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Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by Its_A_Random, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Sage Chow

    Sage Chow

    Oct 21, 2009

    Take a Timburr named Hercules.

    Hercules believes he's a famous Greek Hero. He's known for his Strength, so please learn him this HM. Hercules is the son of the thunder god, so he may never attack his father Thunderus. The other gods are jealous of Hercules and his cocky bravado; especially Tornadus: Hercules must try to solo him on each encounter or (more likely) die trying.

    But onwards to the real challange: Like the mystical Hercules he must complete 10 divine labours to prove his status as a demi god; complete 10 of the 12 Challanges that are listed below:

    - Steal the Girdle of Lenora (Solo Lenora)
    - Fetch the Berries of Hesperides (Solo the Rangers in Pinwheel Forest)
    - Kill the Nemean Liepard (Solo Cheren's Liepard)
    - Round up the Deerling of Diomedes (Solo the 4 trained Deerling on route 6)
    - Kill the Mistralton Birds (Solo all Tranquill/Unfezant in Mistralton Gym)
    - Hunt the Erymanthian Emboar (Solo Bianca's Emboar)
    - Clean the Augean Stadiums (Solo 5 trainers in the Nimbasa atlethic Dome)
    - Herd the Cattle of Simiyon (Defeat the three headed Simi's in Opelucid's tripple battle)
    - Capture the Ceryneian Virizion (Capture Cobalion or Virizion)
    - Destroy the Lernaean Hydreigon (Solo Ghetsis' Hydreigon)
    - Capture the Cretan Boufallant (Capture one on Route 10 or solo Adler's)
    - Fetch Terrakion from Tartaros (Solo Terrakion)

    For added difficulty you could solo Lenora without using fighting moves and refrain from healing between the Deerling battles. Because I got ninja'd before claiming Skyla you may substitute her Unfezant by any Swoobat in the same gym. For the tripple battle it's sufficient that Hercules is send out and survives the battle without fainting and during the capture challanges he must lead the party and remain alive for the entire battle (but he may switch out). Note that you can skip two Labours.

    Have Fun!
  2. Axmaster68


    Jun 9, 2011
    Okay now, Beast mode, you get a payback challange: you get this: Take Beastly the Oshawott. Beastly is very cocky and thinks everything he does is awesome, because let’s face it...it is. When facing wild pokemon and Beastly is the first one sent out, he cannot run away or switch out because he wants to show everyone how awesome he is. Beastly can evolve once he has proven just how awesome he is, by soloing any 6 gym pokemon that know SE moves against him. Once Beastly is over level 21, you should try to only heal him through potions since he is old enough to "drink" and it’s one of his favorite things to do. Beastly knows he is super awesome now, and cannot switch out against anyone, unless he has under 10 HP.
    There are a few restrictions he must follow no matter the form.

    - He must be the highest level pokemon in your party at all times, because he's that awesome
    - He may only know Physical moves in his move set. Because he's so proud of his awesome muscles
    - He may only hold 2 items. Macho Brace or Muscle Band.
    - He is very loyal and will not leave your side so he cannot be boxed or Day Cared.(Beastly2010)

    Also, solo Burgh(dang it Sage Chow!!) without X items and 6 other GL pokemon without SE moves.
    Good luck!!

    Note: the rest of Whitney is up!! Yay!!
  3. LafondaOnFire


    Feb 17, 2010
    I'm back, and guess what - an hour has passed and no Cacneas in the desert. They have a 6% encounter rate and I need to catch a female one too (down to 3%). So yet again, I'd like to request ANOTHER replacement for this spot on my team. Please check Bulbapedia and make sure it has at LEAST a 20% catch rate xD
    I'm fine with anything (gen 3) up to and including Fortree City. I can grind if I so need to.

    Here are my requests from a few pages back:

    -Try not to double up on typing. I have fire, fighting, normal, flying, rock, psychic, poison, water. If one of these is a part of double-typing, I'm fine with that. eg: Water/Electric
    -I can turn down any Pokemon I don't approve of
    -I'm not a fan of nicknames... keep them reasonable
    -If you give me restrictions, please don't make it too tough, this is a easy-medium Challange
    -Please try to choose a gen 3 Pokemon
    -I've used Pellipper, Breloom, Metagross, and Lanturn in memorable playthroughs before... please not them either
    -No NFEs

    Sorry for asking for a replacement to my replacement but as you may have learned from reading my logs, the RNG gods are against me >.<
  4. EndQuote


    May 5, 2011
    LafondaOnFire, take a Trapinch and name it AntLion.
    Like the antlions from Half-Life, this Trapinch likes to travel in packs and swarm all over enemies.
    He must always be in your party, and must be sent out in all double battles.

