UU Can Party Too - Round 2

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UU Can Party Too
aka Lower Tiers Need Love

Approved by Earthworm and the Tournament Director Team
Hosted by SethZiBritannia

This is a BW2 OU tournament!

Tournament Description:

UU, BL (and BL2), and RU have some excellent threats just waiting in the wings for OU players to bring them into the mix. Underrated Pokemon run amok in the lower tiers. This is the premise of this tournament. Each round, pokemon will be randomly selected from lower tiers (UU, RU, BL[2], and possibly NU) and presented in a list in the OP. The player’s job is to choose two Pokemon from this list and build an OU team around those Pokemon.

The list of pokemon to choose from will be randomly generated and about twelve pokemon long. 3 will be definitely UU, 5 will be definitely RU, and the rest will be randomly generated from all tiers (BL - NU). This tournament will test your ability to implement lower tier Pokemon into a harsh OU metagame, and also test your ability to adapt to newer threats with which you OU players may not be as readily familiar.

This tournament emphasizes teambuilding, as the lists will change each round.

Here is your Pokemon list for round 2, courtesy of the RNG. Don't forget. Use two of them. Make a team. Send a log afterwards. =) Choose two, and choose wisely.

This is an added note. Save your teams. I'm not sure what will happen come finals, but keep your teams anyway. :)

Claydol, Cobalion, Cresselia, Hariyama, Crustle, Sceptile, Electivire, Scolipede, Rampardos, Cinccino, Golurk, Floatzel

For those of you who are interested, these are the usage statistics from round 1. I will be releasing these each round.
1. Zoroark (8)
2. Smeargle (6)
3. Cofagrigus (5)
4. Emboar (4)
4. Durant (4)
6. Accelgor (3)
7. Slaking (2)
7. Archeops (2)
7. Crobat (2)
10. Registeel (1)
10. Regice (1)
12. Cryogonal (0) - Evidently, we needed WhiteQueen to play.

Tournament Rules:
• General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
• Standard OU - Singles
• Best of one
• Single elimination
• The banlists for this tournament are the same as for the ladders of the Smogon University server of Pokemon Online.
• No, absolutely any circumstances, johns.
• You must submit the log so I’m sure you followed the tournament regulations, and so I can track the metagame. I will release metagame statistics at the end.


Battle Clauses:
• Evasion Clause
• OHKO Clause
• Sleep Clause
• Species Clause
• Timed Battle
• Wifi Clause

Round 2 Match-Ups
-Rockstar- vs. Pkrs - they both responded to my activity PM saying it will get done. I am willing to give it 24 more hours to get it done.
Lavos Spawn vs. HoiPolloi
Ciele vs. Ningildo - activity.
papai noel vs. DrMohammadLi - ended up coinflipping this due to lack of follow-through on both parties.
Cherub Agent vs. IceCarAdler - activity. Cherub Agent may have VMed first, but never even responded to suggested times.
dragonuser vs. Foster - no visible contact. DU responded to my activity PM. This is unfortunate, because of the situation last round with Foster's match... :(
bro fist vs. Django - activity.
rairyan vs. Kennen - activity.
TalkingLion vs. Novaray - activity.
Orichalcos Owl vs. Jirachi - coinflip.
ThatsMyLatios vs. vonFiedler
Living Things vs. shartruce2
WhiteQueen vs. .Robert
Hantsuki vs. doublenikesocks - activity.
FelixMinamimoto vs. Brap
Brotom vs. Sayonara - coin flip

Deadline will shorten, but this is a teambuilding tournament. I will give you guys until 9/4/12 at midnight EDT to get your matches done. This way, when school starts, I won't be worrying about handling johned matches. (Extensions will be given if I am PMed and asked for them in advance. This almost happened with a round 1 match, but it got done.)

Be a good sport. In victory or defeat, this is just Pokemon.
So! ...two matches are done...
Deadline is the end of tomorrow...

So it looks like I'm giving an extension. Extension will be based on how many matches get done in the next two days. Please post the status of your matches.
5/16 games done. Shame, shame, shame. I'm going to be busy with school and stuff but tonight I'll take a look at activity cases and see how many of these are clear activity or how many I have to coinflip. You guys have until whenever I get around to it. If you need an extension, post in this thread immediately. I will be PMing you all shortly to find out the status of ANY incomplete match.
w/e this isn't gonna be fun

see you all when r3 is up
coinflips and activity wins will be given. Unless you have an incredibly serious reason why the decision I make is entirely invalid, don't bother complaining. Nobody got their matches done. Hate all of you~
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