Tower to see if I could solo Sage Chow. I first had to face Sage Nico. I tried to solo one of his Bellsprout with Twiggy(read: Sage Twig), but it turns out I need about 8 Vine Whips to solo 1 Bellsprout 3 levels below me. So, I figured that I would need at least a few more levels before I could solo 3.

I went over to Route 31 to grind a little, but it turns out all I needed was a single Bellsprout to get a new move: Growth. I thought I could solo Sage Chow now, so I went over to Sprout Tower after healing up again.
Turns out Growth only makes Special Attack goes up, so I needed another plan on the fly. Then I noticed the PP on Growth: 40. I then realized I could outstall him and make him struggle. I soloed 1 Bellsprout like that, then went for the Vine Whip on the next, getting a crit, and knocking it to half HP. I then outstalled that Bellsprout, then proceeded to 6HKO the final one, being left with 4 PP on Vine Whip. I had Beastly solo the rest of the tower, which worked VERY well for me.

I then went over to the Ruins of Alph, and complete the Kabuto puzzle. This unlocked Unown for the Ruins, so I decided to grind for a little while with Twiggy and Beastly. I got Beastly to level 15 and Twiggy to level 12, before deciding to go and beat Falkner's lackies.

*2 thoroughly wiped on the floor trainers later*

There we go, Beastly is level 16. Twiggy, sorry, but you won't be helping here.

Now then, time to heal up before Falkner!

This is where this chapter ends. Tune in next time to see what happens when I face Falkner!!

Team Overview:

Beastly(Totodile) Level 16 with Water Gun/Rage/Scratch/Bite

Sage Twig(Bellsprout(AKA Twiggy)) Level 12 with Vine Whip/Wrap/Growth

A note: I've decided to make Beastly's restriction to evolve to solo 6 GL pokemon without SE moves.

Hope you liked it!!

Chapter 2: A first, A third, and well, nothing:

I'd like to begin where I left off last. To recap, we were healing up before taking on Falkner.

Anyways, I went off to the pokemon center and healed Beastly, along with Twiggy, and of course, had all the death fodder I could have needed for the first gym leader in a region.

So, having previously beaten all the lackies and the like, I went straight there. So, without furthur ado, here's my battle with Falkner, ginganinja style:

The battle for the Zepher Badge began in the center of Violet City, with both Falkner and myself taking our places at opposite ends of the battlefield arena inside the gym. He decides to send out his Pidgey first, so, thinking he is trying to test the water of my pokemon with this weaker Pidgey, I throw Beastly's pokeball onto the arena floor, releasing him in a flash of light. As his pokeball returns to my hand, we begin. I call out to Beastly, saying, "Hit him with a Bite!" while he charges forward. I could not tell what attack he was sending at me, though I presumed it to be a powerful tackle. The two courageous opponents collided, though Beastly overpowered the poor Pidgey, and Pidgey was sent flying across the stage of battle. The opponent cried out in pain, realizing his Pidgey may not make it past this powerful hit from my Totodile. Pidgey slid across the top of the floor; hitting the wall behind the gym leader at speed. The hit was so strong that Pidgey could not hold on long enough to be presumed ready to launch its next attack, and fainted with a cry of pain. That meant to me that Beastly had OHKOed the poor little Pidgey, which is extremely good, but yet I felt the pain of the gym leader for the little guy as he drew him back to his pokeball and sent out his main pokemon. For this matchup, it would be Pidgeyotto VS Beastly, with Twiggy waiting in the wings if I needed him. I gave Beastly my thanks for the battle against Pidgey, and quickly asked him if he was ready to go again. He pumped his hand, showing me he was oh-so-ready to go again, and as I told him to get on out there, I thought, "He is such a beast... I hope he can KO this Pidgeyotto so I don't have to use Twiggy. I'm very worried about him. I wish he could play a bigger part in this. Maybe I'll have him help out with Whitney and a bunch of other gym leaders to make it up to him." Both him and I were ready to go, so we each called our attacks. I called a second Bite, hypothosizing that it should deal quite a bit of damage, whilst he called for a Gust. Before Pidgeyotto could get off that gust, Beastly unleashed a terrifying Bite, causing Pidgeyotto to flinch. As Beastly returned to me to take my next command, Falkner surveyed the damage done to his Pidgeyotto. Figuring that the attack dealt about one-third damage to his main pokemon, he called for a Roost. At the same time, I did not want to risk the Scratch, Water Gun, or Rage at this point, so I politely asked my Beast-man to use Bite again, whilst apologizing for my redundancy. The Bite again hit first; dealing about one-fourth to one-fifth damage to the foe's pokemon, while all that went away as the Pidgeyotto I was facing used roost. We then each called our next moves: Bite VS Gust. The attackers collided in midair, unleashing a damage total of about a fourth to the Pidgeyotto and 7 HP to Beastly. Yes, he's that much of a beast. We each reapeated this process another time. After only 5 turns, it looked like to the both of us that turn 6 would be the turning point of this matchup. I again called for a Bite, while he called for the healing of Roost. Unfortunatly for Falkner, this Bite had a high roll; it eliminated the remaining health of Pidgeyotto before he could get the Roost off. Pidgeyotto was sent flying straight through a rock on the battlefield, and head on plowed into a wall. The shock from the hit made it so difficult for Pidgeyotto to hang on, it fainted. This made Beastly, Twiggy, and me the winners! As Endquote would say, ZEPHER BADGE GET!!

On the way out of the gym after recieving the Zepher Badge and TM 51 Roost, I recieved an intreguing call: Professor Elm wanted me to take the mystery egg I got earlier, and I could go get it at the nearby pokemart.

First, I needed to heal up after that exciting battle.

Once that was done, I went over to the local pokemon mart; which ironically was right next to the gym.


Anyways, I recieved the egg from a wierd looking scientist in a white coat. I have no clue how he travels so fast. I figured I might as well keep it for now, as I didn't want to waste a perfectly good egg. Too bad I don't have a challange for it.

Now then, I have one more mission before I can move on to Azaela Town; catch my first HM slave.

To do so, I know I would need to return to Route 29 so I can catch a Pidgey to be my flyer after I get gym badge number 5 from another formidable(read: not) opponent.

Once I finally got back to Cherrygrove, I went over to Route 29, and after finding and KOing numerous, and I mean NUMEROUS, Sentret, I said:


To add insult to injury, this Pidgey was level 2. I mean seriously, LEVEL 2?? After all that work? You've got to be kidding me.

Well, after grinding to level 3, I decided to head back to Violet City.

After many a wild pokemon, I made it back to Violet City. Somebody needs to give us Fly earlier in the game. What is wrong with these people at Gamefreak these days?

Ah well, at least I get to move on to the next route.

Now then, let's go quick and grab that yellow apricorn on my way out.

*does so*

Now then, let's head out to Union Cave.

Okay now, yay free Miracle Seed! Uhh... why am I getting such a useful item from a random old man... WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU PEDOPHILE-LIKE MAN?

Whatever, at least I don't have to battle him... that would be a nightmare.

I decide to train Twiggy as I go through this route. And so, this is how I get Twiggy to about level 15, and in doing so getting him some new moves. When I am done, I have to go back to the pokemon center and heal up for the rest of the leg.

As I head back to Violet facing various wild pokemon, I realize that Twiggy won't be able to take much more, and I don't want him getting KOed. I then put Beastly in the lead spot and continue on to Violet City to heal up.

I go back to where I was and finish up the route, being sure to grab all the items on my way, and battle each and every trainer, for all the XP and levels I can get on my pokemon.

When I reach the pokemon center just before Union Cave, I need to heal up. I do so, and then take on the final trainer before my first ever major cave; Union Cave.

It turns out Union Cave is smaller than one would think. I do make sure to go get another TM, some X items, and quite a bit of XP for both Twiggy and Beastly. I battle enough trainers to reach levels 16 for Twiggy and 18 for Beastly.

After battling a Firebreather near the entrance, I realize how different these games are. Generation II and generation IV should NOT, in any way, be muddled together. One reason I find this true is the difference between the pokemon in these games. Many of the people in both Heartgold and Soulsilver have many different pokemon than Gold and Silver in them, even in the beginning.

I then go battle many Hikers, a few Jugglers, and a couple of Firebreathers before I finally reach the end; and the light of, oh wait it's raining.


Ah well, life goes on. Now then, before I go any further, I need to grab these two here apricorns. You know, the pink and black ones right next to Azaela? Come on, you know you do.

Anyways, after thouroghly destroying the one remaining hiker in my way of Azaela Town, I notice a pecuilar conversation.

Team Rocket is cutting of the tails of Slowpoke and selling them? Okay then... why.... Well evidently, like always, it looks like it's up to me to save them(read:AGAIN!!).

Sigh... well... I guess I've got nothing better to do now that they blocked off the gym. I might as well heal my team up before this, though.

All right, I'm done. Wait a minute,




I just realized, I haven't visited Kurt yet!

How stupid am I!?!


