The Simpsons Mafia - Signups

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This is the signup topic for The Simpsons Mafia which will be hosted primarily by me. Many users have already signed up on IRC but there is still space to sign up.

52 people will be playing. It is likely that the game will be starting within a few days of everyone confirming their spot.

If you don't think you'll be able to check the game reasonably frequently over the next couple of months but you want to play, please consider carefully whether you think you will be able to devote enough time before signing up. Please do not sign up if you will be going on holiday or away for whatever reason in the next few weeks.

These users have already expressed interest in playing. Users that confirm their spot by posting in this thread will be bolded. After 52 users have signed up I will make a list of substitute users. There is a chance that newer users' sign-ups may be overlooked for or given lower priority than more well-known users' sign-ups.

1. gmax
2. thunda
3. StrangerDanger
4. moi
5. Raikage
6. LightWolf
7. Shade
8. Serenity
9. Mekkah
10. cookie
11. 100kvolts
12. Vampy34
13. GTS
14. imperfectluck
15. Bass
16. zerowing
17. Hobo Joe
18. Fishin
19. billymills
20. Puggy
21. CyzirVisheen
22. aamto
23. Thorns
24. darkie
25. LonelyNess
26. Lesm46
27. Giga Punch
28. Jedil
29. GreenPikachu
30. Sikh Assassin
31. AvatarST
32. Blue Kirby
33. eric the espeon
34. Sonuis
35. Shiv
36. Shiney
37. dak
38. Stoo
39. Twash
40. Amelia
41. porygon3
42. Kannon
43. Jenigmat
44. Hipmonlee
45. moot
46. forks
47. demon238
48. Mastadi
49. Toothache
50. Altmer
51. CardsOfTheHeart
52. Jackal

1. ControllerOfFlames
2. tennisace
3. Flash_gearz
4. Scrubs
5. Annhialator Zero
6. Cubed
7. Alper
8. sora13
9. Chris is me
10. Flounder
11. Shiny Crobat
12. ratchet

PM me if you have any questions. Good luck!


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So I am confirming myself.

No BG Role please. I don't want to make it a 3 fer. And for heaven's sake, I don't want to be a rogue.


on whom the three Fates smile
we demanded you post the topic and you did. you have no spine.

but i am in to win. goin' for a 3peat. maybe i won't crush my opposition so early; i am a merciful man after all.
great aamto will totally win n2

also woot mastadi is in buddy you're going DOWN

ALSO: change my colour to darck (balck)
and toothache must be in at once

earthworm I am also requesting you make my user name on the sign ups list light to medium tone violet with a slight hint of aqua green
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