Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Alright Pika25, you get Illuminate the Starmie, which must have the ability Illuminate. However, I'm not just going to GIVE you a Starmie. First, to evolve into Starmie you have to reach Level 50, 10 levels higher than the max you can catch them at. Also, to be able to use Surf, solo EVERY trainer on Route 13, because that is where you are catching Staryu. To unlock Thunderbolt, solo 10 Trainer owned Electric Types (just 10 Electric types in general in case there aren't enough Trainer owned ones.) For Ice Beam, solo Kyurem-W. (Yes, I'm aware of what I'm doing here, and you CAN'T use Blizzard to compensate.) For Psychic, solo every remaining Gym Leader after you catch Illuminate that is not currently being soloed. Also, solo Caitlin with ONLY Psychic because I feel like giving you that.

Starime named Illuminate.
Must have Illuminate as its ability.
Has to wait until Level 50 to evolve.
Solo EVERY trainer on Route 13 to have access to Surf.
MUST CATCH on Route 13.
Solo 10 Trainer-owned(or 10 in general if there aren't enough left) Electric-types to be able to use Thunderbolt(and you CANNOT use Thunder to compensate.)
Solo every remaining Gym leader to have access to Psychic.
Solo Caitlin with ONLY Psychic.
Solo Ghetsis to get Ice Beam.

Also, Chapter 1 of my Leafgreen Scramble is up. Click My Leafgreen Scramble to see my challanges, and click Update Central to actually see the chapter.
I just read the smog article about this, and it sounds fun, so I've decided to give it a shot. I'll do a Heart Gold scramble. Of perhaps hard (though not to hard) difficulty. I'll try and take whatever restrictions you throw at me, though please try and make sure they are neither too tedious, (such as needing to solo 200 rattatas in order to evolve), too techincal (like needing to have an attack EV of exactly 137), or too insanely hard (like needing to solo Red with an underlevelled magikarp).
Many thanks :heart:

Current Pokemon

Tired the Abra
Take Tired the Abra. Normally, Abra sleep 18 hours a day, but this one sleeps 22 hours every day, so when you wake it up so it can fight, it can only battle for a maximum of 2 hours after you wake it up. This resets every day. For convenience's sake, you can round to the nearest 15 minutes. Also, if Tired is put to sleep, it cannot battle for the rest of the day. Something important to remember is never to wake up Tired when its 2 hours are up. If you do, it will use its psychic powers to prevent 2 other members of your party (HM slaves and any other fodder won't count) from battling or holding items for 8 hours. Also, Tired can't hold any items when it's asleep. Finally, as Ghost-types constantly give Tired nightmares, Tired must not be in Ecruteak Gym when you're challenging it.
Nurture the Cyndaquil
You get Nurture the Cyndaquil. Nurture is a weak little baby when you first meet it, but it is a quick learner and can steadily use stronger attacks. You can only use attacks with a max base power of 2.5x its current level, after applying stab, roudning up (might help you out somewhere?). When you finally arrive at the pokemon league, it believes it has been trained enough and has to solo Lance.

Brocko the Onix
Take Brocko the Onix. This Onix is a little special, and believes it is the Onix that Brock used in the anime. As such, it may only learn moves that Brock's Onix has used (Tackle, Bind, Dig, Rock Throw, Sandstorm, Slam, Iron Tail, and Dragonbreath). This Onix IS allowed to evolve into a Steelix at any time because Brock did so in the show.

Solo Brock when you get to Kanto with Brocko in order to free Brocko from its moveset restriction, seeing as it realized it is not Brock's Onix/Steelix. However, it must hold a useless item (like a Fire Stone or something that doesn't help in battle) to account for its stupidity.
Mike the Yanma
You know, I have not been evil in a while. Perhaps I'll give you Mike the Yanma
You have just 5 restrictions:

1). No STAB
2). No Status moves
3). Solo Koga
4). Solo Pryce
5). Solo Blue
Only two more :D
I already knew Scramble, but the Smog article definitely caught my interest in taking one, so...I'm looking for a Scramble!
I play on emulator so I haven't game restriction (you can go from RBY to BW2) but I can only trade if I use a gen I-II-III game, I also have access to gen IV Pal Park if needed. I think that's all, I'll probably accept any Scramblemon you suggest.
Two only question: if the Scramblemons I get are found too late or don't learn some HM, is it possible to catch some pokés that can learn them to proceed with the story? Also, in that case can they be used as death fodder (I mean they are catched for the only purpose of having a HM user, so they aren't leveled up etc.)?

- edit -
The version will be FR (so I can trade if needed)

- Kirby the Jigglypuff
Kirby is the cute puffball hero of the planet Popstar, with the ability to absorb power from foes he defeats. As such prior to evolving he will need to absorb powers from a pokemon of each of the 16 types (16 due to not being able to encouter dark pokemon in FR/LG prior to the end of the game). Kirby is also deathly afraid of the dark and can thus not be sent out at all in the dark cave. Finally due to his deepseated sense of duty and justice Kirby must solo any and all matches against Giovanni

- Snake the Ekans
take an Ekans called Snake (original name, isn't it) --> so your version is Fire Red. Snake can only learn level up moves, and when evolved, cannot learn moves anymore. Snake is a really venomous snake and can evolve after poisoning 50 pokemon (not wild). Snake hates birds, as some of them are able to eat him. It therefore wants to SOLO any and all trainer-owned flying types you come across. That will force you have to solo 3 pokemon from lance and 3 from your rival, so I will leave the challenge at this (and one from Agatha)

- War the Meowth
Take War the Meowth. War believes in violence to the extreme, and as such may only use Physical attacks (the Gen 3 ones). That means as soon as possible, no Special or Status moves in its moveset. Now, here is the crossroads at Level 28 [...] you chose to evolve it into a Persian. Rename it from "War" to "Peace". Peace the Persian had a drastic change in heart upon evolving, and as such doesn't believe in physical violence anymore. Suddenly, Peace can only learn Special and Status moves, no Physical. Peace's moveset must change to this new restriction as quickly as possible. Oh, and solo an Elite Four member of your choice. :)

- Nuke the Charmander
Nuke likes to wreck things with raw power, especially fire power, & nothing will get in the way of stopping it. Nuke must learn all attacking moves at all times. Nuke must then solo a Gym Leader without using Metal Claw to evolve into Charmeleon. After evolution, Nuke then starts becoming more focused towards offence, & you may no longer switch Nuke out of battle while it is on the field unless it faints, or another Pokémon has to solo something. Have Nuke solo another Gym Leader to evolve. Finally, as a Charizard, it becomes so focused on detonation, that you may no longer run or use Items while Nuke is on the field, in addition to the no switching out rule. Furthermore, the attacking moves it uses must exceed 90 BP excluding STAB. Have Nuke solo at least 5 Pokémon in the Gym League.

- Calamitous the Geodude
You get Calamitous the Geodude. This geodude has the nasty habit of never finishing anything it starts. However, He is very outgoing and wants to be a major part of your team. As such, he wants to solo each gym, but gets distracted by the time you get to the gym leader (You must fight each gym trainer with Calamitous, but he may not fight the gym leader). Also, he may fight but may not KO any pokemon in the elite four. If he knocks out a pokemon you must reset. Same rules apply to rival fights. You also may not evolve him into a golem

- Gneolaut the Gastly
Manitary, take Gneolaut the ____. Fill in the blank with whatever pokemon you want. (I used a random number generator and got Haunter dex number, so I picked Gastly)
Choose two of the following restrictions:
-- Never use STAB moves.
-- Never evolve (if the pokemon can evolve), never be healed in battle (if the pokemon cannot evolve).
-- Never use Fly nor any HP-healing item other than Potion and Super Potion
-- Never use moves that don't directly deal damage (so no Toxic, Confuse Ray, etc.)
Gneolaut's restrictions are whichever two you didn't choose!

I picked the last two, so thanks to the final restriction Gneolaut won't neither evolve nor use STAB moves
Oh Manitary, could you do FR/LG run? Using the following Pokemon...

Kirby the Jigglypuff
Kirby is the cute puffball hero of the planet Popstar, with the ability to absorb power from foes he defeats. As such prior to evolving he will need to absorb powers from a pokemon of each of the 16 types (16 due to not being able to encouter dark pokemon in FR/LG prior to the end of the game). Kirby is also deathly afraid of the dark and can thus not be sent out at all in the dark cave. Finally due to his deepseated sense of duty and justice Kirby must solo any and all matches against Giovanni.
healthylunch, take Tired the Abra. Normally, Abra sleep 18 hours a day, but this one sleeps 22 hours every day, so when you wake it up so it can fight, it can only battle for a maximum of 2 hours after you wake it up. This resets every day. For convenience's sake, you can round to the nearest 15 minutes. Also, if Tired is put to sleep, it cannot battle for the rest of the day. Something important to remember is never to wake up Tired when its 2 hours are up. If you do, it will use its psychic powers to prevent 2 other members of your party (HM slaves and any other fodder won't count) from battling or holding items for 8 hours. Also, Tired can't hold any items when it's asleep. Finally, as Ghost-types constantly give Tired nightmares, Tired must not be in Ecruteak Gym when you're challenging it.

Have fun!
King Serperior, I accept your Scramblemon but I did ask what version you want to play: HeartGold or SoulSilver.

Recec, depending on the other selections, is it okay for the Rattata to be at a lower level when it's initially caught compared to the rest of the party? Once it's caught it will fulfill the requirement of being the highest member of the party.
Heartgold, if you please ^_^

I just read the smog article about this, and it sounds fun, so I've decided to give it a shot. I'll do a Heart Gold scramble. Of perhaps hard (though not to hard) difficulty. I'll try and take whatever restrictions you throw at me, though please try and make sure they are neither too tedious, (such as needing to solo 200 rattatas in order to evolve), too techincal (like needing to have an attack EV of exactly 137), or too insanely hard (like needing to solo Red with an underlevelled magikarp).
Many thanks :heart:
You know, I have not been evil in a while. Perhaps I'll give you Mike the Yanma
You have just 5 restrictions:

1). No STAB
2). No Status moves
3). Solo Koga
4). Solo Pryce
5). Solo Brock

Good Luck :P

I already knew Scramble, but the Smog article definitely caught my interest in taking one, so...I'm looking for a Scramble!
I play on emulator so I haven't game restriction (you can go from RBY to BW2) but I can only trade if I use a gen I-II-III game, I also have access to gen IV Pal Park if needed. I think that's all, I'll probably accept any Scramblemon you suggest.
Two only question: if the Scramblemons I get are found too late or don't learn some HM, is it possible to catch some pokés that can learn them to proceed with the story? Also, in that case can they be used as death fodder (I mean they are catched for the only purpose of having a HM user, so they aren't leveled up etc.)?

- edit -
The version will be FR/LG (actually not specified which) so I can trade

- Kirby the Jigglypuff
Kirby is the cute puffball hero of the planet Popstar, with the ability to absorb power from foes he defeats. As such prior to evolving he will need to absorb powers from a pokemon of each of the 16 types (16 due to not being able to encouter dark pokemon in FR/LG prior to the end of the game). Kirby is also deathly afraid of the dark and can thus not be sent out at all in the dark cave. Finally due to his deepseated sense of duty and justice Kirby must solo any and all matches against Giovanni.
You will get an evil challange as well (Not that bad)

Take FrostBite the Oddish/Bellsprout (Whichever version you choose)

Cannot evolve into second stage until they solo Lt. Surge.
Cannot evolve again until you have 8 badges.

Solo an E4 member.
Woah, a lot of newcomers here!

reserving for:

Phoenix512. My vote goes to HearthGold. Anyway, catch Batman the Zubat. Batman is a cool guy, and wants to only learn moves real people could also use. The only exception is leech life, as it is a really cool, leeching move, which it wants to use at least once every battle. Hm's are also exceptions (like Fly), but they cannot be used in battle. To evolve for the first time, solo a gym, excluding gym leader. To evolve again, solo a gym leader in a different gym. As Batman obviously is a heroic bat, he wants to switch into battle whenever another member goes down into red health and always wants to stay in your top 2 highest leveled members, as it wants to be able to rescue all people and pokemon in need. Because it is a hero, it wants to battle the team Rocket Bosses, but they are optional. With every Boss you solo, Batman can learn and use one move a human cannot. (so you only really care to solo three if you want to, as leech life is mandatory).


Wrave. Take a Riolu called SuperDog. Riolu is a poweful pokemon which can go mixed. Have it learn both special and physical attacks. Always alternate between special and physical attacks when attacking. It wants to show what it is worth and solo the dark type elite four. It also wants to solo Colress (always), as he is heroic (see the pokestar studios), because Colress is a bad scientist.


Pika25. Take Piranha the Basculin. Piranha loves eating other pokemon, as it is an evil fish. It has to learn both bite and crunch asap. He / She believes it is the best water type, and wants to solo the entire water gym. If Piranha turns out to be reckless, give it moves that make use of said ability and solo any main character with it (any boss battle, including your rival). If it turns out to be able to adapt well, it wants to solo the water gym with only water-type attacks. You are then allowed to use other attacks for pokemon that have water absorb etc.


HealthyLunch. You get Nurture the Cyndaquil. Nurture is a weak little baby when you first meet it, but it is a quick learner and can steadily use stronger attacks. You can only use attacks with a max base power of 2.5x its current level, after applying stab, roudning up (might help you out somewhere?). When you finally arrive at the pokemon league, it believes it has been trained enough and has to solo Lance.


Manitary. On your question, usually people use HM slaves when none of their scramblemons can learn a necessary hm, although it is of course not really advisable to use them in battle. At least, otherwise you would not have wanted 6 scramblemons with which to complete the game. If you do find yourself stuck and needing a hm slave, feel free to catch one, or ask in this thread for a pokemon that can learn certain hm's as part of your scramble.

Well then, Manitary, take an Ekans called Snake (original name, isn't it) --> so your version is Fire Red. Snake can only learn level up moves, and when evolved, cannot learn moves anymore. Snake is a really venomous snake and can evolve after poisoning 50 pokemon (not wild). Snake hates birds, as some of them are able to eat him. It therefore wants to SOLO any and all trainer-owned flying types you come across. That will force you have to solo 3 pokemon from lance and 3 from your rival, so I will leave the challenge at this (and one from Agatha).


EDIT: Done editing


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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In response to your questions, you can indeed catch HM slaves to help you proceed in the game if necessary. However, these HM slaves are barred from battling. Whether you can use them as death fodder or not varries from person to person. Personally I think it goes against the spirit of the scramble, but I've seen others mention using HM slaves as such in updates.

I think I'll be taking a break from giving challenges to you and healthylunch though to give some other people a turn. If you end up needing one after another 24 hours or so then I'll jump in and fill the void for you :P
Jimera0, you didn't put down what version I should play: HeartGold or SoulSilver. Right now it's 3 votes for HeartGold and none for SoulSilver.

Present, I have some questions about what moves I can use for Zubat. Is Astonish one I can use since it's described as a shout? What about Poison Fang and Cross Poison? Is human being able to use like they could do it with some tool or just the human body? Maybe a list of moves will help me with this challange.
I'll reserve Pokémon for Matinary (FR) and healthylunch (HG). Geez, we always seem to get a couple new guys when the Smog comes out. I'm actually a little lost with who needs challanges, so PM me with requests to do one if I didn't get to you.

@Matinary Take War the Meowth. War believes in violence to the extreme, and as such may only use Physical attacks (the Gen 3 ones). That means as soon as possible, no Special or Status moves in its moveset.

Now, here is the crossroads at Level 28- you can choose to either evolve Meowth or keep it the way it is. Open the tab you want, but if you want some fun, don't open both and pick the one you want. :)

So you chose to keep it a Meowth. War keeps the name war, and is given an Everstone that it must keep at all times for your convenience. War continues to have to use Physical attacks only. Oh, and solo a Gym Leader of your choice. :)

So you chose to evolve it into a Persian. Rename it from "War" to "Peace". Peace the Persian had a drastic change in heart upon evolving, and as such doesn't believe in physical violence anymore. Suddenly, Peace can only learn Special and Status moves, no Physical. Peace's moveset must change to this new restriction as quickly as possible. Oh, and solo an Elite Four member of your choice. :)

@ healthylunch Take Brocko the Onix. This Onix is a little special, and believes it is the Onix that Brock used in the anime. As such, it may only learn moves that Brock's Onix has used (Tackle, Bind, Dig, Rock Throw, Sandstorm, Slam, Iron Tail, and Dragonbreath). This Onix IS allowed to evolve into a Steelix at any time because Brock did so in the show.

Solo Brock when you get to Kanto with Brocko in order to free Brocko from its moveset restriction, seeing as it realized it is not Brock's Onix/Steelix. However, it must hold a useless item (like a Fire Stone or something that doesn't help in battle) to account for its stupidity.

Good luck to all you new Scramblers!
@Phoenix512, here you go as far as human-egligible moves:

astonish, bite, mean look, poison fang (some people have very bad breath o.o),

for tm: hidden power, taunt, protect, frustration, return, aerial ace, torment, rest, attract, thief, snatch, endure, payback, captivate, sleep talk, natural gift, swagger, pluck

for move tutor: snore, uproar, super fang.

ANy more moves you are unsure about, just leave a pm. --> i only looked at zubat's movepool, not golbat/crobat. (it's kind of late around here)
Tortimer is rejected as Tirtouga is post-game only. Everyone else is accepted. I am still missing Oshawott.

Since I get Illuminate the Staryu on Route 13, soloing any remaining Gym Leaders to unlock Psychic is now trivial as Evil the Alomomola gets Drayden and Piranha the Basculin gets the entire Water gym, including Marlon.

Charming the male Azurill: Must know Charm; must use Charm against all females it meets and can't run or switch out until it does so; beat 18 females to evolve. As Marill against a female, no direct attacks but still must Charm; solo a male gym leader to evolve. As Azumarill, don't fight any females unless they are stronger; must solo all male Azurill/Marill/Azumarill throughout. (Wrave)

Piranha the Basculin: Learn Bite and Crunch ASAP; solo entire Water gym. If Reckless must learn recoil moves and solo a major boss with them. If Adaptability only Water attacks are allowed during the Water gym solo, except Water Absorbers. (Present)

Evil the Alomomola: No Toxic, Wish, or Rest. Solo Drayden and Marshal. (King Serperior)

Lays the male Frillish: No restrictions until evolution. Rename Pringles; must stay in until faints or battle ends; no moves that share type or category (physical, special, status you, status opponent, multiple effects, stat mods, status condition); should an overlap occur, one move must be selected to be only usable move in that category. Solo a gym leader and an E4 member. (Jimera0)

Illuminate the Staryu: Catch on Route 13; reach Lv.50 to evolve; solo all trainers on Route 13 to unlock Surf; solo any remaining gym leaders to unlock Psychic; solo Kyurem-W to unlock Ice Beam (no using Blizzard); solo 10 Electrics to unlock Thunderbolt. Solo Caitlin with only Psychic. (Organization Member XIV)
Tortimer is rejected as Tirtouga is post-game only. Everyone else is accepted. I am still missing Oshawott.

Since I get Illuminate the Staryu on Route 13, soloing any remaining Gym Leaders to unlock Psychic is now trivial as Evil the Alomomola gets Drayden and Piranha the Basculin gets the entire Water gym, including Marlon.

Charming the male Azurill: Must know Charm; must use Charm against all females it meets and can't run or switch out until it does so; beat 18 females to evolve. As Marill against a female, no direct attacks but still must Charm; solo a male gym leader to evolve. As Azumarill, don't fight any females unless they are stronger; must solo all male Azurill/Marill/Azumarill throughout. (Wrave)

Piranha the Basculin: Learn Bite and Crunch ASAP; solo entire Water gym. If Reckless must learn recoil moves and solo a major boss with them. If Adaptability only Water attacks are allowed during the Water gym solo, except Water Absorbers. (Present)

Evil the Alomomola: No Toxic, Wish, or Rest. Solo Drayden and Marshal. (King Serperior)

Lays the male Frillish: No restrictions until evolution. Rename Pringles; must stay in until faints or battle ends; no moves that share type or category (physical, special, status you, status opponent, multiple effects, stat mods, status condition); should an overlap occur, one move must be selected to be only usable move in that category. Solo a gym leader and an E4 member. (Jimera0)

Illuminate the Staryu: Catch on Route 13; reach Lv.50 to evolve; solo all trainers on Route 13 to unlock Surf; solo any remaining gym leaders to unlock Psychic; solo Kyurem-W to unlock Ice Beam (no using Blizzard); solo 10 Electrics to unlock Thunderbolt. Solo Caitlin with only Psychic. (Organization Member XIV)
Then you go without Psychic unless Illuminate soloes Grimsley and Caitlin restriction becomes OPTIONAL hope that helps. :) Also, because I derped with W2 Storyline, changed from solo Kyurem-W to solo Ghetsis. Enjoy.
Accepted. Still looking for an Oshawott.

Charming the male Azurill: Must know Charm; must use Charm against all females it meets and can't run or switch out until it does so; beat 18 females to evolve. As Marill against a female, no direct attacks but still must Charm; solo a male gym leader to evolve. As Azumarill, don't fight any females unless they are stronger; must solo all male Azurill/Marill/Azumarill throughout. (Wrave)

Piranha the Basculin: Learn Bite and Crunch ASAP; solo entire Water gym. If Reckless must learn recoil moves and solo a major boss with them. If Adaptability only Water attacks are allowed during the Water gym solo, except Water Absorbers. (Present)

Evil the Alomomola: No Toxic, Wish, or Rest. Solo Drayden and Marshal. (King Serperior)

Lays the male Frillish: No restrictions until evolution. Rename Pringles; must stay in until faints or battle ends; no moves that share type or category (physical, special, status you, status opponent, multiple effects, stat mods, status condition); should an overlap occur, one move must be selected to be only usable move in that category. Solo a gym leader and an E4 member. (Jimera0)

Illuminate the Staryu: Catch on Route 13; reach Level 50 to evolve; solo all trainers on Route 13 to unlock Surf; solo Ghetsis to unlock Ice Beam; solo 10 Electric types to unlock Thunderbolt; solo Grimsley to unlock Psychic. (Organization Member XIV)
Pika25, take Yaiba the Oshawott. Yaiba is an Oshawott who loves his shell very very much and practiced with it day and night. So it uses Focus Energy immediately when it put into a battle. When it learns Razor Shell, it constantly uses it until it can learn other slash type moves. It has an intense hatred of grass types and must solo Burgh's gym to evolve into Dewott. The thought of losing its ability to hold its shell terrifies Yaiba and refuses to evolve into Samurott due to having no hands. Later on, Yaiba must solo Elesa's Emolga to allow it to have one non-slash attack.

