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You have outdone yourself this time. Truly. The distant buildings, the cliffe shrouded with shrubs, the different hues of blue riddling the water, and the warm sun blanketing the entire scene is a marvel to behold. The early WIP you posted on #smeargle gave a short glimpse of what was in store, but you really went well beyond my expectations on this one.

But while the bg is stunning, the girl up front could use some refinement. Her left horn seems to be too far back on her head, since both horns are supposed to be in even positions. Either that or you're showing too much of her face, it really depends on what angle you what to show the most. Her whole body, and the deck, could be sharpened since both are closer to the viewer, as right now they seem rather smudgy compared to the bg (which is much father away). The green leaves up to the left of her could also undergo a similar treatment, they seem pretty close.

As stunning the bg is, the hill on the other side of the river looks pretty empty despite your brushwork, so some trees or cliffs could be added to increase the variety. The water could also use some white reflections (and I do mean white) right above that yellow rock or further back, right now the water doesn't sparkle much even though the skies are clear. And while the web of light reaching the bottom is really nice, the part closest to the image's bottom looks skewed, and could be made more similar to the part preceeding it. Or it could be just me, but it looks weird in my eyes.

Fantastic work overall, and I sincerely hope this will be part of a future portfolio of yours.

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As I mentioned on #smeargle, her collar stretches to far to her left, and her right hair tail have a blue highlight on the left which shouldn't be there. That aside, this is p cute for a quick work, goes to show how comfortable you are with shading and coloring.
man the guys who keep talking about boobs, what are you, 5 or something? you've never seen digitally drawn breasts? cmon.

yilx, that is one beautiful kirlia. the colors are amazing for the eyes and all the colors themselves blend so well.
That ditto/mewtwo was amazing!!! Ditto is my favourite pokemon, and Mewtwo is his (Edit: My boyfriend's favourite pokemon), never thought I would see them together like that!!! :heart::heart::heart: And the duotone ditto is awesome!!! IT'S LIKE EVIL DITTO :D I would love to use the evil ditto as my avatar here but since I'm new and everything I don't want to take it without permisson :)

You can tell what my favourite pokemon is :) I even had a ditto cake as a kid, though they used the wrong colour for the ditto XD Neon pink =/= ditto XD