All that aside, I went and visited Kurt. He was really angry, and went over to Slowpoke Well.


Oh gosh, what did Kurt do now?

Anyways, I found the entrance opened, and when I went down the ladder, here's what I thought:




Yes yes, I know it's sad. But seriously, he couldn't go anywhere, so I had to go beat Team Rocket all by myself.

Oh joy... now its all me... I'm everyone's hero afterwards if I do it... blah blah blah. I don't need your appreciation, it's just helping that makes me feel good.

Anyways, it's time to wipe the floor with these Rocketeers! Here's some nice music to go with this one:
and this:

All righty now, let's go destroy these idiots Twiggy!

Okay now, a grunt with 2 Ratatta? No problemo! Go Twiggy! Use Vine Whip on both!


That was easy. Now for the next one.

First things first, let's grab the item before this next grunt.

I walk around a sharp left handed turn inside this gray cave, avoiding many of the blue rocks, until I reach a red pokeball. Inside it contained a Super Potion. I did notice a purple-haired grunt in front of me, though, and new I would have to face her with my newly leveled-up Twiggy.

She had a pair of level 8 Zubat, which Twiggy and Beastly promptly wiped the floor with.


I noticed what looked like the boss of the operation ahead of this last grunt. This one again had some annoying Zubat, so I had Beastly destroy them, too.

Boss time!!

It turns out he has a level 9 Zubat first. Twiggy, if you would be so kind... Thanks!! Now for his level 12 Koffing! Twiggy, I'm going to keep you in and get a little more XP for Twiggy, even though I know Twiggy will get absolutely destroyed, so after Sleep Powder refuses to hit many times, I switch in Beastly. Beastly, knowing that the Special Defense of Koffing is lower than the Defense, fires of a Water Gun, just as my command would have been. Amazingly, this powerful STAB Water Gun left Koffing with about one-sixth of it's HP left. He called for Poison Gas, poisoning my poor Beast-man, so I knew I needed to finish this now. Beastly, knowing me so well, used Water Gun without me even needing to tell him that's the move I'd like him to use. It finally KOed the Koffing, meaning the battle was over, and I had saved the Slowpoke!!


Is what I said when I saw Kurt OK again. I know it's sad, but at least he took me back to his house, so I can go heal Beastly. Unfortunatly, he was poisoned, so I ran straight to the Pokemon Center, and healed up. Thankfully, when I got to the counter Beastly still had 35 HP left.


I decided, since the gym was finally open, to go beat all the lackies of Bugsy. The puzzle was interesting, but I saw my way through it easily, and defeated all the trainers in the gym besides the gym leader. Beastly even leveled up to level 20, meaning my restriction of all physical was complete for now. After defeating all the lackies, I left to heal before Bugsy.

What will happen when Chris faces his most formidable oppponent yet?

Who will ever stop him from going all the way?

When will he finally get his third member of his team?

Tune in next time to find out!!

Team overview:

level 20
Ice Fang/Rage/Bite/Scratch
GL no NFE solos 2/6

Twiggy @ Miracle Seed
Level 17
Poisonpowder/Sleep Powder/Wrap/Vine Whip
Sage Chow solo: Done
Tower solos: 0/9

I'd have to say Beastly is my MVP. He's so solid every time and type I need him against, even Twiggy can't stand up. I have to say that Twiggy is solid against anything that isn't SE to him, though he could really use more attack power.

Thanks for reading, and I'd love some feedback!

Chapter 3: Not so Golden

To recap, I was about to face Bugsy.

The tension builds here, in Azaela Town, as I approach the looming battle against Bugsy, the Town Gym leader, and Bug type expert. Riding the Spinarak pads, I thought arises in my mind as I inch ever closer to him:
Hmm... why are these pads Spinarak shaped when you don't even have a Spinarak?

All that aside, I flick the final lever, and as I ride on the final pad, our eyes meet in a decisive glare. I prepare my team as the battle ahead looms. In the middle of Azaela Town, we lock eyes, and as we speak, the looming battle ahead flourished.

We briefly spoke before throwing out our first pokemon. I threw out Beastly, seeking to gain a third, fourth, and fifth solo without NFE moves, while he decided to send Scyther into battle, in order to gain momentum to be used against me. Two flashes of light erupted on the field around the two of us. Shockingly, Scyther outspeeded the much higher leveled Beastly, and hit it with a powerful Leer. Still, I had Beastly attack with Bite, landing a major hit which dealt about one-third damage to Scyther. Now unsurprisingly, he decides to use Focus Energy, pumping up his team, and raising both their level of confindance and thier critical hit ratio. Justly, I hit him with a second Bite, which medium rolled, and got him down to about a single third, but his Sitrus Berry returned him to two-thirds health. Fully prepared to try to OHKO Beastly, he had Scyther unleash a strong U-Turn, bringing in his cherished Metapod as a replacement. Beastly, that smart beast he is, knew exactly what I would have wanted him to do, hit Metapod with a powerful Bite, dealing about one-half damage to the Metapod. Without regret, but with a slight feeling of sorrow, I have Beastly unleash a nasty Bite, KOing the Metapod before he can launch even a single hit. At this point, I realiszed Beastly wouldn't be able to take much more, so I sent out Twiggy as heal fodder as he sent Scyther back in. As I heal Beastly, he draws back his string, and fires with a powerful boomerang-like U-Turn, drawing his Kakuna into battle at the same time.Next, I send in Beastly, while Kakuna fires off a tough Poison Sting. Unfortunatly for me, Beastly is so prone to poisonous attacks that he is poisoned by the Poison Sting. Luckily, I carry a lot of Antidotes on me, and while I use one on Beastly, Kakuna fires of another Poison Sting. Unsurprizingly, but yet oh-so annoyingly, Beastly is poisoned again, and I have to use a second Antidote. Thankfully, the third Poison Sting from Kakuna does not poison Beastly, as it seems the Antidote has taken full effect for the rest of the battle. He did lose quite a few HP in that encounter with the most annoying Kakuna in history, but he did manage to fire off another Bite on the next turn, putting Kakuna at half HP, while Bugsy had his Kakuna use Poison Sting again. Joyfully, I realized that this one had not poisoned Beastly, and that each Poison Sting had only dealt 1 HP to my Beast-man. He rushed to fire off another Bite, KOing the Kakuna while it prepared for its next Poison Sting attack. At this point, he only had Scyther left, but I new this was going to be a run for my money. Scyther, once again outspeeding, used U-Turn, but Beastly counterattacked strongly with Bite, leaving it at about one-third health. I knew that Scyther would outspeed again, and looking at past hits I could not risk losing my Beast-man here. And so, I used my only Super Potion that I had brought here, while he used Quick Attack. Thankfully, no critical hits here, though Beastly was sent flying a short distance. I shouted to Beastly, saying, "Finish him with one more Bite!!" while he had Scyther use Focus Energy again. Fortunatly, this was his worst move yet, and while his confindence may have grown, mine skyrocketed even further as I watched Scyther go flying straight into the wall of the arena's bleachers, knocking it out, and netting me the Hive Badge. HIVE BADGE GET!!

After that tiring battle, I needed to heal up my pokemon.

After doing so, I was ready to leave for my next major battle in Goldenrod City.


As that happened, this is what I envisioned:

A red-haired idiot walking down the long black road in Azaela Town.
Smack!! A car plows right into him, making it so that I never have to see his ugly face again!!

But no, it never happens when I want it too!


Anyways, blah blah blah you're such a weakling and you suck at life blah blah blah battle!

Anyways, here's how this anialation went down:

I send out Beastly, knowing that my starter and MVP so far should get the job done easily. He sends out Ghastly(why?), for whatever reason he wants to.

OHKOed by Bite.


He sends out Bayleaf, which Beastly Ice Fangs, even powerful enough that it freezes Bayleaf. Next turn, Ice Fang KOs.


He throws Zubat out with a flash of light.

OHKOed by Ice Fang.

*flash of light*


Oh no more, OK.

Without much of a problem for any of my team, I wiped his slate good and clean, and decided to go heal, then see what was up in Ilex Forest.

I still couldn't get through because I didn't have Cut yet, but I noticed a helper wanting some random Farfetch'd for whatever reason...

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?


Anyways, I promptly get the Farfetch'd back to him, screaming at them,


Once that was done,


What is wrong with these people, I really don't know. Usefully, he did give me the Cut HM, meaning that I can get out of this crazy town and move on to Whitney and her you-know-what tank. Expect a crazy rant from me when I tell you how the battle with HER went.

Anyways, back to now. I taught Cut to my HM slave Rattata and proceeded to make my way through the annoying Cut tree. Once I got past that, I saw the Headbutt tutor, and decided to go get that for Rattata too.

*a few wild pokemon and one tutor later*

All done, now to get out of here. Hmm... why is there this random lady from Violet City here, and why does Beastly have to show her out? Is she crazy or something? This forest is FREAKING TINY!!

Whatever, now that she's gone I can move on to try and catch DJ Ruler.

*not here*

Many minutes later...

