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  • Wow, those are some nice pokes!
    I'd love a copy of:
    and [IMG](flawless :P)

    Please CMT!
    The reason for the error is that I just saw this and didn't add your Diamond. Foolish me - I;ll fix that now.
    Changing over games now so I can move the Venonat. Which two codes of yours will I need? I know I've got your Platinum already.

    EDIT - I have your Platinum and your SS and I'll be waiting in WFC.
    Send me a notice when you're back - apparently, I missed you, but I can easily move your breeders over. How many are there, so I know how much fodder to bring?
    You mean have *her* done (I jest, I jest, I know what you meant, though I really do want her female)
    It's deliberate. Silmeria's armor is purple, so I want the purple sprite. Lenneth would be shiny, but I'm doing Altaria for Lenneth.
    Come back to the wfc if you want a copy of that manaphy (to be considered semi-redis)
    thanks so much for the awesome larvitar ^_^ oh, btw, what are the redis-rights on it. i don't intend on trading it, but just in case...
    i can pick it up anytime now. and no worries, i had some stuff to keep me busy in the meanwhile =) which of your FCs do i need?
    Hey... How are you?
    I can RNG CP now.
    Its thanks to you that i got here today. Want to CMT to use up your credits?
    Alright. When I've got some projects dreamed up, I'll give you a notice. How many exactly am I getting anyways?
    Oooh....good question. I'm honestly not sure yet...could I give them to you now and reserve some BPs for when I think of them?
    Pretty sure I have some of those Synchronizers. Let me finish adding some things to my thread and I'll go check.
    could you breed a flawless adamant shiny larvitar with pursuit? (gender doesn't matter) no rush on it or anything. if thats too much to ask, let me know and i'll think of something else =)
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