In summary:

-Must use Focus Energy or some other empowering move as its first move in battle
-When it can learn Razor Shell, it must be used until it can use other slash type moves (Aerial Ace, Fury Cutter, Revenge, Counter, Cut, X-Scissor, False Swipe) which it can use any slash attack
-To evolve into Dewott, must solo Burgh's gym.
-Cannot evolve to Samurott
-Optional: Solo Elesa's Emogla to have one non-slash attack but it still must use a slash attack first after empowering before it can use the non-slash attack

Also I still need two Pokemon for my HeartGold/SoulSilver challange preferably a pure Gen 2 Pokemon but not necessary needs to be one.

Details here.
Pokémon White Version 2 Mono-Water Scramble

Yaiba is accepted. The Pokémon White 2 Mono-Water Scramble is officially underway!

  • Yaiba the Oshawott: Must use Focus Energy or another empowering move on the first turn, starting when Focus Energy is learned; once Razor Shell is learned only it and other slashing attacks (including Revenge) are allowed in battle. Solo Castelia Gym to evolve into Dewott; may not evolve again. Solo Elesa’s Emolga to have one non-slashing attack, but still must use slashing attack first after empowering. (Phoenix512)
  • Charming the male Azurill: Must learn and keep Charm; must use Charm against all females it meets and can’t run or switch out until it does so; solo any 18 females to evolve. As a Marill against a female, no direct attacks but still must Charm; solo a male gym leader to evolve. As an Azumarill, don’t fight any females unless they are stronger. Solo all male Azurill/Marill/Azumarill it sees. (Wrave)
  • Lays the male Frillish/Pringles the male Jellicent: No restrictions on Lays; once Pringles, must stay in until he faints or the battle ends and may not have any two moves that share a type or category (physical, special, status user, status opponent, multiple effects, stat modifications, status condition). Solo a Gym Leader and an Elite Four member. (Jimera0)
  • Evil the Alomomola: No Toxic, Wish, or Rest. Solo Drayden and Marshal. (King Serperior)
  • Piranha the Basculin: Learn Bite/Crunch ASAP; solo Humilau Gym. If Reckless, must learn recoil moves and solo a boss with them; if Rock Head, alternate Water/Dark in Humilau Gym; if Adaptability, only Water in Humilau Gym, except Water Absorbers. (Present)
  • Illuminate the Staryu: Catch on Route 13; must have Illuminate Ability. Reach level 50 to evolve into Starmie. Solo all trainers on Route 13 to unlock Surf; solo Ghetsis without Blizzard to unlock Ice Beam; solo any ten Electric-type Pokémon, preferably trainer-owned, to unlock Thunderbolt; solo Grimsley to unlock Psychic. (Organization Member XIV)

I’m in my bedroom sleeping. I hear an Xtransceiver ringing and wake up. It’s my mom’s. On the other end of the line is, to my surprise, Professor Aurea Juniper.
Juniper: So, is Pika ready to receive her starter Pokémon?
Mom: She sure is!
Juniper: Tell her to look for the girl with the green hat!
Mom: OK, I will!
She hangs up. I get out of my bed and dress up, ready to meet this girl and receive my starter Pokémon from her. Mom asks me if I want a Pokédex to go with the Pokémon. I say yes. I leave the house, and first thing I see is this fellow who introduces himself as Hugh. He says that he’s ready to receive a Pokédex as well. I also learn that he has a kid sister. I tell him that I’m after a girl in a green hat. He follows me all the way to Aspertia City’s most famous spot: the Aspertia Outlook, and yes indeed, I am greeted by a girl in a green hat, and she formally introduces herself as Professor Juniper’s assistant, Bianca. A conversation ensues.
Bianca: Hello there! By any chance, do you happen to know a girl named Pika?
Me: You bet!
Bianca: Oh! So you are Pika! Tada! The Pokémon that will be your partner is right in here!
Bianca opens up the capsule to reveal three Poké Balls, each with a starter Pokémon. I contemplate on which one to choose, but I eventually choose the Poké Ball on the right. I open it up, and out pops an Oshawott! “I notice you’re playing with your scalchop a lot! I think the name Yaiba is perfect for you!” She then gives me my Pokédex. Now Hugh shows up and converses with Bianca.
Hugh: Speaking of Pokédexes, I’d like one myself, if you please.
Bianca: OK, I sure will.
Hugh: Hey, Pika! I’d like to challenge you to a Pokémon battle!
Bianca: But, you didn’t receive a Pokémon from me!
Hugh: I sure do have a Pokémon: the Snivy I raised from an Egg!
I accept his challenge, and battle ensues!

End Prologue

This is my first Pokémon battle. Yaiba is met by a Snivy of Hugh’s. I get my Tail Whip off before he could use Leer. Three Tackles take him out before he could finish me off. Upon further analysis, I find that Yaiba is a girl! I am amazed at that fact because I know that one in every eight Oshawott is female.
Hugh congratulates me on our victory, and Bianca has a neat idea. “How about we take a quick rest at the Pokémon Center? It’s the same no matter where you are!” I follow Bianca to the Pokémon Center to have Yaiba healed because she took quite the damage from Snivy. Inside we are greeted by the Pokémon Center Nurse. I hand over Yaiba’s Poké Ball, and just like that, she’s good as new!
Now Bianca points to something else. “That square thing is called a PC. All trainers are free to use it. You can move Pokémon around in it.” I now follow Bianca to the clerks at the Poké Mart. “Here you can buy and sell items, including Poké Balls. Speaking of which, here, Pika! Here they are, ten of them!” I accept the Poké Balls, and then follow Bianca to Route 19 to the north, but not before I buy 10 more Poké Balls from the clerk, receiving a free Premier Ball as a bonus. I now have barely enough money to buy five Potions as well.
Along the way to Route 19, I run into my mom and Hugh’s sister. A conversation now ensues.
Mom: Oh, nice to meet you! You must be Bianca, right?
Bianca: Indeed I am! Your daughter received a Pokémon from me!
Mom: I heard! She got an Oshawott! Looking good!
Mom hands me my running shoes. “Now you and your Oshawott can run anywhere you want!” Now Hugh’s sister gives me a parcel. I open it…and find two Town Maps.
Bianca: Why two Town Maps?
Hugh’s sister: One of them is Pika’s, and the other is for my brother.
Mom: Good idea! Even if it’s a single road to the ocean, having a Town Map is always nice. You’ll know all about what Unova looks like.
Bianca: Aw, you guys! Just watching this makes me happy!
Now it’s time for business. I head for Route 19 with Bianca. But not before the gatekeeper greets Yaiba and gives me a Potion.
Bianca: This way! This reminds me of that day with Scotty on Route 1!
Me: Who is Scotty?
Bianca: He was the hero from two years ago!
Bianca walks into the grass…and finds a wild Pokémon: a level 2 Purrloin, which is met by her level 5 Lillipup. Tackle put Purrloin’s health in the red, and she caught the Purrloin next turn.
Bianca: And that’s how it’s done. You are giving that Town Map to your friend, right?
Me: I sure am!
Bianca: He’s already in Floccesy Town to the east of here.
Me: OK, thanks, Bianca! Bye!
I traverse the route all the way to the east, but not before this guy with red hair who calls himself Alder shows up after jumping from the cliff, which I cannot do myself!
Alder: I, Alder, am a trainer with a keen interest in the world. One of my goals is to tell people about how wonderful it is to walk toward the future together with Pokémon.
Me: My name’s Pika. I come from Aspertia City to the southwest.
Alder: Your Oshawott is a fine-looking Pokémon. But you’re not exactly a seasoned trainer yet…unlike Scotty.
Me: I recognize that name! He’s the hero from two years ago!
Alder: You’re spot-on! He even beat me, the former Champion!
Me: I want to be just like him!
Alder: Indeed! I’ll train you a little! Follow me!
I follow Alder to his house.
Alder: By the way, why are you holding two Town Maps?
Me: One of them is mine; the other is for Hugh.
Alder: I recognize that name! Isn’t he the one with the Snivy? It just so happens, he was training on Route 20… If that’s the case, you should give him his Town Map first!
I now proceed to Route 20 to the east. I am confronted by various trainers with random Patrat and Purrloin, none of which were a match for Yaiba. Along the way she learned Water Gun. I now emerge at Floccesy Ranch, where I come across an Azurill that shows off his charm. As such I decide to nickname him Charming. I run across Hugh, and he and Snivy want to challenge me again. Same story as last time, except Charming leads off just to steal some of the experience, and as a corollary, Yaiba is left in low yellow. I now hand him his Town Map. The ranch owners show up, and a conversation ensues.
Husband: I thought it was lively around here! You were having a battle, huh? Isn’t it nice to be young?
Hugh: Who are you?
Husband: Who am I? I own Floccesy Ranch! And this is my wife!
Wife: After a battle, you should heal your Pokémon’s HP, right?
The wife heals my team up and gives me a Potion and does the same thing to Hugh.
Wife: It’s nice to have Potions if you’re far away from a Pokémon Center!
Husband: By the way, you didn’t happen to see a Herdier around here, did you?
Me: There’s one right behind you!
Husband: The two are always together and this is the first time one has wandered off, so I’m a little worried…
Hugh: A little worried? Are you KIDDING me!? It might be lost forever! Whatever! Pika and I will look!
Husband: Why did he get so mad? I think it’s probably just playing somewhere in this ranch.
Wife: I wonder…
Hugh and I try to locate the lost Herdier. Along the way I grind up Charming and Yaiba. I eventually find the Herdier confronted by this shady guy. Hugh calls Herdier back to its trainer.
Shady guy: Tch… You little pest! I am a member of a group that strikes fear into the hearts of those who stand before it: Team Plasma!
Me: I’ve never heard of them!
Plasma Grunt: We’re the righteous group that tried to conquer Unova two years back in order to liberate Pokémon!
Me: Oh, now I know what you’re talking about! This guy named Scotty took each and every one of you down!
Plasma Grunt: Whatever… Fools will never understand us… Still, first I got lost chasing Herdier, and now some nosy kid caught me! All this is your fault! Take this!
I receive a TM case. I open it up and find a disc marked TM21: Frustration. “OK! I’ll use this opportunity to retreat for now!” Hugh and the ranch owner show up to reclaim Herdier.
Husband: Herdier, what made you come all the way back here? At any rate, I’m really grateful for your help, you two!
Hugh: You’re awfully calm about this! It might have been gone for good! Take better care of it!
The ranch owner and Herdier make their way back to their ranch house, and I follow them. I realize that I need some time with Alder and head back to Floccesy Town. “It looks like you’ve delivered that Town Map to Hugh! You were only gone a moment, but you and your Pokémon have grown. Why, I could almost mistake you for someone else! Well then. Instead of training you, I would like you and your Pokémon to give me a hand! Follow me!” I follow Alder to his house and meet what appear to be two trainers.
Girl: Oh! Are we going to help train that person, sir?
Boy: Really? But that trainer looks really tough!
Alder: This girl may be tough, but you can learn from losing as well. More importantly, haven’t I been telling you just to enjoy battles? So, Pika! Please be their opponent!
I battle the boy first, and then the girl. The boy, named Seymour, reveals a Pansear, the girl, named Cassie, a Pansage. Neither of them was tough enough of an obstacle for Charming and Yaiba. He heals my team before, between, and after the battles.
Alder: Pokémon types are very important in battle, aren’t they? Water is strong against fire; fire, strong against grass; grass, strong against water… Type matchups don’t decide everything, though!
Cassie: But, listen! When a Pokémon uses a move that matches its type, the move becomes more powerful!
Alder: Meeting Pokémon and people you never would have met otherwise is truly one of the greatest things about traveling!
I leave the house and meet the man who calls himself Mr. Medal, who gives me my Medal Box and explains the Medal Rally. He gives me the First Step medal and six hint medals.
Mr. Medal: Go to a Pokémon Center and you can get medals from me one after another!
Alder: Pika! As for the newly opened Pokémon Gym in Aspertia City, I heard a new Gym Leader has arrived there. You should go and test how strong you’ve become!
I head back for Aspertia City, only to get stopped by Alder again, who now gives me five Oran Berries. “The Gym Leader is a powerful trainer. But you have nothing to worry about! If you think of your Pokémon’s potential and what you should do as a trainer, victory will be yours! And then you should take on stronger and stronger trainers…like the Gym Leader of each city!” I heed Alder’s word and toughen up my Pokémon some more, particularly Charming as this upcoming Gym Leader battle will be ultra important for him. He learns Charm in the process. After a lot of grinding on Route 19, he learns Bubble Beam and is ready to evolve! He’s a Marill now!
Now I’m at the Aspertia Gym at the back of the Trainers’ School and I see four people: a man wearing sunglasses, Gym Leader Cheren, and two of Cheren’s juniors. The sunglasses man walks up to me. “Hello! I’m Clyde, the guide for trainers who challenge Pokémon Gyms. Thank you for taking on the Gym! Take this to commemorate your debut!” I receive a Fresh Water from him, the first of eight. “Pokémon Gyms are facilities for testing trainers’ abilities! Put simply, if you can defeat the Gym Leader, it means you’re a really good trainer!”
Now it’s the Gym trainers’ turn to talk. “You must be a challenger! Welcome to Aspertia Gym. I, Cheren, am the Gym Leader! Well, maybe I’d rather say I just became Gym Leader! More importantly, we need to prepare before welcoming you to the Gym. We have a challenger! You two, take your places!” The juniors do so. “If you can defeat these two, then I’ll be your opponent!” Cheren takes his place at the back of the Gym.
I fight the juniors one by one, the girl first, then the boy, making sure to Charm then switch against the females. Each of the juniors has a Lillipup and a Patrat. I’m now ready to face Cheren. Yaiba is eager to break out of her Poké Ball.
Me: Yaiba, this battle belongs to Charming and not you.
Cheren: Just as this is your first Gym challenge, this is my first Pokémon battle as a Gym Leader! Let’s both do our best and have a battle we can be proud of!
And the battle begins. I spam Bubble Beam, which is not quite a 2HKO against Patrat, but just barely 3HKOs Lillipup. Each of his Pokémon uses Work Up followed by Tackle. Charming barely survives Lillipup’s critical Tackle on 6 hp! Talk about a close call! “That battle has made me feel really glad you were my first challenger as a Gym Leader… I give you this in honor of the strength you and your Pokémon showed!” He gives me the Basic Badge for my Badge Case and puts a disc marked TM83: Work Up in my TM case. “That’s your first Gym Badge, the Basic Badge! This is an important milestone! And when you use Work Up while battling, it raises the user’s Attack and Special Attack. By the way, you may use TMs as often as you like. In the Unova region, there are eight Gyms and eight Gym Badges! You could collect all of them! That would help fill up your Pokédex as well! Yes, two years ago, Pokédex in hand, I left on a journey with my two friends.” I have a feeling that those friends are Bianca and Scotty. I leave the gym and meet up with Bianca to tell her the good news.
Bianca: Yoo-hoo! How was it? How did your Pokémon battle with the Gym Leader go?
Me: Excellently! I earned myself my Basic Badge!
Bianca: This is from me! It’s TM27: Return! When a Pokémon knows Return, the more it gets along with its trainer, the more powerful the move is! Still, that Cheren…
Cheren: Bianca! It’s been two years, hasn’t it?
Bianca: Oh wow! What’s up?
Cheren: I thought it would be a good idea to register each other in our Xtransceivers!
Cheren, Bianca, and I register each other. Bianca also registers Professor Juniper for me. Now our Xtransceivers ring. It’s Professor Juniper!
Juniper: Hi there, Pika! I am Professor Juniper! Bianca told me you accepted your Pokédex! Thank you so much! Thanks to you, we’ll all know more about Pokémon and be able to get along with them even better!
Bianca: Hi, Professor Juniper! It’s really interesting over here! There are so many Pokémon we couldn’t prove were here two years ago!
Me: Like my Marill here.
Juniper: Thank you for going so far for this errand, Bianca. And Cheren, how are you enjoying being Gym Leader?
Cheren: Professor Juniper, it’s been a long time. I’m glad you’re doing so well. The Gym Leader’s position is very tough… If only I had my usual partners…
Juniper: Oh, Cheren… Having battles that come down to the wire will make you a Gym Leader who deepens the bonds between your challengers and their Pokémon, right?
Bianca: It’ll be fine! Cheren’s a new Gym Leader, I’m an assistant Pokémon Professor, and Pika is a new trainer, but we always have Pokémon by our sides!
Juniper: That’s right, Bianca! Our world is a world where we live with Pokémon. Everyone, keep that in mind as you pursue your dreams with your Pokémon! Particularly you, Pika! The Pokédex may be important, but…first, enjoy your journey with your Pokémon to your heart’s content!
Me: I sure will, Professor!
We hang up. Bianca and Cheren explain what they do when I call them via Xtransceiver. Hugh shows up.
Hugh: Are you the Gym Leader? One, two, three—let’s battle!
Cheren: You look like a tough trainer. Understood, please come into my Pokémon Gym!
Hugh: What was that weak answer?! I’m definitely going to take you down!
After Hugh hurries into the Gym, Bianca installs and explains the C-Gear for me. “You know, there’s a Gym in Virbank City, which is just past Floccesy Town!” I heed Bianca’s advice and head east.

End of Chapter 1

Yaiba's Summary: Her restrictions don't fall into place yet. LVP for now.
Charming's Summary: He's fulfilled his restrictions and his solo of Cheren. MVP for now.

