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Why would Lady Platina hook hip when we gave her distinct instructions not to do so unless she was trying to save you from death? Not to mention we've suspected her of being mafia ever since d2 when the flavor text of her hook / silence came up the way it did in public. So if you were a villager / opposing mafia member, it would be in the her best interest to let you die...
Dexter cannot be anal probed, only the people who imitate him!

In other news have you guys ever had a mocchiato? So strong. Strong like the strength of blue_light's hammer when we lynch Lady Platina.
Death to Lady Platina! Death to Lady Platina! Death to Lady Platina!
You all chant this, as the blue_light prepares to decree Lady Platina’s death. However just before blue_light can sentence Lady Platina to death, there was an outcry.


Cueing some random high tempo music, it seems that Manfred Von Karma has objected to the lynching of Lady Platina!

“Instead of lynching this fine individual we should instead be lynching a truly devious individual by name of CardsOfTheHeart, this man who claims to be a straight cop is actually a wanted drug lord and mafia member.” exclaimed Von Karma.

With that Von Karma brings out several witnesses who testify that they had seen CardsOfTheHeart doing various illegal acts and even executing people that did not do their job.

“So you see, Judge, instead of lynching Lady Platina, we should be lynching this waste of space instead!”

Totally convinced, blue_light decides to overturn the popular majority and lynch CardsOfTheHeart instead.

Framed and distraught CardsOfTheHearts relinquishes himself to the authorities without a fight, and is executed outside of the courtyard with a bullet to the back of his head.

CardsOfTheHearts was:
Dear CardsOfTheHeart,
You are Lieutenant Horatio Caine.

As the leader of the Miami's leading crime lab, you have seen and done it all. You have many cliches like saying one-liners, wearing your Shades of Justice (Justice Shades), and cocking your head to a side when talking to people. Your persistence and almost stubborn way of investigating has made you Miami's own version of Batman, except without the mask(unless you count shades) or alter ego. Ever since the city was swallowed up by the Swine Flu, the bulk of the police force has died, leaving you as the top police authority in the city. Every time you post in the thread you must say a one-liner or you will lose your mojo which powers your investigative skills.

During the night, you will use your investigative prowess to separate the Village People from the two rival gangs. Every night you may send a pm to blue_light stating "Night X - Investigate User". That night you will watch that User's every move and make a few "phone calls" which will allow you to get their role pm by the end of the night.


You are also aware of another cop, the last remnant of the Miami Homicide Department, Sergeant James Doakes: Lesm46

You are allied with the Village People. You win if the Village People win.
Confused and disappointed that an innocent man was lynched, blue_light looks back to stand to see where Von Karma had went, but he had disappeared and disguised himself within theVillage People once again.

“Well, I’m afraid that we will have to wait until tomorrow to see what we have in store for us.” mumbled blue_light.

Oh and Hipmonlee was released without harm, at least only a little butthurt.

It is now Night 3, Night 3 will end in 48 hours or if I get all the pms in before that, otherwise Night 3 will end on Monday 5:00 pm GMT -7.
As a haze of smoke floods past Fishy, you all stare upon her (him?) and see that Fishy is indeed Rick James and you are indeed her bitches!

Rule #11 of the rules list has been changed to:
11. The basic template of the priorities of this game is martyr>hook>bodyguard>inspect>thief>item giving. Killing is not a legal action.

The rule will stay this way until the end of the night when Fishy's aura wears off and her catch phrases have no more meaning. In the mean time, you will all have to watch as she fucks up your couch.

man blue light you one crazy motherfucker but sadly you do not hold a candle to cappucinos.

ftr he wanted to use this in elements but I was strongly against it

I retract my statement this is a wonderful role
That's a sick role, but I feel it could be so much better spent than blocking kills.

1. Deadtalking will be allowed
13. If you wish to change your vote during lynch, TOO BAD.
Though 13 wouldn't work too well, it'd need to be done after a controversial add up, not during night.