    Antlions burrow underground, and surface when they sense enemies nearby, so your Trapinch must learn and keep Dig ASAP.

    Finally, this Trapinch must KO two Pokémon against Tate and Liza, to prove itself capable of fighting in numbers.

    It must solo two Pokémon in the elite four.
  5. LafondaOnFire


    Feb 17, 2010
    Fantastic, thank you! I've run into numerous Trapinch in the desert and I've always wanted to try out Flygon.
    Should be a great team member, thanks! ^^

    Here's the newest team... (No troubles catching a Trapinch and Wailmer... should be fine)
    Show Hide

    Kicker the Torchic (CAUGHT)
    Must evolve at level 16 to Combusken & then 36 to Blaziken
    Must always know Double Kick and Blaze Kick
    Last two moves may not be fighting or fire type
    Must solo Flannery and Norman, one with only kicking moves

    Cindy the female Taillow (CAUGHT)
    Can evolve after I have 4 gym badges and she solos 15 trainer-owned electric types
    Must solo Winona, 50 flying types between Mauville-Fortree-Lilycove
    Must always know endeavor; must take 10 Pokemon down to 20HP or less with Endeavor ASAP
    Must always be in my party

    Swarley the Gulpin (CAUGHT)
    Must know two of Amnesia, Yawn, Encore, Attract
    Must solo one trainer in every gym
    Land an attack on every legendary (Barring Rayquaza)

    Sunz the Solrock (CAUGHT)
    Must know Sunny Day and Fire Blast ASAP
    Must use Sunny Day first in all battles
    Must land the final blow on Tate's Solrock
    Cannot know rock and psychic moves at the same time

    AntLion the Trapinch
    Must always be in party
    Must always be sent out in double battles
    Must learn and keep Dig ASAP
    Must KO two Pokemon against Tate & Liza, must KO two Elite Four Pokemon

    Fastest the Wailmer
    Sent into battle whenever an enemy uses a priority move
    Must be in top three slots of team
    Evolve after consuming 10 Carbos

    Solo Rayquaza

    After beating Rayquaza, all previous requirements are lifted, except quick claw
    Must hold Quick Claw for the entire game
  6. Captains


    Sep 22, 2011

    BeastMode2010, take Minna the Zorua, Minna is a very caring Zorua, and looks after everything possible, it is preferably docile, but will fight when it must. It must evolve as soon as possible.

    Because Minna is very docile, it must have 2 non - attacking moves, (E.g. Calm Mind) and 2 offensive moves. It can only attack with it's offensive moves onces one of your team mates has been KO'd in that battle, because Minna gets upset when foes hurt its friends.

    Minna must also KO Caitlin's Musharana because recently Minna has been having bad dreams about baby Zorua's.
  7. BeastMode2010


    Aug 27, 2011
    I would like a little back story on why Mr. T is the way he is or I won't use him. I like my guys to have a little reason on why they are the way they are

    You that mad about the challenge I gave u? I like the revenge, but I would like something a little more different please.

    So far I have
    - Pidge the Pidove
    - Hercules the Timburr (awesome thought put into it Sage)
    - Minna the Zorua
    - Mr. T, FOOL! (possible)
    - Oshawatt
  8. LafondaOnFire


    Feb 17, 2010
    BeastMode, take Crabby the Dwebble. He is always very, well, crabby - hence his name. Therefore, when battling, he is always angry. As a Dwebble, his moveset must be this, as soon as possible:
    Sand Attack
    Smack Down/Rock Slide
    Bug Bite

    He wants to start off the battle infuriating the opponent, therefore, his first move in battle must always be Sand Attack. Who wants to have sand kicked into their face? Dwebble feeds off the opponent's anger to now be able to attack.
    Either he wants to bite the opponent, hit them, or throw things at them. As you can tell, he is very angry. He must use Bug Bite or Smack Down/Rock Slide after his first move of Sand Attack. If this attack does not connect, he must try again until he does so.
    Despite hating all of his enemies, he is quite a wimp too. After he has thrown sand in their face and attacked them with his wrath, he knows the opponent is not happy with him and it raring up to attack. Therefore, if he sustains any damage from an opponent's attack (after throwing sand and attacking), he must use Withdraw on his next turn to hide in his shell. This must be done to a maximum of three times, immediately after he is hit by an attack.
    After these moves have been completed, he can use any move he so chooses.