Along the way east, I run into Bianca again. “I’m sorry! I forgot to upgrade your Pokédex! I’m going to add the Habitat List feature!” She borrows my Pokédex, installs the Habitat Lists, and gives it back to me. “With the Habitat List, you can check which Pokémon live in that area! It’s a mode in the Pokédex! It can even tell you which ones you’ve already caught!” She now explains rustling grass and other phenomena. “Filling up your Pokédex will make your world bigger! So go to many different places and meet many different Pokémon, OK? Bye!”
I happen to run across a Pidove in the wild. Even though it is not a Water-type Pokémon, and hence not part of the team, I catch it anyway because I may need it for Fly once I get the HM. I also happen to face a Hiker, Jerome, and his Riolu. Luckily for Yaiba, it is raining, allowing Water Gun to 2HKO Riolu, but not before Riolu gets a Quick Attack off. I also happen to face several preschoolers from Virbank City’s preschool, including a boy who claims to be the strongest of them all—Albert—and his Psyduck. Along the way she learns Focus Energy.
Albert: I guess I’m not the strongest in the world!
Cheren: Pika, wait! Come with me, you two!
Cheren shows me and Hugh a patch of grass that’s darker than the patches I am used to seeing. “It’s rare, but sometimes two Pokémon pop out at the same time. Also, the Pokémon that hide in the dark grass are slightly stronger. So be careful if you walk through. If you’re going to challenge the next Gym, it’s the Virbank Gym. These might help!” He gives us some Pecha Berries. “Both of you do your best! If you need anything, call me on the Xtransceiver!” I look at my Pecha Berries and read the tag: “A berry to be held by a Pokémon to cure it of its poisoning.” This leads me to believe that the Virbank Gym is a Poison-type Gym. I now realize that I still need to fight the twins, Lia and Lily, each with a Sunkern. This is my very first double battle. Charming is able to OHKO one of the Sunkern with Return, which he just now learned via TM, while Yaiba barely 2HKO’s it with Water Gun, even in the rain. I now fight their teacher, Kimya, and her Dunsparce. Dunsparce is so bulky that even a rain-boosted, Torrent-boosted Water Gun doesn’t even 2HKO it!
I make it to Virbank City proper, but not before something familiar happens: the gatekeeper greets my Pokémon and gives me Great Balls. I now realize that Virbank City is home to several wild Pokémon, including Frillish. I also realize that I also have Scotty’s Xtransceiver registered, so I call him.
Scotty: Hello? Who is this?
Me: You don’t know me? I am Pika from Aspertia City. I have a deal to make with you: I need a Pokémon that can use Surf. There’s this Frillish that I’ve been wanting for my team, and they live here in the Virbank waters.
Scotty: It’s a deal, Pika! I have a Swanna you can borrow!
Me: That would be perfect!
We hang up. Speaking of my Xtransceiver, I get a call from mom.
Mom: Hi! It’s your mom! Where are you right now?
Me: I just arrived in Virbank City.
Mom: Wow, Virbank City! There’s a complex there, right? Have you been there yet?
Me: Not yet.
Mom: The way it looks at night is really quite nice! And you can also train your Pokémon there!
Me: Good point! Yaiba will get loads of training!
Mom: You know, your Pokémon can do some things and you can do others. I hope you can all work together and accomplish amazing things!
I also happen to run across Virbank Gym Leader Roxie and her father.
Roxie’s dad: Roxie, don’t try to stop me. I’m off to Pokéstar Studios to live up to my true potential! My dream is to be a ship captain and a movie star!
Roxie: Get real! You’re a captain already, aren’t you? If that ship doesn’t move, you’re going to cause lots of trouble!
Roxie’s dad: Oh, dear daughter. You split your time between your responsibilities as Gym Leader and with your band, right? I can do that, too!
He runs toward Pokéstar Studios. Roxie’s response: “AAAAAH! You dim-witted…dense…dumb…daft…dippy…dorky…doltish DOOFUS! Doing double duty isn’t the problem! You’re causing problems for people! Keeping people from getting where they’re going because of sheer selfishness is unforgivable! I’ve HAD it! I’m going to the Gym!” After she heads toward the Gym, I head for the Pokémon Center to heal up the team, and I meet Scotty in the Union Room.
Scotty: You and I promised to trade Pokémon. Who will it be for my Swanna?
Me: How about Pidove? You could even teach it Fly for me!
We make our trades. I leave the Pokémon Center and start Surfing on Swanna. I eventually find a male Frillish and catch him in the Quick Ball that came with Swanna. I notice that he somewhat resembles a Lay’s potato chip, so I nickname him Lays. I also find a Rare Candy in the process. I now go back to the Pokémon Center to meet up with Scotty in the Union Room again.
Me: Just got Frillish, it’s time to trade back!
Scotty: Done! I had your Pidove learn Fly while you got him. Got to go, I’m breeding Pichu!
Me: Good luck!
I box Pidove in the PC and analyze Lays. “That Ghost typing…it may provide some resistance to poison. Maybe he’ll handle Roxie.” I leave the Pokémon Center and Audino-grind Lays. I notice it takes me a whopping 15 Bubbles just to KO the first Audino! And he learns Bubble Beam in the process! I now head immediately for the Gym and meet Clyde, who gives me a second Fresh Water. I learn that the Gym is also a rock club, just as Roxie told me earlier. And I also learn that it is indeed a Poison Gym. I fight the band members, one by one. First up is Nicky the drummer. Grimer does nothing, except the annoying Disable on Lays’ Bubble Beam, while Koffing uses Poison Gas and Assurance on Lays to bring him to half HP before he succumbs to Night Shade. I heal Lays before facing Billy Jo the guitarist. Bubble Beam OHKO’s Venipede, and a critical Bubble Beam OHKO’s Koffing. It’s time for Roxie! Bubble Beam is able to 2HKO Koffing. Whirlipede is a whole other story: 3HKO’d by Bubble Beam, knows Protect. Lays had to use Recover, but only once and luckily on a Protect turn. The Toxic Badge is now mine! Roxie also gives me a disc marked TM09: Venoshock to put into my TM case. “Venoshock does double damage to a poisoned target. Your Pokémon WANTED this win!” I assume that she means Lays. “Keep going on like this, and do all sorts of stuff!” I leave the Gym and run into a man who I assume is working for Pokéstar Studios.
Man: Hey you! I felt like you were something special during your battle with Roxie. Please come with me to Pokéstar Studios!
Roxie: You’re going to Pokéstar Studios?! OH! I forgot! The old man! I have to get him back to work as captain!
I head for the Pokémon Center to heal my Pokémon and receive some medals from Mr. Medal. Once at Pokéstar Studios I see the same man I met at the Gym earlier, as well as an older man.
Older man: Hmm… I see… That kid sounds promising…
Young man: Indeed… And that kid should be here any moment!
They notice me.
Young man: Oh! Look who it is? Welcome to Pokéstar Studios! Pika! We’ve been waiting for you! This is our boss, Mr. Stu Deeoh!
Stu: Bonsoir! Hello! I’m Stu Deeoh! Charmed, I’m sure! So you must be Pika. We were just talking about you! I’d like to explain Pokéstar Studios, but I need a little time to prepare! I’m so sorry, darling, but could you wait a teensy moment?
Stu leaves. The young man walks me through the studios. “Pokéstar Studios was built for making films—it’s a movie metropolis! Many films are made and released right here!” He starts at the theater, where we run into Roxie’s father. A conversation ensues.
Roxie’s dad: Oh! If it isn’t the scout himself! And who is this?
Scout: This is Pika! I witnessed this trainer challenging your daughter. It struck me—here’s someone with real potential! A fresh discovery for Pokéstar Studios!
Roxie’s dad: You beat Roxie, I see. You must be a pretty good trainer. Oh, you know what? They’re releasing my movie now! Are you thinking about making a Pokéstar Studios debut, too? Then, I do insist you watch my movie in order to gain acting tips from a professional such as myself.
Scout: That’s a good idea! Pika, it should be a good introduction to filmmaking for you!
Roxie’s dad: Awesome! Let’s go!
Roxie’s father and I make our way to the reception counter to get tickets for Brycen-Man. There are eight screens at the theater, so the movie will be shown on a special screen. I pay close attention to the details and reach an ending I do not like. Even the rest of the audience either didn’t clap or left early. Once we’re done, the scout reappears.
Scout: I hope you had a good time! How’d you enjoy the movie?
Roxie’s dad: …
Scout: What’s the matter?
Me: I didn’t like his lines. Particularly when he says, “I’m scared!”
Roxie’s dad: Ha-ha-ha. I’ve always dreamed of making my debut on the silver screen… Now I’ve fulfilled that dream…
Scout: What are you saying?
Roxie’s dad: Different people have different talents. I knew it all along. But I see my daughter striving to balance the responsibility of being Gym Leader while pursuing her own dream of being in a band. Although I am a father, I really wanted to pursue my own long-held dream… If you stop pursuing your dreams, your life might as well be over, right?
Scout: …
Roxie’s dad: I’m going back to my duties as a ship captain for now. Someday, I’ll return to the screen! Until that day arrives, I’ll leave all the starring roles to you!
Scout: We had better get going. Mr. Deeoh should be ready by now.
We leave the theater and head for the filming studio, where all the movies are born. A conversation ensues.
Scout: Hey, boss! I brought Pika!
Stu: Well now, thanks for coming! I brought you here because I have a very important request of you! In case it isn’t obvious, I need you to act in films! The scout said you were absolutely, positively oozing with star potential! And when I saw you, your potential struck me like a lightning bolt!
Scout: Yes sir, boss! There’s no doubt in my mind that this trainer will become a top star of Pokéstar Studios’ silver screen!
Stu: I know! Isn’t it fabulous?! I am sure you will be a big star, darling! So I beg of you! Be in a movie! Today I’ve even called on an amazing, astounding costar for you!
The costar, Brycen, joins us.
Brycen: I’m Brycen… Pleased to meet you…
Stu: Brycen is Pokéstar Studios’ pride and joy—our marquee star! I’ve prepared a positively perfect script for a big, veteran star like him and a fresh, new talent like you!
Brycen: Those eyes… I look forward to acting with you…
Brycen reenters the greenroom. I talk to the soundstage operator and enter the greenroom myself, answering rental Pokémon to the question of with whom I am acting. It turns out that the rental Pokémon is a Riolu! I am recreating Brycen-Man! With a better ending than the one I saw earlier, of course. I am whisked away by Stu back to the theater, just so that I can see my version of the film, but the scout interrupts and tells Stu that he is out of time and has to hurry. I make my way to the theater anyway to watch my version of Brycen-Man. Once I get back, I get some free Lemonade from a Backpacker, as well as some more drinks from the nearby vending machine. Stu comes back to congratulate me. I leave the studios and head for Virbank Harbor and run into Roxie, Hugh, and three Plasma Grunts.
Roxie: So, are you guys Team Plasma, then?
Grunt 1: That’s right! We’re Team Plasma! Two years ago… We were betrayed by the man we respected as our king and hero! So our conquest of the Unova region ended in failure! However! We’ll never give up! We will persevere! We already have another plan in motion.
Hugh: Shut it! You guys are the worst. You talk about saving Pokémon, yet you’re just thieves! Don’t think I’ll ever forgive you!
Grunt 2: In the ranch, we got chased by Lillipup…
Me: You mean Herdier?
Grunt 3: And now we’re getting involved in trouble. This stinks.
Grunt 1: Well, it’s OK, isn’t it? If we steal their Pokémon…OK, kiddos, when you’re ready, give it your best shot!
Hugh: I’ll crush you and your new plans! I can never forgive Team Plasma!
And the battles are underway, each one of us taking on a Plasma Grunt. My Grunt has a lone Patrat that I 2HKO with Yaiba’s rain-boosted Water Gun after she goes for the requisite Focus Energy first. Team Plasma now runs off. Roxie, Hugh, and I split up to apprehend these Grunts, but not before Roxie hands me HM1: Cut to teach Yaiba over Tackle. We make our way to Route 20, and I eventually find my Grunt. This time, it’s the Grunt with a Purrloin. I’m lucky Assist does nothing, so that I can KO with rain-boosted, Torrent-boosted Water Gun from Yaiba. Hugh comes back to recollect me and tells me they’re moving around by boat. I need to book a boat ride of my own to Unova’s biggest city (and possibly the biggest city in the Pokémon world!): Castelia City. But before I do, I strike a conversation with Roxie and her dad.
Roxie: I thought your movie was pretty good.
Roxie’s dad: So you saw it… That movie was… No, it wasn’t the movie. It was me. I was so excited that I didn’t really become Riolu-Man! Acting like that won’t thrill or excite anyone…
Roxie: C’mon! Don’t get down! You can keep trying while you continue on as captain! As long as you don’t cause anyone any trouble, I won’t get mad. I don’t know how the Pokéstar Studios people feel about that, though!
Me: They didn’t care at all.
Roxie: Oh… Did you hear us? Looks like everyone from Team Plasma got away… I don’t feel really good about it, but at least they’re gone. You may book a ride to Castelia!
Roxie’s dad: OK! I guess I’ll do my best as a captain!
And who else is booking a ride? Why, none other than Hugh! We are able to ride to Castelia together and register each other’s Xtransceivers in the process. Once I arrive, first thing I see is a sailing ship. What’s with that in this day and age!? Next I meet a Harlequin, an official welcome to Castelia City, who gives me a shiny new bicycle to promote the Castelia City Harlequin Hunt! I have to look for Harlequins in the Medal Office, Passerby Analytics HQ, and the Battle Company.

End of Chapter 2

Yaiba's Summary: She's garnering up some much needed EXP for the upcoming solo of Castelia Gym.
Charming's Summary: Still has yet to evolve. In fact he didn't gain much EXP this chapter. Now the LVP.
Lays' Summary: Caught early, as I need three team members before Charles and the PWT. He easily fulfilled his solo of the entire Virbank Gym to gain MVP status. Cannot wait for the Elite Four member solo as Pringles!

I take this time to explore Castelia City. First I head for the north side, where the Professor’s assistant awaits my arrival.
Assistant: If you have seen at least 40 kinds of Pokémon, I’ll give you this Eviolite!
Me: That would be great for Yaiba to boost her defenses for the upcoming Gym! Unfortunately, I’ve seen only 23.
Next up is the Game Freak HQ to the southeast. I fight Nishino and his Clefairy first, then Morimoto and his team of Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour, using the Revive I just picked up in the process. Next up, the Battle Company, where I find one of the Harlequins I need for the Harlequin Hunt, but not before the president greets me and gives me Exp. Share. I also receive Mystic Water from a girl there. I take the elevator to 47F to fight a majority of the trainers. Clemens, after Charming defeats his Growlithe, gives me Quick Balls. We also meet the first male Marill that’s not mine that Charming has to solo after which I receive Timer Balls. Along the way Yaiba learns Razor Shell and wants to evolve—except I prevent her from doing so; she needs to solo Castelia Gym as an Oshawott—and I pick up a Guard Spec. on the floor and a Scope Lens from a dev. I am done with 47F, so I take the elevator to 55F and first thing I see is this Ether I pick up before I battle the president—or, should I say, his grandson Neil. While Charming and Lays team up against Eevee, Yaiba disposes of Herdier with her Torrent-boosted Razor Shells, after remembering to use Focus Energy first.
I now remember that I need to fully explore the Virbank Complex. First up, a Super Potion I find by having Yaiba cut the bush. I meet a man who wants me to find three new Complex Workers. I fight all the trainers along the way, evolving Charming into an Azumarill in the process. I find TM46: Thief in the southeast corner where I find the first Worker, Isaac. Yaiba manhandles Magby while Lays easily dispatches Koffing. I find a Tiny Mushroom and a Great Ball in the northeast corner underneath the second worker, Mitchell. Yaiba easily takes out Patrat and learns Fury Cutter in the process; Elekid pulls a Leer before getting nailed by Lays’ Bubble Beam. Finally, in the northwest corner, I find the third Worker, Nathan, and Yaiba destroys Riolu and Lillipup. I also round up a Scientist for another dose of Ether. I speak to the man I met earlier and receive TM94: Rock Smash. I also find a woman on the far south end.
Woman: So, you have a Pokédex! If you can fill this complex’s Habitat List, I’ll give you something good!
Me: Well, I’m shy a Pokémon: Magnemite.
I eventually find the Magnemite in the wild. I make my way back to the woman, who gives me Great Balls as a reward, and I am already done with the complex. Upon my return to Castelia, I meet Clyde at the entrance of the Gym, and conversation ensues.
Clyde: If you’re looking for the Gym Leader, Burgh, he said there might be trouble and took off! You can go look for him if you like!
Now Iris, former Opelucid Gym Leader, shows up.
Clyde: Oh! Hello, Iris. Something came up, and Burgh isn’t here right now.
Iris: Hmm… Isn’t Burgh always vanishing, though? He always says he’s got artist’s block and just goes wandering out of the Gym. And who are you?
Me: I am Pika from Aspertia City.
Iris: Looking for Team Plasma? They disbanded two years ago! I guess that doesn’t matter! You’re having problems, so I’ll help you out! Hmm…now where would suspicious people go to hide?
She thinks about it, and then realizes they might be in the sewers.
Clyde: Good grief… Burgh and Iris are so similar. It looks like she went around the corner, toward the Pokémon Center. Do you know where the Pokémon Center is?
Me: Yes I do! I should keep going that way and eventually find it.
I make a quick stop at the Pokémon Center before I run into Iris. “If you mention a suspicious place in Castelia City, the only places that come to mind are Narrow Street and here.” I follow her to what she calls Thumb Pier, and I can see why: it’s on the far eastside, and it’s the shortest among the five piers, like the thumb on my right hand. “You can go inside the sewers from here! Seems pretty suspicious, right?” Hugh shows up.
Hugh: Pika! Did you find Team Plasma!?
Me: Not yet!
Hugh: Aug! Those dirty Pokémon thieves! That means the only place I still haven’t checked is… Pika! Help me out!
Iris: Yep! The sewers are a perfect place for hiding!
I follow Hugh into the sewers. He and I decide to team up. I notice he evolved his Snivy into Servine. We eventually find Team Plasma.
Hugh: Hey!
Grunt 1: What do you want?
Hugh: Team Plasma! You villains!
Grunt 1: What? Don’t treat us like villains! And don’t interfere with our plans to liberate Pokémon!
Hugh: Liberate? Ha! You’re just ordinary Pokémon thieves! And what’s more, you use those stolen Pokémon like they’re tools!
Grunt 1: Shut up! Hand over your Pokémon!
We fight the Grunts, Yaiba and Servine against the Grunts’ Scraggy and Sandile. Servine demolishes Sandile with Leaf Tornado before we team up to take out Scraggy.
Grunt 1: They’re really tough! But whatever! We’ve got the Pokémon we need! Now, we flee!
Hugh: Tch! They run away like Patrat! OK! Let’s go farther inside!
Burgh: I don’t think that’s necessary, you two.
Hugh: Could you be Gym Leader Burgh?
Burgh: Yes sir! One and the same! I am Burgh! And there was no one suspicious beyond here!
Hugh: Is that…so?
Burgh: Yes indeed! I’m concerned about Team Plasma as well. More importantly, shall we leave this place? For some reason, this sewer is bugging me.
Hugh: Huh… Didn’t you and the other Gym Leaders fight Team Plasma two years ago? Pika, thanks for your help. Here, use this!
I receive HM4: Strength from Hugh.
Hugh: I will try to find more Grunts! I’ll never forgive Pokémon thieves! No way!
Burgh: He’s gone…
Someone else does show up. “That was an excellent demonstration of battling. The way you brought out the power of your Pokémon against an opponent like Team Plasma…astounding, and interesting as well. I see…” Burgh has a proposition: I can stay here and train or challenge his Gym. I find a Twisted Spoon that I won’t use just yet. I leave the sewers and run into Iris again. “You ran into Burgh in the sewers, didn’t you? Maybe you should challenge his Gym and see how far you’ve become!” I heed Iris’ advice, but now I remember the assistant on the north side of the city, so I head there.
Me: I’m back! I’ve seen 40 kinds of Pokémon!
Assistant: OK, then, here’s your Eviolite!
I receive my Eviolite and happily put it on Yaiba. I now progress to Mode Street to buy a 12-pack of Casteliacones at the Casteliacone stand and some more drinks at a vending machine. I am now ready for Yaiba’s solo of Castelia Gym! Of course, Clyde gives me another Fresh Water beforehand. I do not want any of the Sewaddle line to use Razor Leaf on me. I pull a Fury Cutter combo against Clarence’s two Sewaddle and end up in Torrent range for Razor Shell on Jack’s Combee but have to heal in front of Swadloon to continue the Fury Cutter chain. Gary’s Sewaddle goes down to the Fury Cutters, once again leaving Yaiba in Torrent range for Razor Shell on Combee and Dwebble, and I leave it at Sturdy to heal again before I finish it with Cut. Finally we have Anders, whose Dwebble proved annoying with Sand-attacks before Swadloon goes down to the Fury Cutter chain. Obviously, I remember to use Focus Energy first against all of these juniors. I am left with only one obstacle: Burgh himself.
Burgh: Good job back in the sewer. My Bug-type Pokémon have been scurrying with excitement about getting to battle you. I’d say my Bug-type Pokémon are pretty great! C’mon, let me brag a little!
Me: Yaiba, this is your ultimate test! He has Swadloon, Leavanny, and Dwebble. Can you pull it off? If so, you may evolve right away!
After my requisite Focus Energy I need to pull a Fury Cutter chain to KO Swadloon and Leavanny, and I don’t want a critical Razor Leaf to ruin the chain, especially Leavanny’s. Eventually I pull it off and he’s down to Dwebble. I learn Revenge over Fury Cutter because I don’t need it anymore. Two Razor Shells later Dwebble is gone, the Insect Badge mine! Yaiba is now ready to evolve into a Dewott as planned, but she again forgoes the banned Water Pulse. He also gives TM76: Struggle Bug to me. “Struggle Bug also lowers the Special Attack of the targets that were damaged. I’m the best guy to tell this. It’s the little things that count!” I now realize that I have one more stop in Castelia: the building across from the Gym. On 1F I find the official Name Rater in case I rename Lays to Pringles after he evolves into Jellicent, since a male Jellicent reminds me of Mr. Pringle. 2F is the Medal Rally HQ, where I find the Harlequin I need for the Harlequin Hunt. Finally on 3F I meet Professor Juniper’s friend Fennel, who is a dream world specialist, and her sister Amanita, manager of the PC system. I head north and run into the man I saw in the sewer earlier.
Man: Oh, it’s you again! If it’s not an inconvenience, may I have a look at your Pokémon?
Me: Go ahead!
Man: I appreciate your cooperation! Oh! How interesting! Your Dewott seems to display more self-confidence than others of the same species. And you’re a trainer with merely three badges… Fantastic! I’m not sure how you’re doing it, but you’re bringing out the power of your Pokémon! Excuse me! I am a scientist. My name is Colress. The theme of my research is: “Bringing out the power of Pokémon.” Is it possible to bring out their maximum power through the bond they share with their trainers? Or is there some other, different method? I’d like to test my theory by battling with you. Do you find this acceptable?
Me: Of course I do!
Colress: Either way, I’ll be on Route 4. It’s just beyond here!
Before I heed Colress’ advice I head for the Pokémon Center to heal Yaiba and buy some more items, selling those X items and that Tiny Mushroom in the process. I buy some more Casteliacones and then realize that I still need to explore Passerby Analytics HQ. I not only meet the final Harlequin for the Harlequin Hunt, I’m also appointed as a statistician. Statisticians have one task: they conduct requested surveys. I am given the following questionnaire by a lady:
Lady: What is your hobby?
Me: Video games!
Lady: What is your job?
Me: A student.
Lady: Which do you prefer: battles or trades?
Me: Battles, of course!
Lady: What is your favorite kind of Pokémon: cool, cute, or odd?
Me: I like cool Pokémon.
Lady: What is your favorite Pokémon type?
Me: Definitely Water.
Lady: Where do people prefer to live: city or country?
Me: I would say city.
Lady: Which one do you wish you had more of: time or money?
Me: Time.
Lady: What’s most important to you: family, friends, or yourself?
Me: Definitely family.
Lady: Which partner would you choose: smart or athletic?
Me: Smart.
Lady: What do you value more: appearance or substance?
Me: Substance.
Lady: What type of person do you like: fun, cool, kind, or rich?
Me: Kind people.
Lady: Would you like to be cool, wise, funny, or mysterious?
Me: I would say wise.
Lady: Are you a dreamer or a realist?
Me: A realist.
Lady: What do you want to work hard at?
Me: I would have to say friendships.
Lady: What’s your favorite music?
Me: Pop.
Lady: What’s your favorite kind of TV program?
Me: Sports.
Lady: What’s your favorite kind of movie?
Me: Action.
Lady: Where would you go with a time machine?
Me: The past.
Lady: What would you do with magic?
Me: I would fly.
Lady: What would you do with lots of money?
Me: I would spend it.
Lady: How do you play with friends: competition or cooperation?
Me: Cooperation.
Lady: What do you do on holidays?
Me: Video games.
Lady: What kinds of games do you like?
Me: RPGs.
Lady: What do you think the most fun part of Pokémon is?
Me: Definitely the battles.
Lady: How long have you played Pokémon?
Me: Over 15 years.
Lady: Who is your favorite Gym Leader?
Me: I would say Marlon of Humilau Gym!
Once the questionnaire is done, the lady gives me a Soda Pop. Next I make my way back to the Harlequin near Prime Pier and receive a Rare Candy as a reward for finding the other Harlequins. I now take the time to check out Narrow Street and find this shady guy lurking.
Shady guy: Where did I put those sunglasses?
Me: What are you talking about?
He walks up to me and finds the sunglasses right under my bicycle. He gives me TM70: Flash. I now check out the café and receive my first Moo-Moo Milk. I learn that this place is called the Café Sonata and the guitarist is concerned about melodies, specifically those of the Mythical Pokémon Meloetta. Meloetta’s songs are supposed to calm listeners. I head north, enter the first building on the right and take its elevator to 47F. I find lots of foreign-language speakers in a party of sorts. One of them gives me TM45: Attract. In the building directly across from that one I find a man who gives me the Amulet Coin. Finally on 47F of the building where I obtained Yaiba’s Eviolite from Professor Juniper’s assistant, I find a Charcoal that I can’t use. I also learn from a lady that Route 4 is a route filled with ruins dug by trainers and Pokémon. On the way to Route 4 I run into Bianca.
Bianca: Hey there! When I saw you in the city, I had to catch up! Take this Dowsing Machine! You can use it to find hidden items. It’s exciting to find an item while you’re looking for a Pokémon. Good luck! If you often use the Dowsing Machine, the Habitat List, and so on, why don’t you register them? I think it’s written in this book…
Me: Oh! I already know that. Thanks anyway, and bye!
I head north to Route 4 expecting to battle Colress right away, but I realize not only the ruins, but a sandstorm rages on Route 4 as well. And I don’t even battle Colress right away; I battle two trainers first. Yaiba easily destroys Clifford’s Sandile, while Lays handles Herdier, but not without a fight. Charming obliterates Irene’s Drilbur, while two of Lays’ Night Shades and the sandstorm take out Marill. I find another Mystic Water beside two Fishermen. Lays handles Psyduck while Charming handles the Basculin. I now take this opportunity to rematch Irene as often as I can, for the experience and the money. I heal up and am now prepared to take on Colress.

End of Chapter 3

Yaiba's Summary: She's easily my MVP now after having soloed Burgh's gym. Burgh himself took several attempts.
Charming's Summary: Current LVP. He and Lays are trying to catch up to Yaiba.
Lays' Summary: See Charming.

