Voter Identification Thread for OU Suspect Test Round 11

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The deadline is still in 2 weeks, but post your alts here and not on the Suspect thread, which is a place for suspect discussion.

Dont post twice - use one post to display both reqs. Thanks

Mithril said:

Keeping this here for safe keeping.

Got OU Current Reqs, will edit with suspect later.
Our next suspect is Landorus-I. In order to vote, you must obtain a Glicko2 rating of 2000 or higher and a Glicko2 deviation of 65 or lower on the "OU (suspect test)" ladder AND the normal OU ladder.


Made reqs for both ladders; ran sand-semi-offence on the suspect ladder and HO on the current and am currently leaning towards a no-ban.

  • I did not see much of Landorus-I on the (current) ladder. When I did see it, it was quickly dispatched with the appropriate move, usually priority. Since I was running HO with CBZor, LO Latios, and EBelt Keldy, handling Lando was far easier than it would be for balanced teams.
  • With that said, Balanced teams should also be able to decently handle Lando-I with the aid of priority which I feel is crucial in the current meta, Landy or no Landy. As long as pokemon like Lati@s, Keldy, and scarfed Dragons continue to dominate the metagame, (at least one, preferably two sources of) priority should be considered when teambuilding (offensive or balanced teams). Being trashed by Landorus-I due to a lack of priority (or losing sources of priority early) on one's team should not be an excuse for banning it.
  • With regard to the above point, I am not implying stall teams should include users of priority simply to beat landy. That said, the current meta is in a state where all but the best stall teams (offhand I can think of about 2) are unable to thrive leading to stall as a playstyle slowly being phased out.. This cannot be attributed fully to the prevalence of landy; instead it should be atttributed to the move offensive nature of the current iteration of the OU meta. Till more defensive options are made available, stall as a playstyle will remain weak and relatively ineffective with or without Landorus-I.
  • Landy has made users far more watchful in their -previously- indiscriminate usage of SPdef rachi, as well as Choice-locked moves which it resists. This is surely good as players are forced to think and pivot more carefully around problems faced rather than solving them by mindlessly spamming abusable pokemon/moves.
  • The suspect ladder, notably, allowed me to showcase the prowess of TR reuniclus as an endgame sweeper; this is a reminder for us to be more aware of our opponents' teams and not play sloppily once they feel the odds are in their favor at some point mid/early-game; going back on topic players facing off against Landy should be more aware of what pokes on their team check it/abruptly end to its sweep and consequently use those pokemon more prudently (e.g. conserving sciz's health instead of using it to threaten the opponent's team indiscriminately).
  • Scizor is a ridiculously good pokemon whose position on the usage statistics should only be higher; given the current state of the meta it is integral to offensive teams and should always be considered and reconsidered on balanced teams.

Interestingly, 252 SpA Life Orb Sheer Force Landorus Earth Power vs. 248 HP / 8 SpD Scizor: 273-321 (79.59 - 93.58%) -- guaranteed 2HKO -- 43.75% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock


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Posting my OU Current for safe keeping.

Once I get Suspect's, I'll give my thoughts on Landorus. (By the way, none of my teams have LandoI on them lmao and I play offense. Leaning towards a "no" for now).
Funny how I ended up with about the same rating on both ladders after forfeiting a few games on the OU Suspect ladder. Anyways, here are my screenshots:



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OU Current

OU suspect
Both Ladders

Pretty much forfieted every battle after my deviation got below 75. I ended up running rain hyper offense based around sharpedo and when I was hitting Hydro Pumps I generally won most battles. With Landorus gone I didnt really see too much Band Tar + Keldeo although most of the standard sand teams that i did see using it just replaced Landorus-I with Landorus-T...


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i hate you for making me do this all over again with ou suspect

my alt for oususpect expresses my thoughts regarding dual ladder reqs. never doing that again~
At first, I would ask something : when the Keldeo suspect will start (if he start soon after this one at least), will we be able to keep one of our 2 ladders req of this suspect ? depending of the result of the vote, the one which follow this result.

So, now my reqs :

And OU suspect :
For the OU current, I used a team I made a few week ago, extremely simple and efficient : SpDefCelebi NastyPasser with Psychic, with Heatran (Max SpA/Spe subtoxik, love him) due to the complementarity, and after came to receive the boost our friends Keldeo (E-Belt HP Bug), Landorus (RP), and as a filler, SpDefTar for rocks and general utility and Zor as a filler.
From my experience, Keldeo seems "the better mon" (in a team, it doesn't make totally sense), thanks to the coverage he gets midgame if there is no things like Jelli, and his ability to pull of a sweep if needed at the end. Though, the destructive potential of Landorus is frightening and he's averall so good.

In the OU suspect I replaced him by Scarf Latios after a few try. Some things better, some worse, but to be honnest I won't judge Lando ban-worthy solely due to the difference. That I'm not really able to analyze anyway.
A lot of sun in the OU spect meta anyway, was really annoying.


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reposting my screenshot for OU current here

edited in my suspect reqs


supernovaraygun :]

but damn can we please not have two ladders for keldeo :( its torture man. gets to the point where we just forfeit towards the end to lower dev
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