The Tournament of Goodfellas - Round 1

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If there are teams still having trouble getting matches done and are still interested in participating in this tournament, I will allow you to seek out another teammate from outside the already-exhausted free agents pool. I'll give each of those teams a short extension if they do so.
Lavos Spawn said:

(16:33) Lavos Spawn: is this yoshida
(16:33) YoshiYoshi: yes
(16:33) The other party left the server, so the window was disabled.
Don't be sleezy, that's not how it happened. I attempted to challenge you multiple times, and it kept notifying me that you were busy. I asked if you were there three times, and you were unresponsive so I left, assuming you had left the channel or had gone away. I asked you to play ---> you said yes ---> I get on the server and attempt to contact you ---> repeated unresponses. What do you want from me?


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are you shitting me lol, the logs that I posted are exactly how it went down. you make these wild claims with 0 logs to back them up. don't bullshit me. i was unidle the entire time and you never challenged me once.

explain the logs above. i contacted you, then you left. simple as that. once again, don't bullshit me. umby has the logs as well. you need to quit the shit and stay online for more than 10mins so we can get our battle done.


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Beat chacal 1-0 in a pretty typical rby game, I really mis-utilized my explosions and got some timely ch's, gg.
... What are you trying to pull off here? Would you really take an activity win after not being on for 11 days+?

Good thing you`re back though, as I hate taking activity wins myself. We need to do our battle ASAP. At least give me your timezone and tell me when you can play!
I was winning 6-5 vs Metroid78 when his time went out. I asked him if he want to replay with the same movs, but he didn't replied (yesterday). I'm ok if he want to do it, but if he doesn't reply me, i'll take the win obviously because i had a good advantage in that battle.


I'm gonna bury you in the ground~
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Decisions have been made. Check the op. Italics are activities wins. Underlines are coin flips. If you have problems with the rulings, take it up with me via PM. Will post r2 soon-ish.
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