I find myself in the sandstorm of Route 4, face-to-face with Colress the scientist, with what look like boulders behind him.
Me: What are those things?
Colress: These are not mere rocks, but the Pokémon known as Crustle. With this device I created to energize Pokémon, I’ll…
Just like that, the Crustle respond to his machine and walk away.
Colress: Those Crustle… Were they just lying here, out of energy, with their boulders on their backs?
Me: I bet they were.
Colress: Team Plasma said we should recognize the potential in Pokémon and liberate them from humans. I disagree. Conversely, it should be humans who bring out the hidden potential in Pokémon! Now that I think of it, I never asked your name.
Me: My name is Pika.
Colress: Pika… I’ll remember that name. Well then, I will test you to see if you’re a trainer who can bring out the hidden potential of Pokémon!
Me: I’ve been waiting for that line! Let’s battle!
The battle begins with Lays against Magnemite. I Bubble Beam for over half, but I get Thunder Waved in the process, meaning I take a hit from Spark as I heal the paralysis. Another Bubble Beam finishes Magnemite off. Charming comes in next against Klink, and it takes a few Bubble Beams, make that several after several uses of Charge, even with Work Up, but eventually Klink goes down to a critical hit. Forget Bubble Beam! Aqua Tail unlocked! Colress runs out of usable Pokémon and admits his defeat. “I see! Just like the Gym Leaders in each area or the Elite Four and Champion in the Pokémon League, you bring out the power in Pokémon by being kind to them! That’s the kind of person you are. I am extremely grateful for your help. This is a token of my gratitude.” He gives me some Protein. “It’s so frustrating! If only we could talk to Pokémon in order to bring out their power! But there’s no way a person like that could ever exist! Well then, Pika, I hope to see you again sometime.” He walks away. I now explore Route 4’s ruins and find some old houses there. First thing I find is TM28: Dig. I enter the first house and find the Mimic girl. She copies the cry of one of my team members, I identify it as Yaiba’s, and she gives me a Poké Toy. Next I run into Keenan, a rich boy. It’s Lays vs. Herdier all over again! This time, Herdier is faster and manages to KO Lays with Bite. Charming comes in to take the Worked-Up Take Down, which it easily survives; the recoil takes out Herdier before Charming gets to attack. Next up are Twins Tara and Val and their Cottonee and Petilil combo. Petilil survives Return just barely, only to get a Mega Drain off Yaiba while Cottonee does the same to Charming. Yaiba finishes off Petilil with Cut while Charming Returns on Cottonee, which it survives, only to get a Razor Leaf off. Charming barely survives, only to finish off Cottonee the next turn. I find some Stardust and get caught by Lady Lina and her Liepard. I lead with Charming, who has to switch to Yaiba to take a Fake Out, and after a Focus Energy-Revenge combination, down goes Liepard. In the next house I enter I meet a duo who are focused on the stats of Pokémon, particularly Attack and Speed. I check my Pokémon’s Attack stats, and the highest I have is Yaiba at 46. It turns out that the minimum figure the boy may call is 50, so I move on to another house, where a boy wants to trade his Cottonee for a Petilil (which I reject as I don’t carry one), but he doesn’t mind if I claim the Bright Powder from him. As I leave, I come face-to-face with Backpacker Rachel. Lays leads off against Woobat. A critical Bubble Beam and it’s gone. Next is Yaiba vs. Pidove; Razor Shell, combined with the sandstorm, is enough to finish off Pidove. I now take a pit stop to heal up, because I have more trainers to fight. Sachiko, a Poké Fan, is next. Her Darumaka gets annihilated by Lays’ Bubble Beam. The next house is home to a Black Belt who gives me Sitrus Berries. As I leave, I meet Poké Fan Norbert and his Growlithe and Sandshrew, and Charming destroys them with Aqua Tail, although it took a few tries just to land the hit on Sandshrew thanks to Sand Veil Ability. Up north, I fight Backpacker Roland. Aqua Tail from Charming nails Riolu, while Lays manhandles Timburr. I finally reach Join Avenue, where I am greeted by a man and a group of his assistants.
Man: Welcome to Join Avenue! We don’t have anything yet, as you see, so it’s just an avenue at this point. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the owner of Join Avenue. My dream is to go around the world building avenues that bustle with lots of people. Problem is…I have no one I can trust to manage this avenue. Something just struck me! You seem to be a trainer traveling around, aren’t you? You naturally meet people from all over this region, don’t you? I know it seems sudden, but will you manage the avenue for me?
Me: I sure would!
Owner: Thank you so much! Tell me what kind of person you are. What would be your favorite phrase you’d use to greet everyone?
Me: Go H2O!
Owner: That’s a great line! What would you say when something truly moves your heart? You want to choose something universal, a phrase that anyone will understand, you know?
Me: Soaked!
Owner: Go H2O! Soaked! I knew it! You are the one! Who else could be so well suited to managing the avenue?
Assistant: Sir! It’s almost time for your next appointment…
Owner: Oh, I almost forgot. My assistants! You heard me. I must leave now, so please support our newest manager.
Assistant: Yes, sir! Please take care of yourself!
The owner and two of his assistants leave.
Assistant: Pleased to meet you! How should we address you?
Me: My name is Pika, but you can call me the Water Girl.
Assistant: OK, Water Girl! Now that you are the one to manage the development of the avenue, please turn it into a wonderful attraction where many people visit. I’ll explain how to develop the avenue, so please talk to me when you are ready.
I’m ready to develop my Join Avenue. Someone is coming our way.
Janus: Amazing! Is this a new avenue? It doesn’t look like anyone has built a shop yet. Maybe I can make my dream come true here…
Me: You’re on, Janus!
Janus: If I were to make my dream come true on this avenue, I’d like to train people’s Pokémon and make them strong.
Me: It’s a deal!
Janus: Thank you! Amazing!
A nice Dojo called Janus Fitness was built! I return to the assistants.
Assistant: Congratulations! You’ve just made your first shop! But having a shop means nothing if you don’t have any customers. You will need to talk to a customer and recommend the shop. Speaking of which, someone is coming our way.
Venus: Fun! Is this a new avenue? I wonder if it has any great shops… Do you know of any great shops that opened recently?
Me: How about Janus Fitness?
Venus: Shriek! I’m off!
Venus has come to Janus Fitness!
Janus: Amazing!
Venus: Fun! …Janus Fitness? It’s a wonderful place!
Venus is really happy now! Janus Fitness’ popularity went up by 40 points! Join Avenue’s popularity went up by 40 points!
Assistant: Congratulations! You’ve just recommended the shop, and that made the popularity of the avenue go up by 40! Raise the popularities of shops and the avenue to make it famous! A good tip for bringing more customers is to use the communication features.
Me: Like my C-Gear and the Union Room and Global Terminal!
Assistant: You’re spot on, Water Girl! We’ll be serving as your assistants in the room over here. Please come visit us!
Just as I’m about to enter the room, I run into Scotty!
Scotty: It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Didn’t we trade in the Union Room earlier on? I’m surprised to find a new avenue! I got curious about it. If I were to make my dream come true on this avenue, I’d like to train people’s Pokémon and make them strong.
Me: Sure, I do not mind another Dojo.
A nice Dojo called Scotty Fitness was built!
Scotty: I want to wander around the avenue. If there is a shop with a female clerk, I want to go there.
Me: There are no female clerks around, at least yet. See you!
Speaking of which, I see a female pass by.
Jenna: Go H2O! Water Girl, I’m your fan. If I were to make my dream come true on this avenue, I’d like to train people’s Pokémon and make them strong!
Me: Atta girl! Deal!
A nice Dojo called Jenna Fitness was built! Someone else passes by.
Annetta: Go H2O! Water Girl, I’m your fan. If I were to make my dream come true on this avenue, I would want to collect unique items and surprise everyone!
Me: Deal!
A nice Antique Shop called Annetta’s Antiques was built! I return to Scotty and recommend Annetta’s Antiques to him.
Scotty: Pika! I’m off!
Annetta: Go H2O!
Scotty: Annetta’s Antiques? It’s a wonderful place!
Scotty is really happy now! Annetta’s Antiques’ popularity went up by 100 points! Join Avenue’s popularity went up by 100 points! I’m done with Join Avenue for now, so I head north and enter Nimbasa City. I see these two men who call themselves the Subway Bosses, Ingo and Emmet, and this boy in between.
Ingo: I’m a Subway Boss. My name is Ingo! Usually, I’m having Pokémon battles in the subway that departs from Gear Station.
Emmet: I’m Emmet. I’m a Subway Boss. I love Double Battles! And I love the combination of two Pokémon!
Boy: I heard that in Gear Station you can have Pokémon battles in the subway! So I came here to test my skills, and, what do you know…the Subway Bosses were here! Isn’t that amazing? I mean, they’re the strongest trainers in Gear Station! And they said they would battle if it’s two on two! Would you battle with me?
Me: Sure!
Boy: OK, thanks! Oh! The name’s Nate! I’ll have you help me battle the Subway Bosses!
Ingo: Having a battle in a place like this is a little irregular but this must’ve happened for a reason. Battling in a different place will let me see different scenery, and I might learn something, too. Now, Emmet, if you have something to add, please!
Emmet: Follow the rules and drive safely! We’re headed for victory! All aboard!
The battle begins. Against Ingo’s Boldore and Emmet’s Gurdurr, we send out Lays and a Pignite, respectively. A five-hit Arm Thrust and a Bubble Beam take out Boldore, allowing Lays to learn Water Pulse. Pignite starts the Rollout chain while Lays fires Water Pulses, all the while taking hits from Gurdurr. Eventually, Gurdurr goes down.
Ingo: Bravo! The combination of you and Pokémon is fantastic!
Emmet: While we may have lost to you two, we had a good time!
Ingo: Next time, please ride the subway and battle with us there!
Emmet: Well then, we’re off! All aboard!
Nate: They were really tough, even when they weren’t going all out! That’s the Subway Bosses for you! I want to get even stronger and battle the Subway Bosses when they’re giving it their all! Pika, this is a token of my appreciation: a brand new Vs. Recorder! When you have a Vs. Recorder, you can record your battles with friends or battles on the subway. I had a really great time battling with you. I hope we can battle together again sometime! See you!
Nate follows Ingo and Emmet into Gear Station, and I follow suit. I, however, am not interested in the Battle Subway. I am interested in the line for Anville Town, so I head there. First thing I find is this girl who claims that her Pansage has been missing somewhere.
Girl: Pansage, where could you be? We went to the amusement park and saw a musical. But when we were going home, Pansage got on a different train! I wonder where it is now…
Me: I’ll find it for you.
Next up, the turntable where they display all the train cars, one at a time, and according to an engineer there are supposed to be eleven of them in all. Now comes some people who are willing to trade me some items. This is the main reason I’ve piled up on the Poké Balls: Full Restores! Finally I come to the Anville Town Lost and Found. A Depot Agent greets me and gives me another Rare Candy! I return to Nimbasa City to find Pansage, and lo and behold, there it is, right by the Musical Hall. The Depot Agent comes to collect Pansage and return it to its owner, and I follow him back to Anville Town.
Girl: Oh! Pokémon trainer! You looked for Pansage, didn’t you?
Me: I sure did! I found it right by the Musical Hall!
Girl: Thank you so much. Please take this Bright Powder! Oh, my silly Pansage. A person with green hair told me that its dream is to become a railroad conductor! But…can he talk with Pokémon?
I keep that in mind for later as I go back to Nimbasa. First I head to Route 5 to the west and meet up with Bianca, who gives me HM2: Fly and explains the Hidden Grottoes. I find a Minccino and nab it with a Quick Ball, but it’s not part of the team. I now head for the amusement park and run into Clyde. He tells me that Gym Leader Elesa should be on the roller coasters, so I head there. Two trainers await me on the roller coasters. Rich boy Rolan and Blitzle are first, followed by Lady Colette and her Flaaffy. Both fall easily to Yaiba’s Razor Shells. I make my way to a model in the back, who gives me a Paralyze Heal as a warning that my Pokémon could get paralyzed in the Gym. I head there and receive a Fresh Water from Clyde before I take on the models in the Gym. First off is Nikola, who leads with Elekid. Thunder Wave and Electro Ball bring Yaiba to Torrent range, allowing Razor Shell to nail it. Next up, Flaaffy; a critical Razor Shell does it in. Onto Fleming, who leads with Flaaffy, which is handled in the exact same way; Charming wants to learn Double-Edge in the process, but Return is powerful enough as is anyway. As for Blitzle, it manages to live Razor Shell and get a Thunder Wave off, only to get KO’d by Revenge next turn. Finally, we have Ampere, who leads with Blitzle. Yaiba is brought into Torrent range by two Sparks and nails Blitzle with Razor Shell. Elekid is next, and it barely survives a Razor Shell, only to get KO’d by Revenge. All that’s left is Elesa. But first I pick up an Xtransceiver with Curtis’ name on it. He calls me.
Curtis: Hello? Oh! Yes that’s right! I dropped my Xtransceiver. I’m talking on an old Xtransceiver right now, so there’s no video. Thank you for finding it. Truth is, I want to come pick it up right away, but right now, I’m very busy with work, and I don’t have time to pick it up. Could you hang onto it for a bit? I’m Curtis! Who are you?
Me: I am Pika.
Curtis: Pika, huh? When work calms down, I’ll come pick it up, so please hang onto it! Also, I’m sure you’ll want to keep in touch until I can pick up my Xtransceiver so I’ll call you regularly. Thanks again!
I return to Route 4 to pick up the Light Clay and talk to the boy who specializes in Attack, now that Yaiba’s Attack is 51, and receive five Swift Wings. I return to the Gym to take on Elesa. “Welcome to the main stage! My beloved Pokémon and yours shall compete! We’re going to see whose star shines brighter!” Emolga leads off and Volt Switches to Flaaffy on Yaiba’s Focus Energy turn. Flaaffy survives a critical Razor Shell, only to get KO’d by another critical Razor Shell after the Def down. She’s back to Emolga, and I Full-Restore as she Pursuits. The incoming Zebstrika after Volt Switch takes a critical Razor Shell; I heal to stop the Volt Switches. Eventually Zebstrika goes down, and she’s down to Emolga. She Volt Switches to bring me back into Torrent range, allowing a Razor Shell to KO Emolga, and the Bolt Badge is mine! Elesa also gives me TM72: Volt Switch. As I make my way west to Route 5, I’m about to run into Hugh and a bunch of Team Plasma’s Grunts.

End of Chapter 4

Yaiba's Summary: Her solo of Elesa's gym unlocked a non-scalchop move and kept her at MVP.
Charming's Summary: He and Lays are trying to catch up to Yaiba.
Lays' Summary: See Charming. Current LVP.

Before we take on the Plasma Grunts, I get a call from Curtis.
Curtis: Hello! Is this Pika? It’s me, Curtis! Yeah! You picked up my Xtransceiver! Hey, it’s a bit annoying that we can’t see each other’s face, isn’t it? We won’t recognize each other even if we pass on the street. Oops! My colleague is calling me. I have to get back to work!
Hugh: Hold it! What are you guys up to here anyway?
Grunt 1: Nothing… We’re just standing here. So what did we do to you that you’re bothering us with questions?
Hugh: You didn’t do anything. Not to me, at least… But I can never forgive Pokémon thieves like you! Just to let you know… You are about to feel my rage!
Grunt 2: Trainers sure are unruly these days. Is that it? You’re mistaking your Pokémon’s strength for your own? I couldn’t care less about a runt like you, but I don’t like being messed with!
Hugh: Pika! Cover me!
I take on two Grunts, while Hugh has the other two. First is Lays vs. Watchog. Hypnosis and Confuse Ray annoy Lays, but not before he can deliver a 4HKO with Bubble Beam to Watchog. Next is Lays vs. Trubbish. Sludge lands critical and poisons Lays, but Trubbish goes down to Bubble Beam before Lays goes down to poison.
Grunt 1: You’ve got to be kidding! And I bullied it so much over the last two years to toughen it up, too! We give up! I can’t believe we lost to two kids! Just because you’re strong, I’ll tell you this: we, Team Plasma, are searching for something. When we find it, that’s when our secret weapon will be able to use its true power!
Me: Your secret weapon? I’ll find out what it is later.
Hugh: Five years ago, Team Plasma stole my sister’s Purrloin. It had been given to her as a present. I was only a little kid. I couldn’t do anything. So that’s why I have to get stronger! Good work, Pika! I knew you had good instincts! Well then…listen up! You fill up that Pokédex! Keep getting stronger and stronger, and back me up! I’ll be counting on you from here on out, too!
Before I do that I check out Route 16 to the east. First trainer I fight is the Depot Agent, Hank. Charming manhandles his Drilbur with an Aqua Tail. Before I explore the rest of the route, Curtis calls me.
Curtis: Hello! Is this Pika? Excuse the sudden question, but can you guess what my job is?
Me: Not yet, Curtis.
Curtis: Aha! I guess it’s natural you have no idea. Oops! My colleague is calling me. I have to get back to work!
I now take on the other trainers. Charming almost destroys Cyclist Hector’s Tranquill with Aqua Tail and finishes it off with another. I have Yaiba cut the tree that defends a Heal Ball before I take on Backpacker Ivan and his Watchog. Hypnosis and Confuse Ray annoy Charming, but not before he lands the Aqua Tail-Return combo. I realize I need Strength to move a boulder blocking the next part of the route, so Charming forgets Work Up in favor of Strength. I head in there to take on Backpacker Blossom and her Liepard, and have Charming take a Pursuit before he switches out to Lays. He barely eats two Pursuits while three of his Water attacks take out Liepard. I proceed to find TM66: Payback. Next up, Backers Stu and Art and their Scraggy; one of them goes down to Aqua Tail while the other gets off a Brick Break on Charming before it goes down to a Bubble Beam-Return combo from Lays and Charming. Finally, Cyclist Krista and her Whirlipede; Protect is annoying, but Bug Bite does little to Lays, allowing Lays to take it out with Bubble Beams. Inside Lostlorn Forest, I take on Pokémon Breeder Galen. Aqua Tail from Charming destroys Tranquill and Liepard, but not before the Fake Out-Pursuit combo from Liepard hits Charming. I find an Ultra Ball behind him. I also take on Pokémon Ranger Serenity and a Trubbish. Lays’ Cursed Body seals up Sludge, but not before it set up Stockpiles, but I have a solution to that: Night Shade. Finally, Lays learns an actual Ghost-type attack, in the form of Ominous Wind, over Night Shade. I have a feeling it’ll serve Lays quite well until he learns Shadow Ball later. Serenity also rewards me with a Pecha Berry. Speaking of Pokémon Rangers, I now battle Forrest and his Emolga. Emolga paralyzes and Shock Waves Charming before it goes down to an Aqua Tail-Return combo. Upon his defeat, he gives me a Cheri Berry. I also find a Net Ball close by. I also talk to a man who talks about Zoroark and gives me TM95: Snarl. I now head west to Route 5. First up is Baker Jenn. Two of Lays’ Ominous Winds take out Sunkern, while Lays’ Water moves KO Combee. I now receive another call from Curtis.
Curtis: Hello! Is this Pika? I’ll just think out loud… I love Water-type Pokémon! Many of them look cool, I think. Pika, I hope you like Water-type Pokémon, too!
Me: Of course I do!
Curtis: My colleague is calling me. I have to get back to work!
I pick up a Hyper Potion. I now face Dancer Brian and his Scraggy, which Aqua Tail demolishes. Now, Backers Ava and Aya and their Minccino, and I have to use Yaiba and Lays. This is the first time I see Yaiba in battle since Elesa. On Yaiba’s Focus Energy turn, Lays’ Water Pulse hits and confuses Ava’s Minccino; on the next turn, a Razor Shell and a second Water Pulse take them both down. Next up is Musician Preston and his Maractus. Mega Drain is annoying to Charming, but it doesn’t stop the 2HKO from Return. To the north, Artist Horton and his Sigilyph; it Psybeams Charming before Aqua Tail and Return take it out, after which I grab a Super Repel. Finally, Pokémon Ranger Lois; first is Lays vs. Budew. Stun Spore and Worry Seed annoy Lays, but two Ominous Winds knock it out. Roselia also goes down to two of Lays’ Ominous Winds, but not before it gets a Leech Seed off, which almost prevents the 2HKO! Upon her defeat, she hands me another Cheri Berry. After I heal up back in Nimbasa, I come to the Driftveil Drawbridge, where I notice this motorcyclist who introduces himself as Driftveil City’s heartbreaker Charles and wants to challenge me to a triple battle!
Charles: I’m a heartbreaker…my name, Charles. I wanted to get the attention of a girl I like, so I mastered a new Pokémon battling style called Triple Battles, in which you send out three Pokémon at a time and battle! So, how about a Triple Battle?
Me: I accept your challenge!
During this triple battle I notice our Pokémon’s positions: Yaiba is directly opposite Archen, Lays is opposite Sigilyph, and Charming is opposite Tirtouga. On Yaiba’s Focus Energy turn, Sigilyph sets up a Light Screen, preventing Archen from getting KO’d by Lays’ Water Pulse, allowing it to set up the Agility, while Charming connects an Aqua Tail, which Tirtouga survives, allowing it to Crunch on Lays for about half. On turn 2, Archen goes for Pluck on Charming, Sigilyph Psybeams Yaiba, and Tirtouga sets up a Wide Guard, which goes to waste as Lays’ Water Pulse finishes off Archen, Yaiba’s Razor Shell does almost half to Sigilyph, and Charming misses Aqua Tail. On the last turn, Sigilyph Psybeams Charming before its Aqua Tail finishes off Tirtouga while Yaiba’s Razor Shell and Lays’ Ominous Wind take out Sigilyph. Charles admits defeat.
Charles: Shish. That’s embarrassing, getting schooled when I was planning to teach. Still, you have potential! You have to understand your Pokémon to win a Triple Battle. I’m a heartbreaker…my name, Charles. Riding a bike and becoming the wind fits a bad boy like me.
Man: You were great! Charles, too; he was great to some extent.
Charles heads back for Driftveil City while his audience leaves in the other direction. I cross the drawbridge and end up in Driftveil itself. I run into two Plasma Grunts…or should I say one and one ex-Grunt.
Grunt: C’mon! Let’s have fun stealing Pokémon together, like we did before!
Ex: I’ve learned the hard way that stealing from others is wrong!
Grunt: Come on! It’s too late to start acting all goody-two-shoes now! People don’t understand our just cause! Don’t they call you a villain who’s plotting world domination? Even though you quit the team, people are still really cold to you, right? So, you might as well come steal Pokémon with us and take over the world! The people who are mean to you now will be groveling at your feet and saying how great you are!
Ex: I can’t… My lord N will be sad… I can’t do that to him…
Grunt: N! Team Plasma’s king…what a joke! He’s nothing more than a traitor! He disappeared somewhere and abandoned us when we needed him!
Hugh: Hey! Start talking, you Team Plasma trash!
Grunt: OWW… You’re going to pay for that! Oh, yeah. Almost forgot I’m not supposed to cause any trouble. I’ll get you next time!
Hugh: You’re not getting away!
Ex: I’m OK! The two of us were best friends when we were both Team Plasma Grunts. But two years ago, Team Plasma split into a group that follows Lord N, who just wants to save Pokémon, and a group that follows Ghetsis, who plans to take over the world. You can hear the rest of the story in our home. It’s on that little hill next to the Gym.
While I follow the ex-Grunt to his home, I get a call from Curtis.
Curtis: Hello! Is this Pika? Pop is great! I was listening to music just now! Music is wonderful! It gives me energy! Pika, your voice would go well with pop, I think. Oops! My colleague is calling me. I have to get back to work!
Ex: Sir, that’s the person I was talking about! Over here, this way!
Rood: Oh! So you’re interested in Team Plasma, are you?
Ex: If you hear what we have to say, you might be able to understand us.
Rood: My guest. If you’re going to come inside, I would like to see what kind of person you are, trainer. That’s right, in a Pokémon battle. Do you find this acceptable?
Me: Why not?
Rood leads with Herdier against Charming. Herdier goes down to a combination of Aqua Tail, Return, and Take Down recoil, although Charming took quite the damage from Take Down. Next is Lays vs. Swoobat. A critical Ominous Wind downs Swoobat, but not before Lays takes the hit from Air Cutter.
Rood: I apologize for testing you. Being former Team Plasma members, we must deal with a lot…
Hugh: He got away!
Rood: And that is…your friend? He may join us. Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Rood.
Hugh: You guys are all Team Plasma too, right? Tell me, what makes you different from Team Plasma back there?!
Rood: More accurately, we’re former members of Team Plasma. Because of the incident two years ago, we started taking care of the Pokémon that were separated from their trainers as a way to atone for our misdeeds. And you are?
Hugh: I’m Hugh from Aspertia City. Five years ago, Team Plasma, I mean you, stole my little sister’s Purrloin. I’m the pathetic trainer who wasn’t able to stop you. “Separated?” What a joke! YOU were the thieves who STOLE them!
Rood: Is that so… My sincerest apologies…
Hugh: Just an apology? That’s it?! Where’s that Purrloin?!
Rood: The Pokémon you speak of is not in this place. I imagine it is still being used by Team Plasma now. Just as you say, our apology doesn’t solve anything. Then again, you can’t move forward unless you admit you were wrong and apologize…
Hugh: Enough already! Pika! I’m going to the Gym! I’ll get stronger and crush every single member of Team Plasma!
Rood: Team Plasma made trainers like him suffer… I feel terrible about it… How foolish we were… Pika, as you can see, I can’t do anything to thank you. Actually, I have a favor to ask of you. Could you please look after this Zorua?
Me: Sure! Why not?
Rood: Oh! Thank you! This Zorua was one of my lord N’s friends, and it supported him. In the Unova region, there are many other Pokémon that helped Lord N besides this Zorua.
In the back, I also meet and converse with Anthea and Concordia.
Anthea: Team Plasma is an organization created by a man named Ghetsis to help him take over Unova. The one he groomed to help further his nefarious aims was N. N was a strange boy who was called the child of the Pokémon.
Concordia: N was an orphan. I heard that right after he was born, he upset people with behavior that suggested that he could talk to Pokémon. When he was living in the woods with Darmanitan and Zorua, Ghetsis took him in. We are also orphans Ghetsis took in. Our task was to take care of N.
I analyze Zorua. Its original trainer is indeed N, with the ID pair 2/0, compared to my 6050/1011. But it’s not part of the team, so it gets deposited into the PC. I also receive a “Pure Youth” medal from Mr. Medal to commemorate befriending that Zorua. I leave the Driftveil Pokémon Center and check out Driftveil Market, where I buy lots of Moo-Moo Milks from a Maid, receive an Expert Belt from a shady guy, run into Charles again, and find TM63: Embargo. I head for the Gym, where Clyde welcomes me and gives me Fresh Water. I notice that the Gym’s a maze. No mandatory solos here. From the juniors: Baltoy, Sandile, Drilbur. Along the way, Charming would’ve learned Aqua Ring, except I need to keep Charm and my attacks. All that’s left is Gym Leader Clay. He leads with Krokorok against Yaiba. On the Focus Energy turn, Bulldoze hits and lowers Yaiba’s speed. A combination of Razor Shell and Revenge and Yaiba is victorious. Next up is Lays vs. Sandslash. Lays lives the Rollout chain to 2HKO Sandslash with its Water moves. Finally Charming vs. Excadrill: Rock Slide lands critical as I land the Aqua Tail, but don’t quite OHKO, so I heal with Lemonade while it connects with Bulldoze. Second Aqua Tail hits and Excadrill is gone. Quake Badge, get! He also gives me TM78: Bulldoze. I follow him out of the Gym, and we run into Hugh.
Hugh: You got the Quake Badge, too! I knew you could do it! You know, my partners are the reason I was able to get that Badge. But I’m sure there’s more connecting us to each other than Poké Balls! If that’s all there is, the stolen Purrloin’s feelings will never be what they were!
Clay: Oh, so you two squirts know each other, huh? You’re not bad, so I’ll show you something.
Hugh: Wait! I just remembered. Clay… What’s the reason? Why have you forgiven Team Plasma?
Clay: There’s always room for folks to grow and change, aren’t there? And, if you only go after what you think is right, you might end up rejecting all thoughts and opinions other than your own. That’s mighty dangerous.
Hugh: Humph… Is that one of those compromises adults are supposed to make? Whatever! I’ll fight Team Plasma!
Clay: You ever heard of Pokémon World Tournament? Trainers from all over the world gather on up to see who’s toughest! Well then, I’ll be waiting for you at the south end of town!
Hugh: A tournament to decide who’s strongest, huh? Right on! It’s time for some special training!
I follow them to the south end, where the Cold Storage used to be.
Clay: Here we are! What do you think? This is where Pokémon World Tournaments take place! This time, we’re participating in the Driftveil Tournament. Anything goes in this tournament! Eight will participate, and if you win three times, you’re the champion!
Cheren: Why did you call me? I’m busy looking into something!
Clay: You know something, Cheren. One who’ll show everyone what Pokémon battling means is you. Your pal isn’t here either! I’m counting on the power of youth, because everyone likes up-and-coming stars! Whenever you’re ready, get on over to reception!
Cheren: Man oh man… You never change, Clay. But the tourney itself does look pretty fun! OK, I’ll register!
Hugh: Me too! Pika, c’mon! Let’s have some fun. We’ll battle, plain and simple.
Clay: I’m interested in this tournament too. So are the other Gym Leaders you defeated. I’m talking about Roxie, Burgh, and Elesa!
And indeed, there’s an eighth entry as well: Colress!

