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  • hahaha i loooked like 2 hours ago to see if you got it and the nom thread hadn't locked yet. good job man, well deserved!
    my avatar is from the anime Bakuman - it's a cool show, you should watch :d
    Locking the worst moments thread and about sableye. Although I may still withdraw my statement on the latter in the future.
    choosing a worthy battle :P one is gen 4 and the other one is gen 5

    should i PM them to you?
    What exactly is your avatar? I want to say that it is from Kriby, but i'm not sure.
    okay thats what i was leaning on cause it wont always use rock polish but it reaches 430 speed after a rock polish with an adamant nature by the way PM me the results for the double dance rampardos playtesting okay?
    what nature are you gonna use/using with the double dance rampardos i wont call it a mini terrakion anymore okay
    sorry your ho-oh post got locked, which is a shame since i agree with practically everything you said. Perhaps we should wait until the suspect metagame from last gen comes back, and test hooh (and blaziken) then. Anyway, just wanted to say that you had a good idea, and i hope it'll eventually happen :)
    Yeah, I typically have 2 things at least which can take her down one on one, just if it's combined with something like Bulkymence which can give you hell it's really tough to get past if played competently.

    Yeah I ran some calcs on Shiftry and decided no to Specs when I saw that Leaf Storm fails to OHKO some TTar. I'll do some calcs to see how mixTry does. I've been considering running Dark/Fight/Fire moves as this literally nets absolutely perfect neutral coverage, as well as preying on the 4x weaknesses of common things in OU (should be able to scare off stuff weak to grass to grab a boost at least).

    Anyway, since Shiftry is indeed so frail, I was thinking of adding in Giga Drain over Growth to ameliorate SR damage from repeated switchins and for better coverage. I'll let you know how each goes.
    Lol at the nickname. Yeah, I really think it's hard to build an amazing Sun team compared to a Rain one tbh, but I still think the weather as a whole is very strong. I'm really surprised we haven't seen any amazing players take it to near the top of the ladder, however, or at least talked about it, so I'm a little dubious about it still I suppose.

    The Sub+Growth set sounds pretty hilarious actually, if you can take out the usual Venu counters as well as Dragons then it seems brilliant. My main problem with Venusaur is that now people know Blissey walls it, which is so annoying since Giga Drain is illegal.. Anyway, I've been looking at Shiftry recently as a sweeper to support, and am undecided as to what set to go for. Mixed or pure special, Sucker Punch or no, Specs, 4 atks or 3 atks+Growth, he really has a ton of options which seem viable. Not to mention the coverage dilemna it gets with 3 attacks.
    Hey alpha, saw your mention of Sub Growth Tangrowth (I think, maybe just Sub Tangrowth :P) and I was wondering what two attacks you've been using on it. Basically, I'm thinking of making a new Sun team and am looking for some new stuff to use, that deviates from the norm of the Sun team now.

    Also, by any chance was your 20th peak on smogon with a Sun team? Me and zdrup are looking for one to feature in the Sun article for 5th gen, so here's hoping it is, thouhg I suspect it may have been rain lol.
    Hey, when you have time would you be able to take a look at my RMT here? Thanks in advance :)
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