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  • oh sorry for the misunderstanding, but if you could go to the weapons registry which you deleted and cut and pasted and then PM'ed me my arsenal that would be a huge favour for me.
    PS-Could you please ether ask bs and the others to delete their spam or could you please delete it.Ether way it would be better without that spam jamming up space in the Millitary thread
    GAH I MISSED IT!!!!!!!! Please let it enter. We had to find my dad's mobile me log-in stuff before we could enter it.

    Please accept it.

    Edit: I sent you the link via PM.
    I finished the banner, but I'm having trouble posting it online. I might be late by a few minutes.
    How did Thundrcunt get banned within a day, and why does the light signifying that he's online is on?
    *repeated bowing* i know i am only a humble scientist, but i have had an idea. maybe the SSIS should have there own sprites, like sprites for grunts, scientists, admins etc. you could probably implement this into the rewards thread.
    Check out what I made at SSIS, It will help Battling organization and see how many active fighters we have
    Woah... thats far man... lol. It sucks you got no wi-fi... I'm personally a big hater of smogon (just their tiering system, and the hubristic asshole nubs they create), But i'm starting to like it a little more now.
    Yeah, Ima get a 3DS on christmas... but until then... I'm Kiiiiiiiiiinnnnndaaaaa fucked. If you ever visit NYC, I'll make sure to battle ya XDD.
    yeah, when you have an assignment just PM me. I wish I could fight. I rilly do. I'm a boss at battling.
    I can't do PO for... reasons. and I wanna be an intelligence agent. sounds cool. I could do it.
    Hi ermm... Unfortunately I have no DS, it broke a little while back... so until the winter I can't wi-fi battle. however, I'd love to try to help your group in other ways (I'm not sure other ways i could get merits, lol) also, what's the standard "assignment" you guys give out?
    Sure I'll be a military officer. I haven't got an assignment since the recruitment blitz and since Maxie is offering that "Senior Officer" thing I would like to change as soon as possible.

    Nobody got hurt in the fire (yet) but two people are missing. We are currently letting the people in the house next to the burning building take shelter in our house.

    Edit: (sarcastically) Great, now they are making announcements after everybody left. Now they are waking up the people who didn't smell the smoke.
    Yeah, sorry.

    BTW, there was a HUGE house fire up the street. (like 3 stories high!) It didn't help that the tradewind was blowing TOWARDS our house. At one point everyone watching got smoked out and had to go inside. We took photos and we are about to send them to the news. Wish the homeowners luck!
    Not to butt in on your coversation with PLC but I kno of a possible forum site that could be backup. Now mind you its kind of small, and I'm not sure if many people kno about it...
    I am formulating a plan that may actually work without the clan section or social groups. It's not 100%, though.

    Anyway, we're planning on setting up an Aero HQ site. If/when that happens, the SSIS will be able to have a back-up branch there.
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