End of Chapter 5

Yaiba's Summary: Everyone's contributing pretty evenly in this chapter, especially against the only gym leader (at least so far) that no one solos fully. Only she effectively has a restriction (namely Focus Energy before attacking), so she's LVP, albeit very close.
Charming's Summary: See Yaiba. He's now MVP, albeit very close, because he swept almost half the gym, and soloed Clay's Excadrill.
Lays' Summary: See Yaiba.

The eight of us are registered.
Colress: I’m entry number 1!
Cheren: I’m entry number 2!
Elesa: I’m entry number 3!
Clay: I’m entry number 4!
Hugh: I’m entry number 5!
Burgh: I’m entry number 6!
Roxie: I’m entry number 7!
Me: And I’m entry number 8!
Announcer: Welcome to Driftveil Tournament, where anything goes! The eight entries are shuffled randomly to determine who faces whom in the first round! And they have been drawn! Entry 1, Colress, will face entry 7, Roxie!
Colress: I’m going to wipe the floor with you, Roxie!
Roxie: You wish, Colress…
Announcer: Entry 6, Burgh, will face entry 4, Clay!
Clay: Let’s see what you’re up to, Burgh!
Burgh: Bring it on, Clay!
Announcer: Entry 3, Elesa, will face entry 2, Cheren!
Cheren: I look forward to taking you down, Elesa!
Elesa: Not so fast, Cheren!
Announcer: And entry 5, Hugh, will face entry 8, Pika!
Hugh: Pika, I expected that we face each other sometime in this tournament. Little did I expect that that time was now!
Me: Not a problem, Hugh!
Announcer: Good luck with your matches!
Hugh and I are watching the other three matches on the big screen in the waiting room, one at a time. Colress had an easy advantage against Roxie and pulled an easy win. Burgh vs. Clay was a seesaw match, with Burgh pulling the win. Finally, Cheren had an amazing comeback against Elesa. Now it’s our turn to fight. Hugh leads with Servine, while I lead with Charming. Charming survives Leaf Blade and Mega Drain, only to 2HKO it with Return. Next up is Tranquill. I nail it with Aqua Tail and Strength from Charming. Finally, Simisear; it gets off a Flame Burst on Charming before falling to an Aqua Tail.
Announcer: Round one in full summary. Colress vs. Roxie: Colress was never in any danger. It was an extremely easy victory! Burgh vs. Clay: The two were neck and neck. The one who pulled ahead was Burgh! Elesa vs. Cheren: Elesa persisted. But Cheren came back and won! Hugh vs. Pika: That was a lopsided battle. The winner is Pika! Now the entries are shuffled to see who faces whom in round two. And they’ve been drawn! Entry 1, Colress, will face entry 6, Burgh!
Colress: You’re going down, Burgh!
Burgh: Are you certain about that, Colress?
Announcer: And entry 2, Cheren, will face entry 8, Pika!
Cheren: I’m as thrilled as I can be to battle here against you, the first challenger I battled as a Gym Leader. I’m sure you’ve learned something about Pokémon during your journey. Now, I’m going to see if your bond with your Pokémon has grown stronger, Pika!
Me: You’re on, Cheren!
Announcer: Good luck with your matches!
Cheren and I are watching the battle between Burgh and Colress on the big screen in the waiting room. Obviously, Colress had an easy advantage against Burgh and pulled an easy win. Now it’s our turn to fight. Cheren leads with Stoutland, while I lead with Charming. A Worked-Up Tackle does little to Charming while Aqua Tail-Return takes out Stoutland. Next up is Watchog, which gets annihilated by Aqua Tail. He’s down to Cinccino. Sing proves annoying, but misses as Charming lands the critical Aqua Tail to OHKO Cinccino.
Announcer: Round two in full summary. Colress vs. Burgh: Burgh didn’t stand much of a chance. Colress turned the advantage into a win! Cheren vs. Pika: That was a lopsided battle. The winner is Pika! Therefore entry 1, Colress, will face entry 8, Pika, in the final round!
Colress: As a researcher, it is the truth and the ideal way things should be that I seek. The latent power of Pokémon… What’s the best way to bring it out? If possible, Pika, I want it to be the trust between trainers and Pokémon, just as it has always been. I look forward to you teaching me that this is indeed true!
Me: I sure will, Colress!
Colress leads with Magneton, while I lead with Charming. Aqua Tail refuses to OHKO the Magneton, and I get Thunder Waved. A critical Thunder Shock brings Charming to yellow before Return finishes it off. Next up, Klink, which gets demolished by Aqua Tail, leaving him with just Elgyem; I have to switch to Lays while Elgyem goes for the Heal Block. I land a critical Ominous Wind, and Elgyem goes down.
Announcer: Final round in summary. Colress vs. Pika: Pika wasn’t in any danger. It was an easy victory! Let’s hear it for the champion, Pika! This concludes the Driftveil Tournament! See you next time!
Everyone reemerges back in the lobby and congratulates me, and I receive 1 Battle Point from registration.
Clay: An outstanding battle, runts! Now everybody wants to join in on these tournaments and show their stuff!
Roxie: Haven’t you got any more wild and crazy battles to show me? Next time I enter, I’ll rock the audience right out of their seats!
Clay: If the strongest trainers from all over join in, it’ll raise their skill level! And then, Driftveil will grow even more and make a heap of money! So keep on busting those battles and riling everyone up!
After Clay leaves, Colress, Cheren, and Hugh follow me out.
Cheren: I barely recognized you and Pika. You are way different from when we battled in Aspertia City! Traveling with Pokémon makes everyone grow so much…
Hugh: What was that now?! I’m going after him! Come with me!
Colress: Stop! There’s no reason for you to stick your necks into something so dangerous!
Hugh: My little sister’s Purrloin might be with them!
Cheren: I’m going, too! I’ve got his back!
Colress: I don’t understand. That’s not courage; it’s recklessness! Does he think anything is possible simply because he has Pokémon with him? No, no…that’s not possible. All trainers and Pokémon are bound to one another by Poké Balls…Then maybe it’s this bond that allows trainers to overcome the impossible if they trust the partner Pokémon. Trust…is too much of an unknown factor. But if believing in your Pokémon gives you the courage to stand up to Team Plasma and to help your friends, then follow them south to the dock.
While on the dock, I find a stray PP Up that I’ll use later on, before I board the Plasma Frigate, where I find Hugh and Cheren.
Hugh: This ship… Why is it so cold?
Cheren: And…it seems like it’s disguised as an old sailboat… But that can’t be it, right?
Grunt 1: Why should you care? By the time we’re done with you, it won’t matter anyway!
Hugh: You guys… Seriously, this is Team Plasma’s base?
Grunt 2: Correct answer! So that’s why, as you can see…there are so many of us here!
Hugh: Is this all? I think you need more backup.
Grunt 1: Ha-ha-ha! Ooh, I’m so scared, big tough guy! OK! Pulverize these punks! PLASMAAAAAAA!
Hugh: Hey, just to let you know… I’m about to unleash my rage!
Grunt 1: You’re first!
Grunt 1 throws a Koffing Yaiba’s way. She takes a Gyro Ball on her Focus Energy turn, only to deliver the 2HKO with Razor Shell after the Defense down, taking a Sludge attack in the process.
Grunt 1: Next! Next! Hurry up already!
Grunt 2: It’s my turn! Actually, it’s Trubbish time!
Trubbish goes for Take Down on Yaiba’s Focus Energy turn, only to get 2HKO’d by Razor Shell, the Defense down canceling a Stockpile.
Grunt 2: What’s with this trainer? This reminds me of that trainer who messed with us two years ago…
I have to back up both Hugh and Cheren now. I choose Cheren first. We lead with Yaiba and Stoutland, respectively, against Golbat and Grimer. On Yaiba’s Focus Energy turn, Stoutland’s Thunder Fang on Golbat is almost a OHKO, allowing Golbat to use Air Cutter for a bit on each of us while Grimer connects Sludge on Stoutland, who gets poisoned. Another Thunder Fang, Golbat is out. Yaiba’s Razor Shell brings Grimer to half, but Grimer Minimizes in the process. Liepard comes in to Fake-Out Stoutland but takes a Razor Shell that almost OHKOs it while Grimer goes for Sludge Bomb on Yaiba. Stoutland’s Crunch finishes off Liepard, but Razor Shell misses Grimer, allowing it to use Sludge Bomb on Yaiba and poison her. Strength finishes off Grimer, allowing Yaiba to accept a Full Restore as Krokorok comes in, but Stoutland’s Strength easily OHKOs it. Now I back up Hugh. We lead with Yaiba and Servine, respectively, against Grimer and Koffing. On the Focus Energy turn, Servine Slams Koffing for about a third, while Koffing goes for Sludge on Servine and poisons to bring it to half while Grimer goes for Sludge Bomb on Yaiba. Next, Koffing brings Servine down to red with Sludge while Grimer takes a Leech Seed from Servine and throws another Sludge Bomb at Yaiba after Razor Shell misses. Servine nails Koffing with a critical Overgrown Leaf Blade while Yaiba finishes off Grimer with a critical Razor Shell. To replace them: Raticate and Watchog. Raticate Sucker-Punches Yaiba before Servine nails Raticate with another critical Overgrown Leaf Blade while Yaiba’s Razor Shell takes Watchog to about half. Simisear comes in to replace the Servine that fainted from poison and Flame Bursts to finish off Watchog.
Hugh: That’s the last of them! Well now…why don’t you tell me everything you know about Purrloin?
Cheren: Good idea… There are a lot of things I want to ask about as well.
Zinzolin: Hey!
Cheren: Oh, good grief… You’re the person who was shivering in the Cold Storage, right? Wasn’t your name Zinzolin? You’re going to have to tell me what you’re planning to do with this ship.
Zinzolin: YOU! Once again we will use the legendary Dragon-type Pokémon and we will rule Unova! Curious trainers, we shall not let you run around as you please! Shadow Triad! Get them out of here!
Shadow: By the way, we are not your—
Zinzolin: I know! But kick them out of here now!
Shadow: Move.
The Shadow Triad escorts us off the frigate before it sails away.
Hugh: The Shadow Triad? What’s their deal, anyway? AAAAAAH! Team Plasma! Where did you vanish?
Cheren: The Shadow Triad… With their superhuman powers they can immobilize people and disappear! But I’m more concerned with what Zinzolin said… “Once again we will use the legendary Dragon-type Pokémon and we will rule Unova!” What could this mean? The legendary Dragon Pokémon, Reshiram and Zekrom, aren’t in Unova anymore…Pika. There’s something I want to look into, so I’m going to head to Route 6! Be careful out there!
I heed Cheren’s advice and head west for Route 6. I happen to fight several trainers here, beginning with Pokémon Breeder April. Lays’ Water attacks 2HKO Minccino, while Yaiba’s Focus Energy-Revenge combination takes out Deerling. I now get a call from Curtis.
Curtis: Hello! Is this Pika? Guess what? Cool Pokémon are quite popular among many of my friends!
Me: They’re my favorites as well!
Curtis: Cool Pokémon happen to be your favorite, too? That’s great! Oops! My colleague is calling me. I have to get back to work!
I now face Parasol Lady Nicole’s Castform; Lays easily lives the trio of Water Gun, Ember, and Powder Snow, while Lays’ Water moves easily take it out. I now run into Foongus, eight-inch Pokémon that disguise themselves as Poké Balls that attack. Lays’ Ominous Wind easily disposes of these guys. I grab an Elixir, but then get caught by Schoolgirl Mara. Yaiba takes a Faint Attack from Deerling during her Focus Energy turn, only to nail it with Revenge after the Take Down and Razor Shell the oncoming Shelmet—except Curse prevents the 2HKO, but not the 3HKO. I meet up with Cheren, as he told me to.
Cheren: Oh, Pika. Can you come with me for a moment? No one really talks about it, but the record shows that there was a sudden drop in temperature near Lacunosa Town. It was only for a moment but went down as low as -58°F. Not only that, similar temperatures were recorded around Castelia City and Driftveil City. On top of that, that incident with Team Plasma! I think this needs an investigation before things go bad. I hate cold weather, though. I’ll give you this… It’s HM3: Surf. Please go to different places and check what’s going on. Let one of your Pokémon learn Surf, and you can travel across the water. Sorry to have slowed you down. Some strange things may be happening, so be careful on your journey!
Man: You can see Deerling from all four seasons in our lab! When it comes to Deerling, we’re sort of the experts. We found a rather rare Deerling. Will you raise it for us? What do you say?
I accept Deerling, but as it isn’t a team member it doesn’t deserve a nickname but does deserve to get boxed in a PC. Speaking of which, I analyze my team to see who can learn Surf. I’m considering Yaiba, since she earned that move after Elesa, but I cannot replace Cut yet, and Focus Energy is a mainstay until Swords Dance. I’m considering Charming, but Charm is a permanent mainstay and I don’t want to replace any physical attack for it. That leaves Lays, but which move to replace, Bubble Beam or Water Pulse? I replace Bubble Beam for Surf in case I get lucky with confusion from Water Pulse. Plus I need Surf to reach the other team members anyway. Upon surfing Route 6, I find a PP Up, a Big Mushroom, and a Heart Scale. That reminds me: I need to surf more areas. In particular, I find TM53: Energy Ball near my home in Aspertia City! Hmm, that might be useful, I think!? I return to the Virbank waters where I caught Lays. Alomomola now show up! I meet one and snag it in the Quick Ball I have left. I notice its starting level is 6, compared to everyone else at level 5. Because the number 666 is considered evil according to my Bible, I decide to name this Alomomola Evil. I call Scotty on the Xtransceiver because I may need a Master Ball to snag my next team member. I meet up with Scotty in the Union Room, and he gives me that spare Master Ball. I now surf Route 19 and find a Water Stone that I’ll need later, meeting Basculin along the way. Its catch rate is so low I had to use that Master Ball just to catch it. It deserves the nickname Piranha. I grind Evil and Piranha to keep up with the rest of the team. Piranha learns moves like Bite, Aqua Jet, Chip Away, Crunch, and Aqua Tail. Evil learns moves like Aqua Ring, Aqua Jet, and Protect. Lays learns Brine. I find Leftovers, TM41: Torment, TM39: Rock Tomb, and Soft Sand. I catch N’s old Darmanitan and become leader of the pack in Castelia City in the process. I head back to Route 6, where I meet a legendary Pokémon, Cobalion. Rood and an elderly man show up.
Rood: That Pokémon…?
Elderly man: Cobalion! I told you the story the other day, right?
Rood: Oh, Cobalion! What a noble presence!
Elderly man: They say the three Pokémon Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion fought against people to protect Pokémon from the war people started… When people fight, there’s no peace for Pokémon either. The legends learned that the deeds of humans could lead to dire consequences for their world. But…why’d it show up in front of people? Is it patrolling Unova to protect Pokémon because it fears for their safety after the commotion caused by Team Plasma two years ago? Or does it sense a new problem…?
Rood: Unforgivable! So the reach of Ghetsis’ ambition and malice is growing ever wider and warping the lives of all it touches… Did it appear to you by accident, or to plead with you to solve a problem? Unlike N, I don’t have the ability to understand Pokémon’s minds. Therefore I don’t know what Cobalion is thinking. But if you can befriend Cobalion, it’ll be a great asset to you on your journey.
Unfortunately, as I recall in the legend, Cobalion isn’t Water-type, and neither are Terrakion and Virizion. Therefore none of them are team members. I keep this in mind as I enter Chargestone Cave.

End of Chapter 6

Yaiba's Summary: She hasn't changed much since getting the next two team members. Still LVP, but very close.
Charming's Summary: He hasn't changed much since the new additions either.
Lays' Summary: On the other hand, he's changed since the addition of Surf and Brine. MVP.
Evil's Summary: One of the new additions.
Piranha's Summary: The other new team member.