*not here either*


So then, I moved on to the next route, route 34, to be exact.

Here, I proceeded to have both Beastly and Twiggy beat all the trainers on the route.(Except for one, but I'll get to that later)

Finally!! Goldenrod City! What a huge city, especially compared to New Bark Town(come on people, all of FOUR buildings(at least it beats Hoenn LOLOLOLOL))!

Let's go heal up and kick some lacky butt!!

*does so easily*

Let's go whoop some Goldenrod Tunnel butt!!

*does so like a slight breeze*

Whew, with that done, all that's left to do is get me some more team members!

I can find Abra either at the Game Corner or on Route 34... Pineco, headbutt route 34, and Ditto(BTW I will NEVER be using Ditto again after this) also on route 34.

Let's start with Abra. I go to the Game Corner, primed to earn myself an Abra, when,

"Hey, how'd you like to gamble for free, obviously underage kid?"


Anyways, a few short minutes later,

"Finally! Four hundred coins! Now let's go get me some Abra!"

Adamant nature. Boxed.


There we go, a neutral nature. Welcome to the team, King S. Now to grind you up to speed, and go catch some other members of my team.

*Quite a while later*

There we go, finally found a Pineco. Welcome, DJ Ruler!

Now, to grind you up to speed too!

*Many pokemon later*


Here's another. Luckily I lead with King S so it can't expload on me, and I get it down to low enough HP with a quick Confusion. Hopefully this works!

*Rocks Once*

*Rocks Twice

*Rocks a third time*


This one has Quick Powder, so that means he's basically mad at me, for not accepting a Scramblock Scramblemon, so I have to keep Quick Powder on him. I am going to TRY to keep him in the party at all times, but I probably won't as I only really have 5 slots in my party, as I have to keep Beastly in at all times.

Man I will never, ever do that again!

Woah, I blew that much Time!!

I gotta beat Whitney soon!

That's it for now!!

Team Overview:

Beastly, level 23, Scratch/Bite/Ice Fang/Rage

Twiggy, level 21, PiosonPowder/Vine Whip/Wrap/Sleep Powder

King S., level 20, Teleport/Confusion/Disable/None

DJ Ruler, level 20, Take Down/Protect/Rapid Spin/Bug Bite

IH8IAR, level 10, Transform/None/None/None

Thanks for reading!!

Chapter 4: One Crazy Stretch

To recap, it was last about time for me to go beat Whitney.

Trust me, you might want some popcorn here, this is going to be a long one:

Here, in north Goldenrod City, a battle in the most pink of gyms was about to begin between me and Whitney. As I approached her, I formulated a simple plan: hit fast and hit hard with my Beast-man. Only one problem with that; Cute Charm. As we locked eyes, electricity emitting from each of us locked together as we prepared to battle in the arena. As the rules were announced, we each handled our first pokeball carefully, always ready to release the flash of light and the pokemon that lay inside. Finally, the rules were finished, and we each released our first pokemon onto the arena floor. I had chosen Beastly, while she had went for her Clefairy first. We began the battle with me calling a Bite. It hit, though, but at the same time Cute Charm activated, meaning that my Beast-man had found his first love right in the middle of our third gym battle.


Is exactly what I thought. Anyways, she had called for the pecularly strong Doubleslap, a not very strong attack that would hit multiple times, making it more powerful. After this, I decided that Beastly could certainly survive another attack, so I had him use Bite once again, while she had her Clefairy use Mimic against Beastly, meaning that her Clefairy now had learned Bite. She then decided to use a Super Potion while I was unfortunatly immoblized, because Beastly decided he wanted to imagine tonight with this random Clefairy he didn't even like.


Is again what I thought. When the next turn came around the moutain, Beastly was still off in creeper land, while her Clefairy used Metronome, which turned into Extrasensory. Here, would you please refer to the above statement. For a third turn in a row, Beastly visited Creeper Land for a time, while she had her pokemon use Bite.


I really don't know. Anyways, for a FOURTH STRAIGHT turn, Beastly was immobilized by love, while she had Clefairy use Bite once again. At this point, I was getting extremely annoyed, so I switched in Twiggy, as she used Bite once again. As I healed, she used Metronome, and promptly KOed with Blast Burn.


Is exactomundo what I thought to myself as I switched in Beastly once again. As she recharged, I had Beastly use Bite, fresh from complete healing. On the next turn, Beastly's Bite was lucky enough to startle Clefairy into flinching, netting Beastly, Twiggy, and I our first KO of the match on the next turn. Beastly also gained a level to level 24 in the process.

Next, she send in the most annoying pokemon ever.

Yes, ever. Simply ever. Trust me.

Back to the battle. She send into battle her second and main pokemon, her Miltank.

Oh gosh, here we go. This is going to be a nightmare.

Shockingly for the second gym battle in a row, the main pokemon of the gym leader outsped Beastly. She used Stomp, which just happened to flinch Beastly before he could get off the Ice Fang I had asked him to use. She then had her Miltank use Stomp, while I had Beastly use Ice Fang once again. Her third stomp in a row caused Beastly to flinch once again. She then, almost knowing exactly what I didn't want her to do, again putting Beastly in creeper land once again, immoblizing him. I then sent in IH8IAR, who was promptly OHKOed by Stomp.


I decided to then send in DJ Ruler, and heal up Beastly. While I was doing this, she had Miltank use Attract. I then sent Beastly back in, while she used Stomp, which is obviously her favorite attack, based upon what moves she has used so far. That, and Attract, which she decided to use next.


And to add insult to injury, Beastly was immobilized once again. I then switched back to DJ to get rid of it, while she used Stomp once again. Beastly was again back in the battle, and she used Stomp once again. She then used Attract, being as annoying as she could to me, while luckily this time Beastly was able to fire off an Ice Fang. As she fired off another Stomp, Beastly met it with an Ice Fang. I knew Beastly was low on health, so I healed Beastly up, while she used another Stomp on my Beast-man. While she used another Stomp, I had Beastly fire off another Ice Fang.


Are my thoughts as she healed her Miltank, and the fact that Beastly was immobilized by Miltank. We then traded Stomp and Ice Fang for the next turn, but then she finally changed her move, electing for Rollout instead, while I was haxed, or immobilized once again.

The next time around, she used Rollout while I used Ice Fang once again. On the next turn, she critted with Rollout


While Beastly was immobilized for what felt like the millionth time


DARN YOU WHITNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I then switched in Rattata, who barely survived another Rollout, while next turn I healed Beastly as Rattata was KOed by the 5th Rollout in a row that hit.


I decide to send in Beastly, while Miltank uses Stomp and Beastly fires off Ice Fang.

She then uses Attract.


And Beastly is immobilized, being a creeper again.


She then uses Stomp, which flinches Beastly.

Stop. Just stop.

WHERE ARE ALL MY HAX??????????????????



She fires off yet another Stomp, which is promptly met with another powerful Ice Fang from Beastly. I realized Beastly would not survive another attack from Whitney, so I used one of my 10 Super Potions now, bringing me to 2 left. While I was healing, another of the repeated-oh-so-many times Stomps was unleashed on Beastly.


Stomp. Flinch hax.


On the next turn, Stomp was used again by Whitney. I had Beastly use Ice Fang once again, which FINALLY FROZE it.

Then I realized. She had a freaking lum berry.


*Pulls out gun and shoots Whitney*

*Maniacal grin*



Anyways, I had to heal AGAIN, while she used stomp. AGAIN.

At this point, she used Stomp, while I was immobilized, just like I was for 3 of the next 4 turns. She used Rollout during each of those, with one miss. I used Ice Fang the one turn I was not haxed, and it missed.



I then had to heal, using my second to last Super Potion, so I knew I had only a few turns left. I was immobilized for her 4th Rollout, then switched to DJ for death fodder on her 5th. On the next turn, I healed up Beastly for the final showdown, while she used Attract.


Luckily, on the next turn, that she used Rollout on, I KOed with Ice Fang.




Oh great, what know?

You know what, you can go be your oh-so-whiny self while I come back and get my badge.

As I leave, one of her lackies lets me know that she cries after she loses every time. I go back and talk to her, when, after 51 turns of misery and quite a bit of crying, I can finally say, PLAIN BADGE GET!!!!

Now then, it's time to move on to Route 35!!

*Cleanly whoops all the trainers with King S. and Twiggy*

That's that done, now to participate in my first bug catching contest!

I use Beastly, and catch a Scyther, who proceeds to lose to a Weedle and 2 other Scyther, but it turns out it has Swarm :(.

Anyways, there are 2 more things I need to get from Goldenrod before I continue: the Watering Can and the Bike.

*goes and gets them swiftly*

All righty then, off to Ekratuk!!

*runs to Route 36*

Okay now, let's get this berry stuff.

I choose to send out Twiggy, who 3HKOs it with Vine Whip.

Now then, with that done, and the Berry Pots gained, let's move on to route 37.

I grind a bit on Route 37, getting King S. up to the level of Beastly, and Twiggy to level 24. Beastly is level 25, so you know.


