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  • i Honestly don't know what to call your sig. Morbid is the closet thing i could think of
    hello akuchi. I wanted to visit since I noticed you were online, and we've never really had a conversation before, so here's to creating some new road between us, or maybe just a short crosswalk or something.
    just wanted to say 1. you're the best poster ever and 2. i can't believe we're the only two people in the thread who know what rape is and that it's not just "oh icky i had sex" :/
    It is of no consequence, my dear! I am quite well, curious as to why it is -7C and not snowing. And yourself?
    I find it interesting that you and I have never really conversed. So, greetings. :>
    Just because I want to doesn't always mean I will. ;) Though I'll check it out. oxford makes it sound quite dull, haha. Oh lordy, the difference a capable teacher makes is amazing.

    Hmm, my favourite? That's hard to answer. Alexander's political decisions and the debate over who killed Philip have always intrigued me, I find writing essays about such topics where you cannot be 'wrong' as long as your back it up with conclusive evidence, appealing. Have you read the Aeneid? As a debate I sparked with my teacher about subtle anti-female themes was really enjoyable. Sure Dido in particular was portrayed negatively with such furor and instability where she eventually killed herself, and Creusa was carelessly tossed aside in order for the Carthaginian episode to have happened I don't think it's an intentional stab at women. I feel like people are trying to instill modern ethics and norms onto ancient Roman ideals. Though I'd be very interested in your opinion.
    Hey thanks. :) Oooh, Egypt sounds interesting, I've always wanted to learn about a different civilisation aside from the bog-standard Greeks/Romans/Persians, as interesting they are.
    Classical Civilisations huh? Sounds interesting. :) What does that entail exactly? I'm sitting a Classical Studies undergraduate paper on Saturday, focusing on mainly Roman Architecture from Augustus to Constantine, The Aeneid and Alexander the Great and his subsequent relations and military endeavours.
    Ahhh! Thank you Akuchi. I just ordered Female Chauvinist Pigs and I shall be reading it as soon as I finish my current list of books. (Beyond Good and Evil, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenence, and possibly Atlas Shrugged if I find time)
    Akuchi, I really don't know you at all and you don't know me. However, judging by your posts on most of the topics I read, I can tell that you're a fairly well-read feminist. For my next English project, I wanted to read a book pertaining to modern feminism, so, if at all possible, I would appreciate it if you could reccomend some feminist literature to me. I have tried finding other sources for this, but no one has been able to suggest anything to me. If it's at all possible, thanks a lot!
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