Viral Art

Hey guys,

Not much to see here yet, but I figured I'd make myself an art thread so I have a place to toss my random poke drawings and hopefully get a semi-appreciative audience, lol.
I'll finish sketches and start new ones at request, so feel free to toss something out there if you'd like to see it.

Finished so far:

The above three were all done on oekaki, hence their cutesy-laziness. Sorry about that.​


Thanks for looking! :heart:
I know I'm lame cause I haven't finished any of my other sketches yet, but things have been kind of crazy with moving and stuff. :S

So I'll dump another sketch here, I'm working on all of them in bits and pieces, promise

Lol rey. I'll make sure and finish him up just so you can share the brotherhood
Ritz I would love to see how you fill in a sketch! I'm always delighted to find that people have hidden art skills, it tickles me. Keep drawwwinngggg you're good at it. :)
Been super slow; working in NYC with the beau this week so I've come home and been like "meh"

Today is a day off before I go back to my shitty real job though, so I'm trying to get as much of this dude done as I can. Arcanine is my "starter" in soul silver, since I've replayed the original so many times I'm bored with the original 3 and ditched them.
I cheated and xferred him from my platinum since he's only in heart gold (bf has hg but he was slow)

His name is Roscoe and he's a badass mofo. I've got Houndoom in my party too (Desoto) because I'm a fire whore and dogs are > everything.
Rant aside...

While downtown yesterday we were sitting in a little place for lunch, and I kept thinking I heard people dropping poke-references behind me. After a while I heard it for sure and turned around, and lo and behold were two thugs playing pokemon at their table.

They were nubs, sadly, but it still made my day. My bf and I play pokemon in public, I wonder if other geeks secretly look at us and give us the mental thumbs up, too.
Aw, haha. Thanks!

It was more like 20 years of procrastination... and an hour or two tonight that I sucked it up and got it done. I lost my tablet for a while though so I had drawing energy to expend. :p

Consequently he didn't turn out as cool as I intended, but I'm the kind of person that if I didn't zoom through him tonight... he'd never get done. It's a sad life :S

That is all I have to say

No but seriously, great work on the Arcanine. The other stuff is cool, but Arcanine is BEASTLY EPICNESS. The shading is great and I love how it blurs out to the end. One qualm I have is that some of the flames don't rlly look liek flames, but apart from that its pure awesome art
Thanks guys! :D

This isn't Pokemon, but it's the most recent thing I've finished, so I'll bump my thread with it... and it's Nintendo, anyway.

"Whoopsies~ Did I get kidnapped again?"

My OPT :>
lol, Bowser Jr. in the making :naughty:.

Other wise awesome art dude(?)! Keep up the good work :).
I squealed in Mario Sunshine when Bowser Jr. was like "SHE'S MY MOMMY" and Peach was like "Ohhh.... eheh... whaaat is he taaalking about?"

Also I'm a girl, to answer the ?, but "dude" is fine either way. :p

damn your art has evolved so much

that looks amazing
Thank you! :heart: I haven't drawn in ssssoooo llloooonnnggg so I've been really trying to... make up for lost time, I guess? haha.
I always thought when I was little that by now I'd be making the most epic art ever, and then I got lazy, so I have a lot to catch up with, lol. So that means a lot. :>