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  • not at home. im on the train using my phone.
    my dad will proably force me to go to sleep the second i get home.
    your my opponent in the spelling bee tormnamrnt, when do you think you will finish your team, and when you can play?
    Just so you know, the Hoenn Mafia BG died because he protected Jigglypuffers42, and the BG has a negative power which meant he was auto-killed whenever he protected a Mafioso.
    No problem, feel free to message me anytime you have questions about this sort of thing.
    The one I use is called the CycloDS Evolution, and I got it from here:

    If you have a DSi or DSi XL, those have different carts that you have to get, just click on the appropriate section on the left sidebar.

    A word of advice, these are generally meant for using homebrew (user-made DS applications), not for playing pirated games. It's illegal to have a ROM of a game you don't have the physical copy of, at least in America. Though, some people don't follow that law.... ;)
    Basically for the English-language patches, some saintly person translated the Japanese version and "hacked" (for lack of a better word) the games so that the text he translated would be in English in the game.

    Flash carts are wonderful little devices. Basically it's a device shaped like a normal DS cart that has a slot in it for a MicroSD card. On that MicroSD card you put the ROM file of the game (basically the game data extracted from the DS cart), and there's software on the flash cart that will play the game just like it's a regular DS game, and most flash carts have additional features like save states, built in Action Replays, and other things.

    I hope this helped, let me know if you have more questions.
    I'm not all that great at competitive myself, and Shoddy's gonna be the only thing pokemon related I'm going to do until HGSS comes out
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