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  • Not a full one, I support them as they are fairly local, but not as local as Newport County. I, like you, am a Liverpool fan mainly, though this season has been dire.
    like in actual prostate massages? I wouldn't feel gay for that. Those men are homophobes
    but once you invite someone into the garage and suddenly kick them out it's a tease
    and that is really horrible
    that's just cruel, that ruling is heavily in favor of the garage. What, is the person too large or something? Shit.
    I once threw a rock into a cows ass as it was about to poop. Comedy. It pooped it out just fine, though.

    Work horses put out a lot of work, I guess. I dunno. Man I'm waiting for the cops to get here someone raped my garage (entered without permission) and touched shit and even took something (dunno what as it is my dads garage as I live in my parents basement whilst recovering)
    that's what I figured...

    Yeah I had borderline? I guess? also definitely and extreme case of ADHD since I was little (not the fake spammed version, the scary kind that lands me in inpatient hospital by grade 6). I get hallucinations, non schizoid, mostly auditory and the MRI and EEG was clean so there's not much to go on. Also maybe season affective? I DUNNO.

    I wasn't raped by anything but WCB and had an abusive girlfriend followed by an abusive roommate. At least the girl I was with at the time was hot and put out like a workhorse (but DIDNT look like one)
    really? I've heard some various things about you and craziness....I'm kind of in the same boat.

    Phantasia was begging me not to troll you, what's that all about?
    but really, happy birthday love!
    as a collective hivemind we acknowledge your birthday

    come back from the shenanigans alive please <3
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