Past Gens Resources and Projects


#RuinsOfAlph on SynIRC is the official channel for competitive past generation discussion.

Smogon's RBY, GSC, ADV, and DPP sections contain many analyses, articles, and other information pertaining to the respective generations.

Netbattle Supremacy remains the only simulator with proper RBY support. If the registry is down, advance connect to

Hipmonlee's RBY Battling Guide is a detailed introduction to the RBY OU metagame.

Crystal_'s Guide to sleep and leads in RBY is a more detailed guide to the RBY sleeper lead metagame.

Borat's Guide to GSC is a multi-part series that teaches in-depth strategy and team building for GSC. Parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 can be found in Ruins Of Alph.

The DPP RMT Archive features many of the best teams that defined the different stages of the DPP metagames.

The RoA Simple Question, Simple Answer thread is the best place to get quick answers to any past gen questions you might have.


Project RoA features underrated and creative movesets for past generation Pokemon.

Pokemon Through the Ages features various first generation Pokemon and how they've developed throughout the generations.

RBY Endgame Analyses features mathematical evaluations of common RBY match-ups.

The Most Dominant Pokemon in History is an on-going discussion on what Pokemon had the greatest effect on past generations.