    Upon evolution (which must be at level 34), Crabby realizes that he is powerful and can take on the world. Change his nickname to Crustache. After all, Luigi has a mustache and he's awesome like that. Now, Crustache realizes that he doesn't have to hide from the opponent. You must replace Withdraw with Shell Smash asap, as he doesn't need his shell for defense anymore. To show off his power, he must use Shell Smash as his first move in every battle. The other three moves are up to you, and you can use them in any order, but remember, use Shell Smash first.

    As a Dwebble, he must solo one gym leader trainer in every gym after obtaining him.
    As a Crustle, he realizes he's capable of more and must solo two gym leader trainers in every gym as well as one gym leader Pokemon in every gym that does not conflict with another solo.

    Best of luck!
  9. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    Ok, I forgot that backstory part..............sorry.

    Here is the better replacement design: DukeNukem the Scraggy

    DukeNukem is such an arrogant and stubborn *** that he believes that he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants. Moxie is a must because he ALWAYS has to have an ego boost. He has a few favorite weapons, personality quirks,and items that have lasted throughout the ages: The Mighty Boot(Hi Jump Kick), Swagger(because he is a an arrogant *******), The Shrink Ray(Crunch because it shrinks them to the siZe of grape, which you eat....), and certain beverages that kids should NOT have that make you sleep or much, much, much, much worse(Rest because he is very lazy when not kicking butt and chewing gum..........and he is all out of gum). He is so stubborn and hates all authority but his own, he can only use the most powerful move that he has according to the situation. If his health EVER goes to the yellow, replenish his ego by have Moxie activate at least once. He sees the ghost E4 member to be an alien, so he must crush(solo) at least two of her pokes. He also hates Pig Cops(Tepig evo line) and must solo every one he sees that is not required by another Poke. He must solo the ENTIRE Ice Gym because NOTHING is cooler than him. Give him the Evolite because nothing can beat his awesome defenses. Finally, he cannot run from battle because he is not a coward.

    Is this ok BeastMode????
  10. BeastMode2010


    Aug 27, 2011
    This is a B Button Scramble, so Dwebble will not evolve...ever...so you can change your requirements or I'll just use it as @ level 34 the Shell Smash comes into effect.

    I love it. I remember playing Duke 3D when i was younger. Great back story and i love the restrictions.

    Got all the pokes, just gonna wait on axe and lofandas answer and I will begin my challenge when my other one gets here!
  11. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    ^i always preferred the n64 one better then this new one......and I haven't even played it yet :). Anyway, glad you liked him :D
  12. LafondaOnFire


    Feb 17, 2010
    Oh, ok then. Same restrictions only without evolving. Everything changes at level 34.
  13. waterwarrior


    Oct 20, 2010
    Two episodes in ONE DAY?! WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!
    And don't comment about the different font size, couldn't change it because Smogon is stupid sometimes witht this stuff >.<
  14. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    Bad news my fellow scramblers: i recently received a shiny event(at least I thought it was) Raikou from a friend who had two. I could have sworn that it was legit, but it wasn't. It glitched up my HeartGold that I had it in. Deleted ALL data :(. I am just happy that I was too lazy at the time to Import to my White version:). Anyway, this calls for a new HeartGold Scramble!!! I will work on the details later.......
  15. Axmaster68


    Jun 9, 2011
    Okay then, I'll give you a different Oshawott. Here it is:

    You get Racer the Oshawott. Racer is on the amazing race, and so must complete the following legs of the race:
    -Japan(solo Morimoto after the E4)
    -U.S.(solo either/both Cilan or Iris)
    -Tihland(solo N in Electric Cave)
    -Kasackstan(know 2 moves that 2 or more other members of your team can learn/have learned)
    -Germany(Between Clay and Brycen, Racer can only be healed with potions)
    -Great Britian(solo 10 Nurses/Doctors/Veterans)
    -Switserland(learn and keep Rock Smash and use it to solo 5 Hikers)
    -Fiji(Solo the Royal Unova once)
    -Argentina(Learn and keep Scald and use it to burn 15 trainer owned pokemon)
    -Russia(solo Cold Storage)
    -Austrialia(Have a GL battle not already being soloed go longer than 30 turns and solo 1 of their pokemon with Racer)
    You get to skip 1 and ONLY 1 leg.