*evolves Twiggy after a small amount of grinding*


Now to solo the 3 trainers in Burned Tower.


Oh, it's just Eusine. Now to solo Twiggy's 3 trainers for this tower.

*A few minutes and much annoyance later*

There. All done.

Now then, one more thing before I can face Morty.

*Fast forward to the National Park*

Okay, I got 20 minutes to catch me a Scyther!



I found one, but I hit the wrong button and it fainted :(


Ugh. I hate that, when the stupid thing won't let you find what you want and get the heck out of there.


Turns out this one is not what I wanted. I got it into the red, but when I started throwing Sport Balls at it, this is what happened:

2:Not quite
4:Not even close
5:Still nothing

At this point, I only had time to throw one more, or I would have to go. Here's what happened:

10:Broke free, no prob.


Two days later....

Okay! Time to try again!!

Hey, here's one! With only one second left, too!!

*A few turns later*

All right, time to throw some Sport Balls!!

One after another depleeted my supply...




It has Technician and a neutral nature, too!! Yay!!

Now for some unexplicably long grinding

*Many grueling hours later*

Man this is annoying!!

*Many MORE grueling hours later*

FINALLY, level 25!! Now to grind IH8IAR!(Yay, first mention in oh, almost a full chapter!)

*About an hour later*

Oh, I will REALLY never take another Ditto now! Seriously, I'm supposed to get 10 pokemon per healing trip, but I'm actually only getting 1-3 in! This is SO ANNOYING!!

*A while later*

Ugh, I hate you Raticate! WHY U SPAM HYPER FANG!?!?

Luckily, I was able to pick up Surf and Strength while I was at it, which will be GREAT for later.

*Many, many hours later*

ARE YOU SERIOUS PEOPLE!! I've only gotten IAR up 2 freaking levels!!

I HATE U IAR!!!!!!!!!!

jkjk man, I just dispise Ditto right about now.

Okay, I'm just bored, and this is just annoying. Now I know why Jimera want as little grinding as possible. Let's go battle Morty now!

Only problem is, that's for next chapter!!

Team Overview:

Beastly, level 28, Scratch, Ice Fang, Bite, Rage, MVP so far.

Beastly so far has been the most solid member of my team. Though they've been almost all good, Beastly has been the most dependable of them all.

King S., level 26, Confusion, Psywave, Disable, Miracle Eye, close to MVP.

King S. is very dependable, though is Defense stat is very lacking at times. That is somewhat made up for by his sheer power, though.

Twiggy., level 25, Sleep Powder, Acid, Vine Whip, Wrap, close to MVP.

Twiggy has been dependable from the start, completing his solos without much trouble. He seems to have started to lack in raw power, though.

Jimer, level 25, Leer, False Swipe, Pursuit, Wing Attack, right about the middle.

Jimer, ever since I FINALLY got him, has been pretty darn powerful. Even so, he's my newest member, and I have yet to size up his true power. Chuck should help with that, though.

DJ Ruler, level 20, Protect, Bug Bite, Take Down, Rapid Spin. Close to LVP.

DJ has basically just sat there all chapter long and did almost nothing. I really wish the Pineco line had better attacking stats, as I would much prefer it if DJ could actually hurt something and net a bunch of OHKOs or 2HKOs.

IH8IAR, level 15, Transform. LVP.

Oh, don't even get me started on IAR. Talk about pretty much the most annoying pokemon in history to train, here you go then. IAR takes FOREVER to train, and the redundancy is going to either kill me or make me (read: pretend) to do something not good to this thing. Trust me, I will NOT be taking another Ditto. Ever. Again.

And with that, join us next time for a solo, a rock, and maybe even an earlier generation reference!!

Thanks for reading!!

Chapter 5: One horribly, amazingly, awsomely, unexpected event:

All righty now, let's get back to buisness. I was about to battle Morty, as per my restrictions soloing him with King S. To review, see the Azeala rival battle. Here's how it went down.

I send in King S to begin my fourth gym battle in Johto, while he leads with Ghastly. I have King S use Psybeam, and guess what happens?



Haunter is sent in next, but as to which one I'm not sure. Even so, I have King S use psybeam once again. Guess what happened?



Next comes the real worry, Gengar. I have King S use Psybeam, dearly hoping I would not be crushed by a Sucker Punch. Luckily there was no Sucker Punch.



All righty now, time for his last Haunter. Come on King S, use Psybeam once again!



Oh, no more. GIMMY MY BADGE FOO!!

Oooh, and the Shadow Ball TM to boot.

Now then, let's go get to Olivine!

*Many, MANY trainers and pieces of grass later*

FINALLY I made it. Only problem is I have no clue whether or not to go to the Lighthouse, Union Cave, Ruins of Alph, Cianwood, or Slowpoke Well yet. Let's go catch Zipo!

*A while later*


Yes, yes they are sometimes. Anyways, now to go see if DJ can solo his first hiker!

*A short walk to Union Cave later*

Okay, the levels on these people are MUCH too high. Now then, to Slowpoke Well!

*Quite the walk to Slowpoke Well afterwards*

Finally, I can catch my 7th team member!

Sweet, Whut?errrr comes at level 20! Brave nature isn't all that good, but for in-game purposes, it'll have to do.

What's up next? An EXTREMELY long walk to Olivine, you say?

Darn you Gamefreak.

Seriously, why does this stupid walk have to be SO FREAKING LOOONG?

*One very, VERY ardorus run later*

All righty now, I FINALLY got to Olivine. Why don't me and my team head over to the Lighthouse for the first real training of the chapter?

*A few thorough aniahlations later*

All right, only 3 more trainers to solo for Twiggy! Those are in the Radio Tower, though, so you'll have to wait for those.

Now that I've gotten up to Jasmine, I can finally get over to Cianwood!

CRAP YOU LACK OF SURF LEARNING POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great, now I have to go catch a freaking SENTRET. Of all things, a SENTRET.


*One of the most annoying walks in history later*

Now to catch the stupid thing!

*One moment please*

DING!! All done! This guy doesn't deserve a name, so now it's time to head back to Olivine.

*Another of the most annoying walks in time later*

All right! I can finally head over to Cianwood now.

*Quite a lot of surfing and water type grinding later*

Phew! Finally made it! Here is the only city of Johto not connected to the mainland, and quite a small one at that.

Blah blah blah boring city stuff



Wow, how dumb can I get?

It was right in front of my face all along!!


Anyways, it's grinding time!


*Quite a while later*

Finally DJ Ruler is up to speed! Now for Whut?err.

*Quite a while later (coughcoughAGAINcoughcough)*

All right, time to beat the lackies!

*4 complete and utter whoopings later*

Okay now, time for the leader!!

How will I beat Chuck, and what lay next in store for Chris?

Find out next time!!

Beastly, Level 34, Crunch/Scratch/Bite/Ice Fang

Twiggy, Level 31, Acid/Vine Whip/Wrap/Sleep Powder

Jimer, Level 32, Wing Attack/Pursuit/Leer/Slash

DJ Ruler, Level 29,Take Down/Spikes/Rapid Spin/Bug Bite

Whut?errrr, Level 26, Headbutt/Water Gun/Confusion/Disablr

King S, Level 31, Psybeam/Confusion/Recover/Reflect

Zipo, Level 24, Lucky Chant/Miracle Eye/Me First/Confuse Ray

IH8IAR, Level 15, Transform

Chapter 6: Give Thanks

It's time Chuck! Prepare to go down, ginganinja style!!

Here on the north side of Cianwood City, the competitors approach, locked in a tough glare, one enough to force sparks flying into the air. As the pair of us near our stands, we each prepare a battle strategy. As I approach my platform on the south side of the gym, I bring out my first red and white pokeball, ready to begin the battle. I throw my pokeball onto the field as I enter the platform's comfortable place, while Chuck does the same. Jimer appears in a flash of glowing light, and I trust my Scyther to defeat the opposing Primape as the now empty pokeball returns to my hands. I have Jimer launch a powerful Technician-boosted Wing Attack, which collides with the opposing Primeape at colassal speeds, throwing it across the gym and into the wall, knocking it out instantly. Chuck reluctantly returned his Primeape to its pokeball, knocked out in one hit by my Jimer, and tossed out his second and final pokemon, a Poliwrath. Jimer launched another Wing Attack at it, dealing massive damage, but not enough to knock it out. Poliwrath retaliated with a Hypnosis, putting my friend to sleep. I pulled out an Awakening from my healing kit and used on Jimer, just in time to be ready for the oncoming Body Slam."Jimer, couterattack with a Wing Attack!" I shout to my trusted friend, and as the two attacks collide in an amazing flash of white light, both dropping to the ground, obviously hurting, but which one would drop first? The awnser was Poliwrath. Jimer had did it! He beat Chuck alone! STORM BADGE GET!

And TM 01 Focus Punch to boot!

*a few short steps later*

Oooh, HM 03(or whatever it is) Fly!

Now then, let's get over to Olivine again!

