Zracknel's logo thread

So! The Smogon Mentorship Program is finally live, as of a few moments ago :)

Here's the identity I did for it:

I'm thrilled to see this project get off the ground, tbh

definitely wish something like this was around when I started on the site

I find WIPs humanizing, so here's a few process shots if you wanted to see:

screwing with typography

developing the banner element

gross scribbling

Also, lots of signature/avatar stuff:




^smaller Signature








^Smaller signature

Best of luck to all mentors :)
An art thread update

by: zracknel

A taillow logo for team Benelux, which is competing in Smogon's World Cup of Pokemon!

and other things:

thank you for stopping by and checking out my stuff!
team USA metro, squeezing the life out of the former US East mascot...


avatars as soon as I can get to them, haha...

I realized I have a few other newish things that haven't made their way into this thread yet--

this was a commissioned as a non-copyright-infringing-pokeball logo for a pokemon site

Silly logo I did on a whim for some badged user-- all he does is bloose. wutevs.
That poor Braviary, getting crushed by that giant Darmanitan. D:
Anyways, your logos are great as always Zrack! Nice clean lines and solid coloring.
May I ask who that character is on the "Blooser" icon (or is it just an original character)?
Anyways, your logos are great as always Zrack! Nice clean lines and solid coloring.
Thank you :) the "cleanness" of the work is because it is vector art. If you've never touched a vector program before, I encourage you to give it a try!

May I ask who that character is on the "Blooser" icon (or is it just an original character)?
That would be Blooregard Q. Kazoo from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. This is where smogon administrator Bloo (who the logo was for) got his username, haha
I love this, but the circles on the headpiece are throwing me off - is it just a regular crash cymbal, or is it rotating like a helicopter blade?

Either way, it looks awesome and seems like it could find a niche as a separate Pokemon entirely as a Steel Sub bypasser. It reminds me of this old story about how the premier Deaf college in the US uses this big, booming bass drum to coordinate plays for their football team. When rival teams showed up (whose players could hear, of course), it did a lot to throw them off because they wouldn't be able to rely on their typical sense of strategy. The same could probably translate to a competitive team well, serving as an unpredictable lead that not only goes in loud right out of the gate, but is also a core player in any team's synergy.

Did you think up a name for it? Off the top of my head two generic ones were Cymbrawl and Crimpani.
So you are the one that creates all of the graphics for the various pages on smogon. I made this account today and I've only lurked smogon on occasions but I just want to say how much I appreciate your work. You really know how to capture the spirit of competition that this game brings with this sort of sports logo aesthetic you have going on. (the clean, bold lines and the cel-shading) Thanks to you, the site has a professional polished look whenever someone first clicks on a link and comes face to face with any one of your designs.
New logo for SPL's Indie Scooters:

and secondary logo:

Inspired by old record label logos and similar geometric stuff

big thanks to the scooters themselves for their critique!!


(full signature size)

(100px signature size)

(full signature size)

(small signature size)

(all are full, 192 px, and will appear smaller on the forums)

(want more avatars or signatures? feel free to ask)
I saw the Mentorship Program logo someplace before, and I'm curious about why you chose the Mareep family for it. They are my favourite electric types. (:

Whenever I see your logos somewhere, I feel like I'm getting to open a present. They're so well-designed and crisply done, and I think it's awesome taking a real-world cultural staple - sports logos - and applying that same phenomenon to Pokemon.


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I've said so in the IRC already but I just have to say it again - these are so good they give me heart pains °益°
In the clash for world cup dominance, Team Canada joins the battle, eh!!

This is their new, full logo

And this is their secondary logo!

Here are their logos in avatar form:

And here are their signature images:

Hurrah! I hope you guys freeze all opponents solid. Thank you for working with me and providing constructive feedback!

(To my other wcop friends whom I've talked to ahead of time: don't worry, your logos are on the way! Thank you for being patient!)


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Zracknel, all of your artwork is just outstanding, from the designs to the colors, I enjoy looking at them a lot! As I was typing this I realized that there was a Pokeball as the background which was very clever as well. Awesome stuff!