    Also, there are a few traits Racer has to have:
    -Leadership(Lead the party)
    -Loyalty(Never leave the party)
    -Integrity(Never use SE moves)
    -Strength(Complete all the legs, with the exception of 1 leg)
    -Willingness(Use all of your scramblemons to defeat 1 E4 member, with Racer landing the final blow on 1 and soloing 1)
    -Honesty(Land the final blow on Ghestis's OR N's final pokemon)

    Good luck, and I hope to finish chapter 4 today.

    Also, reserving a pokemon for KS when he puts up his rules.
  16. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    HeartGold Video Game Based Challange


    This will be my very first THEMED challange!!!!! :D
    Theme: My Favorite Alternate Video Games to Pokemon!!

    1. Mid-level challange (I do not want a repeat of BunBun the Buneary)
    3. 6 Pokemon team- no more, no less
    4. One poke to one person
    5. One poke for each Category (I do not want TWO pokes coming from the Mario category!!)
    6. All pokemon avaialble by Pryce.
    7. All pokemon fully evolved by the E4 (NO daycare stuff like A1's challange or any breeding)
    8. No crazy evolution restrictions (IHateU the Metapod)
    9. NO TRADES OR ANY POKEMON THAT EVOLVE VIA TRADE (you can choose pokes that have and alternantive evo that is not by trade though)
    10. I would prefer to NOT have a starter poke and one poke brfore Falkner.
    11. NO solo ALL restrictions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    12. I think that this is all, but it may change

    Alt. Games to Pokemon Categories:

    1. Mario: Relate to a character or enemy from the world of Mario.
    2. Starcraft: Relate to a race or certain main character of Starcraft (I haven't played Starcraft 2 yet, so nothing from there. I have played the extended edition though)
    3. Rachet & Clank: Relate to a hero or Villian.
    4. Dragon Ball Z: Relate to a hero or villian. You may include Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT also.
    5. Resident Evil 4: Relate to a hero, villian, or monster (DON'T choose the president's daughter!! I hated her and DON'T want her on my team!!)
    6. Halo: Relate to a hero, covanant, or some other character.

    I would like some DETAILS and BACKSTORY. Thanks

    1. Any and ALL reservations are cancled 24 hours after they are made.
    2. If your reservation was cancled and there is still a spot open, you may reserve a DIFFERENT pokemon.

    EX: Axemaster reserves a Rattata at 12:00 P.M. GMT -5(my time) on a Monday. It is now Tuesday, 12:01 P.M. GMT -5 and there is still a space open, but the one he has reserved has now been filled because of his tardiness. He sees that there is still another space open and it is not reserved. He can reserve a pokemon OTHER THAN Rattata there.

    Current Reservations:
    1. Axemaster: Status- complete
    Category: Starcraft by default......
    2. waterwarrior: status- complete
    Category: Mario
    3. Jimera: status-complete
    Category: Halo
    4. Super Sayian: status- complete
    Category: DragonBall Z
    5. Vratix: status- complete
    Category: Resident Evil 4
    6. ShinySkarmory: Status- Complete
    Category: Rachet & Clank

    Current Team:

    1.http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3934380&postcount=818]Cell the Pidgey[/url]

    2. El Gigante the mamoswine

    3. Kamek the Misdreavus

    4. Cpt. Quark the Poliwag

    5. Jim the Caterpie (minus the ALWAYS lead the party)

    6. Wraith The Slowpoke

    Thanks for my team!!!!!
  17. BeastMode2010


    Aug 27, 2011
    Oh this is gonna be fun. lol

    @ King Serperior

    You get Sarge the Diglett

    You can slice, you can dice, you can even throw plasma gernades at him, and he just won't die. Because of this Sarge must know Bide and use it if his health is above half, he must also know Endure. Because Sarge doesn't like to shut up he must know some kind of oral attack (Growl or Screech). He hates them damn covonent so he must solo any electric trained pokemon you encounter, if you have to switch him in to do it, well Sarge always seems to come out of nowhere anyways. Once you have soloed 30 electric trainer pokes and survived 100 hits with Endure (no Endure chains while at 1hp) Sarge realises he doesnt want to do this on his own anymore, but wants to hang with his boys and may evolve into Dugtrio. As Dugtrio he must have either Bide or Endure, but he becomes such a monster at killing them aliens that none of his other 2 moves can have below a 60 BP. His final moveslot must be Thief as he is all about stealing them weapons from the covonent, even when the world around him is 'splodin, and he must use Thief if the other poke he is facing is holding an item (he does not actually have to take it, so he can hold his own item). The solo electric pokes still applies even as a dugtrio.
  18. Super Saiyan