*Teaches Fly to Pidgey caught earlier for HM slaving*

*Flys to Olivine*

Now to walk up these stairs to the Lighthouse!

*does so*

Don't forget the hike up the lighthouse!

*uses the elevator*

Or not. Anyways, I walked over to Jasmine, gave her the SecretPotion, she gave it to Amphy, and then left for the gym again.

Sweet, I can finally go to the Safari Zone now!

Hopefully I can get in lots of trainer grinding there!

*Cannot because there are all of 3-ish trainers there*


Wow Gamefreak. Sad. Just plain sad.


"Mad" as in crazy, which yes, yes they are sometimes.

At least I can claim my Safari Zone now, and DJ soloed another hiker!

*cannot claim Safari Zone*


Now I'm forced to catch a random Geodude.


To add insult to injury, I can't even get the Safari Zone yet.

What a troll. >_>

Now to go test against Jasmine!

*A few close test battles later*


I really thought I mentioned type differential when I asked for pokemon for this challange. Well, I guess not. It could be worse. I could be severely underleveled instead of just underleveled. Grinding time!

*Insert theme music here*

*many, MANY inexplicable hours of grinding later*

Man, this sucks. Note to self: Never use more than 6 main pokemon ever again. Let's see what kind of grinding I can get in Cliff Cave.

*one short walk later*


Welcome to the team Maxieman, an addition that was well deserved and well needed. The only downside is that he's level 19. Well, grinding time!

*Que theme music*

Let's go, Maxieman!

*A few quite annoying hours later*

Finally! Maxieman is up to level 28, and evolved into Machoke!(I had forgotten originally, but all he needed to do was faint to evolve.)

Now then, with almost all of my team up to speed(coughcoughIH8IARcoughcough), let's take on Jasmine!

*one short flight to Olivine on a level 3 Pidgey later*


*Ahem*, let's go Jasmine! Enjoy the second gym leader battle this chapter!

Here the competitors are, in northern Olivine City, with a gym battle looming. Stratigies are being formulated as each approach their respective platforms. I reach for my first pokeball, as she does the same. We release our pokemon in a pair of flashes of bright white light, encompassing the first pair of competitors. Magnimite was her chosen lead, as Beastly was mine. We began the battle with our strongest pair of attacks. Beastly fired off a Crunch, lowering Magnimite's Defense at the same time, but before he had time to dodge he was hit by a powerful Thunder Wave, crippling him so that he couldn't move first anymore. He was hit with a strong and super effective Thunderbolt, leaving Beastly with about one-third of his HP left. Beastly was able to launch off another Crunch, leaving Magnimite with about the same amount of HP left as Beastly. The Crunch hit in such a way that activated a Defense drop hax activated against Magnimite once again. Magnimite was healed with a Super Potion, as Beastly hit it with a third Crunch, getting a third Defense drop. The paralysis caused Beastly not be able to attack before Magnimite, and he knew his fate in this battle was sealed. Magnimite hit him with a Thunderbolt, knocking Beastly out, and sending him flying into the floor, almost into me. I told Beastly that he had done good work, and deserved a good, long rest as I sent out Twiggy. Twiggy used Vine Whip, knowing that with all the defense drops Beastly had gotten that he would likely knock out the Magnimite. This he did, knocking out the Magnimite before it had time to fully prepare a Thunderbolt. We both drew our pokemon back, me knowing that Twiggy had done his job for now, and that he may be needed later. She sent out Steelix, as I brought out Whut?errrr, in a second pair of bright white light flashes.I decide to have Whut?errrr use Water Pulse, while Steelix sets up Sandstorm for Jasmine's team. Anticipating the obvious powerful attack coming, I have Whut?errrr prepare to use a Disable attack, after being hit with a tough Iron Tail. The Disable hits, crippling the Steelix for quite a while. With Iron Tail Disabled, Steelix launches a Rock Throw at Whut?errrr, and Whut?errrr retailiates with a Water Pulse. This turn was repeated by the two of us trainers twice more, both of us realizing that this was our best move at this point. The next Rock Throw left Whut?errrr with only 6 HP left, and like a boss the next Water Pulse from Whut?errrr KOed. 2 down, 1 to go! Unfortunatly, Whut?errrr gets KOed right away by her final pokemon, a Magnimite. Luckily, I had my secret weapon left; Maxieman. Welcome to the stage, my good friend! Maxieman was able to take her next move, a Supersonic, and shakily OHKO with Revenge. And with that, the stage was offically taken with a new team star. MINERAL BADGE GET!!

The Iron Tail TM doesn't hurt, too. Even so, why does Jasmine talk about how you were so helpful and nice in healing Amphy and then force you into a battle?




*Plays song* "But in the end, it doesn't even ma-atter."(Linkin Park, 'In The End')

"And that's the truth." (sorry, but I forgot the artist of this song)


*Ahem* Anyways, time to head over to Mahogony Town.

*another short flight on a level 3 Pidgey later*

Seriously, why do they give Pidgey Fly? ITS. FREAKING. TINY.


Of course, I wasn't going to Mahogony Town, I was off to Ecratuk City. Now it's time to head to Mahogony. Of course, I want to save Mt. Mortar for later, so surfing it is. Oooh, Suicune. Good grief, WHEN WILL YOU LET ME CATCH YOU??

To add insult to injury, all the trainers are severly underleveled.


Ugh. There is something majorly wrong with Gamefreak these days. Hey, at least Beastly can gain a few levels.

*quite a few annoyingly boring trainer battles later*

*Pants* FINALLY! *breathes* I'm here.

And of course, the gym is blocked >_>.

I guess I have to go defeat team Rocket up by the Lake Of Rage, so let's kick some butt guys!

STUPID MONEY STEALING ********es!!! YOU STOLE ALL OF 1,000 DOLLARS!! (not like it matters or anything)

Now, time to get some XP before I go catch me a shiny Gyarados!

*does so SUPER easily*

Well, I hoped it would be harder than that.

"You make me wanna shout! You make me wanna shout!!"

*AHEM* Anyways, now we have even MORE grunts to whoop.

Umm.... do you really think that it's not SO FREAKING OBVIOUS that there is a POLE IN THE FREAKING CHRISTMAS TREE???

*sigh* no wonder Team Rocket is so dumb. Anyways, why would you EVER entrust it to one of these IDIOTS??? Now you're discovered and I get to kick your fat butts!!

*gets stuck battling a bunch of grunts*


*puts Ipod in*

"I Bleed it out digging deeper just to throw it away
I Bleed it out digging deeper just to throw it away
I Bleed it out!!"

*Ahem* Now then, with that done, and these stupid traps averted, we have a base to shut down!

Oh, HAI random Champion that does absolutly nothing to help me EVAR.

Now then, let's see if anyone has to solo this next admin! Nope, doesn't look like it. Well then, let's go!

*Wins easily*


Says the idiot who thinks he's Giovanni. Anyways, now for a double battle with Lance! Just for props, I'll let him do all the work, and take all the free EXP.

What. A. Troll :P

Anyways, with that done, I get to defeat three Electrode! Yay!! *MAJOR sarcasm*

*does so SUPER DUPER easily*

Okay, now I get to leave. WO-HO!! FINALLY! I'M DONE! YEAH!



*Ahem!* Anyways, with that done, we have a gym to beat!

Hmm.... what an intricate gym puzzle.


Or at least, for a little while. Or not. *Sigh....,* at least I defeated the lackies. Hmm... now to formulate a strategy to beat Pryce.... I don't have any pokemon that have good typing against all his pokemon, but I guess I'll just wing it!!

What pokemon will Chris obtain after Pryce?

How will he defeat the elder GL?

Which HM will he obtain next?

What awaits him in Blackthorn City?

Tune in next time to find out!!

END OF CHAPTER SUMMARY(new this Chapter!!)

Badges: 6
Pokemon: 6
Blackouts: 0 (though many test battles)

Pokemon(In no particular order):

King S. @ Nothing

Level: 35


King S has been a powerhouse since evolution, soloing Morty with ease. His frailty throughout has really been hurting him, though. If he had a bit more bulk, he would definately be my MVP, but right now he's roughly 3rd place. He does have 99 Special Attack at level 35, which is AMAZING.

Whut?errrr@ Nothing

Level: 34 (yes my team is off level a bit)
-Zen Headbutt
-Water Pulse

Whut?errrr is really starting to grow on me. At first, it took forever to grind with a bunch of Tentacool. Once that was completed, though, he really started to shine a bit. His power isn't that good, but his bulk is great when I need to take many-a-hit. Overall, she(yes, Whut?errrr is a she) is in the middle currently.

Sage Twig @ Miracle Seed
Level: 33
-Vine Whip
-Sleep Powder

Thoughts: Twiggy is really starting to decrease a bit. His power isn't as good as many of my team, and his bulk is quite lacking at some times. If only he had fewer weaknesses. I really wish he would do better, as I really enjoy the challange Sage Chow gave to me, and all the time that was evidently put into it. Overall, Twiggy is near the middle too.

