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  • Indeed I have. This is serious. It looks like Operation: "Resurrection" is completely off the table, so to speak.
    I see you side. I am sorry if I have been rude to you. I simply wish to let my side be heard. I however respect your decision.

    Also If I post like Pokemon Experiments or like Pokemon Sprites can I get some merits.
    I see. However I mean no disrespect but can you hear a few of my arguments?
    -First off PLC seems to be the only one complaining
    -Next no offense but you have to stand your ground and not be swayed by public opposition.
    -Also this seem minute but I told the User Mr.Mister to join

    I just want to say these however I respect you if I stay as my Postion. Don't worry any ways this is a small set back I will grow better.

    Also I have a couple Experimental Pokemon and projects finished. May I post some and perhaps own some merits?
    Can I make a Project Archive where all finished Sprites would go?
    i suggest, to make things a bit easier and for your agents to be a bit better, to ether make a group named "SSIS Academy" or a thread named "SSIS Academy"
    No I hadn't...
    However I believe Maxie to be a little unfit if he can't make a gen 5 team...
    ...regardless, thank you for the honour me this position.
    Okay also I will recruit the User Mr. Mister later today. I know him very well. Also could you explain merits do I receive one for each recruit?
    Best Approach. Also have you ever considered A league perhaps we should instead have a Fronteir because of our size.
    Also when I planned Division there is the head which the Division Admin/Captain and you have another as the Division Officer for helping out, leading, Etc
    Two Divisions would certainly be best. I am guessing maybe each Division consist of 8 or so members?
    I see I have to say Battleing is one of my stronger suits. I however battle mostly on Wi-Fi but I could battle on PO. I however am on my IPod so I don't have access to it currently.
    Very well. I however as you say a " Jack of Trades" I can contribute in all most every field. Science, Recruitment, Training, planning You name it I can do it ( I don't do Monday however lol)
    Very well, for now I will induct you into our ranks as a Major. You will have to prove to me that you are the right choice for the position of Lieutenant Commander.
    Not really I just am trying to be honest.
    I am in a lot of Teams right now. I am also a high member of some. However I will put the SISS as a high priority. I have a lot of experience.
    I believe so but we only met ever so Beiefly. I now will start being active in the SISSS. However I do have a suggestion for me to do. Could I have the rank of a SISS Executive, I would be focused inside of the team than doing other outside work. I am highly skilled in these organization. I been doing these types of group for a year and a half with PLC.
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