    Super Saiyan

    Sep 1, 2011
    @King Serperior, take Cell the Pidgey. He is out to find and absorb Androids 17 and 18 to achieve his perfect form. After you defeat Android 17 (Morty), he absorbs him and evolves into Pidgeotto. After you defeat Android 18 (Clair), he absorbs her to become Perfect and evolves into Pidgeot. (Androids 17 and 18 are not required to be solos) So to prove his power, he creates the Cell Games (Pokemon League). He must defeat at least 5 Pokemon belonging to the Z Warriors (E4 + Lance). After Gohan (Lance) is defeated, Cell thinks he won but Gohan powers up and destroys Cell. Cell cannot be used in battle again until you obtain the Marsh Badge due to being in the HFIL. Cell then may be wished back and battle again by gathering the 7 Dragonballs (defeat 7 Voltorb with another Pokemon). To get revenge, have him solo the new Z Warriors (Blue's Team).
    Cell has only specific moves he can use:
    -Instant Transmission (Quick Attack/Aerial Ace/Fly)
    -Super Kamehameha (Hyper Beam)
    -Death Wave (Gust/Twister/Wing Attack/Air Slash)
    -The ability to regenerate or use the foes move (Roost/Mirror Move)

    Show Hide
    -Can evolve into Pidgeotto after Morty is defeated.
    -Can evolve into Pidgeot after Clair is defeated.
    -Must solo 5 E4/Lance Pokemon.
    -Cannot be used after defeating Lance until gaining the Marsh Badge and then defeating 7 Voltorb.
    -Solo Blue.
    -Quick Attack/Aerial Ace/Fly
    -Hyper Beam
    -Gust/Twister/Wing Attack/Air Slash
    -Roost/Mirror Move

    Good luck!
  19. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    BeastMode, Diglett CANNOT learn Bide in Gen 4. Also, can I change the ALL part to the 30 before evolution and 30 after evolution? I really do not like those "all" restrictions.......
  20. Vratix


    Apr 23, 2010
    I toyed with the idea of giving you someone modeled after Mike the chopper pilot and then I thought about Luis but good guys that die... they make poor challanges to bring when you have to "kill them off"

    So instead you get El Gigante the Mammoswine. Not huge, you say? Well, I wanted to give you an Onix but you said no trade-only evos, so instead of a 28 Foot long snake with the girth of a Volkswagon and you get a wooly pigophant. I think Mammoths qualify as huge anyway. Regardless, El Gigante is an enemy best dealt with by dropping it into a big ol' pit of Fire.

    Evolve into Piloswine from Swinub ASAP. However your reqs to go into Mammoswine are... hard.

    That big ol pit of fire I mentioned? Yeah, Mammoswine must evolve as a result of a battle WHERE HE IS KOd BY A FIRE POKEMON. That's right, you have to get KOd, and level up to evolve. Additionally, El Gigante may not be fainted when he evolves.

    This should preferably be done against Karen but may be done against any trainer should that prove too... whatever.
  21. Captains


    Sep 22, 2011
    Reserving YuGiOh for KS.
  22. BeastMode2010


    Aug 27, 2011
    Ok, so just Endure. And ya, thats fine. Its your challenge my man :D
  23. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    OK, thanks:) Also, is this Sarge that this is based off of Sgt. Avery Jhonson?

    Edit: SNAP!!! Screech can only be learned Via Breeding................
    Guess its Growl :(

    Double Edit: Diglett cannot learn Endure in Gen 4 either...................
    BeastMode, I need a COMPLETE overhaul. A new pokemon perhaps???
  24. Axmaster68


    Jun 9, 2011
    KS, your pokemon right now is either a Caterpie, a Pidgey, a Hoppip, or a Sentret. Which would you prefer? Also, same GMT as you!
  25. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    Well, SS has reserved a Pidgey, Hoppip is................BAD, Sentret has an amazing Sp. movepool and a horrible Sp.Atk atat. I can do Caterpie because waterwarrior said that it will most likely change. Are there any other options? If there aren't, I'll take the little bug.......

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