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  • Found an SID!

    SID: 15594 | Emerald frame: 2093 | FRLG frame: 1895

    Gonna have to wait a little longer this time, but oh well. :p
    I'll email you your new frame results.
    Lawd. That sucks. Okay well you know the drill. Gimme new PRNG state and TID. I'll find you a good SID.
    Oh okay. Well yeah, if you reload the save state and do it over, you'll overwrite the previous save. Just remove that code. It be bad yo.

    Enciclopedia Pokemon is a save editor like Pokesav. If you open your save file in the battery folder, it should display your name, TID and SID. You know where the save file is right? It should be in the battery folder and have the file extension .sav at the end of it. :p
    Woo! :D
    I'm glad! You're a boss. xD
    And it was no problem at all! You're a quick learner. :]
    I hope you capture that Latios at Southern Island, because it's hellish chasing it around the place. I haven't even found mine yet! :/

    Yeah it does save ingame. xD
    You see, whenever you save ingame, your save file is created in the battery folder wherever your emulator is on your computer. You're using VBA-RR right?

    Yes there is a way to do it using a slot 1 flashcart and an Emerald cart. xD
    Here's a video on how to do it.
    IF you don't want to go to all that trouble, you can just put the save file on an SD card or flashdrive. Or upload the save to a file sharing website.
    I sent you the frames just now. xD

    Open up that txt document and find your PRNG state, then advance to target frame, which is 546.
    Also, I hope this'd be obvious, but this won't work if you have frameskip or turbo mode on. Make sure if you have those on, to turn them off before trying to do this.
    Next Frame or Ctrl + N works. xD

    Goody! Thanks! I'll email you the file.
    In that file, it lists the frame number, then the corresponding PRNG State. It lists the SID you'd get on Emerald as well as the one you'd get if you were doing this on FRLG.
    Basically when you get close to your target frame, pause the emulator and see what the current PRNG state is, then search the text file for the frame. If it's close, use Ctrl + N to advance frame by frame until you get to the target frame. Then, when you do, hold down Z (which is A button iirc) and unpause the emulator and then watch your avatar shrink and save inside the trunk and open your save file in Enciclopedia Pokemon or something to check your SID. If you didn't hit it, that's fine. You still have the save state, and 500 frames isn't that long a wait so you can do it over. Just make sure to check and see what frame you did hit so you can calculate what the frame offset was. I assure you, it prolly won't be all that big if at all.
    But now we can start abusing. :]
    You have a target. Now you are using EonTimer right? If you are, go to the 3rd gen tab and set the first timer to 5. In the frame box, put 546. Basically what you want to do is start the timer, then switch to the paused emulator before the first timer ends and unpause the emulator when that first timer hits 0. Then while the 2nd timer runs, let the emulator idle and advance frames until right before the 2nd timer ends. You have to pause the emulator before that 2nd timer ends! Otherwise you might overshoot your frame.

    But yeah. If you don't mind, can I get your email so I can send you your adjacent frames? You'll need them to figure out what frame you land on after doing this, so you can advance to your target frame.
    Looks like I found a good SID only a couple hundred frames away. Lucky you. xD

    SID: 14132 | Emerald frame: 546 | FRLG frame: 348

    We'll treat 17B38FA7 as your starting frame. The emulator is still paused on that value right?
    Also, the screen would look the same if you didn't do anything before pausing the rom and reloading that savestate. But yeah, it doesn't matter as long as you use the save state with the PRNG state of 17B38FA7.
    Open up memory viewer, make sure 32-bit is checked, put 03005D80 in the box next to it and hit go. The PRNG state if the first value on the left. xElite's program treats that as a seed because it's the starting point for SID abuse.
    Will do. :D

    But first, make a save state when Birch says "Meet me in my lab!" and give me the updated PRNG state.
    Pandora's Box doesn't work with the 3rd gen games. I'm trying to remember how to do it.
    Uuh, you need to make a savestate at the last line Birch speaks before your avatar shrinks because that's when your SID will be generated. xElite's program searches for any frame that has an SID that will make the chosen PID shiny, so you might find a different SID on an earlier frame than that. Is that okay? Or did you want that ID specifically?
    I could do that. :o

    What TID did you get? And when did you make the save state?

    Um, I have no idea what you're saying. But xElite has the download link, I lost it. xD
    You need python to run it though. Do you know what PID you want shiny?
    Okay well firstly, go here:

    That page outlines breakpoints, which is a fancy word for memory address. Basically, in memory viewer, you want to select the 32-bit bubble on the top, and if you notice right next to it there's an empty box right next to it, and a "Go" button. Basically what you want to do is go on the breakpoints page, click Emerald (J) for Japanese Emerald or Emerald (U) for the English Emerald. Then find the memory address for PRNG State. The PRNG State is what basically determines your SID. The PRNG State advances about as quickly as delay does in 4th gen, and you have to hit the right PRNG frame to get a certain SID.

    But you have to download xElite's program for me to help you because I only know how to do it using that program. :p
    Also, I'm about to pass out so I'm not gonna stay on here for long. Can we continue this later?
    Okay, the way I think of a save state is like a snapshot in time. When you make a save state, the very instant you make one, it captures your current PRNG state, your frame, everything. So if you pause the emulator and load up your save state, it will come up paused. From there, you can open up memory viewer on the emulator and check your PRNG state, and see what your current frame is and what SID you'll end up with.

    Now, I use a program to help me ID abuse. It was made by xElite. You can ask him more about it if you want to go through with it.
    Oh. Well, I just wanted to let you know if you're doing this on an emulator, I can probably help. I've abused my SID in Emerald before.
    Hey, I couldn't help but notice your posts in the RNG help thread about 3rd gen ID abuse, and I was wondering what game are you attempting this in?
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