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  1. CAP 1 Smogon's First "Create a Pokemon": Reflections, Opinions, and Closing

    I can be the mod for the next Pok'emon?
  2. CAP 1 Smogon's First "Create a Pokemon": Poll 4

    Surskit lol (but i think Surskit don't matter) I Think an ability that reduces SR Damage would be better.
  3. CAP 1 Smogon's First "Create a Pokemon": Poll 4

    For Megahorn: 190 2HKOs Blissey,255 2HKOs Regice For Attack Order: 340 2HKOs Blissey (I Hate You, Serebii, for listing Min Stats with 0IVs and making my life hard when calculating EV needs for a certain Stat)
  4. Attack Tiers: The Counterpart to Defense Tiers

    Formula Dragontamer,you can write the formula or such,set creators may want to check the Tier of non 252 or 0 spreads
  5. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer mark 3.

    One speed boosted Yanamega Outspeeds +Nature with 147 (not named Deoxys-RS/Deoxys-FR/Ninjask/Deoxys-E) or lower base 167 Speed and netural nature (!= Speedy Deoxy-E),so Weavile,yes.
  6. Weavile

    in Emerald? Aristian Cave:Bring Fast/High Leveled Weak Poke with Ice Punch Use it Vs Smeargle,it will sketch it,switch to your smeargle,sketch & viola!, do the same in Emerald. In any game: Double battle:Bring Smeargle with your Dusknoir,make sure that Smeargle goes right after Dusknoir (Lv. 60...
  7. Definition of an uber

    is not fully correct as thare a little button called Switch who negates Intidimate effect,and because ,so Mence counter switches in and Intidimate effect is Negated.
  8. Moveset file

    if a bug don't deleted it,i would have,i working on new now
  9. How do you kill this? Rhyperior Discussion.

    UuBeR wtf (how you call to a poke that tookes physical hits better then SkArM and dishes them back stronger then Mencegrosse's).
  10. Pinsir Redux

    if thare database mods in Competitor,you can add MH to Pinsir
  11. Apprentice Program: Round Eighteen

    Assigned to Who Knows Netbattle nick:R.E.L. or Inviciblepokemaster Age:10 Time zone:GMT+2 Regular Online Hours:1:30-2:00,9:20- 15:00 EDT (GMT-4) Experience level:Medium A little about myself:Nothing Generation(s) I want to learn:Advance OU/UU,DP (OU\Ubers) maybe
  12. Combinations For Advantage: An Epic RMT

    DP Blissey need to be Calm,252HP\252SpD\4(SpA\Def) like a UUber blissey in Advance
  13. Threat list

    Who is Garchomp (maybe Japanse name?,Maybe LandShark?)
  14. Gen 3 Rate My Team

    Jirachi ability is Serence Garace,meaning all effects are doubled 30*2*.7=60*.7=42% Para in turn (24% diff)
  15. Threat list

    to create a RMT,i want a threat list of DP threats