Jimer@ Nothing

Level: 33
-Wing Attack

Thoughts: First of all, have you seen this sprite? I love it!! Anyways, Jimer continues to be a huge powerhouse, and I may evolve him next chapter, or before the E4. His speed and attack power are good, while his bulk allows him to take a few hits. Jimer definatly is near the top of my current team.

Beastly@ Nothing

Level:37(yes, I KNOW he's overleveled)
-Ice Fang

Thoughts: WHAT. A. BEAST. Seriously, this guy is amazing. The lack of STAB currently sucks, but against anything not of the Steel type, this guy kicks some fat *****. Definatly my 1st or 2nd place MVP.

Maxieman@ Nothing

Level: 30(trust me, he doesn't even need the extra levels right now)
-Focus Energy
-Vital Throw
-Seismic Toss

Thoughts: OH MY GOSH THE MOST USEFUL POKEMON EVER AGAINST STEEL TYPES JUST CAME AND SHOWED UP RANDOMLY WHILE I WAS TRAINING FOR JASMINE (and kicked her butt while he was at it). Seriously, without him I have no clue how I would have ever beaten that Steelix (not anywhere NEAR the crap I got with Whitney, though). Still, he could really use some further coverage.

Anyways, onward, to Chapter 7!

Chapter 7: A Pain In The Ice
OK, where was I? Oh yeah, about to beat the crap out of a random old guy who happens to be the Ice type gym leader. Okay now, here goes:

"Pokemon have many experiences in their lives, just as we do."


"I, too, have seen and suffered much in my life."


Anyways, to the real battle:

Here, in lower Mahogany Town, two challangers, of very much different generations, begin their battle. The two formulate stratagies as they near their set platforms, surrounded my many ice crystals. I lead with King S., while Price goes with his Seel. I call for a Psybeam, while Seel dishes out an Icy Wind, lowering King S's Speed. Thinking I can still outspeed, I go for another Psybeam, eliminating one pokemon. I bring in Twiggy, while he sends in Piloswine. "Twiggy, give it a Vine Whip!" I call, and Twiggy dishes it out, dealing about one-third damage, while Twiggy swiftly avoids his attack. Twiggy again reapeats with a Vine Whip, activating Piloswines all-important Stitrus Berry, while Twiggy is hit by and Ice Fang. He survives the attack LIKE A BOSS with 5 HP left, and I sub him out to Whut?errrr, who is immeadiatly hit with an Ice Fang. Piloswine shockingly outspeeds, and hits Whut?errrr with a Mud Bomb, but Whut?errrr retaliates swiftly with a powerful Water Pulse, leaving it on its last legs, and confusing it. Piloswine manages to fire a desperate Mud Bomb, which shockingly gets a critical hit, KOing my precious Slowpoke (OOC- boy am I glad I'm not in a Nuzlocke right now). I send in King S, who easily revenge kills with Psybeam, giving him a level up. I keep him in, while his final pokemon is revealed; a Dewgong. I call for another Psybeam, but King S. is hit with the much faster Ice Shard before he can even attack! Luckily, he tanks it, and Dewgong is down to almost yellow health. Thinking he can take one more, I have him use Psybeam again. This time, Pryce does not use Ice Shard, and I knock Dewgong into the red before it Rests to full health. For the next 2 turns, I chip away, while Dewgong uses Sleep Talk. The first time, it gets Rest, doing nothing, and unfortunatly does the same thing a second time. Pryce uses a Hyper Potion, while Dewgong is hit with another Psybeam. Again, a Psybeam is launched at Dewgong, but it uses Sleep Talk, which is unable to do anything useful unless Dewgong is asleep. This time, a Full Restore is used, while it is hit by a Psybeam once again. Psybeam puts it into the red for a fourth time, while it uses Rest again. I continue to chip away with Psybeam, netting some confusion hax the first time, and forcing it to hurt himself in confusion. On the second Psybeam, it finally KO's. GLACIER BADGE GET!!

TM07 too!!

HOLY CRAP THAT TOOK FOREVER!! AGAIN!! What is with these Johto gym leaders these days? Ah well, time to get a move on.


Oh, it's just Prof. Elm calling me. He says something about how the radio broadcasts are acting all funny, and how maybe Team Rocket has returned (spoiler- NO FREAKING WAY!!), but he doesn't even believe himself. Evidently it's pretty urgent, but I need to heal up, and now!

Hmmm... let's see if I can head to Blackthorn before I go anywhere!

"I don't want to upset you after buying one from me, but...."


"Buying a RageCandyBar has nothing to do with wheather I'd allow you to pass through here."


"Johto has many places to visit, such as the Lighthouse in Olivine and the Pharmacy at Cianwood."

Visited. Visited. Seriously, I'M NOT A FREAKING IDIOT!!

"Why don't you slow down and enjoy sightseeing?"



*quickly disposes of body behind random tree*

Now, to move on.... oh, I can't do that to you guys, can I? Anyways...

Well, looks like I have to go another way. I seriously think I have to check out that call from the Professor. Oh joy, here we go again...


*Sees Slowpoke Well, and Mohogany Town TR bases*

Well, I guess I'll just have to go defeat my own group (read: On Smogon)!

But first, a little grinding!

*Montage music starts playing*


Ugh. Anyways, Jimer went up a level! Now I have 3 pokemon with over 100 HP! Cool!

*Random Call from Tiffany*



Moving on, I got TM 36 Sludge Bomb from a guy in a route changer/whatever-the-crap-its-called-thingy, but I'm not sure who to give it to at this point.

Now then, off to Goldenrod, or maybe to the Safari Zone for a little grinding! Hmm, I'm ready to kick some butt, so off to the big city, and the lights of Goldenrod!!

*one short flight on a tiny level 3 Pidgey later*

Here we are! Now, to the underground! Hmm, I actually don't look to bad with a Team Rocket uniform on. Oh well, I've got butt to kick!! To the Radio Tower!!

*007 music plays*

Okay, let's go up these stairs...


Of course, he makes me take of my clothes (rapist), and reveals who I really am to Team Rocket. Now I actually have to do something against these stupid Rocket Grunts!! (I'm lazy)

No matter. King S. will just OHKO the crap out of them.

Now Idiot things he will defeat Lance. Yeah, like that's ever going to happen.

*sarcastic rant*

Anyways, it's time to enter.... THE GAUNTLET!!!

First grunt- King S. OHKO's a single Arbok. Fail.

Second grunt- Tells me, "Oooh, are you scared?" Then sends out a Ratatta. Double fail. Entire team of Ratatta gets OHKOed by Jimer. Triple fail.

Third grunt- Sends out Zubat. FAIL. Has only two Zubat on his team. FAIL THE SECOND. Both get OHKOed by Jimer.

Fourth grunt- Thinks Team Rocket is making a comback. YEAH, RIGHT! Also gets entire team OHKOed by Jimer, except for a Muk, which gets 2HKOed. FAILURES!!!



*end flashback*

Next floor:

1st grunt- Thinks he can crush me. Yeah, SURE. Let's go with that. Whut?errrr gets blown up on, but survives with over half health. YEAH!! LIKE A BOSS!! Whut?errrr destroys team after a VERY haxy needing of a potion.

After some quick healing and item purchasing....

1st Scientist- 1 EASY check on Whut?errrr's solo list. Seriously, these Magnimite use Sonicboom after Lock-On. LOLFAIL!

2nd Grunt- Is a total you-know-what and gets A TON OF CRITS with a Weezing, but gets pretty easily destroyed anyways.


On the 4th floor:

1st grunt- gets destroyed by Twiggy, Jimer, and Whut?errrr, then proceeds to call herself useless (which, btw, she is.)

1st Scientist- Whut?errrr gets OHKOed by a random crit (***** you!!) Charge Beam, Porygon continues to boost, but Whut?errrr hits it with one Water Pulse before getting OHKOed again. Maxieman comes in and 2HKOs no problems.

2nd Grunt- a Golbat Almost Astonish flinches Whut?errrr to death, but after a ton of idiotic hax and evaisiveness/accuracy crap, a Grimer finally KOs Whut?errrr. Beastly cleans out its **** with a Crunch.


Good grief, how the crap long is this thing? Anyways, it seems I've reached the director's room, but when I attempt to talk to him, with King S. in the lead...

"Ahem, do you hear me?"

Yes, yes I do.

".... I am the Director"

Umm... okay....

"We have decided to broadcast wonderful shows to praise Team Rocket"


"Everyone, I don't want to hear you complaing. Just do a good job to...."

Okay, to what?

*turns towards me*

"Yikes! I am busy impsersonating the..."

Uh-huh. Like your the director. Sure.....

"Who are you?"


"Oh no, it's you again, Chris?'


*Turns into Petrel*

*Boss theme plays after a bit of boring conversation*

Koffing 1: OHKOed.

Weezing: OHKOed. Fail.


Koffing 3: OHKOed too. JOIN YOUR FRIENDS IN THAT HOLE OVER THERE!! *evil laugh*

Koffing 4: OHKOed again. OH, JUST GET IN THERE ALREADY!!

