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  • lol good username :p coincidentally my name is alice so yeah xD what else do you listen to? got a perchance?
    No problem dude! It looks we can both help each other out with this new metagame! :)
    Wondeful, wonderful, I thought so! Is there any way you could c/p that Sneasel, and make a post in my old thread (in my sig) saying that I have semi redis rights to it (I can trade, they can't)? I'm getting ready to open my new trade thread, but there's this new rule that you can't trade any mons you didn't RNG yourself, unless you can link to a post showing you have redis rights to it.

    I'd appreciate it so much! Thanks bro!
    Oh, hey, by the way, did you RNG these two mons:

    HEATRAN (485)
    ID: 56204
    Jun. 30, 2013
    Flash Fire
    L50 UT
    Metal Sound, Crunch, Scary Face, Lava Plume

    SNEASEL (215)
    OT: Akira
    ID: 31198
    Dec. 18, 2009
    Keen Eye
    L1 UT
    Taunt, Ice Shard, Fake Out, Brick Break

    I can't for the life of me remember where I got them!
    Hey, I'll be on the CAP Shoddy server as Delta 2777, so assuming you're no AFK, I'll see you there soon!
    Hey, we should probably have a second session sometime soon. I'm usually available most of the day on the weekends (it depends) and around 8 PM during the weekdays (usually), and sometimes I'm on during the day on weekdays but not usually since I often have plans.
    Saw your music taste in the Zombie Apocalypse mixtape thread. Awesome.
    I have Loma Prieta's Last City on vinyl, first album I ever bought. <3
    Oiii! We should have one of our AIM Conversations these days, I really miss you! =D
    Hello I still need to trade you the Jirachi from my giveaway. VM me when/if you're available today.
    Sorry for getting an attitude but yeah I did pm you about that
    i already told you my orevious games with them on there were stolen from my dorm i started over from scratch everyone knows that so you cn attempt to blacklist me for somethng i've discussed with you 3 times now or we can find a solution. but dont re-vm me on the issue untill you actually read this because im tired of explaining it to you
    Well alright, maybe not 'funny' as in ROFLMAO, but weird. The Icy Rock extends the duration of Hail caused by the move Hail from 5 to 8 turns. But Abomasnow's ability, Snow Warning, summons permanent Hail. Making Icy Rock generally a useless item on Abomasnow.
    Sorry if this is weird dude, but I didn't feel like posting in Firebot. Have you ever thought that might be asexual? You can delete this if you want, I'm just too lazy to PM.
    Hey, I was wondering if I could trade with you directly for your Garchomp?
    Yokely dokely, but only for a bit. It's snowing like crazy here, so I gotta get up earlier to shovel out >_<
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