As I enter Chargestone Cave I run into a familiar face: Bianca.
Me: Hi Bianca! Long time no see!
Bianca: Hi there Pika! Did you know this? If you push the floating stones, they will move! As always, this place is charged with lots of electricity that Pokémon like! The charges react from one stone to another, so that’s why there are floating stones! You can’t push all of them, though. That’s right! I came to research something! Bye!
Bianca leaves. I am confronted by various trainers as I traverse the cave. Sure enough, there were plenty of Electric-type Pokémon on their rosters, including an Emolga that likes to spam Double Team.
Voice: Chargestone Cave—I like it here. Formulas express the forces behind electricity, its connection to Pokémon, and humans and Pokémon themselves. This—is my ideal place. I have to go… I have to go in order to save Pokémon and protect the very friend that I have to stop!
I keep that message in mind as I continue exploring the cave. I fight Ace Trainer Corky in a triple battle involving Surf/Protect and Aqua Jet spam. I also meet the Nugget Guys. I continue fighting trainers, getting Aqua Jet on Yaiba in the process and getting rid of Revenge. Now I am introduced to rotation battles by Ace Trainer Vicki, whose Ferroseed proved to be a wall against our oncoming Water attacks.
Bianca: Know what? I’m here at Professor Juniper’s request! I’m researching a Pokémon called Tynamo! But there aren’t very many, and they don’t seem to be very strong…
Me: But they’re capable of evolving to much stronger Pokémon!
I am officially out of the cave after some more trainer battles. I am now in Mistralton City, where I meet Professor Juniper in person.
Juniper: Hi there, Pika! It’s nice to finally be able to talk to you in person! I’m Professor Juniper! You accepted the Pokédex and came all the way out here with your partners… I’ll evaluate your progress for you! So, you’ve seen 105 Pokémon up to this point! I see! Thank you! This is a token of my gratitude.
She gives me a Master Ball, just like the one I used on Piranha.
Juniper: Journeys are about meeting Pokémon. Still, I’m amazed how much Pokémon distribution changes in two years. That means my research will never end. You could say that’s what makes it fun!
Skyla: Professor Juniper!
Juniper: Why, if it isn’t Skyla! Mistralton City’s Gym Leader!
Skyla: Why are you surprised? You did ask for a lift in my plane to cross Twist Mountain, since you can’t reach Opelucid City by foot.
Juniper: Aha ha! You’re right! But I have a quick favor to ask first. I want a look at Celestial Tower. You mind waiting till I’m through? See you, Pika! Be sure to get along with all kinds of Pokémon!
Skyla: Honestly! I can’t tell if she’s laid back or if she’s not paying attention to anything outside her head. The apple sure doesn’t fall far from the tree. What’s next, Pika? Are you coming to my Gym to challenge me? Or are you going to follow the professor to Celestial Tower and do some training? As long as I get to battle with a strong trainer, I’m fine either way!
I decide to go to Route 7 and Celestial Tower first. I see two familiar sights, both from Virbank Complex: rain and raised walkways. I fight Pokémon Breeder Marcus, whose Tranquill has the annoying Taunt and Detect. Is this a warning before Skyla, perhaps? Curtis calls me.
Curtis: Hello! Is this Pika? Video games, for me, are a good way to spend the holiday! Pika, how do you spend your…Oh! How rude of me to ask such a question of a lady! Oops! My colleague is calling me. I have to get back to work!
As I hang up on Curtis, mom calls me.
Mom: Hi, it’s your mom! You’re on Route 7? That’s amazing! How are you getting along with your Pokémon? The reason you can go these great places is because of them. So always be grateful for them. And take them straight to a Pokémon Center if they get hurt! That’s it from the former Pokémon Center receptionist…your mom!
I fight more trainers, including a rotation battle against Youngster Cody and his Stoutland and pair of Deerling, triples against Lass Flo and her Unfezant and pair of Ducklett, and a doubles against Twins Sola and Ana and their respective Zangoose and Seviper, all in rain. I also find TM81: X-Scissor, which I need for Yaiba. I come across a Watchog and snag it in an Ultra Ball. I need it for Strength and Cut, as I am getting rid of Charming and Yaiba’s HMs for Work Up and X-Scissor, respectively, once I return to the PWT. I head to Celestial Tower and meet up with the Professor as promised.
Juniper: Hi there! How were things with Skyla?
Me: I didn’t challenge the Gym yet.
Juniper: Oh? You still haven’t earned the Jet Badge yet? Well, if that’s the case, I’ll keep up the field work until the plane is ready to fly. Oh yeah! Why don’t you try using this? Giving that Lucky Egg to a Pokémon to hold increases the amount of Exp. Points received in battle a little bit! Having strong Pokémon will make it easier to fill up your Pokédex pages! Celestial Tower… It’s a giant memorial… I wonder if this building was built in a place with Ghost and Psychic Pokémon or if those Pokémon gathered here because it was built.
Before I do that, I head back to the PWT to give my team members those much-needed moves, and while I’m at it, the rental tourneys are starting, so I take part in one. I also take the opportunity to pair up with Scotty on the battle subway, getting a quick glimpse of who my sixth team member is in the process. I eventually obtain enough BP for TM75: Swords Dance, which I teach to Yaiba immediately; no more Focus Energy! I now head back to Celestial Tower, where I am greeted by, of course, plenty of trainer-owned Psychic Pokémon, all of which get taken down easily, except a Musharna that takes three hits from Lays’ Ominous Wind and survives by a hair! I also run into many wild Litwick in the tower. Yaiba almost wants to evolve into a Samurott in the process, but she would lose her scalchops that she loves. I also get into a stall fest with Poké Fan Jude’s Cosmic Power, Minimize, and Stored Power-using Clefairy, made that much longer by Jude’s Hyper Potion. Eventually Clefairy ran out of PP and had to Struggle itself into fainting. I also find items like TM61: Will-o-Wisp. I continue the climb, fight some more trainers on the upper floors, where Piranha learns Double-Edge over Take Down, and find items like TM65: Shadow Claw and a spare PP Up. I eventually make it to the top and ring the bell, and make my way back down and heal up. But before I enter the Gym, I get a call from Curtis.
Curtis: Hello! Is this Pika? You know what I had the chance to do recently? Battle! Pika, how about you? Battle? Oops! My colleague is calling me. I have to get back to work!
As I enter Mistralton Gym, a strong gust carries Clyde over to me.
Clyde: Ouch… I’m sorry! Allow me to apologize by giving you this Fresh Water. This gym is a wind tunnel! When the propellers in the back start spinning quickly, you’ll be blown away by a gust, just like a certain someone just was! When you think a gust will blow, stay hidden behind a wall and wait for it to stop. By the way, Flying-type Pokémon have more weaknesses than you might expect.
This Gym is a perfect opportunity for Yaiba to set up Swords Dances and sweep the whole Gym. I prepare by using my PP Ups on Yaiba’s Razor Shell. Indeed, Swords Dance proved vital. One trainer had his Ducklett use Rain Dance on my Swords Dance turn, allowing a clean sweep without taking damage. Others’ Unfezant threatened Taunts to almost ruin my sweeps. I now proceed to Skyla herself.
Skyla: I’ve been waiting for you! You’re a tough trainer who can face the wind and not get blown off your feet! I’m excited about this battle! Why don’t you and I have some fun?
Skyla leads with Swoobat. Yaiba has to set up not just one Swords Dance, but three! Swoobat has Unaware Ability, though, meaning Swords Dance is useless against it, but I need it for the rest of her team. Two Razor Shells take out Swanna, and a Razor Shell brings Skarmory to Sturdy, allowing Aqua Jet to finish it off. The Jet Badge is officially mine! Skyla also gives me TM62: Acrobatics.
Skyla: That was intense, in fact the first intense battle I had since two years! I wonder what Professor Juniper is up to? I did promise her a ride in my plane… Hey, where did she get to?
Juniper: I’m back! I hope we can get some good research done on the other side of the mountain as well. That’s right; I want you to take this flight, too, Pika! There’s someone I want you to meet in Opelucid City, but we can’t get through Twist Mountain right now. We’ll just make a quick flight over to Lentimas Town! I’ll be waiting for you at Mistralton Cargo Service!
Skyla: Professor! Wait up! Honestly… She just does everything at her own pace! OK! You come, too!
I follow them over to the cargo service.
Juniper: Hi there! Looks like I kept you waiting! Sorry… Shall we give Skyla her chance to show us her piloting skills?
Skyla: Are you ready to board my plane? The sky is calling!
Juniper: Pika and I are ready! Please take us to Lentimas Town!
Bianca: I want to fly, too! I want to do some research in Reversal Mountain…huff…puff…
Juniper: Bianca, you too? You’re starting to show the dedication of a serious researcher nowadays! OK, off we go to Lentimas Town!
Skyla: Looks like everyone’s here! It’s time to fly the Unova skies!
We all board the plane, fly to Lentimas Town, and explain our tasks.
Juniper: Well, I suppose I should tell you why I brought you here. Cheren told me a group of people calling themselves Team Plasma are planning to use legendary Pokémon to take over Unova. As you may know, in Unova, there’s two legendary Dragon-type Pokémon: Reshiram and Zekrom… But two years back, Reshiram and Zekrom each recognized a trainer as a hero. They’re following the trainers. So Team Plasma shouldn’t be able to use the Dragon Pokémon…
Bianca: That’s true… What could they be planning?
Juniper: There’s so much we don’t know about the two… That’s why I want to hear what Opelucid City Gym Leader Drayden has to say about this. He’s a Dragon-type Gym Leader, so he might know! So, we’re finally to the reason I brought you here: I want you to go to Opelucid City and hear what Drayden has to say. I would also like you to help me if something happens!
Me: Of course I would!
Juniper: Thank you! It’s really best not to get involved with Team Plasma to start with. Still… Hearing what Drayden has to say about the Dragon Pokémon will be really interesting. More importantly, it will help fill up the pages of your Pokédex!
Bianca: And I’ll be in the volcano just beyond here… I’m going to investigate the rumors I’ve been hearing about a rare Fire Pokémon in Reversal Mountain. See you there, Pika!
Juniper: Drayden is a Gym Leader, so unless you defeat him in a Pokémon battle, he probably won’t talk to you.
And I get a call from Curtis as well!
Curtis: Hello! Is this Pika? I’m going to work harder and harder to become a great… Never mind! My job is top secret! How about you, Pika? The word “wise” comes to mind for some reason, am I right? Oops! My colleague is calling me! I have to get back to work!
Before I follow Bianca into Reversal Mountain, I fight some trainers outside as well as in the strange house nearby. I find TM30: Shadow Ball near the strange house, which I teach to Lays right away. I also find a Spell Tag for Lays. I follow this ghost of a girl as I explore this strange house. This girl’s concerned about her dad, mom, and Abra. I happen to find other items, including a Rare Candy, along the way. I finally make it to the top and receive a Lunar Wing from the girl. It is supposed to be brought back to a Pokémon on a bridge according to the girl. I head back to Lentimas Town to heal before setting foot into Reversal Mountain, where I meet up with Bianca as promised.
Bianca: Hi there, Pika! You know what? There’s something I want to investigate here in Reversal Mountain. But the wild Pokémon are tough, and I’m having trouble with them. Could you come with me? Don’t worry! I’ll take care of healing our Pokémon, OK?
We pair up a lot inside. The ones she doesn’t support include Battle Girl Chan and her Gurdurr and pair of Riolu in triples, and Black Belt Corey and his Gurdurr and pair of Scraggy in rotation. Lays’ current move set isn’t Pringles-fit, so he doesn’t evolve yet. I also find items like TM69: Rock Polish. We finally find ourselves at Undella Town.
Bianca: I want to keep looking around Reversal Mountain a bit. I want to do a little more research about Heatran anyway! Be careful on the rest of your journey!
After I heal up, Hugh shows up.
Hugh: Wait up! Let’s see how well we’ve raised our Pokémon!
He leads with Unfezant against Yaiba. Unfezant sets up Razor Wind on Yaiba’s three Swords Dances, and goes down to one Razor Shell. Serperior Coils, but that doesn’t stop X-Scissor from taking it out; in the process Yaiba forgoes Aqua Tail. One Razor Shell nails Simisear.
Hugh: Great! If we’re this strong Team Plasma will run screaming when they see us! I won’t let them get away, though! Her Purrloin… I’ll get it back for sure! So, Pika! Keep helping me out! Also continue to work on the Pokédex! You’re the one who was officially asked to complete it, after all!
Hugh proceeds to the north to Route 13, but I head south to Route 14 first, but before even that, Curtis calls me again.
Curtis: Hello! Is this Pika? Here comes a question! Pika, you’re a Pokémon trainer. How many badges do you have? Great! You have six badges? You’re a tough trainer, aren’t you? Oops! My colleague is calling me. I have to get back to work!
I battle all the trainers I can reach on this route; including a Gurdurr whose Dynamic Punches hit but don’t confuse, which could happen only if it had Sheer Force Ability; Ace Trainer Junko and her Basculin, Lilligant, and Gligar in triples; and Ace Trainer Kipp and his Zebstrika, Skarmory, and Tangela in rotation. I head north to Route 13, where I make certain to avoid any trainers because my final team member needs to solo them, and lo and behold, there it is! Staryu! As I catch it in a Quick Ball that Scotty gave me, I notice its ability, Illuminate. I therefore decide to call it Illuminate. I also notice it’s the only team member I meet at a double-digit level, 40 to be precise, and I notice it’s holding a Star Piece as well! Hmm, that’ll come into play back in Anville Town? Unfortunately Illuminate doesn’t have enough attack PP to solo Route 13 yet, so I have to fly back to the PWT and meet a reminder girl, so that Illuminate can learn Bubble Beam and Swift in exchange for two Heart Scales. I fly back to Undella Town and head north to Route 13, so that Illuminate can solo the route. Of course, solo doesn’t mean other team members can’t support Illuminate in triples or rotation, so I fight Pokémon Ranger Daryl and his Jolteon, Galvantula, and Nosepass in a rotation and Pokémon Ranger Diane and her Larvesta, Flareon, and Vibrava in a triples first. I eventually reach Lacunosa Town and meet up with the Professor and Bianca.
Bianca: Hi Pika! Thanks for your help in Reversal Mountain!
Juniper: Pika, if you go straight past Lacunosa Town, you’ll reach Opelucid City! But before you go, there’s something I want you to hear. Bianca, you’ll know soon enough. Hurry now!
The three of us make our way to this elderly lady who explains the tale of Lacunosa Town and the Giant Chasm. She talks about a scary Pokémon inside a meteorite. The Pokémon appears from a blizzard, freezes everything around and eats people and Pokémon. Lacunosa Town gets sealed as a result, and even rules are established around this legend, such as no one gets out at night.
Juniper: What a tale that was! The Pokémon’s true identity may be unknown, but the power mentioned in the tale was incredible!
Bianca: I know… The power to freeze everything around it could even rival the power of the legendary Dragon Pokémon.
Juniper: It’s almost like Reshiram, who scorched Unova long ago.
This is the story I first heard of in Lentimas Town. They explain that the meteorite may have contained the legendary Dragon Pokémon! I keep this in mind as I buy TM25: Thunder for Illuminate and finish off its Route 13 solo, grabbing TM29: Psychic (which I save for later) and another Star Piece and learning Power Gem in the process. It’s earned the right to evolve into Starmie and learn Surf. I heal up and buy TM14: Blizzard (which I save for later). I now head to the west.

End of Chapter 7
Yaiba's Summary: She obtained her final move set in this chapter. She also soloed the entirety of Mistralton Gym. Other than that, nothing else.
Charming's Summary: He, on the other hand, has changed the least. Easily LVP.
Lays' Summary: This is the first time he's delayed evolution; I don't want to evolve him until it's absolutely necessary.
Evil's Summary: Preparing him for Drayden, but haven't taught him Blizzard yet.
Piranha's Summary: Also preparing him for an upcoming Gym solo.
Illuminate's Summary: Easily MVP despite being the latest recruit; this move set isn't even final yet! Electric Pokémon Soloed: 3