Koffing 5: Victory by OHKO. Petrel FAIL.

Aww crap, now King S. is above the level of Beastly. Luckily, that shall be fixed in a flash!!


Not done yet. Anyways, some random Kimono Girl just showed up. WHEN SPOILERS ATTACK!! That's pretty much exactly what that was there.

Anyways, let's try that again!

*a second flash and one grunt later*


*Rival battle music plays*

Golbat gets 2HKOed after a miss. Jimer comes in and OHKOs Megainium. Maxieman takes his oppertunity to OHKO Magnimite. Beastly returns to OHKO Haunter, and then 2HKOs Sneasel FTW!!

Well, that was easy. NEXT!!

*one healing trip later*

All right, let's go!

Beastly takes a fine oppertunity to crush a grunt.

Some random Burgaler gets smashed into the ground by Maxieman.

After another call from the most annoying mother in the world, another burgaler follows suit.

The absolutely MOST ANNOYING MOM EVER calls again, Maxieman gets blown up on and is KOed when it crits. I send in Twiggy, who eventually finishes them off.

And the ANNOYER RETURNS, this time with the third call in 3 battles.


Moving on, I revive Maxieman and continue on my way.

*another grunt gets crushed by Jimer*

Okay, next room!

*First grunt I see calls me a brat*


*Maxieman defeats the grunt no problemo*

Anybody know what hyuck is?

Yeah, nope. Maxieman, crush him!!

*does so*

Thanks. Still have no idea what hyuck is, though.



*kills it super easily*

Oooh, TM 82 Sleep Talk!

I talk to the director, and he gives me a Card Key for a slot on the third floor of the Radio Tower.

AHHHHH!! I CAN'T SEE WHERE I'M GOING!! Literally! It must be like a glitch or something. Ah well, let's move on.

After a super speedy healing trip, I head back to the radio tower to unlock that door. With that done, I crush a grunt with Maxieman again real quick, then head upstairs, where the real action begins.

HAHAHAHAHAHA LOL!!! Petril thinks he can show me the wrath of a TR Executive. Now then, to the battle. I send in Maxieman for some XP, then switch him out for Beastly, facing a Golbat. Beastly Ice Fangs for the OHKO. I once again send in Maxieman, then pull him back in favor of Beastly. After a critty, haxy, and full-of-misses session, Beasly is KOed(OOC- Seriously, you guys would not believe the crap this guy pulled on me) Anyways, Maxieman comes in and nets the kill.

Now then, I heal up real quick, and now, it's King S's turn:

*Boss music plays*

Let's dance, Ariana!

King S OHKO's Arbok, but his only attacking moves do nothing to Murkrow, so I send in Maxieman to defeat it (sorry KS, but I'll solo one of Clair's pokemon with King S. for you). Maxieman OHKO's it with Revenge, and King S comes in to finish her off. She sends out Vileplume, who also get's OHKOed like Arbok did, with Psybeam.

Now, it's time, Archie!!

But, you guys will have to wait until next time!!

Badges: 7
Blackouts: 0
Pokemon: Lots. I can't count right now.

Level 39
Bashful Nature
-Ice Fang

Beastly is a beast, as ever. Definatly at the top of the pack out of everyone, but he's really lacking in Steel types coverage, which hinders him a lot. Even so, he has the second best power out of everyone, and once of the best coverages.

King S.
Level 38
Quirky Nature

King S is just great. Amazing power and great speed, coupled with a good STAB move really make a difference. Even so, his physical bulk is awful, and it really hindered him in the battle against Pryce, but he is fast enough to avoid most attacks, almost making up for it.

Level 35
Brave Nature
-Zen Headbutt
-Water Pulse

Whut?errrr has been doing well, but not too well. Her speed is absolutely HORRIBLE, and her power isn't even that good. On the other hand, his physical bulk is very good, and from battling all those Tentacool and Tentacruel, I know that he has 252 Sp. Def EV's, which should help in the long run. It will be great when he evolves in the next few chapters.

Jimer's doing well too. His power is good, speed even better, and his coverage is pretty good. He can even take a few attacks. Jimer has become very useful, almost as both a sweeper and a backup psuedo-wall. His usefulness has dropped a bit lately because of typage of recent gym leaders, and I really don't know when he'll finally be able to evolve, but I hope to evolve him in the next couple of chapters too.

Twiggy @ Miracle Seed
Level 34
Serious Nature
-Vine Whip
-Sleep Powder

Soloed tower trainers 3/3
3/3(I think. Twiggy will be soloing a few trainers next chapter just in case)

Twiggy has really suffered, but barely holds on to 6th place, out of my top 7 truly useful pokemon. Sorry to say, but DJ Ruler's usefulness is almost nonexistent, while Zipo can't even get started (no attacking moves), and IH8IAR wasn't useful from the start. Even so, his power is respectable, but still, his attacks aren't very powerful at all. Evolution would be useful, but now I know why the Bellsprout line isn't very good.

Level 34
Serious Nature
-Focus Energy
-Vital Throw
-Seismic Toss

Maxieman, the biggest overall riser on my team. Maxieman has been great against Steel types, and his power is great. If it weren't for Maxieman, I don't think I would have beaten Jasmine by now.

Well, that's it!! Hope you guys enjoyed Chapter 7, and I'll start on Chapter 8 immeadiatly!

Chapter 8: What the?
Are you ready to get destroyed, Archer?

So, here we go.


Archer is actually being SERIOUS here? What happened to the rest of TRC??

Whatever, anyways, meet the Haxmaster!!

A battle for the future of a corperation begins near the top of an observation tower in a place where radio reigns throughout the Johto region of the Pokemon world. We each call out our pokemon, me, as per restrictions, leading with my trusty Maxieman, while the Archer began with a pokemon of darkness, Houndour. Houndour, by priority, outspeeds and hits with Fire Fang before promptly being OHKOed by Maxieman's revenge. His main pokemon, Houndoom, follows suit the next turn. At this point, I wanted to relax, but Maxieman told me:

And so, we continued. His final pokemon, a Koffing, was released. Both of us thought this was going to be no trouble, but boy were we wrong. I healed Maxieman while Koffing used Sludge and, with a single blow, Maxieman was poisoned. On the next turn, Koffing used Smokescreen, and Maxieman used Revenge, dealing about 1/3rd damage. I healed with a Full Heal, while Koffing used Sludge again, which crits.

Sigh... I heal Maxieman AGAIN, while he uses Sludge.
Turn 7 eclipses Maxieman outspeeding and using Seismic Toss, while Koffing's Sludge poisons again.

Seriously. **** you. Go die in a hole.

I heal again, while Koffing uses Tackle, which crits AGAIN.



Not really, but it was very annoying. The next turn encompasses me healing again, while Maxieman was hit with a Sludge. I commanded Maxieman to use Seismic Toss, which brought it into KO range, while it desperately used Sludge, this time without any hax. Maxieman finished TRC off with Seismic Toss, and we WON!!

Team Rocket VANQUISHED!!

Aw crap, you have to call NOW mom? Seriously, one of these times I am so going to kill you...

Anyways, the director gave me the Silver Wing!!

Now, time to prepare to head off to Mohogany!!

Time to get by the annoying dude that never lets anybody leave!

*does so*



Not really. Anyways, grinding time!!


*Random Psychic thinks he'll kick my butt*

*one thourough butt stomping later from Twiggy*

Sigh... he thought it was "shocking"? What in the world are you thinking?



*a few thorough destructions later*

Now, time to heal!

*does so*

Wait a minute. WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE. Dig Nurse Joy just say she WANTS my pokes to get hurt?

Well, as shinyskarm would put it.


*a few random trainers and a Bird Keeper who thinks I'm 2 later*


*double facepalm* It's not Ice Path is it?


Yep, it's Ice Cave.


Whatever, let's move on. HM07 WATERFALL GET!!

*one puzzle later*


Sweet! Well, except for the fact that it's pretty useless....

Ah well, life goes on. Next puzzle!

*accidentally falls through ice when almost done*

*makes it on the next try*

Well, that didn't take long. Anyways, time to push this Kimono Girl to Blackthorn, since apparently she's just that much of a fail. Whatever...


Ah, the open air of the new city. The beautiful blue skies, and apparent awful naming, since it's not black here.... maybe the people are the super dreary type...



What were you thinking Gamefreak?????????

Anyways, I'm awesome!!

Irwin confirmed my thoughts, so NO PROVING ME WRONG. HMPH!!

*heals quickly, and is so comforted by the fact Nurse Joy wants my pokemon to get hurt*


Dratini says "Draa." No wonder Maxie named his D-Nite what he did....


*Many trainers, and Twiggy learning Gastro Acid later*

Okay, with that done, lacky time!!

*one short lacky trip later, with Jimer surviving 2 crits*




Never mind, she's not dead

Now, *shocker* time for Clair!!

Oh yeah, BTW, that crazy lady is SO full of herself.

