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  • I actually made an account about a month ago, but I haven't really used it much after the first couple of days. Reddit (the front pages, anyway) tends to be a good collection of funny stuff, so it makes its way around to various sites pretty fast.
    Attention all TPE members! We are at war! View the TPE homepage for more details. Honorable deeds will earn rank ups!
    Yeah, I guess the discussion/what is allowed over at PC is kind of limited, due to it being kept as a 'safe environment', but that sounds cool, I'm sure your being there will be appreciated, though, even if you don't battle.
    Hey, we have super compatibility on B)
    Also, Aero and everyone else misses you at PC, you should come back.
    If you're worried about torrents, I might have a torrent of an old version of Acid Pro if you're keen? Otherwise use and look for one or more of the following: the "trusted" skull, lots of seeders, positive comments, a positive history of contributing for the user. Also remember that keygens are detected as viruses by anti virus software when they aren't lol. I've made a bit of dubstep before, in that case I definitely recommend Acid Pro from what my friends have told me. Watch lots and lots of tutorial videos week I'm gonna be watching a 22 part course on everything about producing just so I can do it properly. Ps yeah Cubase is pricey! God bless my torrent abuse ;)
    Personally I haven't used Sony Acid Pro and its subproducts much, even though I used to have a copy on my computer. Once you get to a certain level of program though they're all excellent, it all depends on your workflow. Myself, I find Cubase easier to produce but that's more as a Trance producer. They each have their pro's and con's, which is why I ended up torrenting them all so that I wouldn't waste my money on a product I didn't like! Acid Pro is very complex from memory as well, but if Xpress is meant to be a lite version of it I say go for it. A lot of people swear by a lot of different things so I definitely say go with what you feel comfortable with. If you'd prefer to pay just remove your torrented version once you've decided that you're comfortable with shelling out 300 bucks for it. What type of music do you produce anyway?
    once upon a time there lived a small boy in an even smaller village and he ate all the people in the village because, as i said before, the village was smaller than him

    the end
    Hello There Operative,

    I am Artemus Moniz, Commander of the Smogon Secret Intelligence Service (SSIS). I am here to let you know that your activity level within our group is very minimal. We would love for you to become active within our agency again. We have many positions you can choose from such as Intel Agents if you like spying or Military Officers if you like battling. If you are really good at battling you can join the SSIS Elite Battle Team. Please, check into the SSIS and see what's new.

    Cmdr. A. Moniz (SSIS)
    if you call me bitchenn on irc, it doesn't highlight me!!!
    i wonder if alanigger will highlight you or not
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