Before I leave Lacunosa, Curtis calls me.
Curtis: Hello! Is this Pika? Actually, I’m off work today! I’d like to pick up my Xtransceiver! The one you’ve been keeping for me! Will you please come to the Ferris wheel in Nimbasa? See you there!
I arrive at the Ferris wheel and return that Xtransceiver to Curtis.
Curtis: No! I’m not who you think! What? You’re Pika? I’m sorry! I thought you were someone else! Well, um… I guess, nice to meet you! I’m Curtis! You were different than I imagined, so I was a little surprised… Aha ha… I suppose so! We can just talk normally! Thank you for returning my Xtransceiver. I’m sorry I couldn’t find the time to pick it up earlier. But I really enjoyed talking with you, so maybe I was a bit lucky! If you don’t mind, can I still call you sometime?
Me: Sure thing!
Curtis: Phew. I was really scared you might say no! Can I ask you one more thing? I called you on the Xtransceiver too often, and Ma, I mean one of my coworkers, got really mad at me… So, Pika, could you call me?
Me: I sure can!
Curtis: What? Really! Thanks! Pika, you’re really nice. I’m usually at work, and sometimes I have trouble picking up a signal… But I’d like it if you check your Xtransceiver often, and give me a call… Aha ha! Well, I’ll be heading home! Good-bye, Pika!
I fly back to Lacunosa Town, head west, and run into Hugh again.
Hugh: What’s up? Have you seen Team Plasma anywhere around here? I heard a rumor to that effect…
Zinzolin: Oh, for crying out loud… This is troublesome indeed, my curious trainers. Perhaps I should satiate your curiosity somewhat. The reason I’m still part of Team Plasma is this: I want to know how the world will change. Listen. Pokémon are nature. Poké Balls are civilization. Humans who are used to civilization don’t relinquish it easily. Of course, both nature and civilization are important. But what will happen to a world taken over by Team Plasma? People will be forced to throw out Poké Balls—a product of civilization. I want to know what that looks like! And I want to enjoy it!
Hugh: Shut your mouth, Zinzolin! All I want is to get back a stolen Pokémon! Pika! Give me a hand! You ready?
Me: Sure thing! Especially if it’s against Team Plasma!
Hugh: Just to let you know… You’re about to feel my rage!
We lead with Yaiba and Serperior against Zinzolin’s Cryogonal and a Grunt’s Golbat. We set up on turn 1, while Cryogonal sets up a Light Screen (which we physical attackers don’t care for) and Golbat goes for Acrobatics on Yaiba. A critical Leaf Blade downs Cryogonal while Golbat goes for Air Cutter for a bit against each of us; Yaiba misses her Razor Shell. Leaf Blade almost OHKOs Zinzolin’s Sneasel; Razor Shell almost OHKOs Golbat, allowing another Air Cutter to hit both of us. Aqua Jet finishes off Golbat, while Slam finishes off Sneasel. Only the Grunt’s Garbodor remains, which the combination of Leaf Blade and Razor Shell easily downs, and we claim our victory.
Grunt: What’s with these two? I’m battling alongside Zinzolin! This shouldn’t be happening!
Zinzolin: These two remind me of that one from two years ago. More important, we must continue our search. Like that scientist said it might be in Opelucid City! We’ll play with you again later!
Hugh: Get back here!
Hugh chases them to the west. I head west to Route 12 myself and face a bunch of trainers. First up are Backers Cleo and Rio and their Roselia. Illuminate’s Power Gem is enough to 2HKO them. Then it’s onto the singles. Charming vs. Heracross was very notable. Now I’m at Village Bridge. I meet and battle lots of athletes, including tennis and basketball players. I also meet Gentleman Stonewall.
Stonewall: Wait! WAAAIT! I’ve been waiting for this day! You’re the 1,000th opponent! I’ve got a 999-win streak. Be my opponent!
Me: Bring it on!
Stonewall: Waa-ha-ha! Even though you’re just a fledgling, you’ll still be my 1,000th win in a row!
He leads with Durant, who proves to be a bugger, but not to Lays. He now sends out his Lucario, which can’t even touch Lays at all.
Me: I’m sorry, Stonewall; but you brought the wrong Lucario!
Stonewall: So much for that 999-win streak, which I’ve steadily extended for two years… And now it’s over… But I have a strong will. I declare that I’ll try again to have a 1,000-win streak! I won’t battle you next time, though. You’ll just break my streak.
During all these battles, Evil levels up a lot—and forgoes Safeguard. I also meet the Village Bridge musicians; Derleth, Aickman, Koontz, and Russo. Now I’m on Route 11, and first trainer I fight is Pokémon Breeder Magnolia, and her Emolga and Altaria are easy targets for Illuminate’s Power Gems. I don’t fight the trainers in the alcove, as I need Waterfall to reach them and I don’t have it yet. I meet Virizion on this route, like I did Cobalion on Routes 6 and 13. I also recall the items I picked up, including a PP Up and Rare Candy, which reminds me I need to go back to Anville Town because I need to trade those Star Pieces! Once I arrive in Opelucid City, I run into Iris.
Me: Iris! Long time no see!
Iris: Yahoo! I haven’t seen you since I ran into you in Castelia City a while ago! Are you here to battle grandpa? Yep, the Opelucid City Gym Leader, Drayden, is grandpa! We’re not really related, though! Oh! The Gym is that way! Before challenging it, you might want to go to Route 9! Still, your Pokémon respect you! I feel how much fun they’re having, even from inside their Poké Balls! Good luck!
Before I head to Route 9, however, I do errands elsewhere, such as removing Surf on Evil with the help of the Move Deleter at the PWT in favor of Blizzard, and trading the Star Pieces for precious PP Ups in Anville Town. I now head to Route 9. There are lots of trainers on this route, starting with Hooligans Jim/Cas and their Krookodile and Drapion. Three Aqua Tails down Drapion while Aqua Tail barely fails to OHKO Krookodile, allowing them to team up to take out Piranha. Evil’s Aqua Jet manages to finish off Krookodile. I pick up the HP Up they defended. Now I can take on the singles. I earn enough money to buy TM15: Hyper Beam from Shopping Mall Nine, which I’ll need for later. This is the first time I’m flat broke in quite a while! I enter Opelucid Gym, confident that it is a Dragon Gym like the Professor told me earlier. And boy was she right! I’m greeted by Clyde again.
Clyde: Welcome to Opelucid City Gym! Here’s some Fresh Water. How do you like these dragon statues? This Gym is the only place in Unova with statues this size! Climb on your dragon’s head and aim for the top of the other dragon, where Drayden is waiting! Dragon-type Pokémon are his specialty. Just between you and me, Dragon types are weak to Ice as well as Dragons themselves.
This Gym has all battling styles covered except doubles, and Evil is perfectly suited for all of them. I begin with the black dragon’s tail and work my way upward. Evil wants to learn Helping Hand in the process, but ultimately says no. Illuminate and Charming support in the triples and rotation on the black dragon’s upper legs. Eventually the dragons bump heads as I face Drayden.
Drayden: Welcome. Thank you for coming. I’m the Opelucid Gym Leader, Drayden. As mayor, I’ve given everything to developing the whole city. As a trainer, I’ve simply been pursuing greater strength. But what I’m searching for now is a young trainer who can show me a bright future. Pika, perhaps you can show me that future, the way Scotty and Iris have?
And the battle begins. Drayden leads with Druddigon against Evil. I use Aqua Jet to soften up Druddigon to ensure that Blizzard will hit without activating his Hyper Potion, as Blizzard doesn’t quite 2HKO it otherwise. Next up is Flygon; Blizzard OHKOs it. Finally, Haxorus; Blizzard would’ve 2HKO’d if not for that Sitrus Berry, but I got lucky and scored a critical hit. The Legend Badge is mine!
Drayden: Wonderful. I’m grateful that we had a chance to meet and battle. It reminds me that Pokémon battles are about working with others to meet our challenges together. Well, now. With that Legend Badge, you’ve obtained seven of the Gym Badges in Unova. I also want you to have this. It’s a TM I am particularly fond of. It’s TM82: Dragon Tail. It’s a move that returns the damaged Pokémon to its Poké Ball. In other words it switches an opponent’s Pokémon. Professor Juniper asked me to tell you about the legendary Dragon Pokémon that created Unova. I’ll show you the way. Follow me.
Before I do, now that Evil no longer needs Blizzard, it relearns Surf. I now follow Drayden to his house, where he tells me a long story.
Drayden: It was two years ago when the two dragons awakened. The white dragon, Reshiram, sought what is true, with the desire to usher in a new world of goodness. The black one, Zekrom, pursued what is ideal, with the desire to usher in a new world of hope. They were once one Pokémon. You may wonder why it split in two. The single dragon had helped the twin heroes bring a new region into being. But the twin heroes—the younger brother who sought ideals and the older brother who sought the truth—sundered the region in two as they fought to see who was right. In that desperate hour, the single dragon split its body into a white dragon and a black one, even though ideals and truth don’t need to be in opposition! As the story goes, a third dragon, Kyurem, also came into existence in that era, and there may be proof to be found in a treasure passed down in my family for generations: the DNA Splicers. Professor Juniper’s research determined that the materials in the splicers date back to the same era as the materials used in building Dragon Spiral Tower. Oh, the DNA Splicers are stored very safely. I guard them because I don’t know what kind of power might lie within. But here’s what’s been bothering me… Could there be one more Dragon Pokémon? Even if Kyurem really exists, we don’t know what kind of Pokémon it is. For starters, the two Pokémon the ancient Pokémon split into are both overwhelmingly powerful. So if Kyurem exists, could it just be a husk—a shell that was left over? Huh? What was that sound?
Oh no! It’s the Plasma Frigate! They fire the cannon and freeze the whole city! That could only mean one thing…Kyurem!
Drayden: This world of ice… Haxorus! Use Dragon Tail!
No, Dragon Tail didn’t break that ice. Drayden has to recall Haxorus.
Drayden: Not only did the ice stay unbroken, there’s not even a scratch on it! What’s going on?
Zinzolin: I don’t think that’s going to work.
Drayden: I remember you from N’s Castle.
Zinzolin: It’s bitter cold. I’m shivering. I’m suffering, but I’m alive! It’s what the essence of life feels like! Proof of my existence! That’s enough of philosophy. Here are the facts for your admiration: This ice was specially created by Team Plasma’s technology. As long as we have our secret weapon, you’ll never be able to melt or break this ice! Let me explain our purpose here. Drayden, hand over the DNA Splicers! Opelucid City is a city where the past and the future are entwined. Could there be a more perfect place for the splicers that connect the separated Pokémon?
Drayden: Do you think someone who knows what you did two years ago will just hand them over quietly?
Zinzolin: Humph. That’s what I thought you’d say. At this point, I’d like to threaten you with another volley of ice, but we can’t use it for a moment… Sigh. It won’t be enjoyable in this cold, but I guess we’ll just search for them.
Drayden: Those foul villains! Pika! I want you to help me! We’re going to drive Team Plasma out of Opelucid City!
We have to apprehend a bunch of Plasma Grunts. Drayden handles the ones near the Pokémon Center; I battle the others. I eventually find Zinzolin. “I didn’t expect to have to fight hampered by cold like this. No matter! The fact that I’m shivering means I’m truly alive!” I lead with Yaiba against a Cryogonal. While I set up Swords Dances, Ice Beam hits, but doesn’t do too much. Yaiba’s Razor Shell OHKOs both Cryogonal, and a Torrent-boosted Razor Shell OHKOs Weavile.
Zinzolin: You’re a strong trainer, and definitely adept at handling Pokémon. I’ll take my leave, simply because I can’t stand this cold. Imagine this: A Unova region completely covered in ice. To achieve that splendor, we’ll do whatever it takes to obtain the DNA Splicers.
Drayden: Thanks to you, we drove them off. I’m grateful to your Pokémon, also. Wait here a moment. I’ll be right back.
He leaves for the Gym and reemerges in a few seconds.
Drayden: Harrumph…That’s a new record for making it there and back. Look, Pika. These are the DNA Splicers! This is what they were after! We’re really fortunate Team Plasma didn’t get their hands on them! I don’t know what their goal is, but I’m sure they’re planning something wicked.
Shadow: As we suspected…the hiding place was in the Gym. Well thought out. If Drayden isn’t there we can’t enter. If he is there he’s the strongest guard we could possibly face. It also explains why the Gym was remodeled. Whatever! The splicers are in our hands now!
Drayden: It’s beyond my imagination to think you’d use one of the Seven Sages to find out where the splicers were!
Shadow: Now you know, then. We will accomplish our goals, no matter what the cost. We don’t have the ability to captivate the hearts of others like Lord N does. Instead, we will bend people to our will with brute force. Two years was a surprisingly long wait.
Drayden: If they’re stolen from us, we’ll have to take them back!
The three disperse, and I can only battle one of them. He leads with a Pawniard against Yaiba. A +2 Razor Shell doesn’t quite OHKO it, so an Aqua Jet will finish it off. Next up, Absol, who gets annihilated by X-Scissor, and he’s down to one Pawniard. Again Razor Shell almost OHKOs, but again it’s left in Aqua Jet range.
Shadow: Aw…how unlucky. I don’t happen to be the one holding the splicers. I was just buying time for the others to escape. Bye!
Drayden: Oh no! It’s not your fault, Pika. You were impressive! It’s me who’s let everybody down.
Our Xtransceivers are ringing. It’s Cheren and Hugh!
Hugh: Pika! A strange ship was flying toward Opelucid City, right?
Cheren: I saw it, too! I’m en route!
Hugh: Cheren! That’s Team Plasma’s ship, isn’t it?
Me: Indeed, it’s the Plasma Frigate!
Cheren: Anyway, I’ll be arriving in just a moment!
Hugh: OK, I’ll leave things to you! Pika, if you run into any more trouble, could you please call me!
Drayden: Aug! If there were only two of me! Then I could protect the town and chase after them, too!
We hang up, and Cheren shows up immediately.
Cheren: Pika. Drayden, glad to see you’re safe as well.
Drayden: Hello, Cheren. You have certainly grown. I hear you filled in for Lenora by becoming the Gym Leader in Aspertia City.
Cheren: Thanks. We should save catching up for later. I have an idea of where Team Plasma is hiding. The place with the lowest temperature in Unova right now is close to Humilau City. Drayden, please protect Opelucid City. Hugh and I will find Team Plasma!
Drayden: Very well. I’ll do my part—and thanks. The chase I’ll leave to you! But…don’t do anything reckless!
Cheren: Pika! I could use your help. You’re a skilled trainer who can go toe-to-toe with Team Plasma. That’s my definition of useful.
Drayden: Humilau City, huh… Pika, protect Pokémon from Team Plasma! All people should think for themselves about the nature of the relationship between people and Pokémon. It’s not something Team Plasma gets to decide for everyone!
Me: I will. And I will defeat Marlon, the Gym Leader and my idol!
I decide to take the long way to Humilau City: Undella Bay, Seaside Cave, and Route 21. I fight plenty of trainers here and come across items such as TM06: Toxic. During this time, Hugh calls me.
Hugh: Pika! Where are you?
Me: I’m taking the long way to Humilau City.
Hugh: I took the Marine Tube. I even picked up TM42: Façade for you. Anyway, make up for that time, and get here now!
I finally make it to Humilau City and meet up with Hugh. He even gives me the promised TM. I am now ready to challenge Humilau Gym.

End of Chapter 8

Yaiba's Summary: She was used a lot against Team Plasma.
Charming's Summary: He hasn't changed much this chapter.
Lays' Summary: He hasn't changed much either, so he's LVP for now. He will obtain his final move set next chapter, though. He will also do a mandatory solo pretty soon.
Evil's Summary: He gained MVP status after soloing Drayden.
Piranha's Summary: His time to shine is now, at Humilau Gym.
Illuminate's Summary: In a similar boat to Lays'. Move set isn't even final; mandatory solos come pretty soon; gained little experience this chapter. Electric Pokémon Soloed: 3

I enter the Gym, but Marlon isn’t there. Clyde does provide a lead.
Clyde: If you’re looking for Marlon, he went swimming off into the ocean yelling about the sea! Please look for him if you’d like.
I look around Humilau City for him, and he shows up immediately.
Marlon: Sup, you must be here to challenge my Gym! I’m Marlon the Gym Leader! I was swimming with the Pokémon, and it felt real good, so I kept going and going. I’ll be waiting in the Gym!
I return to the Gym. Clyde gives me his eighth and last Fresh Water. And this is why I took the long way to Humilau City: Piranha needed the experience. I need him to solo the Gym without Double-Edge as he has Rock Head. The Gym has a puzzle involving lily pads; trainers also abound here. Piranha manhandles them all with a combination of Crunch and Aqua Jet. He forgoes Thrash in the process. I make it to the end and reach Marlon. He too is counted in the Gym solo.
Marlon: Sup! Here already, huh? You look strong! Let’s start!
He leads with Carracosta, who Shell Smashes but is still slower, so that two Aqua Tails are able to take it out. Next up is Wailord. As I Crunch, it goes for Bounce. It hits and paralyzes, but Crunch lands a Defense down, allowing another Crunch to knock it out. He’s down to Jellicent, who is 2HKO’d by Crunch; it tries Ominous Wind, but it doesn’t get the stat buffs necessary to prevent the 2HKO after the Sitrus Berry. I’ve officially earned the Wave Badge and TM55: Scald!
Marlon: You don’t just look strong; you’re strong for real! I was swept away, too! Now you got all eight Badges, so you can be tight with any Pokémon! Scald sometimes burns the target. Oh, and you can even use it when you’re frozen! I’m off then! Hope it’s useful!
As I leave the Gym, I meet up with Hugh.
Hugh: You got all of the Badges! You’re really something! Usually you’d go to Pokémon League now, but…dealing with Team Plasma comes first!
Marlon: Sup! What’s this Team Plasma you’re talking about do?
Hugh: Team Plasma do things like steal people’s Pokémon. They plan on conquering the Unova region by using Pokémon to freeze it solid! They’re really evil! Haven’t you heard of them, Marlon?
Marlon: Nope! When the ocean’s your home, you don’t worry about things like that. So you think Team Plasma’s bad, then?
Me: I sure do!
Marlon: I get it. They’re bad, so you fight them! First, you have to say that in your own words. When you do, you’ll understand better what you want to do and what you’re hoping for! Well then…
Hugh: Man, I don’t know if that guy is laid back or irresponsible. That got me down, but our opponent is Team Plasma! We have to focus! Before that, we have to find where they are! OK! We’ll split up! You check Route 22 to the west! Got it?
Me: Sure! That leaves you with Route 21 and Seaside Cave.
While Hugh checks the south, I take this opportunity to explore the other direction, fighting trainers and finding items along the way. I also see more raised walkways and even an Amoonguss, Foongus’ evolved form. I eventually run into Terrakion! Colress shows up.
Colress: It’s been a long time! Terrakion is one of three Pokémon who protected Pokémon from flames of a human conflict! It seems likely Terrakion picked up the scent of danger that emanates from Team Plasma. It’s probably seeking a trainer who has the strength to stand up to them. It’s very interesting that Terrakion appeared before you! That aside, do you plan to confront Team Plasma?
Me: Of course I do!
Colress: I see. If that’s the case, then you must have the power to protect your Pokémon! Being protected by Pokémon alone doesn’t make you a trainer! It’s because trainers are strong, because they care about their Pokémon, that these Pokémon can also be strong! This is from me! The Colress Machine! It’s a prototype of my device that energizes Pokémon! It doesn’t work on battling Pokémon, but you may find it useful for something! I wish you and your Pokémon a safe journey! Now that I think about it! In Seaside Cave on Route 21, I saw something that reminded me of when we met on Route 4.
It hit me! As I was exploring Seaside Cave, I came across a Crustle I couldn’t move back then. Now that I have a Colress Machine, I can use it on that Crustle, which Charming then OHKOs with Aqua Tail. I can now see the Plasma Frigate! Hugh shows up right behind me.
Hugh: You found them! I knew you could do it! How do we go in?
Marlon: Hold up! Here’s a gangplank! This should do it!
Hugh: I thought you weren’t going to fight Team Plasma?
Marlon: Hey, my friends! Team Plasma’s not bothering me. They could be up to no good for real, and…it’s not my style to go around deciding Team Plasma’s bad without thinking about it just because everyone says so! But, you’re having trouble, so I have to help you!
Hugh: Thanks…
Marlon: Believe in something! Searching for stolen Pokémon is fine! Keeping Unova from being iced over is fine too! It’s all good. But think about why you’re doing that. The strength in your beliefs is what gives you and your Pokémon power! I made some noise, so some people came out! Be careful!
Hugh: What was that?! The guy sure doesn’t follow through! I guess he was being kind in his own way… All right, I’m going in!
I follow him, and we each fight a Plasma Grunt. Against Charming, my Grunt leads with Watchog, who immediately Baton Passes to Garbodor, who is 2HKO’d, leaving Watchog, who is also 2HKO’d.
Hugh: It’s now time to explore the Plasma Frigate, Pika! When we were in Driftveil City, Zinzolin came from this direction!
Hugh runs to the north, and I follow him. But first, I find a Revive on the bow and TM67: Retaliate on the stern. We now pair up against two Grunts, who lead with a Golbat and a Seviper against Charming and Serperior. While Serperior Coils, Golbat and Seviper gang up on Charming and almost take him out, allowing an Aqua Tail to almost OHKO Golbat; Leaf Blade finishes it off as I Charm Seviper, so that a Poison Jab doesn’t do much to Serperior. Drapion comes in but falls to the combo of Leaf Blade and Aqua Tail, allowing Seviper to finish off Charming with Night Slash. Yaiba comes in and sets up a Swords Dance, but Serperior fails to OHKO Seviper with Wring Out, so that it goes down to a critical Poison Jab. Unfezant comes in to set up a Razor Wind, but Night Slash hits and poisons it. Unfezant lands the Razor Wind to KO Seviper, while Yaiba keeps setting up. Garbodor comes in and gets annihilated by a +6 Razor Shell. The Grunts leave.
Hugh: They didn’t have Purrloin with them! Barriers, huh… And there’s a device where you enter a password here… That means we either have to find the password, or get it out of Team Plasma, to deactivate the barriers. Pika! Let’s split up and find that password!
I follow him into the lower floor and find an ex-Plasma Grunt who acts as a spy. Hugh asks him about a Purrloin stolen in Aspertia, but the ex-Grunt says no. I take this time to explore this floor, fighting Grunt after Grunt and finding loads of items. I also find these clues.
Clue 1: Three of the four digits are the same number.
Clue 2: The first number is 9.
Clue 3: The second number is 9.
Clue 4: The last number is 9.
Clue 5: One of the numbers is 0.
It hit me. The password is 9909. I also obtain a Plasma Card. I make my way back to the barriers, use the card, and input the password. The barriers deactivate, allowing me to enter Zinzolin’s room.
Zinzolin: You’re an impressive trainer to have made it this far. As you went to such trouble to come, I’ll show you something. This is… The legendary Pokémon of ice! Its name is Kyurem! The ice missiles we fired into Opelucid City were created with Kyurem’s power and Team Plasma’s technology! You could become a threat to us, so we will eliminate you here!
Hugh: Not with me around, you won’t! Pika, thanks for removing the barrier! That was a big help!
Zinzolin: Humph! We’ll simply eliminate both of you!
We lead with Yaiba and Serperior against Zinzolin’s Cryogonal and a Grunt’s Liepard. Yaiba sets up Swords Dance; Serperior Leaf-Blades to OHKO Liepard, allowing Cryogonal to Ice Beam and do about half to Serperior. The Grunt’s Scolipede comes in. Serperior Leaf-Blades to OHKO Cryogonal; Yaiba’s Razor Shell almost OHKOs Scolipede; it connects a Steamroller on a now poisoned Yaiba. Zinzolin’s second Cryogonal comes in. Aqua Jet finishes off Scolipede; Leaf Blade nails Cryogonal, leaving just Zinzolin’s Weavile and the Grunt’s Watchog. Weavile lands an Ice Shard to KO Serperior before Yaiba’s X-Scissor OHKOs Weavile, allowing Watchog and the poison to bring Yaiba to red. Unfezant comes in, but Razor Shell OHKOs Watchog anyway.
Hugh: I’m not going to lose to Team Plasma! By the way, what is this place? That Pokémon… It’s so icy… Could that be the source of the attack on Opelucid City?
Zinzolin: Humph. You’re smarter than I expected. If you got that much sense, why did you do something as dangerous as sneaking into our base?
Hugh: That should be obvious! I’ll do whatever it takes to get my sister’s Pokémon back! Are YOU the one who stole a Purrloin in Aspertia five years ago?
Zinzolin: If it’s just a Purrloin, someone probably stole it and is using it. Why can’t you understand? There are other Purrloin. Why are you so fixated on this one?
Hugh: That’s the ONLY Purrloin in the world that my late grandpa caught for my little sister!
Zinzolin: An individual’s feelings. To you, that’s probably a matter of great importance. But from the perspective of other people it’s a trifling matter indeed. Compare those feelings against the majesty of this ship! This frigate is a device that uses Kyurem’s power! With this, this time we will conquer Unova! It looks like Kyurem has fully recovered. We’ll put the DNA Splicers to good use. I’ll let you take care of them, Shadow Triad!
Hugh: Don’t mess with me! You were the one who lost!
The Shadow Triad escorts us off the ship so that it can sail away.
Hugh: Team Plasma! No matter where you fly, I won’t let you get away! But, what’s over there anyway?
Cheren: Sorry I’m late… I suspect it’s flying to the Giant Chasm.
Hugh: The Giant Chasm! That’s deep in Route 22, right? OK, I’m going! Pika! You come too! That Pokémon… Kyurem, was it? Its cry sounded lonely somehow.
Cheren: Kyurem! Team Plasma is using Kyurem’s power for evil?! Then how should we stop them? If Kyurem is, like Drayden said, a legendary Dragon Pokémon, the only ones who could stand up to it are Reshiram or Zekrom! But…neither of them is here right now… Where are the ones the legendary Pokémon recognized as heroes, anyway? I guess I just have to find one of them!
I heed their advice and continue exploring Route 22, all the way to the Giant Chasm. I run into two Plasma Grunts, but Hugh shows up.
Hugh: You’re already here, huh? Anyone who dares block us will go running away with their tail between their legs!
They flee, allowing me to fully explore the place. First thing I find is TM13: Ice Beam, which I save for later. I now go around the chasm and find item after item, mostly sellable items and Star Pieces, and even create a shortcut back to Route 13 and Lacunosa Town. I now enter Crater Forest and run into Hugh, with some company behind.
Hugh: Wait a second. He said he wants to talk to them so his old allies won’t get hurt.
Rood: I will say it as many times as it takes until you understand! Ghetsis’ real plan was to take over Unova! Liberating Pokémon was nothing but an excuse! If anything, it would’ve made them suffer!
Plasma Grunts: Uh huh. That’s a pretty speech, gramps! You fool! We’re not going to listen to what a traitor has to say!
Hugh: Well, that didn’t work… Hey! Let me through!
Plasma Grunt: What are you saying? Looking to get hurt?
Hugh: I’m going to get a stolen Pokémon back! I’m not going to listen to villains like you! Rood! Ex-Team Plasma! Why do you have Pokémon by your sides? To protect what’s important to you, right? Even if your Pokémon get hurt and even if your ideals are damaged, the time to fight is NOW!
Grunt: You’re just a kid! Quit trying to act so cool! Whatever! No one’s getting close to the Plasma Frigate! Wipe them ALL out!
Two of the Grunts are summoned, and each battles one of us. I lead with Lays against my Grunt’s Weezing, which I 2HKO with Surf. Next is Charming vs. Muk, and Aqua Tail is a clean 2HKO as well.
Rood: Are your Pokémon OK? You should take these with you!
He gives me and Hugh some Max Revives.
Hugh: Thanks…I’m passing through! Oh, their backup has arrived.
Rood: Those whose hearts weaken, whose determination falters, can accomplish nothing at times like this! To save our old allies and to protect Unova, we will fight! Both of you go! No, just a moment. Hugh, was it? In all likelihood, the Pokémon you’re searching for is owned by the Shadow Triad, the dark warriors who appear silently.
Hugh: Got it! If I rescue it that helps you guys absolve your guilt, doesn’t it? Guess I’ll help you out!
Rood: At that time, I believed we were on the side of justice. By serving my king, N, I was going to make a world without war. But I was conceited and couldn’t see the unhappiness we were causing. That’s why I can’t let it happen again!
I follow Hugh to the frigate, but that ice is slippery! I explore under the stern, but first run into two Grunts, who lead with Trubbish and Scraggy against Lays and Yaiba. While Yaiba sets up, Trubbish goes Toxic on Lays and Scraggy Crunches Yaiba. Lays does about half to Trubbish with Shadow Ball, and Yaiba’s Razor Shell OHKOs Scraggy. Scrafty comes in to take the next Razor Shell and barely survives as Lays’ Shadow Ball finishes off Trubbish, after its Gunk Shot misses twice in a row! Garbodor comes in. Scrafty connects a Hi Jump Kick to bring Yaiba almost to Torrent range before a Razor Shell takes it out; Garbodor connects Toxic on Yaiba. Whirlipede comes in. Yaiba accepts a Full Restore, while Lays goes for Surf for about a third to Garbodor and half to Whirlipede. Razor Shell finishes off Garbodor, and Shadow Ball finishes off Whirlipede. Only Golbat remains and it gets nailed by Razor Shell. I now progress onward and meet the spy from earlier, who now explains the maze of pipes. As I navigate the maze I fight several Grunts and find some more items. I also step in warp tiles that lead to switches that deactivate barriers. Now that I deactivated all four of the barriers I can proceed to Kyurem’s room.
Zinzolin: You will never be able to release Kyurem! The device is indestructible! It seems you don’t have the sense to know when to quit. It’s an act of my mercy on my part to bring this to an end now!
Zinzolin leads with Cryogonal against Yaiba. On the Swords Dance, I get hit by Confuse Ray, but I luckily snap out early and OHKO it with Razor Shell after I take an Ice Beam. Next up is another Cryogonal; I also demolish this one with Razor Shell. All that’s left is Weavile; an X-Scissor easily nails it. I see two more warp tiles, but I cannot take the left one yet, so I take the right one, and it leads to the captain’s room. I happen to meet Colress in there!
Colress: Welcome! I was asked with an acquaintance to help with his research. What I desire is to bring out the entirety of Pokémon’s potential! If I can accomplish that goal, I don’t care what it takes! If it means that this strength must be brought out by the interactions between Pokémon and their trainers, then so be it! If it means that you have to use a merciless approach like Team Plasma’s and force out all the Pokémon’s power, then so be it! Yes, if the entire world is destroyed as a result, then so be it… That aside! The reason I’ve been traveling all over Unova and battling many Pokémon trainers is because I was testing the viability of this approach to bringing out the full strength of Pokémon. In that respect, Pika, you’ve done an amazing job! Well now! Tell me if you have the answer I desire or not! If you’re ready, come at me!
Before I can fight Colress, I head back to Lacunosa Town, using that shortcut I created earlier, so that I can run some errands.