Anyways.... ALLEH CUISINE!! (or rather, in this case, battle...)


Here in Blackthorn, the final gym leader awaits. I walk to my platform, ready to finish off Clair and earn my 8th gym badge, giving me the right to face the Pokemon League.

Well, that's it. You didn't think I would actually go on with Clair, did you?


Yeah, not really. REAL BATTLE TIME!!

Now then, as we approached our platforms, we each thought of our respective strategies. I threw a pokeball just as she did, and together, in a pair of flashes of bright white light, Beastly and the powerful Gyarados appeared.

Wait, huh? A water-flying type in a DRAGON gym? What the...?

Whatev's. Now, I had Beastly lead with an Ice Fang, while Gyarados began with a Dragon Rage. We then repeated this turn once more. I had Beastly use Crunch, netting a Defense Drop, while GDos Dragon Rages again. Beastly ends with a Crunch, dealing major damage, though it wasn't enough. My Beast-man was KO'ed by a Dragon Pulse. Not worrying too much about it, I threw onto the battlefield King S.'s pokeball, and he appeared. Swiftly, King S. attempts to KO GDos with Psybeam, but it was too late. She had healed Gyarados. In an attempt to end it, King S. used Psybeam, but it wasn't enough. King S. was KO'd by a critical hit Bite. Still, I wasn't out of it. Jimer entered the battlefield, ready to go. He used Wing Attack, KOing the Gyarados (FINALLY!!). Dragonair came out, but it was no match for Jimer's amazing Wing Attack. It OHKOed the Dragonair. The next Dragonair came in, took Jimer's Wing Attack, and paralized with a single Thunder Wave. It outspeeds and uses Dragon Pulse, while Jimer KO's with another Wing Attack.

I'll put the last of the battle with Clair later.
@Axmaster: What happened to my Bellsprout?
@Lafonda: Take Swarley the Gulpin.

Swarley really hates his nickname. He hopes that people forget about it by using Amnesia as often as possible. He constantly Encores lame catchphrases, Yawns at the boring stories of his friend Ted and tries to a Attract the ladies whenever he can. This reflects in his moveset; choose two moves from Amnesia, Yawn, Encore and Attract, leaving you with two attacks to choose freely. Even the namerater has it in for Swarly, you may rename him to Swarls, Swar-lee or BobSwarley if you feel like it. I'm going to let you choose your combat challange; Either solo one random trainer in every gym, Sleep a gymleader pokemon in every gym (without solo) or solo three of Juans pokemon in a row. Oh yeah, if possible he must land an attack on every Legen-wait for it-dary!

Have fun!
That sounds cool! Should be a fun addition to my team! I actually think the name Swarly sounds pretty neat too :P

I need one more scramblemon... anyone?

Team so far:

Swarley the Gulpin
Must know two of Amnesia, Yawn, Encore Attract
Must solo one trainer in every gym OR put one gym leader Pokemon in every gym OR solo three of Juan's Pokemon in a row
Land an attack on every legendary (except Rayquaza, as this conflicts with Speedy's requirements)

Kicker the Torchic
Must evolve at level 16 to Combusken & then 36 to Blaziken
Must always know Double Kick and Blaze Kick
Last two moves may not be fighting or fire type
Must solo Flannery and Norman, one with only kicking moves

Cindy the Tailow
Can evolve after I have 4 gym badges and she solos 15 trainer-owned electric types
Must solo Winona, 50 flying types between Mauville-Fortree-Lilycove
Must always know endeavor; must take 10 Pokemon down to 20HP or less with Endeavor ASAP
Must always be in my party

Fastest the Wailmer
Sent into battle whenever an enemy uses a priority move
Must be in top three slots of team
Evolve after consuming 10 Carbos
Solo Rayquaza
After beating Rayquaza, all previous requirements are lifted, except quick claw
Must hold Quick Claw for the entire game

Sunz the Solrock
Must know Sunny Day and Fire Blast ASAP
Must use Sunny Day first in all battles
Must land the final blow on Tate's Solrock
Cannot know rock and psychic moves at the same time

Looks cool. Sounds like Fiery path and Victory road will be roar heavy.
By the way, you only need to Roar out Pokemon whenever Chrono is in battle. You do not need to switch it in if you encounter a ground type.

Lafonda, you can take a Volbeat. Restrictions being edited now.

This Volbeat must be male. His name is Higgins, as in Professor Henry Higgins, lead male character of My Fair Lady. His acerbic tongue is as legendary as his perfect dictation, and he carries himself with incredible dignity and grace. And even when he's flustered, he would never show it. What does this all mean for your restrictions?

Firstly, he must switch out whenever he is at half HP or less, as he's much too sensible to stay in when he's in danger, and it means people might see him in rather a tizzy. Get him outta there dammit!
Secondly, to exercise his sarcasm and anger with those who simply cannot speak properly, he must learn and keep Frustration as soon as possible. In addition, he must solo every Pokémon with the Soundproof ability with Frustration alone.

Lafonda, you can take a Volbeat. Restrictions being edited now.

This Roselia must be male. His name is Higgins, as in Professor Henry Higgins, lead male character of My Fair Lady. His acerbic tongue is as legendary as his perfect dictation, and he carries himself with incredible dignity and grace. And even when he's flustered, he would never show it. What does this all mean for your restrictions?

Lafonda, you can take a Volbeat. Restrictions being edited now.

This Volbeat must be male. His name is Higgins, as in Professor Henry Higgins, lead male character of My Fair Lady. His acerbic tongue is as legendary as his perfect dictation, and he carries himself with incredible dignity and grace. And even when he's flustered, he would never show it. What does this all mean for your restrictions?

Firstly, he must switch out whenever he is at half HP or less, as he's much too sensible to stay in when he's in danger, and it means people might see him in rather a tizzy. Get him outta there dammit!
Secondly, to exercise his sarcasm and anger with those who simply cannot speak properly, he must learn and keep Frustration as soon as possible. In addition, he must solo every Pokémon with the Soundproof ability with Frustration alone.
I'm going to turn that down under the condition that Volbeat is really frail and doesn't have much going for it. Not being able to evolve rather sucks... And keeping Frustration at a reasonable power is in my opinion, annoying since it will be on my core-6 team...
Remember I want Pokemon I've never used before and aren't terribly restricting, just a few to keep things interesting but not against my favour.

^I was originally going to give her a Roselia, but then realised it's not available in Emerald. Volbeat on the other hand, is.
And I'm a guy... lol
My mistake. I'd also like to make the following points:

Solrock can't evolve, but you're using it.
Taillow and Torchic are also extremely frail.
Volbeat is usable in-game, with access to Moonlight, and a buttload of awesome TMs.
Herbal medicine can be used on him to keep his happiness down. Not challenging.
My mistake. I'd also like to make the following points:

Solrock can't evolve, but you're using it.
Taillow and Torchic are also extremely frail.
Volbeat is usable in-game, with access to Moonlight, and a buttload of awesome TMs.
Herbal medicine can be used on him to keep his happiness down. Not challenging.
I suppose you do have a good point there...
I just figured that Solrock is fairly well-rounded, Taillow and Torchic make up for their frailness in speed and attack power, and I've never used Volbeat in-game so knowing that information, I suppose I shall accept it. I wasn't aware it got Moonlight and had access to many TMs. My general research showed that it was just another bug. lol But sure, I'll give it a try now.

However the restriction of switching out when HP is at half or less is a bit limiting since I can potentially use Moonlight to heal myself anyways.

Higgins the male Volbeat
Must switch out when his HP is at half or less
Must learn and keep Frustration, soloing Soundproof Pokemon with it

Swarley the Gulpin
Must know two of Amnesia, Yawn, Encore Attract
Must solo one trainer in every gym OR put one gym leader Pokemon in every gym OR solo three of Juan's Pokemon in a row
Land an attack on every legendary (except Rayquaza, as this conflicts with Speedy's requirements)

Kicker the Torchic
Must evolve at level 16 to Combusken & then 36 to Blaziken
Must always know Double Kick and Blaze Kick
Last two moves may not be fighting or fire type
Must solo Flannery and Norman, one with only kicking moves

Cindy the Tailow
Can evolve after I have 4 gym badges and she solos 15 trainer-owned electric types
Must solo Winona, 50 flying types between Mauville-Fortree-Lilycove
Must always know endeavor; must take 10 Pokemon down to 20HP or less with Endeavor ASAP
Must always be in my party

Fastest the Wailmer
Sent into battle whenever an enemy uses a priority move
Must be in top three slots of team
Evolve after consuming 10 Carbos
Solo Rayquaza
After beating Rayquaza, all previous requirements are lifted, except quick claw
Must hold Quick Claw for the entire game

Sunz the Solrock
Must know Sunny Day and Fire Blast ASAP
Must use Sunny Day first in all battles
Must land the final blow on Tate's Solrock
Cannot know rock and psychic moves at the same time

I'll try to get some done later tonight and post an update asap. I won't be able to update too frequently since school is busy lately.