Or better yet:

5. All pms should be sent to blue_light and <user>
Yeah, the more I think about it the more dangerous that is (though I don't know if there are any restrictions). I'm guessing it's one time, but god damn me for commenting if not >_<

EDIT: I've been informed it's gimped. Actually I shouldn't have put it past others to try and suggest some really whacky things.
You all take off your earmuffs that you used to drown out Fishy’s screams of “Fuck Yo Couch, Nigga” during the night and awaken to a crisp morning fully knowing that nobody could have possibly died due to Fishy’s orange aura of pacification. You all go into the town hall where blue_light begins the proceedings for the lynch. Unsurprisingly, no bodies were found, but you do find two key figures missing from attendance. It seems that Gmax was once again kidnapped by the anal probing bandits.
You all know the MO, we are going to do numerous excruciatingly painful experiments on Gmax, but do not worry he will be back safely at the end of the day.
It also seems that Serenity has vanished!

With the missing persons reports filed, blue_light calls for the beginning of the lynch!

Also, Hobo Joe has been subbed out for Phantasia.

It is now Day 4, Day 4 will end in 48 hours or 24 hours after the first lynch vote is cast.
As Macle calls for the lynch of Earthworm, blue_light calls Earthworm to the stand to plead his case. However, before Earthworm could even say a word the doors burst open and several figures stand at the doorway.

Armed to the teeth with assorted high tech weaponry, the death squad begins to spray their guns. You are all able to get out of the way in time, except for the unlucky Earthworm who stood defenseless at the stand. The death squad leaves, leaving only a small token behind: a sign saying “Welcome to Two Pines”, and thus Earthworm’s death was concluded to be called the “Massacre at Two Pines”. Blue_light checks Earthworm’s body for a pulse, but is unable to find one as he was hit in over 100 locations all over his body.

Earthworm was:
Dear Earthworm,
You are Doctor Gregory House

As the leading diagnostician in the country and you just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Instead of checking out gorgeous babes and tanning on the beach, you are now in the festering shit-hole called Miami, what a waste of a vacation. Normally you would not give a damn about the sufferings of common man, but your friend (perhaps only friend ever) James Evan Wilson was killed in a gang drive-by. Saddened by his death, you have decided to assist the Village People with your talented skills, unfortunately you are the only living and licensed medical doctor alive in Miami so you have your work cut out for you. Whenever you post in the thread you must make a sarcastic comment directed toward the player (I do not count) that posted before you, if you do not do this your world will crash around you and you will be unable to practice medicine anymore.

As the only doctor in town you have all the medical provisions a doctor could ever need. During the night you many send a pm to blue_light stating "Night X - Diagnose User", if that User were to be killed that night, you will use your medical knowledge to save his/her life, unless it's lupus (but it's never lupus so don't worry about it).

You also have to serve clinic hours (solely to heal people from the Swine Flu and other "problems) during the day so you are not going anywhere anytime soon. During the day you must send a pm to blue_light stating "Day X - Perform Clinic Duty On User", if that person were to have an illnesses or have contracted the Swine Flu you will be able to soften its side effects, but not cure it (there is no cure). Be aware that even if you cure someone of Swine Flu they will still be able to pass it on, meaning you will be infected as well. Failure to send in your pm will cause Cuddy to get on your ass and leave you too busy to perform any actions during the night.


You are allied with the Village People. You win if the Village People win.
With the death of perhaps the greatest TV doctor ever (besides Doogie Howser), it seems that after all the reports and the clean-up of Earthworm’s body, Day 4 has come to a close. Blue_light calls for everyone to go back to their homes.

Gmax was also found unharmed!

It is now Night 4, Night 4 will end on Wednesday 5:30 PM GMT -7, unless all PMs are turned in before that time.


i woke up in a new bugatti
Ok so, since I'm subbing Hobo Joe, can anyone that was with him contact me? If he actually talked with anyone.
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