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  • Whare the FULL EV spreads? (includes random 2 EV's for a: 252/252/6)
    What moves need to be taught?
    What moves need to be replaced for said taught moves?
    What Platinum tutor (only) moves, if any, is there?
    Is there Evolving needed?
    Is there an item you need attached?
    Is there a restriction for using something like Pokesav to check the EV's?
    Is there a level restriction?
    ill ev train for you as long as the pokemon are untrained, i dont have the berries to devalue them. do you have a mew, arceus, jeraci, shamen, kyogre, or any of the regis?
    Oh. :(

    i was gonna trade it to calvin127 so that he can distribute my torchic. :(
    Cool thanks. I can wait till tomorrow :). I dont need Larvitar with Pursuit but the other I still need. Thanks again!
    i wanted to get crunch/agility/bullet punch on a riolu.

    which you can sketch onto a smeargle.
    No offense taken.

    The GTS-"cloning" glitch is legit, although time consuming. It may "seem" like cheating, but no more than changing the options in the display screen from set to shift (as when in battles vs other pokemon, it's on set, not shift). Cloning pokemon is effectively the same kind of thing as RNG-manipulating, which (at least on this forum) has become the norm.

    I can understand wanting to keep your good pokemon for yourself. Maybe that will be the norm in G5 (not sure how easy cloning is for that game). But if you change your mind, let me know. Cloning pokemon lets people share their work (yeah, psuedo-communism!), and thus lets everyone play from a greater pool of established pokemon.

    It makes trainer battles online more fair, and rewards strategy, prediction, and team building more than, say, time spend breeding for IVs (especially pre-RNG abuse).
    I'll pick up Silmeria in a few minutes - have to put someone on the Global Link first.

    EDIT- Okay, I'll be in WFC to pick her up.
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