End of Chapter 9

Yaiba's Summary: She's done the most work, cleaning up Team Plasma like crazy! Obvious MVP.
Charming's Summary: He has helped Yaiba somewhat against Team Plasma.
Lays' Summary: He has gained most of the levels against wild Pokémon.
Evil's Summary: Hasn't changed much. Has helped with Aqua Jet though.
Piranha's Summary: See Evil.
Illuminate's Summary: Untouched this entire chapter. Obvious LVP. But that will change as the necessary solos are coming very soon. Electric Pokémon Soloed: 3

After I complete my errands and grind Illuminate, I make my way all the way back into Colress’ room in the Plasma Frigate and fight him. Colress leads with Magneton against Illuminate. I Surf for half as he Thunder Waves me, then Volt Switches into Magnezone to take the next Surf for half. A slew of Hyper Potions and Full Restores deprive Magnezone of all its Discharge PP. It’s forced to Thunder Wave, so I can finish it off with Brine. Next is Klinklang, who is almost 2HKO’d by Piranha’s Aqua Tail, only to OHKO Piranha with Giga Impact, but that leaves a free switch into Illuminate, who finishes off Klinklang with Brine. Next up is Yaiba vs. Beheeyem; and it Energy Balls Yaiba for almost half before going down to a +2 X-Scissor. Illuminate and Magneton reappear; Illuminate finishes off Magneton with a Brine. Just Metang is left, and a combination of Surf and Brine takes it out.
Colress: So strong! You’re a very strong Trainer indeed! So let me ask you this! Are you thinking of reaching even higher heights by understanding each other as Pokémon and trainer?
Me: Yes we are!
Colress: To me, that is an ideal answer. To think! That’s what you actually believe! You bring out the power of your Pokémon with respect and love! Excuse me for repeating myself, but if it will make Pokémon stronger, I don’t care what it takes! If interacting with Pokémon can increase their powers only to a certain point, their full strength must be brought out using a scientific approach, even one without a conscience. But you have shown me the potential of your approach. To me, whether Team Plasma wins or you win will decide how the relationship between people and Pokémon should be! So where will this be settled? Step on the warp tile on the other side of the room where Kyurem is being held. Good luck there!
After I heal, I make my way to the left warp tile, which leads to the control room. Inside, I find Ghetsis!
Ghetsis: That blasted Colress! The fool is far too committed to pure science. This is how he repays me for making him the boss of Team Plasma? How dare he put his personal intellectual curiosity before our ultimate mission of conquering Unova! How fortunate for you! Few get to be the sole audience member for one of my speeches. Team Plasma will use its knowledge and technology to take Kyurem’s true power to its absolute limit and freeze Unova. The terrified people and Pokémon will bow at Team Plasma’s…no, at MY feet! Kyurem is an empty being. The remnants of a certain Pokémon when it split into Reshiram and Zekrom… My desire is absolute rule of Unova! That’s right! Kyurem will be the vessel into which my desires will be poured!
Shadow: Lord Ghetsis. Kyurem has been transferred!
Ghetsis: It’s finally here! The era in which I am the absolute ruler of Unova has finally arrived! I’ll let you take care of this!
Hugh: Wait. You’re one of the Shadow Triad, right? Tell me about the Purrloin that was stolen in Aspertia.
Shadow: Very well… This might be it.
He reveals a Liepard! Did the stolen Purrloin actually evolve to this?
Shadow: I stole this Pokémon five years ago in Aspertia. It seems likely that it is the Pokémon you’re talking about. But now, it listens to my command. Such is the fate of Pokémon trapped in Poké Balls!
Hugh: Don’t mess with me… That’s someone else’s Pokémon!
Shadow: I feel sorry for Pokémon. They’re ruled by the Poké Balls and whims of trainers… Lord Ghetsis spoke of Pokémon liberation two years ago for his own ambitions, but if his plans had succeeded many Pokémon would have been saved. This Liepard—you knew it as a Purrloin—had it been released, might’ve returned to you. Well then… You there! I won’t let you interfere with Lord Ghetsis’ plans!
Illuminate cleans house against the Shadow’s two Pawniard and his Absol. Absol was 2HKO’d but Swords Danced instead of attacking. I now battle the next Shadow, who has two Pawniard and a Banette; again Illuminate cleans house, but Banette is hard to predict thanks to Sucker Punch. Just one Shadow left; he has two Pawniard and an Accelgor. This time, Accelgor is actually faster than Illuminate and it can threaten a Bug Buzz for well over half, but not quite the OHKO; Surf doesn’t quite OHKO either, so a slew of Moo-Moo Milks easily depletes its Bug Buzz PP so that Illuminate can pull off the 2HKO.
Shadow 3: Even if we lose, Lord Ghetsis simply has to win…
Shadow 1: No matter… The only thing you can do is watch Lord Ghetsis use Kyurem to freeze Unova solid. That’s all. You…I’ll return this Pokémon to you. Considering what Lord Ghetsis is about to do, I have no further need of it.
Hugh: Hey Pika… If we let Team Plasma do whatever they want… There’ll be more saddened Pokémon like Purrloin and Kyurem…
I leave the control room and make it all the way to the back of the chasm where Ghetsis awaits. First, I teach Illuminate Hyper Beam.
Ghetsis: The Giant Chasm! It is the spot where Kyurem’s power resonates. Here, Kyurem can use the full extent of its power and easily cover all of Unova in ice! Kyurem, come!
And just like that, Kyurem appears from a blizzard.
Ghetsis: I have a memory that’s continued to haunt me; just one. That unpleasant look in your eyes reminds me of it. That aside, this is my gift to you to show my respect for making it this far. I’ll freeze you solid right here so you can watch my glorious ascent! Glaciate!
Kyurem uses Glaciate to try to freeze me solid, but N and Reshiram save the day! A Fusion Flare is able to counteract the Glaciate.
Ghetsis: So you came… The freak without a human heart… N!
N: Reshiram told me Kyurem is suffering! I can’t allow selfish humans to make Pokémon suffer! And I like Unova. It’s the place that taught me how to live as a human… It’s the place that made me notice the harmony between Pokémon and humans living together… I will protect the Pokémon and humans who live here!
Ghetsis: That was a moving expression of your determination! So the education I provided to make you king wasn’t a complete waste then. I still haven’t forgotten that even though I was kind enough to find you when you were living in the forest with Pokémon, and take you in, and care for you, in the end you were selfish and disrupted my plans. I was supposed to use your abilities to rule Unova! But I’ll forgive you for that as well. Reshiram, which you were kind enough to bring with you, can melt ice! Now you’ve saved me the work of searching for it! Well, actually, I knew you’d appear if we fired ice missiles into Opelucid City and you noticed the change!
N: That’s an ugly formula! It won’t work!
Ghetsis: Oh, but it will! If I use these! The DNA Splicers!
Kyurem accepts the splicers and brings Reshiram to the Light Stone.
N: R-Reshiram!
Ghetsis: Kyurem! Use Absofusion to absorb Reshiram!
Kyurem absorbs Reshiram and becomes White Kyurem!
N: …! I never would have believed that Pokémon could fuse together… That there was a formula like this…
Ghetsis: You fool… Last time, I was going to use you to capture people’s hearts and minds to rule them! But this time, I’m simply going to use overwhelming power and rule with an iron fist! Do you understand? If you simply became king, Unova would’ve remained beautiful! Come now, trainer. This time no one will save you! But to make things interesting, I’ll give you a chance. Let’s see if you can stop this Kyurem! What’s this? Your Poké Balls are trembling. Could your Pokémon be shaking with rage? No! That’s impossible! Simple tools don’t have emotion or thought! Challenge Kyurem! Catching it is impossible! My cane’s signals disrupt function of all Poké Balls!
Illuminate’s Power Gems KO White Kyurem, but not before it takes a hefty chunk from White Kyurem. Kyurem and Reshiram separate.
Ghetsis: The White Kyurem I went to all the trouble of preparing! How irritating! Now I have to go recapture Kyurem, don’t I? First I’ll take down this disgusting trainer with my own hand! This time I will succeed! No matter what they try, no one will be able to stop me!
N heals Illuminate before the battle with Ghetsis proper. He leads with Cofagrigus, who could easily avoid the 2HKO with Protect and Leftovers, and set up Toxic, but it eventually goes down. Eelektross is next, and it goes down to two Surfs. Drapion is next, and it too is KO’d by two Surfs. Toxicroak comes out and tries to Sucker Punch but fails as I heal. Two Surfs take it out, as it doesn’t have Dry Skin. Hydreigon is next, and I have to use a fodder to heal up Illuminate after the Sucker Punch; as a corollary, it takes some Life Orb recoil. One Hyper Beam isn’t enough to take it out, so I have to use some more fodder just to heal Illuminate and bring Hydreigon to a point where Brine will finish it off. Seismitoad is last; it is 2HKO’d by Surf.
Ghetsis: How can this be? I’m the creator of Team Plasma! I’m perfect! I’m the absolute ruler who will change the world! And I’ve lost to some unknown trainer, not once, but twice?! I can’t accept this! This isn’t possible! I can’t be bested by fools who can’t even use Pokémon correctly!
N: It’s hard to call you this, but… Father, please understand. Pokémon are not tools. Pokémon and humans take each other to greater heights. They are our wonderful partners. Some humans understand this. Why can’t you?
Ghetsis: Shut your mouth! No real person could talk to Pokémon.
Shadow: Lord Ghetsis has lost control… We’ll take it from here…
N: OK… Without Father, Team Plasma is…
Shadow: Farewell…
N: On behalf of everyone… Thank you. Kyurem is fine. Now it has lost its power, but it will come here again. Reshiram says thank you as well. That’s right, I can talk with Pokémon. On that day two years ago, Scotty and Alder taught me something… By accepting different ideas, this world creates a chemical reaction… I met many different Pokémon and people and heard so much, and that’s how my world quietly grew bigger… By being with Pokémon, humans can continue toward new horizons. By being with humans, Pokémon can exhibit their true powers. That’s what Reshiram taught me: the truth for Pokémon and me. And someday, both truth and ideals will come together… Pokémon and humans will be free from the oppression of Poké Balls… You! What are you and your Pokémon striving for? You should head to Pokémon League and put your skills to the test!
N remounts himself onto Reshiram and flies away. Hugh shows up.
Hugh: Team Plasma’s ship flew away… Is it over?
Me: Yes indeed! I even beat Ghetsis, their boss!
Hugh: I see… So it’s finally over. More importantly, you rescued Kyurem from Team Plasma, right? You’re really something! I will make sure Purrloin—I mean Liepard—goes back to my sister! Still can’t take it out of the Poké Ball yet… What are you going to do?
Me: N told me I should head for Pokémon League.
Hugh: N said to go to the Pokémon League? That’s a good idea! I mean, now you’re the strongest in Unova, right? Go prove it! Do you remember where we first met up in the Giant Chasm? If you follow the path from there, it goes out to Route 23. Victory Road and Pokémon League are just past there! I’ll test you right there!
I head back for Crater Forest, and now that the frigate is gone I can explore the rest of the forest. I find a bunch of items here, including TM03: Psyshock; that’ll be perfect on Illuminate! Come to think of it I’ve also unlocked Ice Beam for Illuminate, so I teach it that as well. I’m now ready to head to Route 23. I fight lots of trainers and find a lot of items, including TM35: Flamethrower and TM05: Roar. I even have Illuminate finish off the required solos of Electric Pokémon on this route. One more (and it’s in Victory Road) and I’ll unlock TM24: Thunderbolt, which I’ll receive after defeating Hugh at Victory Road as promised. I arrive at the Badge Check Gates and meet up with N.
N: Pokémon League’s just past Victory Road. Pokémon battles do nothing more than hurt Pokémon… That’s how I understood it, and that’s why I hated battles. But it’s not that simple. Pokémon battles decide winners and losers, it’s true. Yet they do so much more. You, your Pokémon, your opponents, and their Pokémon! Everyone can see what wonderful things others have to contribute! That’s right! Accepting different ideas—different beings—changes the world like a chemical reaction! Pokémon battles are like a catalyst: a small component that leads to big changes! My friend Reshiram taught me that…and it’s the formula I’ve derived from traveling the world. I want you to think for yourself about what it means. Take this with you! It’s HM5: Waterfall! The new Victory Road has areas that are only accessible with Waterfall. Yes! If it’s your Pokémon and you… you will get past Pokémon League and recognize your own truth! That’s what I see in store for you! Good luck!
I have my Gym Badges confirmed by the gates, allowing me access to Victory Road, but now that N gave me Waterfall, I can complete my Pringles move set on Lays with Toxic and Hex, but I have to do it at the PWT. I also remember the Name Rater in Castelia City, so all I need to do is level up to evolve, and I do so in the Castelia sewers. I now explore areas I couldn’t before, such as Lostlorn Forest’s upper area and the Abundant Shrine. Pringles gets all the action against a wide variety of trainers. I also happen to find loads of items such as TM92: Trick Room. I fly back to Victory Road and find more items at the entrance by the Pokémon Center, including TM01: Hone Claws. I now explore Route 23’s west side, having Pringles round up all the trainers and finding items like TM12: Taunt. I’m done exploring, so I head back to Victory Road proper, pick up Illuminate, and traverse the road itself, taking on all the trainers that await, even getting the last Electric Pokémon solo by Illuminate. I also pick up items such as TM93: Wild Charge. I make it to the top and meet up with Hugh. He leads with Unfezant against Yaiba. He Swaggers as I Swords Dance and U-turns to Bouffalant, who goes down to Razor Shell. Serperior is next, and tries to use Dragon Tail, allowing an X-Scissor to nail it. Aqua Jet cleans house on both Unfezant and Simisear. Hugh admits his defeat and gives me the promised TM. Now that Illuminate has Thunderbolt, I can finish off Victory Road. One of the rooms is dark, so Illuminate had to learn and use Flash to light the place up. I now reach Pokémon League and set up for the Elite Four and Champion. Here’s the order I’m handling them: Pringles solos Caitlin. Evil solos Marshal. Piranha solos Shauntal. Illuminate solos Grimsley. Finally, Yaiba solos the Champion, who turns out to be none else than Iris!
Caitlin: It is me who appeared when the flower opened up.
Against Pringles, Caitlin leads with Musharna; it Synchronizes Toxic right back. After we exchange Full Restores, Toxic and Hex finish it off. Gothitelle, Reuniclus, and Sigilyph go down in similar fashion.
Marshal: Didn’t I meet you before, at Twist Mountain?
Against Evil, Marshal leads with Throh. I set up Aqua Ring, and then go for the Surfs and Aqua Jets; Throh eventually goes down. Next is Mienshao; I have to alternate Surf and Aqua Jet because of Bounce. Conkeldurr is next, and Bulked-Up Hammer Arms do over half, so I have to heal to sap its Hammer Arm PP. It eventually goes down. All that remains is Sawk, but it goes down without much of a fight.
Shauntal: The dragons… That’s the subject of a book I’m writing.
Against Piranha, Shauntal leads with Cofagrigus, who goes down to two Crunches after it uses Shadow Ball. Drifblim also goes down to Crunch, while Chandelure and Golurk get the Aqua Tail treatment.
Grimsley: There are always two sides to every coin.
Against Illuminate, Grimsley leads with Liepard, who uses Fake Out before going down to Surf. Scrafty is next and pulls a Crunch before going down. Krookodile is demolished, as is Bisharp to critical Surf.
Iris: Congratulations on making it this far! I, Iris, will defeat you!
And finally, against Yaiba, Iris leads with Hydreigon. I Swords Dance, then land the KO’ing X-Scissor. Lapras is next and goes down to two X-Scissors. Druddigon goes down in two hits as well. Aggron is next; a Razor Shell OHKOs it. Haxorus goes down to Razor Shell and Aqua Jet. Finally, Archeops, but it gets demolished by Aqua Jet as well.
Iris: I’m upset I couldn’t win! But more than that, I’m happy! I’m happy to witness the rise of a new Champion! My Pokémon and I, and you and your Pokémon…we all got to know one another better than before! You’ve been officially accepted into the Hall of Fame!
I register my team into the Hall of Fame’s computer system: Yaiba the Dewott, Charming the Azumarill, Pringles the Jellicent, Evil the Alomomola, Piranha the Basculin, and Illuminate the Starmie.

End of Scramble

Team in order from LVP to MVP throughout the Scramble: Charming, Evil, Piranha, Pringles, Illuminate, Yaiba
Alrighty, I shall happily take Tired the Abra and Brocko the Onix, but I'm not sure how I could work with Nurture the Cyndaquil. As it would be my starter pokemon and thus begin at level 5, though only be capable of using moves with a base power of 13 or less which would make the opening stages of the game impossible. So i'm afraid i'm going to have to reject it. For now.
@healthylunch, my bad. I forgot to mention that you can use your starting moves from the beginning, as you wouldn't be able to use any oher moves at the start of the game. So, the restriction does not count for pound it is, I believe. That should solve that problem.
shinyskarmory, i'll give you a slight twist on a Timburr-based Challange I made a while ago, because I'm lazy like that.

Take Bob the Timburr.

He is tired of all those Timburrs being lazy and simply EVOLVING to create their weaponry. So he decides to make his own, being a Builder and all that shit.

He needs four ingredients: granite, mud, water, and heat. Only then can he make his own personal concrete slab of DOOM.

In order to get his granite, he needs to mash some Rocks. As such, he needs to solo ten Rock-type Pokemon using only Chip Away.

For his mud, he needs to mash the ground. He must solo ten Ground-types using only Low Kick.

For his heat and water, he needs to absorb their energy. So he has to use Focus Energy while being hit by a Water-type attack five times. Same thing for Fire-type attacks.

For his first two restrictions, if a Pokemon is both types, it only counts as one, depending on which move you use.

Only then can he evolve into Gurdurr.

Whether or not he evolves, he must solo Marshal to prove he is truly the burliest. Oh, and he cannot evolve into Conkeldurr. Or hold an item. Because he has his concrete slab of DOOM.


-Bob the Timburr
-In order to evolve must do the following:
a. Solo ten Rock-types using Chip Away
b. Solo ten Ground-types using Low Kick
c. Absorb five Water-type attacks while using Focus Energy
d. Absorb five Fire-type attacks while using Focus Energy
-Most solo Marshal
-Cannot evolve into Conkeldurr
-Cannot hold an item
OK then, I'm bored. Toss me some hard-difficulty challenges for a B2 Run:

- I can trade to evolve Pokémon.
- Don't give me any retrictions based upon level.
- I'd rather not have any gender specific pokémon.
- I will not be using HM slaves, so please keep that in mind - I will treat the run as complete once I complete the Elite 4, so I don't THINK I need to be using Waterfall.

Enjoy making me cry =D
OK then, I'm bored. Toss me some hard-difficulty challenges for a B2 Run:

- I can trade to evolve Pokémon.
- Don't give me any retrictions based upon level.
- I'd rather not have any gender specific pokémon.
- I will not be using HM slaves, so please keep that in mind - I will treat the run as complete once I complete the Elite 4, so I don't THINK I need to be using Waterfall.

Enjoy making me cry =D
All special/status Azurill that has to solo 2 gym leaders and one E4 member while having Huge Power so you do not get the benefit of Thick Fat resists. Every time you fail, throw out all of your Pokeballs and healing items. (You are allowed to re-purchase during tries, don't worry.) Have fun!
You shall weep. This I swear.

Take Damned the Yamask.

Hell. That is what this existence is. Nothing but hell. Demons around every corner, hoping to capture your soul in a small orb.

That's the life of a Yamask.

Your Yamask, like others, is a human soul chained to a Pokemon form. Naturally, it is angry about this. Teach it Frustration and it must use it at the beginning of each battle. Damned wants to bring others to suffer the tortures of Hell as well. As such, it must use Curse immediately after Frustration, regardless of its HP. Also, in order to evolve, it must be alive while KOing 10 opposing Trainer-owned Pokemon with Curse damage. It was punished for using arcane arts, and when it evolves, it holds on to those sins. When evolved, it must use Will-O-Wisp at the beginning of each battle, and then Hex.

Oh, and he must face up to the Prince of Darkness for his crimes...Whether he evolves or not, solo Grimsley.

Have fun...if you dare.
@Dogfish44, take Grass the Snivy. Snivy is made of grass and as such can only use grass-type moves (hm's can be learned, not used in battle) from level 7 onwards. Being the nice starter it is, it wants to solo your childhood friend always. Seeing as it is the starter, you turn to it in times of need, such as when facing Ghetsis. Therefore, solo Ghetsis as well.

Good Luck, you'll reallllly need it.